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Unraveling Body Shame & Embracing Beauty at Every Age: Mary DeMuth

So What? Why It Matters, with Nancy Hicks

We’ve all been there: standing in front of the mirror, plucking another gray hair with tweezers, wondering when we got this stretch mark or when that roll got there. We’re so critical of our bodies, thanks to messages we received when we were still running around with skinned knees and gap-toothed grins: “You must be beautiful to be loved. And beautiful looks like young, thin, and firm.” How do we widen our scope of “beautiful?” How can we fight back those messages and claim the worthiness of our bodies, just as they are right now? This week, Nancy sits down with Mary DeMuth, an author and speaker who shares her long road to recovery after experiencing sexual abuse in childhood. That trauma impacted the way Mary has viewed her body throughout her life. And today, Mary and Nancy dive into what it means to be kind to our bodies at all stages. Mary leads us through the “why” of the negative messages we receive about our bodies throughout our lives, and shows that no matter what stage we’re in, we are worthy of love and our bodies are worth celebration.  * * * Breathe life into your soul and find your God-given power with Nancy’s “Called to Confidence” 20-day guide. Download your FREE copy at nancyhickslive.com/featured-teachings.


27 Apr 2021

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Jesus Is Good News for Women! Part 2 -- Mary DeMuth & Frank Viola (Ep 181)

Jesus Smart: The Podcast

Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth return for the 2nd part of this vital conversation. Does Satan have a heightened hatred for women? Is Jesus a holy feminist? Are femininity and masculinity questioned today? All this and more on this episode. ----more---- Frank and Mary collaborated on 'The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels.' Part 2 of 2 episodes. Listen to the first part of the conversation (Ep 180). >> See the show notes page for notes and links to resources Get the Jesus Smart eLetter and keep current with podcast episode releases Podcast Archive Mary DeMuth site Frank Viola site


20 Apr 2021

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Jesus Is Good News for Women! Part 1 -- Mary DeMuth & Frank Viola (Ep 180)

Jesus Smart: The Podcast

Those who are not of The Way (following Jesus) may be tempted to feel that Jesus or the Church is bad news for women. Has too much of the Christian movement misrepresented Jesus about women? Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth think that's the case. Is the Holy Spirit restoring the place of women in the Church? ----more---- Frank and Mary collaborated on 'The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels.' They write: “Put simply, your Lord is in the business of loving, honoring, and defending women.” Part 1 of 2 episodes. Listen to the 2nd part of this conversation (Ep 181). >> See the show notes page for notes and links to resources Get the Jesus Smart eLetter and keep current with podcast episode releases Podcast Archive Mary DeMuth site Frank Viola site


13 Apr 2021

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No One Elevates Women Like King Jesus -- Mary Demuth (Ep 177)

Jesus Smart: The Podcast

Ladies, it's time to get into your advanced place in God's story! The reality is the community of the Godhead designed humanity in the image of God ... fashioned as both female and male. If we're going to bear the image of God well, it will be fully expressed in both genders. What's at stake? Dominion. In this recast episode, you'll discover we're commissioned as Vice-Regents under King Jesus. Mary says we're "reStoried" to partner in the Royal Storyline. ----more---- >> See the show notes page for this episode at JesusSmart.com Get the Jesus Smart eLetter and keep current with podcast episode releases > JesusSmart.com/category/podcast


25 Mar 2021

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Episode 20: How To Build a Christian Home If You Never Had One with Mary DeMuth

