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Dr. Kerri Milyko on the Importance of Instructional Design


In this episode, Dr. Kerri Milyko joins Dr. Kelly to discuss the topics of Precision Teaching and Instructional Design. Dr. Milyko describes learning as a web of skills rather than a sequential, hierarchical list, which presumes learning occurs in a linear fashion. Dr. Milyko encourages behavior analysts in all contexts to consider the importance of component-composite relationships when designing or selecting curriculum for our clients (whether that be children, graduate students, or our employees). To learn more about Instructional Design and ABA, visit www.behaviorbabe.com.


15 May 2020

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CentralReach “ABA On Call” Podcast – Ep. 5: Interview with Dr. Kerri Milyko

ABA on Call

In this month’s episode, hosts Rick Kubina and Doug Kostewicz sit down with Kerri Milyko, BCBA-D, LBA of The Learning Consultants to discuss the impact of the element compound relationship (or component-composite relationship) and how it can be used to build the foundation for behaviors. Dr. Milyko explains how if learners do not have the basic skills and are not fluent in foundational behaviors, then learners will have an extremely difficult time advancing their skills and continuing to learn. For example, if children are not fluent with compound or composite skills like holding a pencil or writing their name, then it will be extremely difficult for those composite skills or compounds to ever become proficient, and therefore, nearly impossible for the learner to build on and enhance their learning opportunities. CentralReach Director of Research Dr. Rick Kubina, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Kerri Milyko, BCBA-D, LBA, will both be keynote panelists at CentralReach’s upcoming User Conference: CR Unite 19. At the premiere ABA event, Kerri and Rick will also discuss key themes, trends, and ideas that will be shaping the future of ABA and that they’ll be exploring with 300 attendees in Las Vegas. Join Rick and Kerri at CR Unite 19 Earn 5 BACB Type II CEUs (including 2 Ethics and 1 Supervision) CR Unite will offer attendees the chance to engage in hands-on training workshops, gain actionable insights from thought leaders, and participate in the future of ABA technology. Enjoy an impactful week of learning, engaging and networking. Register today!


16 Aug 2019

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A Deep Dive into Precision Teaching: Session 85 with Kerri Milyko

The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria

My guest today is Dr. Kerri Milyko, who is the owner of The Precision Teaching Learning Center in Tampa, FL as well as The Learning Consultants in Reno, Nevada. As you'll figure out right away, Kerri is Capital-P passionate about all things Precision Teaching. In this episode, she shares how she first got "the bug" at the University of Florida, and then continues on about how she's using PT today to help children with learning and behavioral challenges. In to providing services to children, Kerri also provides business to business consultation on system-wide assessment and implementation to transform agencies who want to adopt precision teaching. To further this mission, she and her colleagues have created an online self-paced curriculum on Precision Teaching. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, click here for the various professional development offerings that are available. Even better, Kerri has provided Behavioral Observations Podcast listeners a 25% discount on course purchases (disclosure: I generate no affiliate revenue on these course purchases). During this two-hour plus interview, Kerri mentions many resources, and I've attempted to capture them here: Keller (1968). Goodbye Teacher Twyman et al (2004). A Non-Linear Approach to Curriculum Design Milyko et al (2012). An Investigation of Rapid Automatic Naming as a Generalized Operant Binder (1996). Behavioral Fluency: An Evolution of a New Paradigm Fabrizio and Moors (2003). Evaluating Mastery: Measuring Instructional Outcomes for Children with Autism Spillman & Milyko (2015). I can do this math, yo! This will most likely be my last show before heading off to ABAI. I have a few events scheduled, and if you’re interested in checking them out, click here. Either way, I love meeting listeners in person, so if you’re going to Chicago, please say hello. Today’s episode is brought to you by Go Lotus. Go Lotus’ mission is to break down the barriers of how we gather, process, and share information for children with Autism and related needs. From practice management to data collection, they do it all. It is so simple your entire team can be up and running in less than an hour. For more information, go to golotus.com/register. And by using the promo code MATT, the first 100 people will receive 90 days of our data trackers completely free. And by signing up, you’ll then receive an additional discount of 25% off the first 12 months. So again, for more info, head over to golotus.com/register. We are also brought to you by HRIC Recruiting. Let Barb Voss’ 30 years of experience help you find your dream job, or if you’re an agency, your dream candidate. For a confidential conversation about your career, reach out to Barb at https://www.hricolorado.com/contact. Lastly, you can still get free shipping for all your Essential for Living purchases through June 1st. At checkout, use code EFLBOP0501.

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20 May 2019