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Jasmin Paris - highs & lows of Barkley Marathons 2022 (PLUS things she’d do differently in 2023)

Trail & ultra running from Wild Ginger Running

VERY excited to announce that we have the incredible Jasmin Paris talking about her Barkley Marathons experience on the live chat 6:45 - 7:15pm Wed 6 April. Thank you Jasmin!  Podcast version tbc search Wild Ginger Running on your usual podcast provider. More interviews with Jasmin: How Jasmin Paris set the Montane Spine Race outright record (while still breastfeeding) https://youtu.be/OQLsbNZ5ScQ Top 10 endurance running tips - from Montane Spine Race record-breaker Jasmin Paris https://youtu.be/KE4a2o_yfc8 Jasmin Paris - Bob Graham record holder (ladies) reveals secret to endurance success https://youtu.be/4asWZpdvjF0 Please like and subscribe on YouTube https://linktr.ee/ClaireWGR Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wildgingerrunning/ Support me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/WildGingerRunning Meet me at Nene Valley trail races https://nenevalleyraces.wordpress.com/


6 Apr 2022

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Jasmin Paris | 2022 Barkley Marathons Reflections


Jasmin Paris is professional trail runner for Inov-8 based in the United Kingdom. Her racing resume is significant with an overall win at the 2019 Spine race, a fastest known time on the Bob Graham Round, a top-10 finish at 2016 UTMB, and way more. Most recently, she completed 3 laps, also known as a “Fun Run”, at the vaunted Barkley Marathons in Tennessee’s Frozen Head State Park. Due to Jasmin’s media schedule, we only had 20 minutes to chat but we covered good ground including what inspired her to line up for Barkley, what her physical and mental preparation looked like, the keys to completing a fun run, whether she has plans to return next year or beyond, and what other events and routes in the United States interest her. Timestamps:(1:32) - will Jasmin return to Barkley soon?(1:52) - what inspired her Barkley attempt(4:12) - what her training looked like for Barkley(6:47) - sleep deprivation training?(8:32) - mentally preparing for Barkley(10:46) - whether her mental toughness is innate or trained (12:57) - balancing high-level ultra training and performance with work and parenting(14:38) - the keys to completing 3 laps at Barkley(17:11) - what she would do differently next time around(18:44) - other United States races and routes that appeal to herLinks:Follow Jasmin on TwitterRead Jasmin's BlogFootage of Jasmin at the 2019 Spine RaceSupport Singletrack:PatreonSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/singletracknews)


14 Mar 2022

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Episode 48: Jasmin Paris

The Man With The Iron Task

In light of recent announcements from Ironman HQ, Ben rounds off the current run of episodes by sitting down with elite British fell runner Jasmin Paris.


9 Aug 2021

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Jasmin Paris - Can You Perform Exceptionally Well When You Have a Baby? Breaking Records Whilst Being a Mother

Big Careers, Small Children

Our guest today is the record breaking ultra runner, small animal vet, research scientist and mother of two Jasmin Paris. Jasmin completely changed expectations of what is possible for new mums when she won the gruelling 268-mile Montane Spine race shortly after welcoming her first child. An incredible achievement, especially as she was stopping at the race break points to express milk for her young daughter along the way. During our chat Jasmin shares with us:How running makes her happy and why she should never have to apologise for thatHow having children has helped her focus more and has contributed to her success as a runnerThe reality of training for competitive racing alongside working as a vet and bringing up her childrenWhy following your passion is so importantJasmin is an incredible role model for many parents and a perfect example of how you can combine ambitious goals with having children.We hope you enjoy our conversation.You can follow Jasmin on Twitter  @JasminKParisRead her brilliant blog here: http://jasminfellrunner.blogspot.com 


2 Feb 2021

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The woman who ran for 83 hours: Jasmin Paris, Series 1 Episode 6

How to Be Superhuman

Fell runner Jasmin Paris made headlines when she became the first woman to win the gruelling 268-mile Montane Spine Race outright. Dubbed ‘Britain’s most brutal’ running event, it takes place in the depths of winter and sees competitors running the entire length of the Pennine Way – mostly in pitch black darkness.In this episode, Rob Pope chats to Jasmin about what it took to finish the race in 83h 12m 23s – 12 hours faster than anyone of either sex had before. From tactically deciding when – and how much – to sleep, to ensure she stayed ahead of the pack, to how, mentally, she coped with the very, long and difficult sections of this desperately lonely race.Still breastfeeding her 14-month-old daughter, Rowan, at the time, Jasmin also touches on the logistics of having to express breastmilk at the race's various checkpoints along the way but, describes how, despite the media attention this gained at the time, "it really wasn't such a big deal".Jasmin also provides her view on why women are more competitive with the men when it comes to ultra-distance running – but explains why she, personally, doesn't see herself as 'superhuman'.Listen to all episodes and discover more about How to Be Superhuman at http://redbull.com/superhuman


6 Apr 2020

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E24. Smashing Records and Beating Sleepmonsters with Jasmin Paris

Everything Endurance

Jasmin Paris was already a national fell-running champion, winner of the Skyrunner world series and a record holder on the Bob Graham and Ramsey Rounds when she crossed the line of the 2019 Spine Race in first position. In that moment she was propelled into the public consciousness, having been the first woman to take the overall win in that immensely tough race, but also having smashed the course record by over twelve hours.  We recently chatted to Jasmin about her journey into running, her experience on The Spine Race and the media aftermath of very suddenly being the most famous utra-runner on the planet.