Growing Home Together Podcast

Since the day you fell in love and married, you carried a dream in your heart. More than anything you want to build a Christian home full of faith and the goodness of God. Yet like so many couples, you have no blueprints from your past to guide your way. God’s truth and his ways were painfully absent from your upbringing. You feel scared and insecure about how to put Christ in the center of your home and love each other like Jesus. Today's guest, Mary DeMuth, knows what it’s like to build a loving, godly home out of the ashes of the past. She offers hope as she helps us to understand: How Mary’s traumatic childhood motivated her to create a new vision for her family life. The struggles “pioneer parents” face as first-generation Christians in their families. The pitfalls of perfectionism in our marriage and parenting. Why pursuing your own healing is the best gift you can give your family. The power of forgiveness to change your life and home. The value of mentors and examples to follow. How to set healthy boundaries so you can “leave and cleave” and support one another. How God’s kindness and prayer make all the difference. Mary DeMuth is an author, artist, literary agent, and the host of the popular podcast, Pray Every Day. She and her husband, Patrick, are the parents of three adult children and make their home in Texas. Mary’s passion is to give you hope through her story: “Not only have I been re-stored and restoried, but I long to see the same for you. You no longer have to live haunted. I believe your new story starts today. It’s time to heal, be set free, and find the new story God has for us. Won’t you join me on the adventure?” Discover Mary’s resources for you at marydemuth.com. Enter to win your own copy of Mary’s book by commenting on this post with “Building a Christian home.” You will be entered in a drawing to choose a winner on March 10! As you build your Christian home and marriage, we created this powerful resource HERE to help you grow closer to God and each other.


2 Mar 2021

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Episode 26: Allow the Holy Spirit to Interrupt with Mary DeMuth

Take the Stage - for Speakers, by Speakers

Find all the free resources from Mary R Snyder at Resources"Be interruptible by God."  These words from Mary DeMuth struck me in the heart.  How often do I get so FOCUSED on the goal that I forget who CALLED me to this service?  Am I making room for the Holy Spirit to move and change my direction? Along with this nugget of wisdom, Mary shares the one thing she would have done differently as she was starting out was to focus on her niche.  Like so many of us, when Mary began speaking she would build a message from any subject the event planner requested.  Focus.  Check out all that Mary is doing: What Mary is looking for as a literary agent. Mary's WebsiteMary's books Mary's Art


22 Feb 2021

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5 Reasons To Pray Every Day, with Mary DeMuth

Million Praying Moms

Have you ever heard a Prayer Warrior say, “Praying will change your entire life!” and wondered what the big deal is? Why does everyone think prayer changes everything? Are there legitimate, “This will change your life” reasons you should be praying every day? If so, what actually changes? Join Million Praying Moms (Brooke McGlothlin and Erin Mohring) as they interview author and speaker, Mary DeMuth. We’ll be sharing life-changing stores, practical tips, and encouragement for getting YOUR prayer life on track! SHOW NOTES: www.millionprayingmoms.com/057-5-reasons-to-pray-every-day MILLION PRAYING MOMS ON INSTAGRAM: @millionprayingmoms


18 Feb 2021

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052: Navigating These Troubled Times with Mary DeMuth |The Living Room

The Living Room with Joanna Weaver

“God’s Word can shine on the darkness in our hearts and our world today!” Wow, you guys! This episode is so timely. If you’ve wondered how God wants you to respond to the turmoil in our world, Mary DeMuth highlights our great need to pray and live biblically so that our responses are shaped by God and not human opinions. We talk about her personal journey and recent books, “Pray Every Day:90 Days of Prayer from God’s Word” and “We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis.” In times of great turmoil, confusion, and conflicting ideas, Mary provides simple, yet powerful ways we can begin letting the truth of God’s Word shine on our hearts, praying His will rather than our opinions, loving the marginalized, and disagreeing with others in healthy ways. { USE PLAYER BAR @ TOP OF PAGE to listen to show, subscribe and share } Important Takeaways from Show God doesn’t ask us to tidy up our prayers. He invites us to pour out our hearts openly! Prayer is not transactional; instead it is always relational. God wants to be in close relationship with us when we are going through any stress or trauma. We’ve been given a great privilege to enter God’s presence. It is not about us trying to perform Christianly; rather it’s about us being discipled by Jesus. We don’t always have to lead change. Sometimes God calls us to intercede for change. The overarching theme of the Bible shows God’s redemptive story for each one of us. We have to know the Word of God to be able to think Biblically (Biblio-centric world view). Keeping our peace in the midst of turmoil requires we look to eternity and the promises of Jesus. Faith is often stretched and purified most in the midst of persecution. Look to God’s Word to shine on the darkness so that His light can come. We can learn so much about God through loving and welcoming traumatized people. Loving people well requires more tables and less platforms! We can love each other even when we disagree by refusing to tie our words to our worth and needing to win. Kingdom bias looks at the brokenness of our world and asks God how to be a part of restoring it. If we only spend time with people who look like us and share our opinions, we are not representing the body of Christ. The Word of God calls us to lay down our lives, rather than fight for our rights.  If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 Links from Show NEW BOOK: “Pray Every Day:90 Days of Prayer from God’s Word” PODCAST: Pray Every Day Podcast  BOOK: We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis BIBLE STUDY: Into the Light: A Biblical Approach to Healing from the Past  21 Days to Healing Email  [Disclosure: I make a small commission from affiliate links used in this post.] Connect with Mary DeMuth Website |  Instagram | Twitter | Etsy Connect with Joanna Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter Subscribe & Get a Bible Reading Journal! You can get your free “2021 Word of God Speak” Journal by signing up in the form below. The Bible reading journal features: Instructions for using the journal – including tips for getting the most out of your Bible reading Daily assignment schedule – one chapter a day Space to record your Bible reading highlights Bonus: “Pray Every Day” pages to help you focus on a different part of your life each day Hope You’ll Join Us… Whether or not you take part in “2021 Word of God Speak” on Facebook, you can still use the Bible Reading Journal. God longs to speak to us and I know He will meet you as you open His Word. [To learn more about how the plan works, read “Get More Out of the Bible by Reading Less (Really!)”] Don’t Miss an Episode! We’d love to have you join our special Living Room Podcast email list. Even if you’re already part of my regular list, by applying in the form below, you’ll be notified when new episodes air – and get a special gift for joining (among other things!) I’d love to hear from you… What spoke most to you from Mary’s interview?


