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Art Is Dead, Long Live Art with Android Jones | Mind Meld 323


For rewards and podcast extras, become a patron! Visionary art legend, Android Jones returns for another massive mind meld. This week, we muse about the emerging phenomenon of AI art and what it means for artists and human creativity in general. We also riff on the role of psychedelics in Android's creative process, trying to capture transcendent truth in works of art, and more. *Support Third Eye Drops* For rewards and podcast extras, become a patron! Follow and review on Spotify Give us a psychic smooch by leaving us a 5 star review on apple pods! Subscribe on YouTube

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6 Oct 2022

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#TEAMrabbithole 233 | Android Jones - Wanderer Awake

#TEAMrabbithole | A place to "find the others" - FURTHER UP AND FURTHER IN!

Artist. Digital Alchemist. Coloradan. Join the team as we get to know Andrew aka Android Jones; a world renowned visionary artist with a unique perspective and aesthetic. www.androidjones.com https://androidjones-obtain.com/ ~~ Telegram: http://www.t.me/teamrabbithole Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamrabbithole/ LBRY: https://open.lbry.com/@TEAMrabbithole:9 Podcasts: https://anchor.fm/teamrabbithole Broadcast via https://www.okitalk.com Telegram: https://www.t.me/OKiTALKKanal Image: Bryan Lahr (http://WyzardOfOdd.com)--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/teamrabbithole/message

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9 Apr 2021

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#23 - Android Jones - Trauma and Creativity and the Joy of Being a Father

Temple of the Eternal Muse (TOTEM) Podcast with Jake Kobrin

The twenty-third episode of the Quarantine Sessions Podcast is with very special guest Android Jones. Android is one of my favorite visual artists alive and has profoundly influenced the culture of contemporary visionary and psychedelic art. He was also one of the foremost pronounced influences on my art and path as an artist. We spoke about how trauma can be a gateway to creativity, the joys of fatherhood and more. More of Android’s art can be seen at: https://androidjones.com/ More of Jake's work can be found at http://www.jakekobrinportal.com/You can donate to this podcast at http://paypal.me/jkobrinart 

1hr 18mins

20 Oct 2020

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Android Jones | Recovering our Creative Spark

A Life Economy

Android Jones (@Android_Jones) is one of the most popular digital artists of all time. His work has been featured in the Smithsonian and projected on the Empire State Building and Sydney Opera House. His unique style, dubbed electro-mineralism, features colorful and complex forms displayed across digital portraits, VR, & 360 projection domes.What we discuss with Android:The role of spirituality and psychedelics in his art.How Microdose VR reconnects us with our inner creative spark .The future of real-time game engines and how UE5 could unlock new creative possibilities for artists.Conscious parenting and how becoming a new parent has impacted his art and sense of purpose.Tips for having a balanced relationship with technology.---⭐️ 🌈 👽 🌍 😎Enjoying this show? Please leave a review here.  Subscribe on iTunesFollow us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramFollow us on TwitterSubscribe on YouTube

1hr 43mins

20 May 2020

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111 - Android Jones on Analog + Digital, Painting the Sutras, & Being an Artist Dad


Android Jones is one of the world’s hottest digital artists – even if it’s kind of a mistake to label him this way and limit his creative action to the digital. A master portraitist, designer, and explorer of new tools, Android made concept art for video games in his early years before becoming the creative consultant for the best-in-class Corel Painter software, touring the world while doing live visuals for huge musical acts, collaborating on epic dome projection shows, and ultimately pioneering the possibilities of VR with his latest project, Microdose. But arguably his most vital and illuminating evolutionary edge as an artist has been with his two children, learning to raise the next generation of curious and creative minds. This week on Future Fossils, I sit down for a three-year-overdue discussion with one of the most objectively inspiring people I can call a friend – to talk about our hopes and our concerns for Those Who Come Next, and what being a creative parent means in our Age of Transition.https://androidjones.comhttps://microdosevr.comJoin my community of patrons and receive exclusive perks (like book club membership):https://patreon.com/michaelgarfieldJoin the daily discussions erupting like psychedelic flowers in our Facebook Group:https://facebook.com/groups/futurefossilsWe Discuss:Electromineralism & medium as material agent lending its qualities to your identityTools as extensions of the body, and the most modern tools we have are still so ancientReimagining truths that have real legs on them, not praising absolute truthsFinite & Infinite Games by James P. CarseBeing a part of the six thousand year plus art history conversation that we haveDrilling down to making deeper and more universally relevant art to “provide a greater reflective surface” for viewersVisionary Art, (a different take on)What psychology teaches about making (real) art *for* peopleHow fatherhood changed his art and life and everythingMaking art with kids – both digital and analog media – and how the forms differ as learning experiencesWhat VR has that other media do not, and Android’s first breakthrough moment in Microdose VRWhen Android met Robert Venosa at Art Hardware in Boulder at age 16There are too many things to learnThe future of visual performance is WHAT? (!!!)THE ART SCHOOLGoing Icarus to DaedalusApprenticeshipThe transformative potentials of VR as biofeedbackWhat scares Android Jones?What comes next? Get bonus content on PatreonSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/futurefossils. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

