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Ep 51. Nicky Spinks, Queen of the Fells

The Women's Running Podcast

In episode 51 I’m speaking to the legend that is Nicky Spinks. Nicky was a cover star for Women’s Running on the issue before I started, so for me she has always been the one that got away. Not any more! Here she is chatting about her incredible running career so far. Nicky is one of the greatest fell runners of all time, if not the greatest. She set women’s records for the Ramsay Round (that’s 58 miles in Scotland including Ben Nevis), The Paddy Buckley Round (that’s 65 miles in Snowdonia with 47 summits) and the Bob Graham Round (this is the Lake District one, and is 66 miles). She is the holder of the overall record for the double Bob Graham round and is the only person ever to complete doubles of the other two Rounds. She talks to me about how she got into running in the first place, how she trains for those crazy distances, and her experiences running those unheard-of challenges (pre-Nicky). She also talks about her experiences running the terrifying Barkley Marathons, and it sounds like she has some unfinished business there, so watch this space. And because along with being a farmer and running incredible distances, she’s also a coach, I ask her opinion on how we can all run well on the trails, and – crucially – I ask her what the best food to eat on an ultra is – spoiler: there’s a lot of pork pies. And I get her opinion on why she thinks women make such incredible ultra runners, and there’s a lot more running chat besides Podcast listeners can claim the best discount we have for membership to Women’s Running, which is 35% off. That’s less than £2.95 a month! And for that you get our brilliant magazine, and you also get loads of money off the sorts of stuff you love, like kit, nutrition and class memberships. Simply enter WRPOD at the checkoutfor your discount. Happy running!


5 Aug 2021

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Episode 21 - Nicky Spinks

Run to the Hills

This week’s episode is the audio from the live interview John Kynaston did with Nicky Spinks in October 2020This podcast is available to listen to at Spotify and Apple Podcasts too. Links below.https://open.spotify.com/show/2HlWHlGA8D6ifm1TmnP2Kthttps://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/run-to-the-hills/id1504643103YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaUcGDYF8919iZSDC8uV9xgFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1005937909821744Bloghttps://www.chiacharge.co.uk/​blogs/newsTwitterhttps://twitter.com/runtothehillsjkStravahttps://www.strava.com/clubs/runtothehillspodcastInstagramhttps://www.instagram.com/runtothehillswithchiacharge/?hl=enStravahttps://www.strava.com/clubs/runtothehillspodcastChia Charge - Since 2012 Chia Charge has been making sports nutrition which not only helps you perform better but tastes great too. You won't find any oddities in our Yorkshire baked flapjacks either, just good honest kitchen cupboard ingredients that make you move and feel great.   https://www.chiacharge.co.uk/


1 Jan 2021

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Double Ultra Rounds with Nicky Spinks


When it comes to fell running, Nicky Spinks is nothing short of a legend. She's gone from holding the female record for the Bob Graham (BG) Round, a 66 mile route across 42 Lake District fells that must be completed inside 24 hours to, after recovering from cancer, setting records for the Bob Graham Double; yes 2 laps inside 48 hours! Since then she has become the only person to do either a Paddy Buckley Double or a Charlie Ramsay Double, two laps of the the Welsh and Scottish equivalents, as well as competing in the infamous Barkley Marathon. In this interview I wanted to try to understand how she can run such phenomenal distances across such difficult terrain in record times. www.runbg.co.uk Nicky on Twitter Nicky on Instagram Nicky on Wikipedia Book Recommendations:Feet in the Clouds by Richard Askwith The Lost Art of Running by Shane Benzie This episode was sponsored by Inov-8 and TRIBEathlon

1hr 7mins

24 Nov 2020

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Nicky Spinks - Fell Runner & Farmer who ran in the Barkley Marathon & completed the Double Paddy Buckley Round!