3 Feb 2021

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134 – When God Opens Doors with Guest Mary DeMuth

Write from the Deep

How do you know if God is opening a door for you? How can you tell if going through, and even changing directions, is exactly what God wants for you? Guest Mary DeMuth shares keys to understanding new opportunities—even when we feel insecure—and to following God’s path boldly in this constantly changing world of writing. About Mary DeMuth Mary DeMuth is an international speaker, literary agent, podcaster, and she’s the novelist and nonfiction author of over forty books, including Pray Every Day (Harvest House Publishers 2020). She loves to help people re-story their lives. She lives in Texas with her husband of 30 years and is the mom to three adult children. Find out more at marydemuth.com. Be prayed for on her daily prayer podcast with over one million downloads: prayeveryday.show. For sexual abuse resources, visit wetoo.org.  For cards, prints, and artsy fun go to marydemuth.com/art. Find out what she’s looking for as a literary agent at https://www.booksandsuch.com/our-agents/meet-mary-demuth/ Thanks to our sponsors on Patreon, we’re able to offer an edited transcript of the podcast! Erin: Welcome, listeners, to the deep. We’re excited to have you here, and we are excited to have a guest with us, Mary DeMuth. Yay! Karen will introduce her. Karen: Mary DeMuth is an amazing person. She does so many things and does them all so well. Her most recent thing is the Pray Every Day podcast, which, in only three years has 1.5 million downloads. You can find that at prayeveryday.show and it’s in 150 countries and who knows how many languages. She’s just really remarkable. She also is an amazing artist. You can find her artwork at marydemuth.com/art. That will take you to her Etsy shop. But the most important thing about Mary is how much she loves Jesus and how much she trusts him and how, when the unexpected things come to her, she follows him even if it’s difficult. So that’s the most important thing about Mary. The depth of her love for Jesus and the depth of her faith in him is just so inspiring, and that’s what we want to share with you today because she has experienced yet another change and detour on her journey in the deep. Erin: That’s right. Welcome, Mary. Mary: Thank you. It’s great to be here. Erin: All right. We are excited to have you here. Some of you may or may not know we’ve had Mary on in the past for one of her books. She’s written so many, but one of them that we talked about way back when. I think that was episode 25 when we talked about God’s Wild Love, but we always ask our guests what the deep means to them. Mary may have answered that way back when, but that changes for us. That changes according to what we’re going through in our lives. So today, Mary, what does the deep mean to you? Mary: Today, it means fostering a very strong adherence and love for the Word of God. I’ve been making the spiritual practice, over the past two years, I’ve been choosing to rapid read the Bible in two our three month increments from beginning to end, and it’s been one of the best spiritual practices I’ve ever done. It’s caused me to have really great connections between the Old and the New Testaments, and a really strong understanding of the storytelling of God. So, to be deep is to steep myself in the Word of God, so that I know it well enough to be able to rattle it off at any moment and to recall it at any time. Karen: Wow. That’s impressive. Erin: It is. How long did you say you’ve been rapid reading? Like how many times now do you think you’ve done that? Mary: I think probably eight to ten times over the past year and a half to two years. Karen: Wow. Erin: That’ll get you a lot of insight. I love that. That’s a great idea. Let’s talk about just the most recent change that’s happened in your life. Because we’ve talked about a few things and we want to cover all of them, but this most recent thing that you are doing now after writing and doing all of these other things, training writers, you are now an agent. How did that happen? Mary: I don’t know, but it just did! It’s interesting because growing up, I never thought, “Oh, someday I want to be a literary agent.” It’s just been part of this journey that God has brought me on. This last fall, I had to let go of my literary agent and was looking for a new one. During that time, my husband and I, and our adult kids were hiking in the mountains of Colorado. We climbed a fourteener, which was crazy. But while we were doing that and I’d lost an agent, my husband said, “You should become an agent.” Of course I told him that I can’t be my own agent, but that kind of stuck in my mind, like, “Gosh, that sounds interesting.” I have been mentoring writers for decades. The moment I learned something I would teach it. It’s just kind of in my blood. I’ve been masterminding, I’ve been doing intensives. I’ve been training, coaching. I mean, I’ve just been doing it forever. Well, what an interesting way to use that skillset, but to mentor writers toward traditional publishing. I have a lot of affection for traditional publishing. I know it like the back of my hand, and I’ve been through the sanctification process that is publishing, which is