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Andrew Santino - Grundles, Clones and DAVE

Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast

Howie and Jackie discuss the Jackass lawsuit and WANT matching tattoos like MGK and Travis Barker! Andrew Santino (The Whiskey Ginger) educates Howie and Jackie on Grundles, DNA and working on DAVE with Lil Dicky. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 24mins

17 Aug 2021

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Andrew Santino

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

Andrew Santino (comedy! Dave!) makes it weird!

2hr 13mins

30 Jun 2021

Similar People

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Comedian Andrew Santino Podcast

The John DeBella Show

Comedian Andrew Santino is hitting the Hard Rock in A.C. this weekend and told us about being excited to be back on the road, golfing with fellow comedians, touring distilleries, and why Taylor here on the show has an affinity for older, ugly celebrities. 


28 May 2021

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Episode 1230 - Andrew Santino

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Andrew Santino and Marc didn’t know much about each other, aside from both being Comedy Store regulars and comedians from different ends of a generational divide. But in this conversation, they discover the similar paths they both paved in comedy, starting out with no money and no connections, finding themselves unhappy with their early work, and preferring the life of a lone wolf to the life in a pack. Andrew also talks about being a Comedy Store comic starring in a fictional show about the early days of The Comedy Store.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 24mins

27 May 2021

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Andrew Santino - Episode 911

Fitzdog Radio

Andrew Santino (Whiskey Ginger, Bad Friends) and I sit down in-person to talk cars, the Pacific ocean, why the Dutch are annoying and who will get skin cancer first. Follow Andrew Santino on Twitter @CheetoSantino

1hr 26mins

25 May 2021

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CUTEanon with Andrew Santino | Sal Vulcano & Chris Distefano Present: Hey Babe! | EP 24

Sal and Chris Present: Hey Babe!

Hey Babe! is a podcast where comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your hair down & come hang out with the BABES! BIG surprise guest on today's HEY BABE! Andrew Santino from Whiskey Ginger and Bad Friends! The babes talk about how they went to a baseball game in LA and Chrissy BREAKS the calorie bank! Vincent Van Gogh was insane. He cut off his ear and gave it to who?! Being posthumously famous is brutes! Tim's Vermeer is one of the greatest films ever. Being hit by lightning is WILD! Who has been hit by lightning the most? Chris is creeped out by the movie my octopus teacher. Shout out Kid Cudi! Why don't Muslims eat pigs? Santino bombed in front of Chris Rock. Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about if we are living in a simulation. The babes are sick of attention seeking NERDS. What would happen if everyone throughout history had social media. Santino tells his ghost story. Ghost farts are a real thing! How does the human body have electricity in it? A kiss from Elon Musk is powerful. Shout out all the short bus aliens that are forced by smarter aliens to patrol Earth. UFOs and alien secrets. Does LA have bodegas? Why is everyone in LA obsessed with astrological signs? What's the difference between astrological sign believers and Qanon people? Let's launch a gas scented perfume. The babes reveal where Sal is! CUTEanon is TAKING OVER YASSSSSSSSS! BAD FRIENDS ISN'T READY FOR THE REVENGE OF THE BABES! Rate us on iTunes! https://linktr.ee/Nopreshnetwork Follow The Show! Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/heybabepod/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/heybabepod

1hr 7mins

13 May 2021

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Andrew Santino | Tom Talks 10

Tom Talks

Andrew Santino is a comedian, actor and host of the podcasts "Whiskey Ginger" and "Bad Friends." He joins Tom Segura to discuss their favorite cars, what it's like shooting "Dave," their feelings about going on auditions, smoking weed with Joey Diaz, drinking with Bert Kreischer, and more!

1hr 12mins

29 Apr 2021

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Ep. 74 | 2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Andrew Santino & Bobby Lee

2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

SPONSORS; - Go to https://hellofresh.com/cave12/ and use code cave12 for 12 free meals, including free shipping! - Visit https://mudwtr.com/bears/ to support the show and use code BEARS at check out for $5 off. - Go to https://vuoriclothing.com/BEARS/ and receive 20% off your first purchase, free shipping on any U.S. orders over $75, and free returns. - Go to https://hellotushy.com/BEARS/ to get 10% off your order and FREE shipping. - Head to https://brightcellars.com/CAVE/ to receive 50% off your first 6 bottle order. - Get 15% off plant orders of $100 with promo code CAVE at https://bloomscape.com/. - Go to https://whoop.com/ and use code “Bears” at checkout to save yourself 15% off today. - Go to https://keeps.com/BEARS/ to receive your first month of treatment for free. We're replacing The Bears with some Bad Friends today so say hello to your new hosts of 2 Bears 1 Cave, Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee! We get right into it with all the weird things Bobby does with his dogs, trying to remember Nadav's name, and calling Tom & Bert. Bobby talks about smoking a cigarette indoors where the Last Supper was painted and how people weren't cool with it. Bobby and Andrew reveal they know exactly how to push each others buttons and things almost spiral VERY quickly. Bobby reviews The Snyder Cut of The Justice League movie and then tries to convince Andrew he was in Keeping Up With The Joneses with Gal Gadot. All this, plus a revealing dance from Bobby.

1hr 37mins

29 Mar 2021

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Andrew Santino & Vasectomies | Chris Distefano Presents: Chrissy Chaos | EP 8

Chris Distefano Presents: Chrissy Chaos

WELCOME to Chrissy Chaos!  This episode Chrissy Chaos is joined by Andrew Santino from Whiskey Ginger and Bad Friends. They talk how gingers are made, how LA is changing Chrissy D, Chris talks about hanging out with Logan Paul and Addison Rae, Santino reads a few of Addison Rae's posts, Uncle Santino tries to teach Chris' kids a few pranks, is Chris getting a vasectomy, Chris is afraid he's only able to make girls, what is a douche? What should Chrissy Chaos do for his gender reveal party, 48 laws of power! Don't offend the wrong person, How did Chris and Vinny really meet?! Chris' daughter finds some strange things in the Bad Friends studio, Santino's grandmother is a SAVAGE, you should treat everyone the same, Chris and Santino talk about the hottest male movie stars, Santino almost had to serve a sentence at Tent City in Arizona, Chris vs bologna, Knocked Up is cancelled, whens the best time of day to have sex, Should Vinny start an only fans? CHRIS GOES FULL CHAOS! Remember to rate us on iTunes and Join our Patreon for a WEEKLY bonus ep! patreon.com/chrisdcomedy CHRISDCOMEDY.COM for all upcoming live comedy show dates FOLLOW Chris Distefano On Social Media Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/chrisdcomedy/​ Twitter - https://twitter.com/chrisdcomedy​ Follow Chris' podcast with Sal Vulcano called HEY BABE! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD8I...​ ​ Filmed and Edited by THEHOMELESSPIMP https://www.instagram.com/thehomeless...​

1hr 7mins

23 Mar 2021

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#219 - Andrew Santino

H3 Podcast

On this episode of the H3 Podcast we are joined by comedian, actor, and ginger Andrew Santino! Together he and Ethan discuss Korean baby foreskins, giant men having sex with tiny women, Bobby Lee's feet, pranks, and a whole lot more!

1hr 25mins

28 Sep 2020