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Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Phil Johnson - Master of Business Leadership Program

DECODING AQ - Adaptability Confidence With Ross Thornley

Phil is an executive coach who has been assisting executives and organizations to bet on themselves by developing their emotional intelligence.Helping Executives Achieve Career, Personal & Corporate Success, Master of Business Leadership Program and Emotional Intelligence Pattern "Spotter" with a Career Revenue of $1.5 Billion.MBL program alumni are in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.  Ross and Phil talk about meaningful life, change, coaching, passion, disconnecting, starting from zero, working with purpose, providing value, emotional intelligence, fight or flight, anxiety, old battling new habits, emotional labour, conflict, energy, IQ, emotional connections and adaptability.  The pair also discuss primal resistance,  Martin Goldsmith, leavening comfort zones, fear, motivation, the Stanford marshmallow experiment, resistance to change, unconscious energy, social media, giving away energy, breathing, the present moment, ego and wisdom.Timecodes:01:29 Phil's promise to himself back in 196803:55 Getting into coaching06:12 Phil's first client07:52 Changing trajectories11:36 Timeless elements to deal with future problems17:12 Apple Inc21:45 Insuring longevity28:21 Connecting on an emotional level30:43 Identifying what we want32:46 Getting what we want and refining it37:44 The challenges of short and long termism44:42 Emotional physics49:58 Practical elements we can do53:51 The last time Phil did something for the first timeConnect with Phil:LinkedInLinktreeYouTubeBooksTwitterConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 


13 Sep 2022

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How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence with Phil Johnson

Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience

We hear a lot about Intelligence Quotient or our IQ, but what about our Emotional Intelligence, or EQ? We know now that our EQ is a better indicator of our overall success than our IQ, making it incredibly important to understand and work toward. Most people are walking around operating out of fear, giving their energy away, and not following their dreams. What would the world look like if everyone focused on developing their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and operate out of a place of love instead of fear? Today’s guest imagines a world where people have developed their emotional intelligence, which he believes is essential for the survival of humankind.Phil Johnson is dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence. For the past 21 years Phil has been an executive coach assisting executives and organizations to bet on themselves by developing their emotional intelligence. A UC Berkeley study over 40 years found emotional intelligence is 400% more powerful than intellectual intelligence in predicting success, and Phil is here to share how you can develop your emotional intelligence and why we can’t afford to neglect it.In this episode, Phil shares how you can start to work on your emotional intelligence, effectively lead others to want to work toward a greater good, and reach your goals by tying the emotion you will feel when you reach it, to that goal. Most of us are being driven by fear, and it is making us easier to control and manipulate, so take charge of your life and make the world better by learning how you can improve you emotional intelligence and stop giving your energy away.Key highlights:What is the difference between IQ and EQ?How to define Emotional Intelligence3 primary sources of resistance to changeFear keeps you stuck n your comfort zoneEmotional intelligence doesn't eliminate fear, it takes away the hold it has on usAre there tests to measure EQ?How do leaders help others develop their EQ?What are leaders afraid of?How our challenges can be a gift for change and developing EQHow to reach goals by attaching them to your emotions that aren't fear basedEgo based fear keeps us stuckHumans are failing at leaving this world in good shapePeople have to feel you care about them for them to want to follow you or trust youAll purchasing decisions are made emotionally firstEQ will enable you to surpass your competition and develop deeper more trusted relationships with the people you seek to serveDeveloping your EQ guarantees success in all areas of lifeHow do you start taking action now?How do we nurture the EQ of our kids?If you’re not going after your dreams, you’re giving away your energy to your fearQuote from the episode:“If you need a title to get people to follow you, you’re not a leader. If your actions don't inspire followers, you're not a leader.”Connect with Phil Johnson:Schedule a call with Phil: calendlyEQ Newsletter on LinkedInYouTube: Masters of business leadershipMBL podcastConnect with Eric:Be sure to connect with me in the Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience Mastermind Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/leadsellgrow/Pick up your copy of B2B Sales Secrets HereLearn more about our services: www.TheGoalGuide.comImprove your sales and stay connected – Free Gifts Here https://shor.by/TheGoalGuide

