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Dr. Lee Gross: Public Option Is Wrong Approach to Healthcare Reform

WRFH/Radio Free Hillsdale 101.7 FM

Dr. Lee Gross, President of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation and Owner of Epiphany Health, talks to Ryan Young of WRFH on why the “Public Option” is the wrong approach to healthcare reform. From 09/08/21


8 Sep 2021

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Shaun Pfund, Lee Gross

Inside Track

Shaun Pfund, Former New York City Policeman; Lee Gross, Direct Primary Health Care


4 Sep 2021

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Ep 85: Trump Whitehouse Invites Dr Lee Gross As One of 20 Drs. To Discuss Healthcare Policy


Are you fed up with America's healthcare system?! So are we! Please join us in this episode as we welcome a highly respected United States Whitehouse guest, Dr. Lee Gross from Epiphany Health DPC to discuss his proposed Direct Primary Care plan to President Donald Trump!On this episode of Health Solutions with Shawn and Janet Needham...You'll Learn:• How DPC models WILL revolutionize American healthcare!• Why Dr. Lee Gross and DPC doctors believe in the free market!• How DPC empowers both the Dr AND the patient (along with countless stories on this!)• How to receive BETTER care for LOWER prices!• How DPC protects preexisting conditions~Episode Resources...https://www.epiphanyhealth.org/ https://www.facebook.com/EpiphanyDPC/ https://d4pcfoundation.org/ https://fmma.org/ https://surgerycenterok.com/ https://www.dmh.org/~#Trump #DonaldTrump #Whitehouse #DrLeeGross #EpiphanyHealthDPC #EpiphanyHealth #DirectPrimaryCare #DPC #Healthcare #Liberty #EducateAndEmpower #NeedhamHealthSolutions #TeamNeedham #ActiveLifestyle #HealthyActiveLife #ActivePeople #ShawnNeedham #HealthSolutions #MosesLakeProfessionalPharmacy #MLRX #SickenedTheBook #ShawnNeedhamRPh #ThinkOutsideTheSystem #OptimalHealthMatters #ItsTime~*** #BenShapiro & #DaveRamsey Fans. Learn how to be in the driver's seat for your healthcare choices {not the system or doctors!} 💪 http://mybook.to/Sickened_The_Book~Follow Shawn on Instagram ~ https://www.instagram.com/health_solutions_shawn_needham/~#SickenedTheBook Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/SickenedTheBook~Moses Lake Professional Pharmacy Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/MosesLakeProfessionalPharmacy/~SoundCloud ~ https://soundcloud.com/healthsolutionsshawnjanet~iTunes ~ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/healthsolutionsshawnjanet/id1482969218~Spotify ~ https://open.spotify.com/show/2hcL38IQWGXMIAb4dSpGxT~Google Podcasts ~ search Health Solutions with Shawn & Janet~iHeartRadio ~ https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-healthsolutionsshawnjanet-61216231~Subscribe to our YouTube channel ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4jgpI1BcHaHmpxw0bXuVDA


9 Oct 2020

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What Divides Us 036: Direct Primary Care with Dr. Lee Gross (08/24/20)

What Divides Us Podcast

Is the health care industry too under the thumb of government to repair through the power of markets? Not according to Dr. Lee Gross, President of the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation and Owner of Epiphany Health in Florida. He says he adopted a "Direct Primary Care" model at Epiphany a decade ago, and now he's marketing the money saving, care improving model that empowers patients while allowing doctors to do their jobs better in a more relaxed atmosphere. It works by creating patient-focused incentives instead of following ones controlled by insurance companies. Gross is our guest on this week's What Divides Us.


24 Aug 2020

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Dr. Lee Gross: Direct Primary Care Empowers Patients

WRFH/Radio Free Hillsdale 101.7 FM

Dr. Lee Gross, President of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation and Owner of Epiphany Health, joins WRFH to discuss why the “Direct Primary Care” model empowers patients while allowing doctors to focus on doing their jobs by creating patient-focused incentives for our medical system. From 07/22/20.


22 Jul 2020

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Episode # 75 – Dr. Lee Gross is the Voice of Direct Primary Care in the White House, Congress, CMS, HHS, and IRS. Hear the games Bigs play.

