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E69: Let Go of Shame to Grow with Sean V. Bradley


In Episode 69, Sean V. Bradley shares his journey from being a dealer on the streets to becoming “The Millionaire Car Salesman.” In this candid conversation, you’ll get to hear from both our host, Aalia Lanius and Sean discuss their less than perfect backgrounds and how each dealt with the shame of “who they were'' to embrace “who they are”. Sean shares how he grew up in an abusive household, spent 3 years in a juvenile facility, and started dealing drugs in the rave scene by the age of 17 (9:45). Utilizing the skills he learned on the streets, Sean is breaking the cycle of trauma and violence that held him back from his greatest potential (29:30). Sean leaves the audience with this final message; remember that time is the most precious commodity, experience life to the fullest (33:55). UNSUGARCOATED Media is a 501c3 non-profit media production enterprise, using podcasts, print publications, short documentaries, and more to tell stories of empowerment in the face of adversity and trauma. For more information on our goals, content, and live events please visit www.UNSUGARCOATEDMedia.com.


13 Jan 2022

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SMT603: Sean V. Bradley - Part Three

Selling In The Motor Trade

We look at referrals in the final part of Sean's interview. https://symcotraining.co.uk/podcast/ (c) 2021 Symco Training Ltd.


9 Sep 2021

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SMT602: Sean V. Bradley - Part Two

Selling In The Motor Trade

Sean discusses the key to internet sales. https://symcotraining.co.uk/podcast/ (c) 2021 Symco Training Ltd.


2 Sep 2021

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SMT601: Sean V. Bradley - Part One

Selling In The Motor Trade

Sean shares what you need to do to master car sales. https://symcotraining.co.uk/podcast/ (c) 2021 Symco Training Ltd.


26 Aug 2021

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Find Out How Sean V. Bradley Became The Star Of Season 2 Of Vice TV's, "I Was A Teenage Felon"

Against All Odds Radio Show

Sean V. Bradley, CSP, or more popularly known as “The Millionaire Car Salesman”, is the epitome of the rose that grew from concrete. Sean grew up around gang banging, drug slanging, and violence during his early stages of childhood. After losing six years of life before the age of 22, the Queens, NY native decided to establish a legacy, and one that he would be proud of. To be more than another kid who was stacked with all of the odds against him, he dug his way up from six feet underground to become a multi-millionaire of more than 11 companies. Sean V. Bradley is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the automotive industry that sets the tone for high standards.This week Sean V. Bradley flips the script a bit, and is the guest on his own show! L.A Williams takes the lead with this interview, and speaks to Sean about his life story. From childhood hardships, teenage antics, and the road to becoming a successful businessman and father, Sean V. Bradley candidly shares what his life has been like. L.A Williams also gets Sean to talk more about his upcoming role as the star of a major television show coming soon!About Sean V. Bradley, CSPSean V. Bradley is the founder of Dealer Synergy, an internationally recognized and award winning automotive training, consulting, and accountability firm that has helped 3,000+ clients generate over $1.2 billion in additional revenue to their dealerships.While maintaining Dealer Synergy, Sean is not only an Amazon bestselling author to Win the Game of Googleopoly, but is also the host of the The Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast. Sean is also a FranklinCovey certified trainer and facilitator, and member of the National Speakers Association.The Against All Odds Radio Show is Proudly Sponsored By: Car.com: Visit Car.com today, where they do the research and you do the driving.Scar Food: Scar Treatment for Scars, Acne Scars, & Stretch marks – visit ScarFood.com today!Hyundai of Bedford & Kia of Bedford: World-class customer support you can trust and is located just minutes from Cleveland & serving the Bedford, Cleveland, parma, Beachwood, and Euclid areas.ResourcesThe Against All Odds Radio Show: Hosting guests that have started from the bottom and rose to the top.  Also, join The Against All Odds Radio Show Guests & Listeners Facebook Group for the podcasted episodes.

