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Daniel Crosby: Behavioral Finance

Money Tree Investing

The secrets to investing are all in your head... Also known as behavioral finance. You don't need to be a psychologist. Daniel Crosby distills hundreds of behavioral bias down to 4 main categories and makes is simple to understand so you too can be a successful investor. The best investors in the world and large financial institutions understand these secrets. You should too. This interview is pure podcast gold. Learn your biggest enemy in investing. Are men or women better investors? Did you know people expect 17% returns annually from here... should they? Mindfulness and investing. For more information, visit the show notes at https://moneytreepodcast.com/behavioral-finance-daniel-crosby Today's Panelists: Kirk Chisholm | Innovative Wealth Barbara Friedberg | Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance Megan Gorman | The Wealth Intersection

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2 Jul 2021

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Dr. Daniel Crosby: Take Control of the Knowing-Doing Gap (Season 3, Episode 2)

Take the Long View

When we know better, do we do better? Why are there so many areas in our lives where we need reminders and prodding to make things happen? In this episode, host Matt Hall is joined by bestselling author Dr. Daniel Crosby who helps explain the “knowing-doing gap,” the three Es for changing our behavior, and why constant praise is not the best way to raise successful children. More About Dr. Daniel Crosby Educated at Brigham Young and Emory Universities, Dr. Daniel Crosby is a psychologist and behavioral finance expert who helps organizations understand the intersection of mind and markets. Dr. Crosby's first book, Personal Benchmark: Integrating Behavioral Finance and Investment Management, was a New York Times bestseller. His second book, The Laws of Wealth, was named the best investment book of 2017 by the Axiom Business Book Awards and translated into seven languages. His latest work, The Behavioral Investor, is a comprehensive look at the neurology, physiology and psychology of sound financial decision-making. When he is not consulting around market psychology, Daniel enjoys exploring the American South, fanatically following St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and spending time with his wife and three children. Thanks for listening!Be sure to subscribe now on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, or wherever you like to listen to podcasts. Follow the Take the Long View Podcast on Instagram @takethelongviewpodcast and Facebook, and follow host Matt Hall on Instagram @matthallstl, Twitter @matthallhig, or on LinkedIn Connect with the Hill Investment Group on Instagram @hill_investment_group, Facebook @hillinvestmentgroup, Twitter @takethelongview, and on LinkedInWe love our listeners! If you would like to drop us a line or be a guest on the show, please contact Matt.


20 May 2021

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Unbiased Biases with Daniel Crosby

Free Lunch

In today’s episode Greg and Colin interview Daniel Crosby. Daniel is a PhD Psychologist, a noted behavioural finance expert, and a New York Times best-selling author. During the episode we discuss why we make the decisions we make by understanding our biases and what we can do to avoid making bad ones (as much as possible). Enjoy the show!


28 Apr 2021

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#301 – Dr. Daniel Crosby, Orion Advisor Solutions – You Want The Best Anxiety Adjusted Returns

The Meb Faber Show

In episode 301, we welcome our guest, Dr. Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioral Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions, where he helps organizations understand the intersection of psychology and the market.    In today’s episode, we start by hearing what the 2020 bear market and pandemic looked like from a clinical psychologist’s perspective. Daniel touches on behavioral coaching and why that’s the primary value-add a financial advisor can provide.  Then we move onto topics that aren’t discussed much: mental health, social isolation, and depression. He explains why it’s helpful for advisors to have their own therapist to help them handle the day-to-day stresses of the job, and how the increased social isolation over the last year translates to what we’ve seen recently with Reddit, Robinhood and NFT’s.     As we wind down, we discuss the potential for technology to help us become better investors and how some fintech firms are using technology and nudges to encourage bad behaviors.      All this and more in episode 301 with Orion Advisor Solutions’ Dr. Daniel Crosby.      ----- This episode is sponsored by Bitwise. The Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund is the world’s largest crypto index fund. It holds a diversified portfolio of cryptoassets, including bitcoin, ethereum, and  DeFi assets. Shares of the fund trade under the ticker "BITW" and are accessible through traditional brokerage accounts. Shares may trade at a premium or discount to net asset value (NAV). For more information: www.bitwiseinvestments.com


