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03 - Nick Lynch

Ozaukee Family Wellness Podcast

Dr. Camille Berger - Early Beginnings ChiropracticNick Lynch - Superb Health info@superbhealthmke.com


1 Apr 2021

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69. How Nonprofits Can Collaborate with Online Influencers + Build a Movement - Nick Lynch

We Are For Good Podcast - The Podcast for Nonprofits

Meet Nick. This former Make-A-Wish kid knows what it's like to benefit from the nonprofit sector, and now he's paying that gift forward. Nick founded Collidescope, a social media analytics and measurement software-as-a-service platform allowing global causes, influencers and orgs to collaborate and track their cumulative influence and impact. Hear how a gamer raised more than $250K for a domestic violence shelter. He's talking partnerships between nonprofits & influencers, and we should all be listening.Today's Guest:Nick Lynch, Founder, Collidescope.ioNick’s moving background story and what inspired him to start Collidescope.io (2:09)Non Profit trends you need to pay attention to (8:48)Nonprofit digital engagement: where do we start? (11:13)What is an influencer and how can nonprofits strategically leverage relationships with them? (18:13)FREE Resources to help you thrive, inspire, and serve the world (25:14)A powerful story of philanthropy in Nick’s life (30:36)Nick’s One Good Thing: You can do so many things that don’t cost a single penny to help a nonprofit. (32:00)For nonprofit friends: take a deep breath. It will take time and focus, but we will all figure out the digital space. (32:44)The We Are For Good Podcast welcomes the most dynamic nonprofit leaders, advocates and philanthropists to share innovative ideas and lessons learned. For more information and episode details visit: www.weareforgood.com/episode/69Want to hear insider details and to get our best roundup of tips, freebies, resources and show notes from each episode? Join the Good Community - it's free! Visit www.weareforgood.com/hello 


25 Jan 2021

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Nick Lynch Founder of Collidescope Empowering post COVID non profits through social influence

Automate and Grow

Subscribe and Listen to Automate & Grow Podcast Collidescope is a Los Angeles area startup focused upon Empowering corporations and non-profit organizations to thrive, inspire and serve the world through social good We talk about The impact of COVID on non profits ability to raise funds without events Why non profits are challenged by technology How to empower corporations to find influencers for social good The future impact of social media upon Non profits in a new zoom age and Nick nominates an amazing future guest Ryan Disraeli of Telesign How to get in touch with Nick https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholasl… https://collidescope.io/ **** Automate and Grow is sponsored by Cloud Advisory http://www.cloudadvisory.io Automate and Grow with Salesforce and Founders Pack http://www.founderspack.io


11 Nov 2020

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Nick Lynch

The Band Buzz

Grab a drink and get buzzed as I talk to Nick Lynch! Nick Lynch and the boys bring an up-beat mix of country/rock-n-roll that’s as strong as the whiskey in your glass! His midwestern-americana roots blend into a sound that reflects the blue collar family in which he was raised. Nick has been around music for a long time Whether it be receiving a Golden Ticket on American Idol, playing on ABC’s New Years Eve celebration, or even a show in your hometown bar. Check out his new single on Spotify "I Call Shotgun"On YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Instagram, Facebook Live: @TheBandBuzzBrought to You by:Legends Of Tomorrow EntertainmentOld Wise Clothing Co. -www.oldwiseclothing.com promo code: BANDBUZZ 15% OFFHealthy Hustle with AndreaBeth’s Healthy Living Inside & OutSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/thebandbuzz)

1hr 28mins

9 May 2020

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Nick Lynch of the Pistoia Alliance on AI as a Strategic Focus

Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

On this episode, I speak with Nick Lynch of the Pistoia Alliance ( www.pistoiaalliance.org ), a global nonprofit community of life science stakeholders that works to lower barriers to R&D innovation. A new area of strategic focus is artificial intelligence, which Nick oversees. On this episode, you'll learn challenges with AI that the Pistoia Alliance aims to address, why education and data are key to doing so, and how you can get involved.This episode is brought to you by BenchSci ( www.benchsci.com ). BenchSci uses artificial intelligence to reduce the time, uncertainty, and cost of scientific experiments. Use it to find research antibodies up to 24x faster than using PubMed or Google Scholar. Just enter a protein of interest and filter by technique, organism, tissue, or 13 other options. BenchSci returns only relevant published figures and products. It’s free for academic researchers. Learn more and sign up at www.benchsci.com .