all the sadness and all the joy and all the things thrown in. So I feel like I can be a really good empathetic agent who understands both sides of the industry. Erin: What made you think, though, like from his suggesting this, how did that suddenly come to be as, “Yeah, that’s really what I should do”? Lead us through that decision-making process and how you came to feel more sure that that was the next move for you. Mary: Well, my first reaction was, “That’s dumb. I don’t want to do that.” But the second reaction was to pray. My very first Mount Herman that I went to, Randy Alcorn was the speaker, and he encouraged us to have a prayer team. And so even before I was published, I gathered this prayer team. So the first thing I did was I went to my prayer team and some of my counselors and just sent them that idea and asked them to pray. About a month of praying, and then Cynthia Ruchti became my agent. She’s from Books & Such Literary Management. I said to her when she signed me, “Hey, I just want to let you know, I’m actually thinking of becoming an agent. Would there be like a possibility for me to do that here?” The answer was yes. So then that opened up some conversations between myself and Janet Grant, and we had several conversations. Then I prayed some more. I just had so much peace about it, and we just went forward. I started January 4th. Erin: As we’re recording this, that’s just a few days ago. So what has been your impression after all of one week on the job? Mary: Oh my goodness. My impression is that a lot of writers who want to be traditionally published have not done their homework. They don’t understand what it takes and they sadly, naively believe that if they have a good idea, that that is enough. While that can be true, there can be good ideas with no platform, that can happen, but it has to be a pretty stupendous idea with stellar writing and all of that. I typically, this is very sad and I wish that wasn’t the case, but the way I’m weeding out my yeses and nos, and mostly nos is just asking, “What’s your platform?” I’m taking mostly nonfiction, so it matters more. If I were taking more fiction, that number and that thing doesn’t matter as much, but on nonfiction, if I’m going to take a project to a publisher, it’s one of the first things they’re going to ask. So it’s gotta be the first thing I asked to. Karen: Right. Yeah, it’s funny, my first month agenting with all the proposals that came to me, probably 98% of them were exactly what you say. They hadn’t done their homework. When I was working as the managing editor for publishing houses, heading up fiction lines, I had readers who did the first pass read on proposals. I didn’t have that as an agent and so I went to Steve Laube, and I said, “Who are these people? And how do they keep finding me?” Please, listeners, don’t think that we’re making fun of you. It’s simply the fact that I had not realized, naively, I had not realized how many people just don’t understand what’s involved in seeking a traditional publishing contract. Erin: Right. So aside from platform, what else would attract you, Mary, to working with a specific person? Because there may be lots of people who might meet some of those criteria. What would sway you in one direction over the other? Mary: I’ve had the privilege of working with authors for about 15 years now, and so of course, one of the answers is relationship. Karen: Right. Mary: Relationship really matters. If I know someone well, and I know their writing, and I know their heart, and I know what they do to promote, and I know all that already, I can take what they say at face value. So that helps, of course. The other thing is if it kind of hits a very strong pain point in the culture today. We’ve got lots of pain points thanks to COVID. So, I’m also looking for something to speak into what’s going on in our world. That could trump, to use, you know, a president’s name, but that would trump, some other things. That would maybe cancel out the need for a bigger platform if there’s something theological to say. I’m also really, really interested in theologically sound voices. People who know their Bible very well. I have to be able to stand before God someday with the things that I champion and be able to say that this is good for the Kingdom. If it’s slipshod theology or it’s playing loosey goosey with the word of God, I don’t care if it’s going to make me a million dollars. I just flat out don’t care. I would not put it out there. Erin: Right. Karen: That’s integrity in what you’re doing. That’s far too lacking in our world today. Erin: Let’s switch gears a little bit. We led with this whole idea of your podcast, Pray Every Day. That surely was a change from being a writer. How did that podcast come about? Mary: You know, it launched three years ago in the midst of some pretty extreme spiritual warfare. That always makes me realize that God’s up to something when there’s a bunch of, you know, hoopla around it. I was actually launching the book Jesus Every Day, which is a 365 day devotional, where it’s like the opposite of Jesus Calling. In Jesus Calling, Jesus says stuff to you. In Jesus Every Day, you get a Scripture, and you pray that Scripture back to God. So it’s a prayer that you say, or that you read back