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#34 Tax Free Investing with Edwin Kelly

Real Estate Masters Podcast

Welcome to the Real Estate Masters podcast, where we interview the top names in the Real Estate game. If you want to grow your Real Estate business, see more podcasts or give free resources - Go to www.REMCommunity.com. The only podcast that allows you to directly connect with the guests and many of the highest level names in the real estate game. You are in for a treat with our next guest. Do me a favor, subscribe to the podcast, leave us a review, and don't forget to go to REMCommunity.com to connect with some of the highest level Real Estate professionals in the United States through our community and through our high-level masterminds. Let's go. Want to learn the secret of legally avoiding taxes when investing?  Edwin Kelly specializes in helping clients self-direct their retirement, education, health savings, and 401(k) accounts into alternative assets. He is a Founder and currently serves as CEO of Specialized Trust Company. Listen in as we talk about self-directed IRAs and how to use your retirement funds for real estate investing!  Thanks for listening. Now go to www.REMCommunity.com to connect with today's guest. See our high-level masterminds, and to get free resources. Don't forget to share this with a friend and leave us a five-star review. We'll see you on the next episode.


8 Jun 2021

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1653 FBF: Edwin Kelly, Using The Self-Directed IRA, Solo 401K & HSA To Maximize Your Portfolio

Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

This episode of Flashback Friday was originally published: July 15, 2015 The world of long term financial savings plans can leave you dizzy. The paperwork can be pages and pages of jargon which make plans hard to distinguish and administer. Jason’s guest Edwin Kelly from Specialized IRA Services breaks down the Self Directed IRA, the solo 401k and Health Savings Account or HSA. Arming you with the setup cost and annual fee’s to help you make an educated decisions about your investment future. You’ll hear solutions to creating wealth and obtaining more passive income through smart investing with a little help from people in the know. Key Takeaways: Jason’s Editorial: [2:02] Self directed IRA investing [4:19] Nathan asks about out of state rental properties [5:19] Have at least 4% of the properties value in the bank as an emergency fund [7:22] Steve asks about Jason’s foundation [9:12] Steve also asks about credit history and bankruptcy [12:06] Asset based financing; a hard money loan Edwin Kelly Interview: [14:29] Would Donald Trump be a good president? [16:04] Invitation for Warren to be on the show [16:58] IRA Custodians, Administrators what’s the difference? [18:01] What are the fee’s of self-directed IRA’s [19:22] There is no fee sharing or back end money [20:40] A customized approach to IRA’s [24:08] People need passive income [25:47] An everyday example of buy and hold real estate investing [30:11] Solo 401k or Individual 401k [34:46] Solo k paperwork was cumbersome and complex [35:55] $400 annually for a self directed IRA and $700 for a 401K [38:32] HSA – Health Saving Account [39:53] An HSA works by marrying the tax benefits of the traditional and Roth IRA’s [41:22] Are you able to pay for proactive executive health physicals via a HSA? [42:51] Breast Augmentation for medical reasons is a qualified medical expense [45:17] An HSA is not a Flexible Saving Account [45:55] Investing in buy and hold real estate from the HSA [47:35] HSA and IRA are fairly easy to administer [48:20] An LLC inside of an IRA? [51:08] Multiple LLC’s for asset protection Mentions: Specialized IRA Services


26 Feb 2021

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16/11/2020 - Edwin Kelly


Entrevista di Dia pa awe 16/11/2020 tabata cu director di Directie Luchtvaart Edwin Kelly tokante aviacion durante un pandemia. Scuche akinan!


16 Nov 2020

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Using IRAs to Build Wealth with Edwin Kelly

Next Level American Dream

On today's episode, we sit down with Edwin Kelly. Edwin is America’s leading expert on Self Directed Retirement accounts and self-directed investment strategies. He has more than 24 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. Edwin is a Founder and currently serves as CEO of Specialized Trust Company. Prior to founding Specialized Trust Company, Edwin helped grow one of the largest Self-Directed IRA Custodian’s in the industry. In our conversation, he shares his expertise with us. To learn more about Edwin and his company visit https://specializedtrustcompany.com.


