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Kerry McDonald: How the Pandemic is Fueling a Homeschooling Revolution (An Insider Explains)

Breaking Boundaries with Brad Polumbo

FEE Senior Education Fellow, author, and mom Kerry McDonald joins the show to break down the explosion in permanent homeschooling amid pandemic life and how it plays into a broader homeschooling revolution. How has the last year exposed the failures of traditional government schools? What are 'pandemic pods' and new forms of alternative education looking like? Can anyone homeschool, or is it only an option for wealthy elites? We discuss all this, break down common myths about homeschooling and counterarguments against it, and recap Kerry's personal high-profile debates with opponents who want to ban homeschooling. Follow Kerry on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kerry_edu Subscribe to Kerry's newsletter on parenting, homeschooling, and education: https://go.fee.org/liberated Check out Kerry's book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1641600632/ Follow Brad on Twitter: https://twitter.com/brad_polumbo Follow Brad on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bradpolumbo/


7 Apr 2021

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Educational Opportunities in Pandemic with Kerry McDonald

It's Too Late with Alan Mosley

It's Too Late Episode 146: Educational Opportunities in Pandemic with Kerry McDonald On this week's episode of It's Too Late, Alan is joined by Kerry McDonald of the Foundation of Economic Education (FEE) to discuss homeschooling and the silver lining of the pandemic. Kerry can be found at https://www.fee.org/kerry​ and you can buy her book "Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/164...​ You can catch live streams of our episodes in video as they debut on Wednesdays at 8pm central, 9pm eastern time at facebook.com/alanmosleytv and see our entire library at www.youtube.com/alanmosleytv​​​​​​​​ and https://odysee.com/@alanmosleytv​​​:6​​ Our show is now available as an audio podcast on all your favorite podcasting platforms via https://anchor.fm/alan-mosley You can support the show by subscribing to our Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/alanmosley​​​ https://www.twitter.com/alanmosleytv​​​​​ http://www.alanmosley.tv --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/alanmosleytv/support


24 Mar 2021

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Episode 529: Hope for the Future of Education w/ Kerry McDonald

Free Man Beyond the Wall

42 Minutes Safe for Work Kerry McDonald is a Senior Education Fellow at FEE and author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom. She is also an adjunct scholar at The Cato Institute and a regular Forbes contributor. Kerry joins Pete to talk about her hopes for the future of education especially in relation to some of the change in attitudes among parents that's she's seen during the CV19 Lockdowns. She also gets into the history of compulsory school attendance and a few other topics. Kerry's FEE Page Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom Get Autonomy 19 Skills PDF Download The Monopoly On Violence Pete's Patreon Pete's Substack Pete's Paypal Pete's Books on Amazon Pete's Books Available for Crypto Pete on Facebook Pete on Twitter


27 Jan 2021

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Kerry McDonald

The Michael Berry Show

Kerry McDonald is a Senior Education Fellow at FEE and author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom (Chicago Review Press, 2019). She is also an adjunct scholar at The Cato Institute and a regular Forbes contributor. Discussing her recent article for Foundation For Economic Education (FEE), Why Lockdowns Offer the Perfect Opportunity to Teach Kids about Liberty and Government Parents can help children choose freedom over force, and ensure that these lockdowns never, ever happen again.


26 Jan 2021

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Kerry McDonald on a powerful weapon against teen depression. Also: What to do about Halloween!

What Then Must We Do?

I speak with unschooling mom and homeschooling advocate Kerry McDonald about an upcoming 4-day webinar to help inspire teens' inner entrepreneurs – and about why it is more critical than ever that we encourage our teens to find ways to create and to contribute now. We also talk about Halloween... FEE's "Entrepreneur Week" is Nov. 16-19, and is FREE. You can sign up here.Kerry's book, "Homeschooling in the Time of Covid-19" is available for download here.Her article "How our Culture Disempowers Teens", from last year, is here.And her recent article on the Halloween bans is here.


30 Oct 2020

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55. Kerry McDonald

The Way the World Works: A Tuttle Twins Podcast for Families

In this episode, Connor and Brittany sit down with the mother of four and author of the book, "Unschooled" to talk about the future of education in a post-pandemic world.


30 Oct 2020

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Ep. 53: Kerry McDonald — Do We Need Schooling Alternatives?

The Curious Task

Author of 'Unschooled' Kerry McDonald joins Alex Aragona to talk about how choice in education can allow children to lead happier and more fulfilled lives, and the positive impacts of taking education outside the conventional classroom. 