Tough Girl Podcast

Nicky first came on the Tough Girl Podcast in 2018 where she shared more about her early running career and completing the Double Ramsay Round and becoming the fastest women to do so!   Nicky held the women's records for all three Rounds simultaneously until 2016, and is the holder of the overall record for the double Bob Graham Round and the only person ever to complete doubles of the other two Rounds.   Nicky is passionate about running and during this episodes she shares more about her training and preparation, running the perfect race, as well as touching on nutrition, dealing with mind games and participating in the Barkley Marathon in 2019.   Find out more about Nicky from our first interview - https://www.toughgirlchallenges.com/single-post/Nicky-Spinks    Show notes About Nicky Her passion for running Ultra Tour Monta Rosa 2018 When a race goes to plan Deciding to go faster at the half way point Eating while running Not trying new foods anymore! Using gels Using poles on climbs Planning for the perfect race The Barkley Marathon 2019 The hoops you have to jump through to enter the race The mind games…. The preparation for the Barkley Doing research on the race Keeping everything the same  Not knowing what time the race would start Not being able to switch your mind off Not knowing what time it is day or night No Spot trackers! Why you are racing the clock and not other people Taking us back to the start line Making the decision to drop out of the race Reflecting back on the race Dealing with brain fog and when your brain isn’t working Planning to do the Barkley again  Writing an essay… Doing the Double Paddy Buckley Round 2019  Running with other people Advice for doing the Double Paddy Quick Fire Questions   Social Media   Website http://www.runbg.co.uk    Twitter @NickySpinks   Instagram @NickySpinks   Watch Last Woman Standing - Barkley Marathon 2019Nicky has been supported for several years by inov-8 and is a proud Ambassador.  Follow inov-8 here: Twitter @inov_8 Instagram @inov_8 Facebook @INOV8run


11 Jun 2020

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Nicky Spinks #Legend

The Eagle Podcast

Troops, this weekend we sat down with the Running Legend Nicky Spinks to chat all things mindset and long Distance running.Nicky is a Farmer and works hard on the farm but still makes the time to go and RUN.We chatted about what it takes to be a winner and have a strong mindset and the fact that you can train your mind to go to the ugly places.I want to thank Nicky for taking the time to speak with me and I wish her all the best moving forward.Find Nicky at http://www.runbg.co.uk/Enjoy the show. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 Apr 2020

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Nicky Spinks: You can do more than you think