Primary Care Cures

In this episode, Ron chats with Dr. Lee Gross, the Founder of Epiphany Direct Primary Care. Here they do a deep dive into a more affordable and more effective model of healthcare. This model is built around direct primary care and price transparency. Dr. Gross also talks about the success he has had working with a rural hospital in South Florida. Lee is a pioneer in healthcare who is consulted by policy leaders from the local to the federal level. He has even provided formal testimony for the US Senate and provide consultation to CMS, HHS, and the White House. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Gross is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He was elected chief resident of his family medicine residency program at University Hospitals of Cleveland. After years in private practice in Florida, he and his colleagues had an “epiphany” about an affordable health care solution, free of insurance and government intrusion. Now, a Direct Primary Care revolution is sweeping across the nation, providing access to health care for those who have been neglected by the system for decades. Dr. Gross is a pioneer in the Direct Primary Care delivery model, frequently speaking at national meetings, conducting media interviews about free-market health care innovations and writing articles for national publications. He is a health care consultant to physician practices, medical organizations, insurance groups, hospitals and private businesses. He is consulted by lawmakers and policy leaders on local, state and federal health policy initiatives, including formal testimony for the United States Senate and consultation with leadership at CMS, HHS, Labor, Treasury and The White House. He serves as the president of the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation, a national health policy think tank of practicing physicians committed to the establishment of an American health care economy which preserves the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship, promotes quality care, supports affordable access to care for all Americans and protects patient’s personal health care decisions. D4PCF is the leading educator of DPC physicians. It has trained over 1,000 physicians in the Direct Primary Care delivery model through grant-supported national conferences since 2016. Dr. Gross serves on the Board of Trustees of an HCA Hospital and as a Delegate to the Florida Medical Association. He is President of his county Medical Society. He is appointed to the FMA Council on Medical Economics and Practice Innovation. Dr. Gross is a recipient of HCA’s Frist Humanitarian award. He has received the Free Market Medical Association’s Beacon Award for his leadership in healthcare market reforms. Read the Transcript The post Episode # 75 – Dr. Lee Gross is the Voice of Direct Primary Care in the White House, Congress, CMS, HHS, and IRS. Hear the games Bigs play. appeared first on Primary Care Cures.


3 Jul 2020

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Episode 034: Is Direct Primary Care the Future of Medicine? A Discussion with Dr. Lee Gross of Docs 4 Patient Care

The Paradocs Podcast with Eric Larson

If there is one thing patients and doctors agree about when it comes to primary care it's that it isn't properly working for either one. Doctors have too little time to spend with patients, can only address one or two problems at a time, and spend most of the little face time they get staring at a computer screen than at their patient.


29 Jan 2019

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Ep. 49 Why Are We Insuring Primary Care? Lee Gross on the DPC Movement

The Accad and Koka Report

Lee Gross, MD “We’re not going to ask permission to take care of our patients.”  It is with this epiphany, that our guest on this episode became one of the pioneers and leaders of the most hopeful trend in health care today: the direct primary care or DPC movement. Dr. Gross shares with us how the light bulb went off in his mind that there is no good reason to insure primary care and, in fact, that insuring primary care hurts everybody: patients, doctors, and society.  He walks us through his success stories and the efforts he is leading at the state and federal level to remove regulatory barriers to direct care. Dr. Gross is the founder of Epiphany Health in North Port, FL, and is regularly consulted by lawmakers at the local, state, and national level.  He has offered testimony on behalf of the direct care movement for the US Health and Human Services Department, the US Congress, and for the White House.  He also serves as president of the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation and he is the recipient of the 2016 HCA Frist’s Humanitarian Award and of the Beacon Award from the Free Market Medical Association for his leadership in healthcare reform. GUEST: Lee Gross, MD.  Twitter LINKS: Lee Gross.  Direct Primary Care Can Rein In America’s Out-of-Control Healthcare Costs (in the Washington Examiner) Epiphany Health: Dr. Gross’ practice website Doc 4 Patient Care Foundation’s website US Department of Health and Human Services.  Reforming America’s Healthcare System Through Choice and Competition (Report) WATCH ON YOUTUBE: Watch the episode on our YouTube channel.


9 Dec 2018

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#7 Lee Gross, MD: Direct Primary Care

Next Generation Medicine

Dr. Lee Gross, president of the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation and founder of Epiphany Health, a Direct Primary Care clinic in Florida, joins BRI's NexGenMed host John Flo to discuss the genesis of Epiphany Health and how this direct pay model is spreading across the country. Not only are patients saving enormously on everything from routine labs and procedures to life-saving cancer treatments, states are saving millions of dollars in their healthcare budgets by enrolling their staff with DPC clinics. In spite of these positive gains however, the fight isn't over yet. Many states have not adopted legislation that will protect this life- and money-saving healthcare delivery model. We encourage all physicians and medical students to listen to this podcast to find out more about Direct Primary Care and how they can become involved in the free market healthcare movement.


12 Jun 2017