7 Aug 2018

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Encore: Corruption Of The Wild With Nick Lynch

Our Wild World

Zimbabwe: Wildlife and mineral rich, home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World and World Heritage Site. My guest Nick Lynch an I discuss how, once a model of progressive management between Old and New Africa, Zimbabwe now daily symbolizes egregious cronyism and greed running rampant. The dubious murky dealings of 24 baby elephants taken from the wild for live-export to an ivory hungry China has roused national and international headlines of inept and failing wildlife policies management in favor of vested private interests and conflicting ideals. Opportunity knocks. Will Zimbabwe be the forerunner of catastrophe, or will it be a catalyst for reform, raising the bar of how we value life- of what, who and how we define ‘trade’ and ‘benefit’ of endemic, priceless and iconic wildlife and lead the way toward a new independence from looting a country’s coffers and citizens in favor of the peculiarly human penchant of commodifying nature- anything and everything can be had for a price.


27 Nov 2017

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Nick Lynch | Talking Back & Taking Charge EP 018

Country Backroads Podcast and Review

Sometimes in the music industry (okay in LIFE) you make mistakes, or decisions that you wish you could change. But sometimes you do everything right, go all-in, and everyone you love supports you. Both of these scenarios have happened to Nick and both times, things didn't go as planned. Nick Lynch is here to tell you that he is no victim to past decisions or uncontrollable circumstances. I'll just let him tell you what he's learned and how he's conquering his career today. 


23 Aug 2017

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Wildlife Crime Of The Century with Nick Lynch

Our Wild World

Cecil has become a gateway topic for those unfamiliar with the Zimbabwe situation; people in the outside world who previously only had a cursory understanding of Zimbabwe’s politics, are now paying more attention to why the systems in place apparently failed so dismally, and enabled the tragic death of Cecil. Zimbabwe’s immediate fate is directly tied to the country’s political situation. It’s easy for the world at large to show outrage for Cecil the lion, but the people of Zimbabwe have been suffering much worse for over three decades. Through this lens, It is perplexing that CITES endorses any wildlife trade from Zimbabwe – yet it does. By doing so, CITES, is in effect, complicit in aiding and abetting this illegitimate government perpetuate the biggest transnational wildlife crime of the century. This is not an ‘Africa Problem’. This concerns everyone.


4 Apr 2016

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Episode 27: Nick Lynch | Get Free of Fear!

Real Estate Real World

Nick Lynch is the author of Get Real! A Six-Step Formula to Take Responsibility for What You Want, which represents the lifetime development of a concept he refers to as “The Wanter”. Through a simple process, Nick helps individuals and groups get free of fear, and get their deepest desires into their weekly routine. The result of this work is something that Nick calls a “Lifestyle Document”, a personal roadmap which allows people to live their values every day. Successful clients range from the homeless to Olympic Gold Medalists. Find out more about Nick at his website: www.RunWithNick.com As an added bonus Nick has offered a FREE Download of his book!  Click here to get INSTANT ACCESS!


22 Dec 2015

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Conservation Leadership Or Failure with Nick Lynch Part 2

Our Wild World

The recent scandalous headlines out of Zimbabwe and 24 baby elephants are,by example, galvanizing the world toward a re-evaluating what wildlife management means. Will we leave behind post-neo-conservation-colonialism, long suffering despotism, politics of the stomach and killing wildlife for entertainment toward progressive,creative, multi-layered, multi-national approaches toward co-existence and economic independence from entrenched interests? We are on the threshold of securing the survival of wildlife rich bio-diverse landscapes across the last remaining footholds for viable wild free roaming populations of priceless and iconic species. Will one singular species out of millions diminish all life into profit margins, or will we be the paradigm shift: From politics of the stomach to an all-encompassing State of the Earth, and thereby the pivot point for the foreseeable future and life as we know it? Humanity evolves; it may as well be us, now, toward future we can live with.


27 Jul 2015