Inside Tri Show

It was such an honour to interview British fell runner Nicky Spinks for this episode. Nicky is a 53-year old wife, British farmer and she loves a good curry. Sounds pretty normal, doesn’t it? So let’s try that sentence again. Nicky is a 53-year old record breaking British ultra-distance runner who is the overall record holder for the Double Bob Graham round, became the first person EVER to complete doubles of the Paddy Buckley and Charlie Ramsey round too… That was AFTER being diagnosed with Breast cancer at the age of 39. Oh and she still hopes to become the first woman ever to finish the Barkley Marathons. In short, she’s pretty flippin’ amazing and it was a real treat to talk to her.You'll hear:*A long interview with Nicky about her background in running and farming, why office life wasn’t for her, why she is chomping at the bit to return to the Barkley Marathons, how she forms her support team, how she survives on ten minutes sleep over three days, how she vowed never to do another race after her first ever 10km, her love of spicy curry, how she got into skydiving, the impact cancer has had on her life and outlook and why she almost ditched the double Bob Graham round attempt before she had even left the car park.*An update from British triathlete David McNamee, who is on lock down in Girona. He talks about the impact the restrictions are having on him, why he’s following the rules to a T, why Magnums are the new croissants...And trying to run on his 7m balcony.Like the show?If you liked this episode, I’d love you to consider buying me a coffee. See below! But if you don’t do that, then please share this with a friend, get involved on social media, by following Inside Tri Show on Twitter and Instagram , subscribe and leave a review in Apple.Find out more about Nicky Spinks, her record breaking rounds and the Barley MarathonsNicky Spinks website: http://www.runbg.co.uk/Nicky Spinks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nickyspinks/?hl=enFind out more about the Bob Graham Round, and the 3 big “Rounds’ in the UKLast Woman Standing: A film about Nicky taking part in the 2019 Barkley MarathonsRun Forever: The film of Nicky and the Double Bob Graham Round. Barkley Marathons movie – The Race that eats its young: https://barkleymovie.com/Tour de Geants – Nicky mentions this at the end of her interviewThe swimming band workoutsDave Scott’s band workoutGerry Rodriguez band workoutBECOME A PATREONThanks to all of the wonderful people who support the show, so I can continue to bring you the best interviews in triathlon every week and special episodes like this.It means a lot to me, especially at the moment.Why not join them? Simply become a Patreon and buy me a coffee every so often.Show SponsorsHuge thanks Sports Tours International or Sports Travel International if you’re in Ireland, for their on-going support, despite the challenging times at the moment.They have got some new blog content up, including a post about staying positive.  And if you need some ideas for indoor workouts, then check out their blogs on squats, press-ups and burpess.Hopefully when we can move around, travel and race again, you'll consider looking at their fantastic trips, book on to a bucket list race and make the most of their fantastic range of trips and services.Oryon Connect is a free introductions service, so if you’re injured or struggling with pain, they’ll connect you with top healthcare practitioners in London. The Oryon Connect team will listen to your concern before giving you options of trusted Partners - practitioners you could see. It’s affordable and efficient, so it’s a great option if you need to get diagnosed and treated quickly to recover as soon as possible. Visit their website to find out more. Follow Oryon Connect on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube @OryonConnect.POWERED BY 33 FUELThis week's show is powered by 33 Fuel . I’ve been using their award winning Daily Greens recently, to try to stay as healthy as possible. Use the code INSIDETRI33 for a discount at checkout at www.33fuel.comKomfuelKomfuel - like a pic' n mix of sports nutrition through your letterbox! Listeners can get 20% off all orders or advance sweat tests using the code: INSIDETRI at www.komfuel.co.ukJoin Inside Tri Show listeners on the yoga matIf you want to join in with a group of listeners and other friends doing regular morning yoga via Zoom at 06.45am UK Time Mon-Fri, then just click on the link here. Please note this is not a structured class and Inside Tri Show and Helen Murray take no responsibility for your actions.Interview Time Line (interview only, not the whole show)0:30 We talk about the last few weeks being a bit of a rollercoaster “Right now, I should have been doing the Barkley Marathons. Two weeks ago, I was still going, but then the US said no flights from the UK and then it became obvious that people couldn’t get there. So I thought I’d go and do a challenge in Galloway and I was there when [Boris Johnson] announced a lockdown and then it really hit because I had nothing to look forward to.  But I have just come to terms with it really. I am running every day, which is something I never do and I am treating every run like it might be my last long run.  I have never done a running streak. I think with the farm, I am too busy, so I save it up for the weekend. I tend to do my training In huge blocks, rather than every day. I’m hoping to get faster over shorter distances. Initially I thought, ‘what’s the point doing this, without any structure?” But I have now set up a virtual race with a friend, so I am going to continue doing that now, as a series with prizes and stuff.6.00 What is Nicky Spinks like, if Nicky Spinks can’t run? It’s a bit like being injured and I think having had the cancer, when I went from running one minute to not running the next there was no warning, but at least with this, there is some warning. And at least I live on a farm, so I can do drystone walling or something like that. I could run around and around the fields, but I think that would be a bit unfair and a bit pointless really.7.30 Being outside I left home when I was 17 and got an office job and for 5 years, I was working 9-5 Monday to Friday I thought I was going insane. You know if a collie dog has been shut in a kitchen all day, and they go mad, that’s what I felt like. I just need to get outside and lose energy outside.  There wasn’t enough work in the farm, so we all left and got other jobs. But I couldn’t cope with that Monday to Friday thing anymore. Looking out when the weather was nice and at the weekends, when I could get out, it was nice.  I was applying to agricultural colleges at the time and started skydiving and I met Steve skydiving and I asked him. “Can I come and and milk your cows?” That was my chat up line.10.25 We walk a bit about skydiving It doesn’t really fit with farming, because it is weather dependent and you don’t have time to hang around. The last time was about 10 years ago and we still have the parachutes, but they are probably archaic now. I started skydiving when I was in the office job.11.45 How she started runningAs soon as I left the farm and got into the office, I put on about a stone and there was no way to stop it. So I started running and initially it was 3 times a week.  