to God. I was meeting with my mastermind group. I have my own author marketing mastermind group that I’m a part of, and we were on our retreat. I said, “I want to think of something that would be creative to launch this book.” My friend Thomas Umstattd said, “You should do a podcast where you read Scripture and pray according to the Scripture.” I was like, “Wow, that’s brilliant.” It was not my idea. But that’s how it came about. It started on February 1st, three years ago, and it’s just that simple. It’s about five minutes long. I’m reading through books of the Bible. Right now, I’m reading a chapter of Isaiah every day. I read it and then I pray according to what I’ve read, and I pray for my audience. That’s all it was. Karen: That’s amazing. The Word of God reaching out and touching people all over the world. That’s exactly what we need. I’m delighted that it has had the reach and the success that it’s had, because it’s the Word of God. That’s outstanding. That’s using social media the way it should be used. Mary: Yeah. Definitely. Erin: Actually I love this, Mary, because this idea, the podcast, you were like, “Oh, first reaction, brilliant idea.” And that moves forward. But the agent, you know, “First reaction, dumb idea.” But that still moved forward. I mean, to me, it’s that when you go and you continue to explore, and when you see the path that God is putting you on, maybe some of us out there might have that same reaction: Oh, that’s not a good idea. But when we are open to it or continue to explore, and especially when we are willing to pray about it, I love how that opens doors that we would not have gone through. Mary: Yeah. When authors come to me and say, “Well, what’s the best thing I can do for my career?” I always echo Randy  Alcorn’s advice: Get yourself a prayer team. Have them walk you through your entire career. I would not be where I am today without prayer. Erin: Right. Well, let’s talk about another change or maybe it’s just an addition. You’ve got this art shop. Talk a little bit about how you can be a writer and still do all these other things. Because I think some people feel maybe pigeonholed as if they can only write, but look at all these other things you’re doing. Mary: Yeah, I think about, you know, some people are made “Renaissance-y” that way. Like that’s just to use it, to coin a word, and I’m that way. I just have a lot of interests. If I had listened to folks way back at the beginning of my career, I wouldn’t be where I am today, because I did write fiction, and I wrote nonfiction, and I wrote memoir, and I wrote devotionals, and I’ve done historical fiction. I’ve done everything. I don’t know why the Lord has allowed it, but it’s been great. But in terms of the art, that was a fluke. This is why I think it’s really fun. About five or six, maybe seven years ago, I had a friend of mine who, instead of not eating chocolate for Lent, or whatever, he would create a piece of art every day. I just loved that idea, so for about three or four years during Lent, I would just create a piece of art every day. Sometimes I’d throw it up on social media. Not often, but sometimes, and I would send it to my newsletter list and whatever. I just started having all these people ask me for it. For years I resisted. I was like, “That’s dumb.” I was insecure about my art. I’m not insecure about my writing. I have been working on it for decades. I’m very good at it, and I know that. I’m not saying that to be prideful, but I have confidence in all of that work that I’ve done. But I haven’t studied art. I don’t have any of those decades behind me, so I’m super insecure. Finally I just thought, “Well, I’ll just throw a couple of things up on this Etsy shop and see what happens. It’s ended up being what helped me during the pandemic to make money. It was surprising. It’s actually been very sweet. The thing that sells the most on that shop are 31 Scripture cards. That was an idea from my friend Susan, who is an amazing author in Austin. She said, “You really ought to make little cards of Scripture with art on them.” And I was like, “That’s cool.” She was brilliant. I guess one of the things I’ll say is listen to your readers. Listen to the people around you. Listen to people who know you. They actually may see things in you that you don’t see in yourself. Listen to your readers. Listen to the people around you. Listen to people who know you. They actually may see things in you that you don't see in yourself. #amwriting @MaryDeMuthClick To Tweet Karen: That’s interesting because that plays into your responses to these ideas. When your response to Thomas’ idea of the Scripture and all that was, “Wow. That’s brilliant,” it was because it was Scripture. Yeah, it was you praying what you learned from that Scripture, but it was still Scripture. But when it was the idea of you being an agent and the idea of you doing your art, your response was, “Well, that’s dumb,” because we’re so insecure about the abilities that we have to share. Creativity in other ways beyond writing. So I think it’s a good lesson to us that if our first response is something like, “That’s dumb,” stop and evaluate why you think it’s dumb. Why are you thinking that this is not something you should be doing? It could be God saying, “Well, that’s