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‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR JULY 15, 2022: Should We Really Blame NATO for the Ukraine War? (Yes) With Eugene Puryear and Brian Becker

On the Ground w Esther Iverem

During a week when imperialist hubris was on full display, Eugene Puryear and Brian Becker examine how the U.S. fomented war in Ukraine in a bid to maintain unipolar hegemony. Plus headlines on Jayland Walker, John Bolton, Julian Assange and Biden’s trip to Occupied Palestine.   The show is made possible only by our volunteer energy, our resolve to keep the people’s voices on the air, and by support from our listeners. In this new era of fake corporate news, we have to be and support our own media! Please click here or click on the Support-Donate tab on this website to subscribe for as little as $3 a month. We are so grateful for this small but growing amount of monthly crowdsource funding on Patreon. PATREON NOW HAS A ONE-TIME, ANNUAL DONATION FUNCTION! You can also give a one-time or recurring donation on PayPal. Thank you! Photo: Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, George H.W. Bush, and Russian first lady Ludmila Putina attend the funeral of Boris Yeltsin in 2007. Credit — Presidential Press and Information Office Links: “Should We Really Blame NATO for the Ukraine War?” Article by Eugene Puryear


15 Jul 2022

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What’s Behind Inflation & the Coming Recession? - Eugene Puryear


https://youtu.be/HxCBQR93S4k #2022 #america #economy #money #future

1hr 15mins

15 Jul 2022

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#4 - Eugene Puryear on US “Democracy”

DOSED with Abby Martin

Get dosed on the myth of American Democracy with author & analyst Eugene Puryear.Download the Callin app for iOS and Android to listen to this podcast live, call in, and more! Also available at callin.com

24 Apr 2022

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Special Guests Benjamin Norton on How Biden is “out-Trumping Trump” on Immigration and Eugene Puryear on Racism’s Deep Roots in US

The Official Project Censored Show

This week, the Project Censored Show’s new co-host Eleanor Goldfield speaks first with Benjamin Norton to learn how President Biden is "out-Trumping Trump" on immigration. Norton also offers an update on political conditions in Latin America. In the second half of the show, Eleanor talks with Eugene Puryear who explains racism's deep roots in US history, and how it cannot be defeated by superficial actions. He also looks at the significance of Black History Month, which is this month.Benjamin Norton is an independent journalist who focuses on Latin America; he's also the founder of Multipolarista.Eugene Puryear has been a peace-and-justice organizer since his high-school days; he's the author of "Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America," and he writes at Breakthrough News.

21 Feb 2022

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Eyewitness Ethiopia: US Media Lies About Tigray War w/ Rania Khalek & Eugene Puryear

Empire Files

Western media spent months giving one-sided coverage of the civil war in Ethiopia. To learn more about the complexities of the conflict and why the corporate media has taken the side of the Tigray insurgency, Empire Files is joined by two journalists from BreakThrough News who travelled to the conflict zone, Rania Khalek and Eugene Puryear.Support our ad-free work and get EXCLUSIVE content by supporting us at www.patreon.com/empirefiles or donate at www.paypal.com/paypalme/empirefilesincFOLLOW // twitter.com/EmpireFiles // www.instagram.com/empirefiles/LIKE // www.facebook.com/TheEmpireFilesMERCH // empirefiles.store

1hr 17mins

28 Jan 2022

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Who Killed Martin Luther King Jr? with Eugene Puryear

The Katie Halper Show

Who actually killed Martin Luther King Jr? The answer may surprise you. Author, journalist and activist Eugene Puryear fills us in. Eugene Puryear is the author of "Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America," a journalist at Breakthrough News and the host of the Punch Out podcast.Hear our patreon-only chat with Eugene about the latest in Ethiopia, what he learned when he went there, his father's role in the Civil Rights Movement, and the worst Happy MLK tweets here https://www.patreon.com/posts/patreon-with-khs-61390129

1hr 2mins

19 Jan 2022

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Crisis In Ethiopia: Breaking Through the Propaganda, w/ Eugene Puryear

Rania Khalek Dispatches

The U.S. and EU have accused Ethiopia of every atrocity imaginable and now they’re preparing sanctions. The Ethiopian government insists that it’s legitimately fighting a separatist group, the formerly ruling TPLF, which is attempting to regain power through violence and terrorism.Who’s telling the truth? What explains the one-sided media coverage? How do Eritrea and Sudan fit into it all? What’s driving Washington’s destabilizing policies in the Horn of Africa, which have alienated a longtime U.S. ally?To help cut through the fog of war, Rania Khalek was joined by Eugene Puryear, a journalist for Breakthrough News and host of The Punch Out podcast. 

1hr 59mins

15 Oct 2021

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Episode 17 - Power Animated: Eugene Puryear

Silver Threads Podcast

"We need to think about how we speak to people who have lost all agency, lost all hope and are living in a nihilistic existence - that’s the sleeping giant that’s gonna change things." Eugene Puryear is a longtime journalist and community organizer who joins the show to offer up new and animated viewpoints on root issues and radical solutions, highlighting the power of imagination, collectivity, personal growth and more! Solidarity Funds go to: Liberation Center in Philadelphia https://phillyliberationcenter.org/

1hr 32mins

11 May 2021

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#626 - Eugene Puryear On Politics, David Cobb on Post-Capitalism & the DSA Debate!

Moment of Clarity

Lee talks to Eugene Puryear about current events and the state of politics. He also interviews David Cobb on the Post-Capitalism Conference. And Anders Lee joins Lee for the DSA Debate!

2hr 35mins

14 Apr 2021

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A Guide to US Empire in Africa: Neocolonial Order & AFRICOM – Abby Martin and Eugene Puryear


Abby Martin speaks to Eugene Puryear to discuss the big picture of US imperialism in Africa: From the Berlin Conference to the subversion of liberation movements to neocolonial puppets and the current sprawl of AFRICOM "counterterrorism."

15 Mar 2021