I tried a 10km and absolutely hated it. There were people who could walk faster than I could run. I was in such a bad mood when I finished and I didn’t do anther race for ten years. There is nothing worse than if you are trying your guts out and somebody walks past you.  I didn’t do any more races, but I kept running. My grandad encouraged me a lot and I did a bit of swimming and cycling then too, just to keep fit. But the more you do, the more you like to do, but without going into any more races?1345 How did it develop?When I met Steve, we were farming, so I didn’t have the time or inclination to run. But as time went on and we sorted the farm out, a friend of ours was doing triathlons and I thought ‘oh that would be nice’ to go out running with her, so I went out with a friend for a run and we did a race together, but she paced me. So I went from a 5km to a 10km, to a half marathon but I thought I don’t like this road running and I had met people doing a little fell race and then I thought as a farmer that is more logical, so I thought ‘what am I doing on the roads?” and then I joined a club, and that is how I joined the Bob Graham.1530 I don’t think I was googling, but I learnt about it from them and I was working my way up and I found that I was doing better at 20mile races than 4 miles races and I think it was just a development really that I was just going to get longer.1630 Are you surprised at what you have gone on to achieve? Oh yes! The little ideas pop into your head and you shove them away thinking ‘they are ridiculous.’  But they keep niggling away at you. Like the double Bob Graham was in my head for quite a few years before I even sort of took it on myself. And then I was so scared I never told anyone I was doing it, even my family or anything. You are convincing yourself that you think you can do it, but you don’t know you can do it. You don’t want people saying “Oh do you think you can do it” because your answer is going to be “I don’t know” But that showed me you can do a lot more than you think you can and it’s certainly worth having a go.1745 So how did you convince yourself you could do it. How did you build up that confidence?I don’t know, I think that’s just stubbornness. The winter before the double Bob Graham, it was just one of those horrible wet winters. Training was horrendous and I really didn’t have the confidence. The night before I was doing it, I had a proper panic attack when I just wanted to do a runner and come home because I just thought I was going to make a fool of myself and waste everyone’s time. It took ten minutes to talk through the logics and I thought it you do get around, you’ll be able to write an article on how to do a Double Bob Graham on zero training, which made me laugh.  20.00 Nicky talks about forming her support teamThat’s happened over many years. Since my first Bob Graham round in 2005, I have done 14 rounds, including 24 hour rounds and double rounds and now I know the people that are really good and that are what I like. When I was doing the records, I needed fast people. As I have gone onto doing the doubles, I don’t need people who are fast. I need people who are supportive and can cope with me when I have been going for 24 hours and I don’t know what I want at all. I’m pretty good at listening and I try not to take out any grumpiness on my supporters! You know I am the one that everyone claps, but I couldn’t do any of it without the great team of people behind me, all without sleep and not eating, all because they want to help me get around. I’ve been a supporter and you will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure they get around. 23.45 Talks about having more women as supportersYou can just be walking along with a woman and they read you a lot better than a man would read you. 27.30 Barkley Marathons – what was it like?I felt like a fish out of water. There are so many superstars there that you have seen on telly. They are all so fast and you just think that you shouldn’t be there and you think ‘woah, what am I doing here.” It was really surreal and meeting Laz for the first time…Through email he is really chatty and then when I met him, I just got tongue tied, I never really knew what to say to him.I just wanted to go back [this year.] I felt really fit, I had done all of my training, i had studied that map, I could reel everything off my head and whether you can pull all of that out again next year, who knows, but I can try. 29.00 Was Nicky going to change her tactics for her second Barkley appearance? As a veteran, you know a lot of the route, whereas last year I didn’t know any of it and it was all very mind boggling trying to remember everything. Whereas this year a lot of the route would have been similar and that would have made a difference. I would have liked to have teamed up with someone again and this year there are small things, like I would have used a thumb compass. So it goes on your thumb and you don’t as much to hold. Orienteerers use them all of the time and I have been practising with those all winter. I just had so much in my hand last winter, what with the poles, the map, trying to get food out and you need to keep an eye on where you are all of the time.31.30 When you did come back down into camp, knowing your race was over, was there an overriding feeling of disappointment? Yes, we should have taken more time in the takeover to take more stuff. We were all so concerned about getting in and out within ten minutes, that all three of us went out with not enough stuff. We were all glad to finish, because we were frozen. I hadn’t eaten anything. You’ve gone into that self-preservation mode, so I was glad to stop being so cold and hopefully get warm but as soon as I was warm, I was just cursing that I hadn’t taken enough stuff. I’d have had to set off in full Scottish mountaineering kit just to stay vaguely warm.34.15 Did you know straight away that you wanted to go back and crack it?It was the next day, I was like “I was so stupid, I should have just taken some clothes”I think you have to go with finishing 5 loops, because you have to go out eating and drinking ready to do another loop and you never know if Laz will let you in again, so you have to go with that “I am going to give it my best shot!”36.30 We talk about fish, chips and curry sauce – her favourite post-race food!  37.10 Nicky talks about the time she locked herself out of her camper van after a double Bob Graham round… that’s 132 miles, 54,000ft of ascent, twice sumitting 42 English Lake District peaks.40.00 How do you prepare for a lack of sleep or just ten minutes in a 3 day period?I tell myself I don’t need to sleep, which obviously isn’t true, but it seems to work. Though farming, we often go through a few nights on minimal sleep if we are calving. I know I can get through one night without sleep, so on the Double Bob Graham, I had never had a power nap before. but if you are not totally knackered and need a sleep, you just lie there and get really frustrated that you are not sleeping, so there is a fine line between being zombified for 3 hours...

