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2.6 STIs: We need to talk about men and HPV - with Alix Fox

Media Storm

Come to Media Storm's live show at the London Podcast Festival! 18th September, 7pm TICKETS HERE: kingsplace.co.uk/whats-on/words/media-storm/ Most people will get the most common STI at some point in their life. It's called human papillomavirus, or HPV, and has more than 100 different strains. Some strains of the virus cause genital warts, and some cause abnormal cell changes that can lead to cancer. You might know that HPV causes cervical cancer and you might have noticed a huge drive to get women vaccinated. What you probably don’t know is that men can also get HPV, can pass HPV on, and are at risk of penile, anal & throat cancers. So why don’t we don’t talk about this?This week, Media Storm hears from men who are living with the effects of HPV, and those who used their experiences to change the vaccination process for boys and men - after a long battle with the UK Government. Plus, broadcaster, writer, shagony aunt, sex educator and script consultant on Netflix's Sex Education Alix Fox joins us in the studio to discuss how STIs are represented in the press, the complicated reporting of Monkeypox, and why TV shows and films have such a big responsibility to portray STIs accurately. The episode is hosted by Mathilda Mallinson (@mathildamall) and Helena Wadia (@helenawadia). Research by Camilla Tiana. Music by Samfire @soundofsamfire.Speakers: Jamie Rae @TCF_Foundation @throatcancerfoundation Steve Bergman @steveb2025George Light @georgelight74 Jason Mendelsohn @SupermanHPV supermanhpv.comDr Tanaya Narendra @dr_cuterus  Alix Fox @AlixFoxResources:Throat Cancer Foundation throatcancerfoundation.orgThe Swallows Head & Neck Cancer Support Group theswallows.org.ukHPV Action hpvaction.orgSources:HPV Vaccine and College-Age Men: A Scoping Review https://bit.ly/3Q4IgkfJCVI Interim Statement on Extending HPV Vaccination to Adolescent Boys https://bit.ly/3Rt8oGxJCVI statement on HPV vaccination of men who have sex with men https://bit.ly/3wJWnoa HPV and Men – Fact Sheet https://bit.ly/3R7cS5G HPV vaccine set to be extended to boys, after pressure on equality grounds https://bit.ly/3CLwA2OGet in touch:Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/mediastormpodor Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mediastormpodor Tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@mediastormpodlike us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MediaStormPodsend us an email mediastormpodcast@gmail.comcheck out our website https://mediastormpodcast.comMedia Storm is an award-winning podcast brought to you by the house of The Guilty Feminist and is part of the Acast Creator Network. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/media-storm. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


1 Sep 2022

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Harry Johnson and Alix Fox on Sex

Dear Deidre

In this episode of the Dear Deidre podcast Sally Land is joined by sex educator, Alix Fox, and Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle winner, Harry Johnson, to give advice on your sex problems. They’ll be addressing letters on premature ejaculation, threesomes and they discuss the challenges that come with the orgasm gap. Timestamps:00:00: Sally introduces Harry and Alix onto the podcast.03:05: Alix and Harry share the worst sex advice that they have been given.05:35: Alix and Harry share the best sex tip they’ve ever been given.06:25: 1st letter, from a woman who has a much lower sex drive than her toy boy husband.14:35: 2nd letter, from a man who’s struggling with premature ejaculation.21:30: 3rd letter, from a young woman who is finding it hard to reach a point of climax when having sex with her boyfriend.25:55: 4th letter, from a man who’s found himself in a messy threesome.33:00: Harry and Alix give their best sex advice.33:20: GoodbyesRemember to follow, rate and share the podcast with friends and family! This podcast episode is brought to you by The Sun and produced by Anya Pearce, a Wireless Studios Production. Make sure to follow Deidre on Twitter and Instagram and to discover more of our award-winning journalism visit www.thesun.co.uk/dear-deidre Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


30 Jun 2022

Similar People

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SEX: Cumming, Casual Sex and The Campsite Rule with Alix Fox