1hr 1min

5 Aug 2020

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661: Kerry McDonald - Cato Homeschooling Debate Debriefing

School Sucks: Higher Education For Self-Liberation

Kerry McDonald is back to discuss her appearance at and lessons from Cato's recent event called Homeschooling: Protecting Freedom, Protecting Children. Kerry came Zoom-face to Zoom-face with Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Bartholet, who authored the controversial Arizona Law Review paper attacking homeschoolers and called for a "presumptive ban" on their educational way of life. Kerry's Take-Aways: - There Are People Who Believe the State Should Be Your Co-Parent - Random Home Visits Will Be a Weapon of the State - Private Education Is in Danger - State Standardized Testing Begs the Question: Whose Standard? - Homeschoolers Will Win (Read her FEE article about the event HERE ) Kerry McDonald is a Senior Education Fellow at FEE and author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom. She is also an adjunct scholar at The Cato Institute and a regular Forbes contributor. Kerry has a B.A. in economics from Bowdoin College and an M.Ed. in education policy from Harvard University. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and four children. You can sign up for her weekly newsletter on parenting and education here. Kerry's Previous Appearance On the Podcast: [PODCAST] #504: Unenclosed Children and Self-Directed Learning – With Kerry McDonald Please Support School Sucks We do cool things! Thanks to your support. School Sucks is one of the longest running liberty-minded podcasts on the web, and the only one completely devoted to the issue of education (versus public school and college). Your support keeps the show going and growing, which keeps us at the top of the options for education podcasts and leads to new people discovering our work. Please help us continue to spread this important message further! Before you do anything, please bookmark and use this link for your Amazon shopping: Shop With Us One-Time Donation Options: Paypal/Venmo; Donate DASH Donate ETHEREUM Donate LITECOIN Donate BITCOIN Donate BITCOIN CASH Donate ZCASH Recurring Options: NEW! SubscribeStar Access our personal development bonus show, The Discomfort Zone, and lots of other irreverent and acerbic commentary you've never heard before. Support Us On PATREON Help incentivize our production! Pledge $1 per content item and access dozens of Patron only audios and videos. Join the A/V Club If you're looking for more School Sucks content, the A/V Club option grants you access to a bonus content section with 400+ hours of exclusive audio and video. If you are a regular consumer of our media, please consider making a monthly commitment by selecting the best option for you... A/V Club - Basic Access - $8.00/Month A/V Club - "Advanced" Access - $12.00/Month Sigma Sigma Pi - "Privileged" Access - $16.00/Month   Crypto Addresses: DASH; XcZfPP6GZGVo9VKViNBVJZja5JVxZDB229 ETHEREUM; 0x3c5504CE3401C028832173506fa30BD4db4b7D35 LITECOIN; LKNp24f5wwvZ2QzeDbvxXgBxyVwi1yXnu2 BITCOIN; 1KhwY836cfSGCK5aaGFv8Q7PHMgghFJn1U BITCOIN CASH 1AmqLVxjw3Lp9KT5ckfvsqfN2Hn3B1hCWS ZCASH; t1by1ZGJ63LoLSjXy27ooJtipf4wMr7qbu4

1hr 25mins

22 Jun 2020

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47: Unschooling with Kerry McDonald

Sage Family

Today I’m here with Kerry McDonald talking about unschooling. Kerry is an unschooling mother of 4 with a master’s degree in education policy from Harvard University and the author of the book Unschooled. We go over origins of schools, threats to a family’s legal right to choose homeschooling, how children learn, what unschooling is, how literacy and numeracy develop naturally, society level replacements for school, teens, and launching. Get the full show notes here: rachelrainbolt.com/podcast47 Support the Sage Family Podcast here: patreon.com/sagefamily

1hr 10mins

19 May 2020

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Homeschooling Goes Viral (with Kerry McDonald)

Building Tomorrow

Because of the COVID-19 shutdown, tens of millions of American households have suddenly been forced to do school at home. Education policy expert and homeschooling aficionado Kerry McDonald joins the show to discuss why she believes this experience will lead many more families to consider educational alternatives even after the shutdowns ease. Additionally, Kerry and Paul discuss the incendiary Harvard Magazine broadside against homeschooling, Tara Westover’s best-selling novel Educated, and why the history of public schooling should make us leery of critics who accuse homeschoolers of failing to be good citizens. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


14 May 2020