dumb.” Or it could be your inner voice and tapes saying to you, “No, don’t do that because it’s too scary, and you’ll be putting yourself on the line, and you just really don’t want to do that. You don’t need any more rejection, you’re an author!” We need to be aware of how our own inner tapes impact our ability to step out and try something. Erin: Yeah. Mary: Karen, that is brilliant. I have never thought of it that way. I’m serious. You get five gold stars. I had never thought of it that way, but you are so right. I think a lot of us as artists, and I’ll just say it as, you know, vocalists, artists, graphic artists, whatever, we are quick to discount what God has put inside of us. I said I’m rapid reading the Bible again. I just got through the temple and all of the people that God had imbued with these talents. Some of them were the jack-of-all-trades. Some of them were Renaissance-y. They were like doing bronze and then they were doing weaving and so on. The Bible has precedent for you to be able to be you. To do the things that he calls you to do. He’s also very gracious to place people in your life to encourage you when you’re freaked out about it. Karen: Yes. I love that. He takes care of all of it. Why can’t we just rest in that and trust in that? Erin: Mary, as we’re starting to come to the end of our time, is there anything else you would want writers to know about change? Mary: Well, of course, it’s the one thing we can count on. Karen: Right! The only thing that never changes is change. Mary: That’s right. It reminds me of a discussion on the Books & Such Facebook page, that’s the literary agency I’m with. Someone brought up new social media platforms, in light of just recent events, and should we jump onto those as well? My first hunch was well, you know, of course we need to be flexible and nimble and go where our readers are. So I won’t say you have to go here, or go there. Just find your readers and go where they are. But the other thing we talked about was thinking of some of those long-term things that cannot be taken away from you. Social media platforms can be, but your email list typically cannot be. My thought is, yes, there’s going to be change in the industry. There’s going to be change in our world, but building your tribe on platforms that you own is really important. On your website, your email distribution lists, those are things you own, and that’s where we should place our concentration. There are so many stressed out authors. They’re spreading themselves thin. My advice in that way is to find one thing first. Do it well, and then venture after. You can put yourself out in all the places just don’t deal with them for awhile. Become great at one and then venture after that. Karen: Yeah. That’s very true. We can also hold fast to the fact that the one thing that will never change is God. He is speaking into our hearts and our lives. He’s leading, he’s directing. He is who he is now and forever, and we can trust him. It’s clear that you’ve done that. It’s clear that you have grown and learned that when he plants an idea in your mind, yes, let’s explore this and see if this is a door he’s gonna open.  I love that kind of confidence and that kind of freedom because we can just rest in the fact that he has the very best in mind for us. We can never tell how he wants to use us. Mary, thank you for being an example of that. Thank you for looking to God and to prayer, to guide you and to lead you in the decisions you make. And thank you for reminding us that the most powerful thing we can do for not just our careers and our writing, but for our lives and our witness is to steep ourselves in the Word and to steep ourselves in prayer. It’s been a delight. You’ve been a delight, and we just wish you every good thing in this new venture God has led you to. Mary: Thank you so much. It’s such a blessing to be on, and I really appreciate your hearts for this need in our industry and in our writings for the deeper things of God. I think a lot of us, we look with earthly eyes on earthly success. We forget that on the other side: new heavens, new earth. I have a feeling that the first are going to be last and the last are going to be first and the best sellers are going to be the least sellers and the least sellers are going to be the best sellers. We are not tasked with success. We are tasked with obedience, so we have to look beyond what we see here with our eyes. Erin: Amen. Thanks, Mary. Books Mentioned in the podcast Jesus Every Day: A Journey Through the Bible in One Year by Mary DeMuth WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Has there been a time in your life when God opened an unusual, unexpected door for you? THANK YOU! Thanks to all our patrons on Patreon! You help make this podcast possible! Thanks so much to our January sponsor of the month, Stacy McLain! She’s been working on her first book, a Christian speculative novel titled Make Known His Path. Many thanks also to the folks at Podcast Production Services for their fabulous sound editing! STAY CONNECTED Want the latest news from Karen and Erin? Click here to join our newsletter and get an exclusive audio download. The post 134 – When God Opens Doors with Guest Mary DeMuth appeared first on Write from the Deep.