10 Aug 2020

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Everything You Need to Know About Self-Directed IRAs, with Edwin Kelly

The Money Advantage Podcast

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlydBGujc2kDo you have money in a retirement account that you wish you could use to invest in real estate?  Today, we’re talking about self-directed accounts and investment strategies, with Edwin Kelly, the CEO of Specialized Trust Company.  So, if you want to know how to best use qualified plan money to help you reach your financial goals and invest in real estate, figure out if you should continue funding self-directed IRAs, and maximize the ability to use your money and minimize taxes so you can best use every dollar towards creating time and money freedom, tune in now!Who Is Edwin Kelly?Edwin Kelly is America’s leading expert on Self Directed Retirement accounts and self-directed investment strategies. He has more than 24 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. He worked for such notable companies like UBS and BISYS. Edwin is a Founder and currently serves as CEO of Specialized Trust Company. Prior to founding Specialized Trust Company, Edwin helped grow one of the largest Self-Directed IRA Custodians in the industry. Edwin is an avid educator. He adds value to clientele by developing significant knowledge assets at every company he has worked with. His passion for helping others learn about their Self-Directed IRA options has made Edwin a popular and engaging speaker. He is frequently invited to speak at seminars and workshops, in webinars, and as a radio guest. Edwin has made several special appearances on the Money Show, and his work and ideas have been featured in major national magazines and newspapers throughout the United States.Topics he is frequently asked to speak about include:What the average person can do to take charge of their finances so they can stop worrying about money and look forward to a comfortable retirement.Little-known investment strategies that have helped people retire sooner than they expected.Completely legal secrets to growing wealth tax-free.Specialized Trust Company is a member of RITA (The Retirement Trust Association). Edwin attended The Ohio State University and holds an MBA from Franklin University. He is the co-author of the bestselling book Leverage Your IRA. He is currently writing his next two books: The Retirement Dilemma and 7 Specialized Strategies You Can Implement to Solve It, as well as The Shift.Self-Directed Account Topics Covered:The basic difference between plain vanilla qualified plans and self-directed retirement plans.How self-directed accounts provide a way to invest money inside a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, TSP, 529, Solo 401(k), SEP IRA, or Simple IRA into alternative investments like real estate, notes, precious metals, bitcoin, etc.Self-directed IRAs can be tax deferred or tax-free.Three steps to self-directing.The difference between tax deferral and tax free accounts.The types of alternative assets you can invest in with a self-directed account.Why you want to keep all self-directed investments at arms length to avoid self-dealing.When you would want to invest in real estate inside a self-directed IRA, and when you would want to invest in real estate outside a self-directed IRA.Self-Directed IRA Top Takeaways:Self-directed accounts are government-sponsored plans. If you use them, you have to play by the government's rules.If you defer a tax, you lose control because you postpone taxes to an unknown future tax environment.When deciding whether to invest in real estate inside or outside of a self-directed plan, you need to consider your goals. You can invest for appreciation inside a self-directed plan, but not for cash flow. That's because, inside a self-directed plan, you cannot depreciate real estate and you cannot personally receive the real estate cash flow. However, at the sale of the property, all income goes back into the self-directed account and you avoid capital gains taxes. So if you are investing for cash flow today to increase your net investible...

1hr 2mins

6 Jul 2020

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How to Earn Up to $40k a month Tax Free with $500 - Edwin Kelly & Mike Fisher

MF Cashflow Podcast

Mike Fisher interviews Edwin Kelly who teaches you how he earned up to $40,000 TAX FREE income each month utilizing retirement accounts, starting with only $500. This guide can help you increase your income as well! With all the information, knowledge, and experience in this video, Kelly mentors during this podcast, along with Fisher, to help you achieve Financial Freedom.  Don't miss out on this opportunity!  Show your appreciation by liking this video, commenting, and sharing it with someone you know who could use more money.   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for a visual aid with this episode: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOMnmk7_Lz4xy9GoVRfIDRg?sub_confirmation=1 Also be sure to grab Kelly's free book here: https://specializedtrustcompany.com/ Opt-in for more information on increasing your cash flow: https://cabinvestments.activehosted.com/f/3 Visit our website: https://www.mfcashflow.com/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mfcashflow/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getcashflowtoday


28 Feb 2020

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EP290: Edwin Kelly on Leveraging Self-Directed Accounts to Build Wealth and Grow Your Portfolio Tax-Free

