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"Who is Melissa Marshall?

The BoatCast... this is your TRiBe

“I’ve always wanted to go on the Rock Boat… I’ve had a little glimpse of it over the years but was never able to commit and once that date change came, I said let’s do it - I have nothing holding me back… its been a long time waiting for this Boat…”Melissa Marshall has never been on the Rock Boat, but this TRB Virgin sounds ready for The Boat. She has her fellow Chicago TRB family to thank for prepping her for the experience as she’s been to multiple house concerts and regularly follows TRB artists through faithful concert attendance and buying Merch (expect to see her at the will Meet and Greets getting her CDs autographed). Chris Rhoad and BoatCast Mark look forward to sipping on some Seltzers on the deck of the Boat and already anticipate having Melissa back on the podcast again to debrief after she rocks out her first Boat. The BoatCast would like to thank our sponsor, lifecoachingforwomenphysicians.com, for supporting us in promoting Rock Boat Artists. If you want to get the word out about these artists and are interested in sponsoring The Boatcast, please email Chris at: ChristopherRhoad@gmail.com.


9 Oct 2021

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Kristie Stark Interview Melissa Marshall and Toni Stark

I'm Not Taco's

Kristie Stark Interview Melissa Marshall and Toni Stark. Toni (7 yr old) is just learning about the bible and Melissa wants to know what she has already learned with a series of questions, which ended with laughter. Kristie tells Melissa how her almost - two year old son Bodhi, will not give up his bottle, even if there is no milk in it. Melissa, who has multiple sclerosis, is trying out golfing again for the first time since her diagnosis. Melissa reminds Kristie of the time they were out to dinner with girlfriends in Los Angeles and ended up in Los Angeles Fire Station where Jamie Walters was a fireman. I'm Not Taco's Podcast is sponsored by: www.StarkStandard.comhttps://starkstandard.myshopify.com/products/woman-owned-wrapped-canvasSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=8VAYVH88FW5RQ)


15 Apr 2021

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Kristie Stark Interviews Melissa Marshall on phantom baby cries, resuming birthday parties, Chess.com and the Pixar Movie - Onward

I'm Not Taco's

Kristie Stark (New York City) Interviews Melissa Marshall (Portland, Oregon) on phantom baby cries, teaching my daughter about Chess, birthday parties and the Pixar Movie - Onward. Listen to Kristie try and explain the Pixar movie - Onward and the dads heavenly pants. Kristie also gets a reality check from Chess.com and tells them to shove their month of "premium lessons" where the sun doesn't shine. Sponsored by www.StarkStandard.com


31 Mar 2021

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Kristie Stark Interviews Melissa Marshall from Hillsboro, Oregon on MS, Diet and Dollarfor.org saving the day

I'm Not Taco's

Kristie Stark (mother, wife, entreprenuer) Interviews Melissa Marshall (mother, single parent, entreprenuer) from Hillsboro, Oregon about Multiple Sclerosis for MS Awareness month and how changing her eating habits has been a god send. Melissa talks about how the non-profit DOLLARFOR.org came to her rescue financially in 2020 thanks to her friend Katie. Kristie and Melissa talk about traveling and how they just got quotes for RoadBearRV.com for a potential Summer cross country trip. Join us if you want to hear about relatable real life shit and we have accepted that fact that - We are NOT Taco's!Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=8VAYVH88FW5RQ)


16 Mar 2021

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How To Talk Nerdy: Presentation Tips for Scientists with Melissa Marshall

The David Paull Show

My guest on this week’s episode has taken on a monumental challenge… Teaching scientists how to effectively communicate the value and impact of their work to the rest of us. Fortunately, Melissa Marshall is uniquely qualified to tackle this challenge. She’s spent 10 years as a communications professor at Penn State University, teaching public speaking and presentation skills, as well as designing new courses for science and engineering students to help them better present their work. She’s delivered a popular  TED Global Talk on the topic, aptly titled, “Talk Nerdy to Me,” that has over two million views–case-in-point that the need for and interest in building a better skillset to engage audiences goes well beyond the community of engineering and science students. Melissa has founded her own consultancy, helping research companies more effectively present their science. Melissa and I covered a ton of great topics in our conversation, including: 5:45  How Melissa scored one of the toughest speaking gigs in the world 12:42  Behind-the-scenes of prepping for a TED Global Talk 17:38  Irreplaceable value of practice and preparation 21:46  Adding “visual qualities” to our presentations 26:17  Using takeaway messages to re-focus your presentation 37:15  What is the “curse of knowledge” and what’s the cure? The post How To Talk Nerdy: Presentation Tips for Scientists with Melissa Marshall appeared first on Lillian Labs.