12 Apr 2021

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Behavioural Investing with Daniel Crosby

Financial Independence UK

Welcome to the Financial Independence UK podcast! Join your hosts Tom and Alex as they talk about (enter topic name) and how it impacts your FI journey.Discussion with Dr Daniel Crosby, author of The Behaviour Investor. Realising that your behaviour is the best predictor of whether you reach your financial goals. People think that externalities have the most impact, whereas Daniel’s research suggests human choices have a much greater impact on wealth building. Learn to utilise the emotions along your journey of self discovery so they are recognised rather than a detriment. Awareness of your emotions is key, allow yourself to feel them, recognise why you feel like that. As attempts to control emotions can lead to worse results. Automation to remove decision making from the journey.Managing market volatility from an emotional view. Market historians, look at historical data. Understand that severe drops do not frequently occur but be prepared for them. Look at things from a wider perspective to allow a clearer view. This drop will be a small squiggle on a long chart just like the past ones.Financial plans are powerful, to help you through the fear. A route through the chaos. It can also help you decide when to make decisions to enable you to make the highest quality, best thought out decision. We have least access to our faculties when we need them most. “Money can buy you the absence of misery, it cannot buy you happiness.”“Maximise your own earning power” Earn more per hour of your time, if it is time you sell.As always, if you have any questions for the team, feel free to email us at fi.ukpodcast@gmail.comPiano music for intro and outro:Heroic Reception by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3871-heroic-reception License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/Ecossaise in E-flat (WoO 86) by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3700-ecossaise-in-e-flat-woo-86- License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


12 Apr 2021

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Mindful Money and the Future of Behavioral Finance with Dr. Daniel Crosby

Framework with Jamie Hopkins

Continuing Framework's Behavioral Finance Week, Jamie Hopkins talks with Dr. Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioral Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions, about the psychology behind financial risks, why education won’t always help, and the future of behaviorism in finance and tech. You can find show notes and other information at CarsonGroup.com/Framework.


17 Mar 2021

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Ep. 1: Daniel Crosby

Citywire: Mistakes Were Made

Welcome to Mistakes Were Made, a new podcast from Citywire that asks investors about their worst mistakes and what they learned from them. Hosted by Citywire’s US editor Alex Steger and head of research Frank Talbot, each week we’ll hear from an investor about their gravest errors and the lessons that came from them. All in an effort to help us make better investments. Over the coming weeks, our guests will include financial advisers, fund selectors, portfolios managers, and even a celebrity (look out for that one), from the US, UK, and Europe. The jobs and locations may differ, but the lessons learned are universal. Our guest for this first episode is Daniel Crosby, a New York Times bestselling author of books such as The Laws of Wealth and The Behavioral Investor. A trained psychologist, Daniel is chief behavioral officer at Brinker Capital, a wealth and asset management business based in Pennsylvania, USA.


10 Mar 2021

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046: Creating High-Impact Presentations and Building a Profitable Speaking Business With Jennifer McClure and Dr. Daniel Crosby