Exactly. With Florence Given

This week, for our final SEX episode, Floss sits down with Alix Fox to answer your questions about everything from reaching the big O to saying a big no! Alix is a sex writer, educator, journalist, podcaster and queen of puns as well as the Script Consultant on Netflix's Sex Education, the Host of acclaimed Audible series KINK!, the co-host of  BBC Radio 1's Unexpected Fluids AND the winner of Best Sexual Health Ambassador 2020. Alix is incredibly prepared and has some excellent advice on navigating sex with disabilities, first queer sexual experiences, hook-up culture, emotional bonding, consent and lots more. Get ready for the hot-and-flustereds because nothing is hornier than happy, healthy sex! You’ve been sending in your texts and voice notes, and calling in, via our dedicated podcast  Whatsapp hotline number +44 7890 302665 and today Floss and Alix will answer as many of them as they can. Some of the amazing resources Alix recommended can be found below: LELO for sex toys Ferly the app- for masturbation My Body Back Project- for sexual health Hannah Witton- for sex and disability Andrew Gurza- Disability After Dark Scarleteen- for a sex menu Find Alix Fox on Twitter or Instagram @AlixFox Find Floss on instagram and Tik Tok @florencegiven Click here and use the code EXACTLY to get 14 days’ free access to CHEEX - the new and revolutionary membership offering a safe space for sexual entertainment and education. The promo is valid for new customers when selecting the yearly subscription option. Cancel anytime during the trial period. Original theme music by Black Honey. Find them on instagram - @blackhoneyuk Instrumental bed is Black Honey’s song ‘Beaches’. Find the transcript for this episode here: https://somethin-else.github.io/transcripts/exactly/s1e4.txt This is a Somethin’ Else production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


7 Feb 2022

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with Alix Fox

The Pod 20

A little more detail: The Pod 20, hosted by multi-award winning presenter, Graham Mack, is a weekly show featuring guest podcasters talking about their podcast, what they’ve been up to, what they’ve been listening to....and the top 20 podcasts according to Podcast Radio. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


23 Oct 2020

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The Happy Vagina

This week Alix Fox joins The Happy Vagina to educate co-hosts Mika Simmons & Chloe Delevingne on all things Vibrator! Which are the best, how to use them, and why self pleasure is so important for our mental and physical health.This episode of The Happy Vagina is sponsored by DAME, the brand on a mission to make our periods plastic free. DAME launched the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, to save our oceans from the 1.3 billion tampon applicators thrown away every year in the UK alone. The DAME reusable applicator, gives all the comfort of an applicator, but without the waste. Visit DAME’s website wearedame.co to find out more about them and their amazing work.Loving The Happy Vagina? Please do subscribe to be the first to know when a new episode drops!The Happy Vagina with Mika Simmons is hosted by Mika Simmons, produced by Tanja Pagnucoa and researched by Alice Hill.We'd love to hear from you! Email:hello@thehappyvagina.coSocial:@TheHappyVagina@MissMikaSimmons Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

1hr 7mins

1 Sep 2020

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BARE ALL | Dating as a sex expert (+ more) with Alix Fox


The short title of this episode does NOT do it justice. This week we are joined by the wonderful Alix Fox to talk about her job as a sex expert, having a type, Elton John in a bath of eels, armpits, sex education season 3 secrets, the truth about HIV and honestly, a tonne of other topics (you'll see). Get ready for a night in with Alix Fox and BARE...

1hr 11mins

12 Aug 2020

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A Female’s Guide To Mastering Masturbation w/ Alix Fox | Ep 23

The Sex Therapy Podcast

May is masturbation month and there is no better way to celebrate than discovering ways to master masturbation. This week we focus on female masturbation and Alix Fox joins Dr. Jones to discuss ways woman can get the most out of their masturbation routine! This episode also features a review of the Liberty from Womanizer.


25 May 2020

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3: The Art Of Masturbation (With Alix Fox)

Am I Making You Uncomfortable?

This episode of Am I Making You Uncomfortable? is all about enjoying time with yourself.Journalist and sex educator Alix Fox joins Brogan Driscoll and Rachel Moss to chat sex toys, stimulation and how you can have a relaxed, enjoyable time of self-love.Go behind the scenes. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear what inspired us to tackle the topics you're probably too squeamish to talk about.  Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


12 May 2020

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Normal People: Let’s Talk About Sex

Obsessed With...

Evanna, Riyadh and sex expert Alix Fox unpack the sexual dynamics in Normal People.


27 Apr 2020

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SEX: An honest conversation with Nadia Deen and Alix Fox

Honestly Podcast with Clemmie Telford

Kickstarting season three off with the stickiest of subjects - Clemmie is talking about sex. Something we all secretly want to know more about, and a topic that firmly needs destigmatising. Clemmie is joined by Nadia Deen - founder of AM appointment, and Alix Fox, journalist and consent writer for Nexflix's Sex Education. As always, honest conversations at the core of this episode, so lean in and learn more about the sex positive work they are doing to help us all feel more comfortable with sex and pleasure.For the full transcription of the episode please follow honestlypodcast.comThis episode is sponsored by Smarty Mobile. Please visit www.smarty.co.uk/honestly for more details.To vote for Honestly to win the Listener’s Choice Awards, please visit: https://www.britishpodcastawards.com/vote


26 Feb 2020