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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Angela Gulner. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Angela Gulner, often where they are interviewed.

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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Angela Gulner. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Angela Gulner, often where they are interviewed.

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Jay-Z is Nicki Minaj with Angela Gulner

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Have you ever slowed a Nicki Minaj song way down and listened to the vocals? No? That's ok, why would you. But someone did, and that gave birth to a conspiracy theory so strange, so confusing, so thrilling, that we simply had to cover it. Some people think that Nicki sounds a whole lot like a sped up Jay-Z, and the delightful Angela Gulner is back on the pod to convince us all that Mr. Carter actually IS the Harajuku Barbie. Angela suspects that together with a team of discreet model/actors and producers, Jay-Z has pulled off the greatest artistic stunt of our generation by creating the truly brilliant and bizarre female rapper character called Nicki Minaj.

Jul 10 2020 · 55mins
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186: Dumbbells Live 10 of ? (w/ Angela Gulner)

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This is very important episode considering what everyone is going through right now. The Bells welcome a very special guest, Angela Gulner (BINGE) to the show this week. Angela is the co-creator of the show BINGE which is loosely based on her struggles with an eating disorder. With a lot of work she was able to overcome her challenges years ago and offers great insight into the steps people can take to recover. She tells the guys how she's been coping during self-isolation and what challenges she would have faced if she were still suffering from her eating disorder during the pandemic. Angela is really funny and gives very accessible advice about self love as well as practical advice about how to get help if you are really struggling. Check The Dumbbells instagram for links to all the different support groups she mentioned.

"Love Yourself Babies!!"

May 20 2020 · 1hr 12mins

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107: Eating Disorders (w/ Angela Gulner)

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This is a very special episode. Stanger, flying solo still, managed to get Angela Gulner (Welcome To The Clam Bake, BINGE) in The Weight Room. Angela is an amazing writer, actor and podcaster who suffered from an eating disorder and got treatment. She walks Stanger through how her disorder first manifested and how she came out on the other side. She experienced some scary times but found a course of treatment that worked well for her and finally gave her some relief. Angela turned her story into an incredible series on YouTube called BINGE that Stanger is in - the production is discussed on the pod. This episode contains a lot of great information and practical advice about eating disprders and some dumb shit from Stanger too.

"Yeah Buddy!!!"

Thank you to Care/Of for sponsoring this episode. For 25% off your first month of personalized Care/of vitamins, visit TakeCareOf.com and enter DUMBBELLS.

Nov 14 2018 · 1hr 28mins
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Binge (the series) with Angela Gulner

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Angela Gulner is a writer, actor, and producer, as well as the creator of the series Binge, a dark comedy television series! She has taken her experience as someone in recovery from bulimia and put it into this darkly witty, heartfelt, and hilarious show! She and her team have raised the money to take their pilot and expand it into a full first season, which fans can’t wait to see. In this episode we discuss her personal history with eating disorders, how she went about turning that into a show, and what’s next for Binge (the series).

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s possible to take your suffering and turn it into amazing art!

  • Eating disorders (and other mental health topics) are gaining recognition and representation in the media, thanks to people like Angela!

  • Fixating on weight loss can consume our lives and take us out of the game in our lives, so go reclaim your time and energy for better purposes!

Mentioned in this Show:

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Aug 10 2018 · 34mins

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Angela Gulner Talks About Eating Disorders And Disorderly Conduct

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This week we chat with the fiery and fearless Angela Gulner about her role in the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company’s version of Julius Caesar, her podcast “Welcome To The Clambake” and her compelling new series pilot “Binge”

And as an added bonus our pal Rebekah Kennedy will join the last half of the conversation to talk about her new project “To The Bone” also tackling the topic of eating disorders and why this topic is finally starting to get the attention it deserves.

So Join Saucey, Fern, and Angela for all the Audio Pearls Of Wisdom we can Verbally Regurgitate into your Dysfunctional Little EarHoles.
Apr 04 2018 · 52mins
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I Want To Get Into Hoetation w/ Angela Gulner and Lindsay Stidham

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What happens when you combine the mind/vagina powers of two feminist podcasts on the night of a full moon with more than a couple of bottles of champagne? Listen to this week as, Angela Gulner and Lindsay Stidham, the brilliant and hilarious ladies of 'Welcome to the Clambake' join us to play slumber party games and swap battle stories from the wars of love, sex, and patriarchy dismantling. 

Sep 13 2017 · 55mins
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Clam Corner with Lindsay Stidham and Angela Gulner

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Lindsay and Angela reflect on their journey with Welcome to the Clambake.
Aug 28 2017 · 41mins
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The Act Like a Girl Podcast Episode Thirty Six : Angela Gulner

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Hello Act Like a Girl listeners! As we continue this conversation of body image, this weeks episode is a really great one. We sat down with Angela Gulner creator of ‘Binge‘ the series. The show takes you down the triggering path of eating disorders. Inspired by Gulner’s own experience with Bulimia. Angela also co-chost her own podcast ‘Welcome to the Clambake‘ with  Lindsey Stidham.

(both photos by: Celia Finkelstein, next weeks guest!)

This week we talk about : Eating disorders, addiction, drinking too much, getting help, and where to get help.

Keep up with Angela on Instagram!

The post The Act Like a Girl Podcast Episode Thirty Six : Angela Gulner appeared first on Act Like A Girl.

Apr 20 2017 · 37mins
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Finding Humor in the Darkness with Angela Gulner

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Angela Gulner is nothing short of a trailblazer in the film industry for many reasons. Today we talk to her about the recent release of her new indie dark comedy, "BINGE: the series" and how her journey to recovery has led her to act out her darkest moments and secrets for the camera.

What You'll Learn:

• What is BINGE, how has it benefitted Angela's recovery, and where to watch it
• Why it's better to choose laughter over victimhood
• How eating disorders can be closely tied to alcoholism and other mental health diagnosis'
• Why choosing love over fear will ultimately strengthen your recovery
• The importance of silencing your inner critic around diet and body image

Show Notes: https://www.recoverywarriors.com/angela-gulner/

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Mar 02 2017 · 53mins
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S2, Ep. 5: Angela Gulner

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In her new, semi-autobiographical television pilot Binge, actor and series creator Angela Gulner stars as Angela, a bulimic woman who drunkenly enrolls in eating disorder rehab where she must juggle her failing pastry shop, an affair with her therapist, and a cast of bizarre food-abusers, all while trying not to do what she does best: vomit.

Feb 17 2017 · 52mins