1hr 36mins

28 Jun 2021

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From Poverty, Violence, and Prison to Successful Entrepreneur with Sean V. Bradley

52 Weeks of Hope

Sean V. Bradley, AKA “The Millionaire Car Salesman”, is a great example of what a person is truly capable of achieving!  YOU can achieve great things, too! Sean’s life story is the ultimate message of hope.Sean was born into poverty, violence, and abuse in Queens, NY, and his childhood led him to boys' homes, gangs, and eventually federal prison. But Sean was determined to be more than a statistic. Against all odds, he left prison and built a huge life and business becoming a multi-millionaire first in the automotive world, then expanding into many companies. He's a best-selling author and a major speaker in the National Speakers Association. He’s absolute proof that ANYONE can do ANYTHING he or she puts their mind to when they have a vision, work hard and choose not to be a victim of their circumstances.  His empowering talk with Lauren is full of advice on how you can achieve, maintain and grow your success beyond your wildest dreams. Soon to be seen on VICE, listen to this amazing inspiring journey.


14 Apr 2021

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Sean V. Bradley

Feed The Underdog

Sean V .Bradley CSP at 22 he had lost 6 years of his life when he was sent to federal prison.By sheer hustle and grit he turned it all around and today he is president of Dealer Synergie , author , radio host , creator of Bradley On Demand , trainer , motivational speaker , real estate investor, software company CEO, and worth a staggering 40 million and also sales of over 1 Billion.Sean is very humble and real and he says his greatest achievements being that of a proud father and husband to Karina his wife who is also very successful.If you wish to donate to help keep our podcast going please do so here, thank you.https://app.redcircle.com/shows/b864a8ea-c2c5-4867-bcdb-9f503fd3728a/donationsHere is a link to Sean’s book:Win the Game of Googleopoly: Unlocking the Secret Strategy of Search Engineshttps://amzn.to/31Juw7DThe books Sean mentions here:The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective people. https://amzn.to/3sPYC57Rich Dad Poor Dad : https://amzn.to/2PCtWWGSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/feedtheunderdog/donations


4 Apr 2021

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Public Speaking Tips from Two National Speakers Associations' CSP's & Million Dollar Speakers: David Newman & Sean V. Bradley

Against All Odds Radio Show

Welcome to The Against All Odds Radio Show! Episode 5 takes you on a ride through failure, success, and everything in between. This week, The Millionaire Car Salesman, Sean V. Bradley, CSP & Co-Host, L.A. Williams, sat down with David Newman, CSP - Author, Founder, and CEO of DO IT! MARKETING (DoItMarketing.com). Sean Bradley and David Newman, are both closely associated with the NSA, National Speakers Association, where they both received their Official Certified Speaking Professional designation titles. David speaks on the importance of implementation, never standing still, the power of ASKING, and how “action eliminates fear”. David Newman, CSP spills the details on the internal and external struggles he dealt with while in the beginning stages of creating his marketing empire, becoming a book author, and how to continue to “seek success” once you think you’ve reached it. He expands on how his failures are what brought him to his SUCCESSES, and the significant issues that lead every professional to their inevitable failure.#Entrepreneurs #PersonalDevelopment #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #Business #NSA #NationalSpeakersAssociation #MillionaireCarSalesman #MillionaireCarSalesmanPodcast #Podcast  #OrangeTie #Millionaire #Billion #Mindset #LifeSkills #AgainstAllOddsRadioShow #AAORadioShow #IHeartRadio #RadioDotCom #Radio #ApplePodcasts #Spotify #Alexa #TuneIn #Wealth #BlindMaster #Entertainment #Coaching #LifeCoaching Books:Do It! MarketingDo It! SpeakingWin the Game of GoogleopolyFor More Free Resources and Knowledge:Against All Odds Radio Show Listeners & Guests Facebook GroupScarFoodAutoCredit ExpressCar.comKia of BedfordHyundai of BedfordDealer Synergy


1 Feb 2021

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Ep.12: Get In The Minds Of Your Hosts Sean V. Bradley & LA Williams

Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

On today's episode, the hosts of the Millionaire Car Salesman sit down and have an organic conversation about making money! This MUST listen to episode is filled with priceless advice from both Sean Bradley and LA Williams. Both are very successful individuals in their fields of expertise.  Get advice on book recommendations, like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Richest Man in Babylon, to advice on the most important investment you can make, which is yourself! The most precious commodity we have are the hours we have on the clock. We need to understand how valuable our time is in order to be successful. The next step to success is having that large destructive fire of passion and tenacity.  LA breaks it down on how simple it is to obtain the life you desire - "If you see someone living the life you want, you need to do what they do." Invest in yourself by attending seminars and networking. There are multiple ways to make money, no one way is wrong. You just have to get the mindset and then develop the skill set.

1hr 7mins

9 Apr 2019