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23 Aug 2022

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Vision Church

We are given the scriptures not just to read them, but to become what we read!Learn more about vision church at www.visionnwa.com


12 Jul 2022

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Phil Johnson - Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Success

5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Like the 1%

Most people think that the measure of intelligence is only through the ability to solve problems and reason. But Phil Johnson, executive coach, and author; is here with us today to show us that emotional intelligence is equally as important. Phil specializes in helping people develop their EQ, which is needed in this fast and ever-growing industry. The development of emotional intelligence can help an individual better navigate through difficult situations and achieve their desired results. Phil will show us why it is the best solution to the challenges we face in today's world and will show us how to do it as simply as breathing.[00:00 - 08:23] Opening SegmentIntroducing Phil to the showEmotional intelligence’s impact on one’s life and career[08:24 - 17:32] Turning Challenges into Opportunities Being driven by passion, not painEmotional intelligence is going to become a multi-trillion dollar industry[17:32 - 25:58] Bet on Yourself and Develop Your Emotional IntelligenceThe forces that urge people to be distracted and worryHaving a deeper, more trusted relationshipsBetting on yourself emotionally will lead to a higher level of consciousness [25:58 - 33:35] How to Become a Better Investor Emotional intelligence is an experiential processEmotional intelligence is a journey that always has an exponential return on investmentBreathing techniques that can alleviate anxiety[33:36 - 36:01] Closing SegmentSee the links below to connect with Phil! Quotes:"We're only actually conscious about three to 5% of the time. The rest of the time we're relying on our unconscious habits to generate our behavior and our results." - Phil Johnson "When you're consumed by fear you're no longer conscious you're in reactive mode. You're no longer looking to be creative. You're no longer looking for the opportunities that the challenges may create. You're in survival mode." - Phil Johnson "The person most present in this moment is the most influential." - Phil Johnson Connect with Phil through LinkedIn, or email him at philjohnson@bell.net.5 TALENTS CAPITAL | ABEL PACHECOIf you are ready to start your investment journey with 5 Talents Capital, here are the next steps you should take:View our informational video and case study at https://5talents.capital/grow-your-wealth/After viewing the video follow the prompts which will lead you to a scheduling link to meet one on one with Abel Pacheco. Register for our investor portal here investor portal once registered you will be able to review some of our past deals and you will receive alerts for upcoming investment opportunities.Connect with me:www.5talents.capitalLinkedInInstagramWatch 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show


21 Jun 2022

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EP 86: Increasing Emotional Intelligence with Phil Johnson (Part 2)

Goals DO Come True with Doug Bennett

In a follow on from last week's episode, I'm once again joined by Phil Johnson. Phil is a Master of Business Leadership Executive Coach.Here, he talks about the ways in which men and women typically differ in terms of Emotional Intelligence; why certain companies value EQ more than anything else; and how people sometimes tend to trade their energy to their own detriment._________________________________________________________________________________________Phil Johnson can be found here:LinkTree _________________________________________________________________________________________Doug Bennett can be found here:Website: http://dougbennett.co.uk/Email: doug@dougbennett.co.ukLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/financialdoug/Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinancialDougDownload Your "Ten-Step Guide To Financial Freedom" Here:https://mailchi.mp/db27ab04de14/from-financial-struggle-to-financial-successBOOKS: Goals Do Come True is now live and available to buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3phcy6ZThink Simple, Win Big is now live and available to buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Think-Simple-Win-Big-Business/ Enjoy, and come back for the latest podcast each Wednesday. Thank you for listening. 