7 Mar 2020

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Ep007 - Ultra Running and Motherhood with Jasmin Paris

Be You Mum Podcast

This week my guest is Jasmin Paris. Jasmin is a record-breaking mountain and fell runner, who has dominated in UK and international sky running, fell running and ultras for the past few years. I first came across Jasmin following her incredible achievement when she won the Montane Spine Race earlier this year. Not only did she set a new race record running 268 miles across the Pennine way, she was a new mum at the time with a young baby who she expressed milk for along the way! Super inspiring!  In this episode I chatted to Jasmin about how she achieved this incredible record run as an athlete but also as a mum. We talked about her approach to training and health while balancing motherhood, her career and life. She shared her experience of motherhood journey as an ultra-runner.  We talk Postnatal recovery and regaining her health fitness after the birth. Jasmin shares m her pre-baby expectations how they matched up to reality.  Jasmin shares an insight into her pregnancy and birth experience and tells us how she was running pretty much up to the birth. We discuss what a day in the life of a runner mum looks like and how she fits it all in? I love how Jasmin describes her daughter as 'her teammate', we also talk about her network or support. We talk about motivation and what gets her up in the morning, Especially after a disrupted night’s sleep We discuss her breastfeeding experience, particularly expressing and feeding her daughter during the spine race.  Jasmin shares some words of wisdom to all the mum’s out there who would love to improve their health and fitness, get into running or maybe achieve a new race goal. This is a really awesome and inspiring conversation. I hope you enjoy it.  Jasmin’s blog can be found here: http://jasminfellrunner.blogspot.com/


17 Oct 2019

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Jasmin Paris - British ultra runner who won the 268-mile Spine Race and first woman to win the race outright!

Tough Girl Podcast

Jasmin Paris is a mother, long distance fell runner, small animal vet and research scientist, who was launched into the media spotlight in January this year when she won the 268-mile Montane Spine race outright, breaking the overall record by 12 hours, and beating her nearest rival by 15 hours.  Jasmin was born in Manchester in 1983, and brought up between the Peak District, UK, and Šumava, Czech Republic. She studied veterinary science at Liverpool University (2002-2008). Although very active outdoors throughout childhood, it was not until 2008, whilst working for a year as a small animal vet in Glossop that she started fell running.  In 2015, Jasmin finished first lady and second overall at the infamous Dragon’s Back race, and the same year she won the British Fellrunning Championship for the first time.  In 2016, she gained international recognition by winning the Skyrunning Extreme Series, and the same year she broke records for the three classic UK 24-hour hill challenges. In 2017, Jasmin gave birth to her daughter Rowan. She returned to racing by winning the British Fellrunning Championship in 2018, and thereafter the Spine in 2019.  Between 2015 and 2019, Jasmin completed a PhD studying the role of the RNA-methylation reader protein YTHDF2 in acute myeloid leukaemia. She is currently working as a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.  Show notes Growing up in the Peak District and spending time in the Czech Republic When she started to get into running Doing her first fell race Falling in love with running and spending time outdoors Starting to enter more and more races Losing her mentor - John Hewitt  The mental side of races Her background in hill walking/endurance hiking The Dragon’s Back race in Wales Rest and recovery and what she does during stage races Nutrition and food during races Winning the British Championships in 2015 Having a full on 2015 and racing every weekend apart from 2! Cross training, swimming, hiking and strength work What’s going through her head when racing The challenges of the Paddy Buckley Round Running while pregnant and the transition to motherhood The Spine Race in 2019! The challenges of sleep deprivation Going massive on social media Focusing on family and completing her PHD Why running has to be fun! Advice and top tips to motivate and inspire you Quick Fire Questions Social Media Blog - http://jasminfellrunner.blogspot.com Twitter - @JasminKParis 


8 Oct 2019

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Ep 176 - Jasmin Paris - Winning The Spine and Training While Post Pregnancy

Bad Boy Running

It’s here... and it’s the one you’ve been waiting for! Finally, Jody and David get the one and only Jasmin Paris on the podcast. Jasmin is, of course, famed for her Spine Race overall victory and fir smashing the course record. But in this interview, the guys go all the way back and look at her stunning career trajectory. She’s a champ... just listen, ok? Enjoy! If you enjoyed this episode please SUBSCRIBE to get every episode delivered to you before everyone else. Join the conversation! If you want to request a guest or chat about this episode with like-minded drunk runners then head over to the Bad Boy Running Podcast Facebook group, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1609232602668375/ To join, just answer three questions either correctly or hilariously and we'll realise you're not a spam robot and add you! Here's how to get involved: Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/badboyrunningpodcast Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/badboyrunning1 You can also follow Jody at @Ultrarunnerjody and David at @DavidHellard Email us at letters@badboyrunning.com Buy merch at the Merch Store at www.badboyrunning.com Lastly, don't forget to subscribe! FYB!

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9 Aug 2019

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Endurance: Jasmin Paris

Don’t Tell Me The Score

Endurance is defined as the ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. Keeping on going, when the going gets tough basically. This week on DTMTS, Simon Mundie sits down with British ultrarunner Jasmin Paris to discuss endurance. Jasmin won the 268 mile Spine race, widely regarded as one of the toughest endurance races in the world and described as the ultimate challenge of physical resilience and mental fortitude. Jasmin became not only the first woman to win the race outright, she also smashed the men’s course record by a staggering 12 hours. As if that wasn't remarkable enough, she posted her record time whilst also expressing milk for her 14 month old daughter Rowan. It was a truly astonighing feat in what is Britain’s most brutal running race. Jasmin juggles her running with raising a young daughter as well as being a vet, so she has mastered the art of prioritising what is important in life. She is a great believer in balance in life however, so cake and wine are never entirely shunned. Jasmin also emphasises the importance of chunking big projects down into manageable bite size chunks, loving what you do and following your instincts and intuition. Jasmin also hopes her example will inspire women everywhere to believe anything is possible.


2 May 2019