1hr 22mins

1 Apr 2020

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Episode 9b: Nicky Spinks Revisited

Bob Graham Sounds

UK ultra-running leading-lady Nicky Spinks gives an honest debrief on her history-making double Paddy Buckley Round and her debut in The Barkley Marathons, plus some indispensable 7-weeks-to-go BGR advice. And the team celebrate Easter with runs in the Yorkshire Three Peaks Race, along the South West Coast Path and the South Downs Way and up […]


3 Feb 2020

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Episode 9b: Nicky Spinks Revisited

UK ultra-running leading-lady Nicky Spinks gives an honest debrief on her history-making double Paddy Buckley Round and her debut in The Barkley Marathons, plus some indispensable 7-weeks-to-go BGR advice. And the team celebrate Easter with runs in the Yorkshire Three Peaks Race, along the South West Coast Path and the South Downs Way and up […]


3 Feb 2020

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Podcast #94 Nicky Spinks Ultra Endurance Fell Runner Record Holder

The Inspirational Runner Podcast

Nicky holds numerous records, the most impressive to me has to be the triple double rounds of the Ramsey, Paddy Buckley and Bob Graham, for anyone who has completed any of these single rounds you will appreciate how testing this challenge was, a survivor of cancer, she’s an ambassador for Innov8 and last year she had the opportunity to take part in the infamous Barkley Marathon. A very special lady, here's a few of her achievements 2001 First Fell Run 2011 Gran Raid Pyrenees  1st lady 2011 Fellman 97km 1st lady (4 years in a row) 2011, she set a new women's record of 64 for the number of Lakeland peaks climbed in 24 hours 2012 Bob Graham Round 18hrs 12min (record at the time) 2013 Paddy Buckley Round 19hr 02min (record at the time) 2014 Charlie Ramsey Round 19hr 39min (record at the time) 2014 100km 10 peaks extreme 1st lady 2016 UTMB 12th Place 2016 Bob Graham Double (record) 2017 Charlie Ramsey Double (record) 2017 Lakeland Challenge in 11:02, a new women's record 2018 170km Ultra Tour Monta Rose 1st lady 2019 Paddy Buckley Double (Record) 2019 Barkley Marathon Diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2005 she is just one awesome ultra endurance fell runner!!


17 Jan 2020

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Nicky Spinks | Making The Most Of Life

DO Lectures podcast with Gav Thompson

The inspirational Nicky Spinks made fell running history in May 2015 by becoming the fastest person to run a Double Bob Graham Round. The story of Nicky’s incredible life has been told in a new film called ‘Run Forever’. — Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2017. Watch Nicky's full talk here: www.thedolectures.com/talks/nicky-spinks-making-the-most-of-life--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/do-lectures/message


12 Nov 2019