18 May 2022

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EP 85: Increasing Emotional Intelligence with Phil Johnson

Goals DO Come True with Doug Bennett

In this episode, I'm joined by Phil Johnson. Phil is a Master of Business Leadership Executive Coach.Here, he talks about the two places from which Emotional Intelligence tend to stem from; the importance of doing the hard emotional labour in order to stimulate real and genuine growth; and why there is an exponential effect with EQ that cannot be underestimated. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Phil Johnson can be found here: LinkTree _________________________________________________________________________________________ Doug Bennett can be found here:Website: http://dougbennett.co.uk/ Email: doug@dougbennett.co.uk LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/financialdoug/Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinancialDougDownload Your "Ten-Step Guide To Financial Freedom" Here:https://mailchi.mp/db27ab04de14/from-financial-struggle-to-financial-success BOOKS: Goals Do Come True is now live and available to buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3phcy6ZThink Simple, Win Big is now live and available to buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Think-Simple-Win-Big-Business/ Enjoy, and come back for the latest podcast each Wednesday. Thank you for listening.


11 May 2022

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Phil Johnson, founder and CEO of Master of Business Leadership, discusses how leaders can overcome adversity by improving their EQ

AI and the Future of Work

Phil Johnson, founder and CEO of Master of Business Leadership (MBL) and veteran tech exec, overcame adversity as a kid when he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Phil taught himself to learn differently. He has helped organizations generate more than $1.5B by teaching leaders how to improve their emotional intelligence.Listen and learn...Why emotional intelligence is the most important skill for leaders.Why Phil says leaders battle our "500 million year old brain that doesn't like change."What Phil means by this: "we're the virus on the planet and we need to adapt to change to survive as a species."Why toxic environments are leading to record low employee engagement that is costing businesses over a trillion dollars per year.What Phil means by "we're born with an unconscious mind that gets wired as we grow to form habits."How leaders can endure pain and channel passion to get more energy and feel more motivated.How Apple's hiring practices and Putin's invasion of Ukraine are related.Questions to ask to hire candidates with the highest EQ.References in this episode...Matt K. Parker on AI and the Future of Work discussing "radical enterprises"The Master of Business Leadership program


1 May 2022

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Episode 208: Phil Johnson

Be Brave at Work

Join us on Be Brave at Work as we speak with Phil Johnson. Phil's first 20 years as an executive began in the semiconductor industry. For the past 21 years, he has been an executive coach, teacher and mentor dedicated to helping executives and organizations BET ON THEMSELVES by developing their emotional intelligence. As Founder and CEO of the Master of Business Leadership program, Phil offers members the opportunity for an EXTRAORDINARY life filled with EXPONENTIAL success. MBL program alumni are living in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. Links of Interest LinkedIn Website Phil Johnson on Amazon A special thank you to our sponsor, Cabot Risk Strategies. For more information, please visit them at CabotRisk.com Please click the button to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you! More information about Ed, visit Excellius.com © 2022 Ed Evarts


25 Apr 2022

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E25 - Change Management EQ - Podcast with Phil Johnson

The Inner Game of Change

Welcome and thank you for checking in at the Inner Game of Change Podcast where I focus on exploring the multi layers of managing organisational change. My guests cover a diverse number of critical topics to enable effective and sustainable change in the workplace.My guest today is Phil Johnson; The founder of the executive coaching program Master of Business Leadership (MBL).  An international coach, speaker and author, Phil specialises in important topics including Emotional Intelligence, Higher Consciousness and Inspirational Leadership. Today, Phil shares his thoughts on the correlation between Emotional Intelligence and navigating through organisational change. I am grateful to have Phil chatting to me today.   Topics Include:Change EQBy default, change creates conflictWhat leaders need to pay attention to in the workplaceThe soft skill that can create hard resultsHow to harness the power of desired resultsChange GritHow change practitioners can inspire teamsBetter results through higher consciousnessAnd much moreAbout Phil (In his own words)For the past 21 years I have been an executive coach dedicated to helping executives and organizations achieve remarkable results through the development of emotional intelligence, higher consciousness and inspirational leadership. I am Founder of Master of Business Leadership (MBL) executive coaching program. MBL program alumni are living in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. 📈 Career Revenue $1.5 Billion★ NEXT STEP ★ ✔ Let’s schedule a short meeting to catch up ==> https://calendly.com/mblcoach/chat-with-phil★ MBL Alumni ★📈 "Remarkable revenue growth and career advancement." A. Fasan, MSEE, MBA, MBL, VP Sales CEVA Inc., CA📈 "Getting your MBL is the best investment you could ever make!" J. Moretti, CRO Fictiv / Board Member / Angel, TX📈 “Applying the MBL principles has changed my life, professionally and personally.”K. Kaminski, MBL, Global Marketing Exec., Amplitude, CA📈 "Master of Business Leadership program is invaluable in helping achieve personal and corporate success. The results have been simply amazing."M. Al Mohsin, MBA, MBL, GM, Alshifa Medical Products Co., Saudi Arabia★ Specialties Include ★Emotional Intelligence, Higher Consciousness & Inspirational LeadershipContacts:Phil’s Profilelinkedin.com/in/philipjpjohnsonWebsitelinktr.ee/PhilJohnson  (Company Website)TwitterPhilJohnson_MBLAli Juma @The Inner Game of Change podcast