Impact Makers

I’ve had the best job in the world for over 10 years now - where I have the privilege of speaking on stages and in training rooms to groups of leaders around the world about how to increase their influence, focus strategically, and make a positive impact at work and in life. When I stepped out on my own in 2010 to start my business, I had a little bit of experience, a healthy dose of confidence, and a whole lot of hope that I could build the relationships, and create impactful presentations that would result in a successful speaking business. But like a lot of things in my life where I tend to jump off the cliff first, and then think about my parachute later, I wasn’t fully prepared for what it would take to find my lane, to determine how to set my speaking fees, or how to become a recognized expert. So, queue admission into the school of hard knocks, where I’ve gained quite an education along the way, and as a result, have ultimately managed to build a business and life that I truly love. Last year, my friend Dr. Daniel Crosby - who is a great public speaker himself, and was a also my guest on episode 14 of the Impact Makers Podcast, where he talked about understanding human behavior to do well, do good and do you - asked if I would join him on his Standard Deviations podcast to talk about what it takes to create great presentations -- and if you’re into that kind of thing, how to actually get paid to speak, which is one of the most frequently asked questions we both receive. Over a year later, the content of our conversation is still accurate and timely, and I continue to hear from people in Dr. Crosby’s audience who have found it helpful. So I asked him if I could share it with you today, and if you’re interested in crafting great presentations, and/or getting paid to speak, I think you’ll find it helpful. Topics Discussed In This Episode:​​ My path from HR executive to professional speaker, and why I felt like I needed at least 20 years of work experience before starting. How giving away 10% of my time to help others helped me to get started as a speaker, and discover the work that I truly loved. My personal recipe for crafting a great presentation. What comedians and preachers can teach us about giving great presentations. What adult learning theory tells us about what makes for a good speech. Strategies for determining your speaking fee, what can happen if your price is too low, and how to get paid more. Three books that I recommend for speakers to help with picking a lane, determining your pricing strategy, and building a memorable brand. What Dr. Crosby did that 10x’d his speaking revenue. 3 concrete steps to take to build a profitable speaking business. People & Resources Mentioned In This episode: FREE RESOURCE: 10 Tips To BUILD YOUR BRAND and LAND Gigs as a Speaker! Dr. Daniel Crosby LinkedIn Dr. Daniel Crosby Twitter Standard Deviations Podcast Impact Makers Podcast Episode 014: Understanding Human Behavior to Do Well, Do Good and Do You with Dr. Daniel Crosby Standard Deviations Podcast Episode 14: Jennifer McClure - On Becoming a Public Speaker Centennial, Inc. Mike Sipple, Sr. Michelle Cushatt Million Dollar Speaking: The Professional's Guide to Building Your Platform by Alan Weiss Million Dollar Consulting: The Professional's Guide to Growing a Practice by Alan Weiss Ryan Estis Jane Atkinson The Wealthy Speaker 2.0: The Proven Formula for Building Your Successful Speaking Business by Jane Atkinson Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt Laurie Ruettimann Jon Acuff Toastmasters International Connect with Jennifer: Send her a message [https://jennifermcclure.net/contact/] On LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifermcclure On Twitter: https://twitter.com/JenniferMcClure On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennifer_mcclure/ On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JenniferMcClureSpeaker *** EPISODE CREDITS: If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at https://emeraldcitypro.com

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15 Oct 2020

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Ep 167: Hard Trading Truths With Dr. Daniel Crosby


This week’s episode of SteadyTrade starts with a discussion about an important bear.No, not a bearish investor ... but Winnie the Pooh. The famed character once wisely advised, “Don't underestimate the value of doing nothing…”This week’s guest, Dr. Daniel Crosby, is a big fan of this wisdom. He offers up what may seem to be counterintuitive advice for traders — if you want to become a consistent trader, you may actually need to do less.This might seem crazy to some traders — after all, more action is better, right?Not necessarily. In the episode, Dr. Crosby talks with SteadyTrade co-hosts Kim Ann Curtin and Stephen Johnson. Learn how investing and trading require a different mindset from a lot of other pursuits — and how to get in the right mode for success.


29 Sep 2020

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Becoming a Better Investor by Managing Your Behavior with Dr. Daniel Crosby

Retirement Money Gal - Helping Women Retire Smart, Secure, and Happy

In this episode, I am joined by New York Times Bestselling author and behavioral psychologist, Dr. Daniel Crosby. Daniel writes and speaks about the intersection of human psychology and investing. In this episode, learn about the 4 behavioral biases that can impair your investment success and much more! Show notes at https://retirementmoneygal.com/62

1hr 1min

11 Sep 2020