25 Jan 2021

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94: Mary DeMuth | Hope After Sexual Abuse

Grace Enough Podcast

Mary DeMuth joins me to share her story of being sexual abused as a 5 year old girl and how God re-storied her through the ministry of Young Life.  Mary also shares how the church can redemptively respond to the sexual abuse crisis.Questions Mary and I Discussed:(5:23) You say, "Not only have I been restored, I have been re-storied."  Take us back to your childhood and share what happened to you at 5 years old? (13:03)  What were some of those wounds that you carried with you and likely continue to work through today? (17:27) What were your teens years like? (20:10) At 15, you met Jesus through Young Life.  Tell us about that experience. (29:00) You have written, "He changed my I was statements into I am statements."  Will you share some of those with us? (31:21) One of your recent books is We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis. First, what are some ways we are missing the mark? (37:19) As followers of Jesus, what are some ways we can respond redemptively to sexual abuse?Quotes to Remember:"It's extremely rare for a child to tell, so the fact that I did is surprising, but the sad thing is the babysitter did nothing." "I was thinking to myself, not a soul in this world cares about me, no one's gonna take care of me." "I would say the greatest wound is or the greatest manifestation of my sexual abuse.... is disconnection. When all this abuse was happening, I would disassociate and fly away in my mind." SHOW NOTES cont. Related Episodes:71: Krista Boan | Tips For Parents In The Digital Age 54: Nick Stumbo | Discovering Freedom From Pornography 91: Mary Flo Ridley | Let’s Talk Birds and BeesEpisode Sponsors:Heather M. Dixon | Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher BIBLE STUDY: Renewed: Finding Hope When You Don’t Like Your Story Hope & Vine Enter GRACE-2020 at checkout for 15 % off. Follow Mary DeMuth on IG and at marydemuth.com ----------------------------------------------- Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ------------------------------------------------


17 Nov 2020