13 Apr 2022

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Phil Johnson, Master of Business Leadership

Entelechy Leadership Stories

We are back for another great interview in our Entelechy Series, with Phil Johnson https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipjpjohnson/In today’s episode, we talk about emotional intelligence. World Economic Forum defines it as one of the top 10 must-have skills that will enable us as individuals & businesses to embrace change and raise our consciousness. Our guest today is Phil Johnson, He is the founder & CEO of Master of Business Leadership (MBL) Program, an executive coach, a teacher & mentor, a lecturer & keynote Speaker, a Podcast Co-Host, and a revenue growth career advancement coach.  Phil was born with dyslexia, therefore he had difficulty trying to spell, read, and occasionally hear. It caused him to re-arrange words and numbers in his mind. As a result, he had to rely more on his intuition, which helped him to get greater insight into himself and other people. After the death of his mother at age of 14,  he decided he wanted to change his life.  He became this super overachiever and ended up spending 20 years in the semiconductor industry, finishing as an executive. After 20 years in the industry, Phil realized that there was a huge need to change humanity's trajectory to change the way we did things and the way we do things. That motivated him to create the Master of Business leadership Program. What is Emotional Intelligence and what does it look like? Its benefits are that it reduces the drama and chaos both within the individual and around the individual, You become less resistive, less judgemental, less attached to outcomes, and that enables you to see an individual and see ourselves for who we really are, thereby making leaders more trusted and inspirational. What is the ROI on applying higher consciousness and market valuation to organizations and businesses? We're at the very start of the development of a multitrillion-dollar industry because of the tsunami of change we're facing in the development of our emotional intelligence. Isn't a solution to the challenges we face. It's the only solution to the challenges we face.Both our educational system and employment have failed humanity in that they focused on the development,-Not the development, but the enhancement of our intellectual ability. These structures did very little to develop our emotional intelligence and really our IQ and EQ are meant to work together. Not everybody's born with a high IQ but anybody can develop their emotional intelligence since It's an experiential process. People aren't born with emotional intelligence it's developed.You've developed this kind of five-part teaching and coaching program for executives that, that begins or applies that consciousness first to the root cause and analysis that says, where are we? Why does that kind of start with authenticity and understanding and truth-telling from the executive's point of view?If you’re wondering where to begin on your own path of Emotional Intelligence, you can start with developing an emotional connection to a vision of some desired result you want to achieve. That emotional connection becomes the fuel for the journey. You must have a desire to achieve some outcome that's greater than your fear of leaving your comfort zone. Because the development of emotional intelligence is an experiential process, rather than an intellectual process. You can only really connect the dots in hindsight after you've taken the leap of faith. It always requires an initial leap of faith based on a vision of the desired result that's motivating you to take action.In conclusion, When it comes to people willing to work on their emotional intelligence, age,  geography, industry, race, or culture are not factors. Emotional intelligence depends on where an individual is on their own journey.  While for leaders who want to identify  Emotional Intelligence, it's a behavior that can be recognized and is authentic throughout the world.You can connect with Phil at Company Website: Master of Business LeadershipLinkedIn:  Phil JohnsonCopyright (c) 2020-2022 Kirstin Gooldy


7 Apr 2022