1hr 22mins

21 Apr 2019

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#12 - Family is the Headliner | Android Jones

Life is a Festival

Android Jones is one of the most successful artists in the visionary or psychedelic realm. From live digital painting on tour with Bassnectar to his immersive dome Samskara and the virtual reality experience Microdose VR, Android is constantly pushing the envelope.On the podcast we discuss ego death and the chemical rocket ships we use to get there. We talk about integrating our shadows and how that relates to an image maker’s use of light and dark. Most of all we discuss fatherhood. Android and his wife Martha are parents of two delightful children, Esher and Nova. Android has one major piece of advice for people in the festival world: having a family isn’t what you do then the fun’s over, in fact it’s the main event. If life is a festival, family is the headliner.LinksAndroid Jones: http://androidjones.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AndroidJonesartSamskara: https://www.facebook.com/samskaraexhibit/Microdose VR: https://microdosevr.com/

1hr 38mins

20 Feb 2019

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Mind Meld 142| THE GREAT "WHY?" with ANDROID JONES


For rewards and podcast extras, become a patron! Visionary art legend, Android Jones returns for another sprawling mind meld. In it, we chat about the edges of the human mind, why great art requires suffering, why we're so bad at loving ourselves, the epiphanies of parenthood and much more. This mind meld is sponsored by the mushroom wizards at Four Sigmatic. Get 15% by clicking here or using the coupon code THIRDEYEDROPS Android Jones is not only a visionary artist, he's a visionary.  As you’ll hear throughout this conversation, Android’s aim is more than art. It’s a revolution in thought. It’s a collective awakening to the cultural conditioning that coerces us into thought prisons, mediocrity and a lack of purpose.  For a full write-up and more pop over to THIRDEYEDROPS.com  Give us a holographic hug by leaving us a 5 star review on iTunes!

2hr 31mins

24 Jan 2019

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Mind Meld 83 | ANDROID JONES - A Yearning That Will Never Be Quenched


Support the show and hear more with Android on our Patreon page Android Jones is not only a visionary artist, he's a visionary. If Elon Musk took a bath in Ayahuasca, was a highly gifted artist and read the Vedas a few dozen times, you might produce a being similar to Android Jones.   As you’ll hear throughout this chat, Android’s aim is more than art. It’s a revolution in thought, action and purpose. It’s a collective awakening to the cultural conditioning that coerces us into thought prisons and mediocrity. *This mind meld is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Use the code "thirdeye" at sudiosweden.com for %15 off.*

2hr 18mins

9 Nov 2017

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Podcast 549 – “Android Jones: Visionary Artist Q & A”

Psychedelic Salon

Guest speaker: Android JonesAndroid Jones delivering his 2017 Palenque Norte LecturePROGRAM NOTES:Date this lecture was recorded: August 2017Today's podcast features the Palenque Norte Lecture given by visionary artist Android Jones at the 2017 Burning Man Festival. Rather than give a structured lecture, Jones answers questions from the audience about the process he uses, including the use of entheogens, to create the fantastical images that we have seen on album covers, festival posters, live performances, and online at YouTube and Vimeo. If you have ever wondered how a work of art, such as his intriguing video titled Samskara came about, this evening conversation on the playa with Android Jones will fascinate you.[NOTE: The following quotations are by Android Jones[When facing a blank canvas] "you've got all these possibilities, and every time you make a decision the infinite possibilities are collapsing. By making a piece of art we are actually collapsing infinity. Every yes is a no to every other thing that you do.""I don't take psychedelics to try to understand some sort of like forth dimensional entities' agenda on Earth. I take psychedelics so I can understand the majesty of nature. I take psychedelics and I study the ways that trees grow. I take psychedelics and I look at the way that bees will start moving around the hives and the shapes they make. Psychedelics are not inspiring, but they help me gain a whole new level of insight into what is the most inspiring thing, which is just raw, beautiful nature that's around us all the time.""I like making art more than sex. I like it more than any other thing that there is. . . . I'm a junkie for that deep creative flow space."DownloadMP3PCs – Right click, select optionMacs – Ctrl-Click, select optionAndroid Jones' WebsiteAndroid Jones on VimeoSamskara - An experience by Android JonesLeft to right:Phong, Chris Aimone, Bruce Damer, Andrew (Android) Jones, Samantha Sweetwater


16 Oct 2017

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AMP #111 Android Jones on the Creative Process and Overcoming Resistance

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Android Jones is one of the greatest visionary artists of our epoch, and in this rare interview we delve deep into lessons about the creative process, his approach to art, and how to slay the resistance that comes up along the way. Not to mention a few gems on psychedelics, Shiva and the Illuminati too.


9 Aug 2017