10 Mar 2021

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21 | Candle Maker: Melissa Marshall Pickens

Riveting Rosies

In this episode I am joined by Melissa: founder of One Eleven Candles (https://oneelevencandles.com/). Melissa turned her hobby of candle making into a side-hustle about 6 months ago, and creates beautiful candles with intention. ⁠In this episode we discuss:⁠ the art of candle-making, why she chooses specific scents, crystals, and soy wax⁠, running a business while working a full-time job⁠, the importance of believing in yourself if there's something you want to try⁠. You can find Melissa on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/oneelevencandles/) Connect with us on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/rivetingrosies.podcast/) to stay up to date with episode launches and upcoming guests! For business inquiries and guest requests please email rivetingrosiespodcast@gmail.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/riveting-rosies/support


2 Oct 2020

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63. Speech Breakdown: TED Talk by Melissa Marshall "Talk Nerdy To Me"

The Presentation Boss Podcast

Howdy! It’s episode sixty-three of The Presentation Boss Podcast. We love hearing constantly how much you guys love our speech breakdowns. Just two weeks ago you heard us talk about the completeness and accessibility of TED Talks with Tamsen Webster. And after our recording, she suggested we take a look at this talk.We love short, concise, thoughtful speeches and this one clocks in at under five minutes! So, a shorter episode this time. However, not only is it a great example of speaking, especially the Plan, Design, Deliver model, but it’s also full of suggestions about how to present technical information to non-tech audiences. We’re aware how meta this feels.What You'll Learn • Starting a speech with context in storytelling• Being conscious of using positive, non-derogatory words to describe stereotypes• Relating a problem to an entire audience, rather than a select few• How your rate of speech and pause need to match and consider the audience.• Using PowerPoint to be visual and novel in explaining your message• How to use the three-point presentation structureMentioned In The Show• Melissa Marshall | “Talk Nerdy to Me” Resources and Links • Email us: podcast@presentationboss.com.au• The Presentation Boss Podcast: https://presentationboss.com.au/podcast/• Kate on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-norris/• Thomas on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-krafft/• Presentation Boss on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/presentationboss/• Presentation Boss on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/presentation-boss


7 Jul 2020

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No You Can’tcer, With Melissa Marshall

WE Have Cancer

Melissa Marshall, the founder of The No You Cant’cer Foundation, was inspired to write Cancer’s First Fight song and start The No You Cant’cer Foundation after her own battle with colorectal cancer. Melissa was first diagnosed in September of 2013 while prepping for a hip replacement surgery. A life-long dancer and singer, Melissa assumed the […] The post No You Can’tcer, With Melissa Marshall appeared first on The Colon Cancer Podcast.


12 Jul 2016

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31. Melissa Marshall on Overcoming Cancer

Life's Valleys and Mountaintops

Melissa Marshall, of the, No You Cant'cer Foundation, was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer and ended up receiving a colostomy bag in 2013. This meant that, for the rest of her life, she would be living with an ostomy bag. Today she is here to share her journey through this difficult time and the beautiful story of how she defeated Cancer created the No You Cant'cer Foundation. She was able to overcome the odds and return to her singing career. Show notes on: https://ginajohnson.ca/31-2/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lvmountaintops/message


10 Jul 2016

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MBA028: Talking Techie and Presenting Complex Ideas with Melissa Marshall

Mastering Business Analysis

In this episode, Melissa Marshall will help us to understand how to bridge the gap between technical terms and business terms and present information in a meaningful way.   After listening to this episode, you will understand: Why it’s critical to be able to communicate complex information to a general audience How to use an audience […] The post MBA028: Talking Techie and Presenting Complex Ideas with Melissa Marshall appeared first on Mastering Business Analysis.


14 Jul 2015