The Flip Empire Show

Edwin Kelly is the owner of Specialized IRA Services. He helps investors leverage their self-directed tax-advantaged accounts so that they can successfully grow their retirement fund, family legacy, and business. In this week’s episode, Edwin explains how you can build wealth in a tax-free environment and how you can get smarter about your retirement even when it’s ‘too late.’ Key Takeaways: Edwin is an expert when it comes to leveraging self-directed IRAs. Who is Edwin and how did he get started in this field? What are self-directed accounts? Edwin explains the type of tax protection and asset protection you can have through a self-directed account. What are the different types of self-directed accounts you can choose from? Who would not benefit from something like this? How can you get started? Edwin shares a case study of how a typical transaction would play out. How can you fund your child’s education with a self-directed account? Feel like you’ve missed the boat when it comes to saving for your retirement? You can easily start your self-directed account now. When doing deals in a self-directed account, how do you pay your team after a wholesale transaction has been made? What advice would Edwin give to his younger self? Mentioned in This Episode: Connect with Edwin & his team: Specializediraservices.com Feel free to connect with Alex about doing a JV! Email him at alex@flipempire.com Click Here to apply for our next Holiday Mastermind in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! If you are interested in joining our team, you can Apply Here Do you have an existing business? Already closing deals, but feel there is a better way? Connect with Alex here about working with him 1-on-1 Tweetables: “The two high-level benefits of a self-directed account are tax protection and asset protection.” “It is not uncommon for somebody to build their retirement in 7-10 years and be out.” “The idea is to get started if you don’t already have a self-directed account.” Ask Alex A Question: Have a question you want featured on an upcoming Flip Empire Show? Head over to the Ask Alex page, and record your question. We’ve made it super easy for you, so let us know what challenges you are having, and Alex will answer it personally! Did you get your FREE Online Course? Text the word EMPIRE to 67076, and we’ll send you a link to get instant access to the “5 Ways To Scale Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business To Six Figures (In 6 Months Or Less)” video module training course. Subscribe To The Flip Empire Show, and Leave a Rating & Review!


11 Mar 2019

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166: Investing with Self-Directed IRAs with Edwin Kelly

The Commercial Investing Show

Jason Hartman talks with Edwin Kelly, founder & CEO of Specialized IRA Services, about some of the creative ways you can use your self-directed IRA to invest in non-stock market related assets. Edwin provides several case studies that show the power of self directing, as well as his "Triple D" process to help you on your way. Key Takeaways: [4:07] What is a Self Directed IRA and what kind of assets can you use them for? [6:56] Some unique strategies people are using in their IRAs [9:28] Borrowing against your solo 401k as a strategy [14:57] The Triple D process of Self Directed investing [16:47] The costs of using self directed funds Website: www.JasonHartman.com/Masters www.SpecializedIRAServices.com


9 Mar 2019

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JF1642: Leveraging Self Directed IRA’s For Real Estate Investments & Paying Minimal Taxes with Edwin Kelly

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Many people would like a way to invest in real estate and pay less taxes. Well what a lot of people may not know, is that they may have the capital available to do this, they just have to move it around, get it into a self directed IRA, and have some professional guidance. Listen in for tips on executing this strategy. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review! Best Ever Tweet: “South Dakota and New Mexico are the best states to get a license in” - Edwin Kelly Edwin Kelly Real Estate Background: Expert on Self Directed Retirement accounts and self-directed investment strategies CEO and Co-Founder of Specialized IRA Services He has more than 24 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry Based in Albuquerque, NM Say hi to him at https://specializediraservices.com/ Best Ever Book: Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson Sponsored by Stessa - Maximize tax deductions on your rental properties. Get your free tax guide from Stessa, the essential tool for rental property owners.


2 Mar 2019

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EP102 How Savvy Real Estate Investors use Self-Directed IRA's to increase the Value of their Retirement Plan with Edwin Kelly

Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast

Many Real Estate Investors have heard that they can save big money on taxes and increase the value of their retirement funds by investing in real estate using a Self-Directed IRA, but they still haven't taken the steps necessary to make it happen. On today's episode we talk with Edwin Kelly, one of the nation's top experts on Self-Directed Retirement accounts to learn why they're such a great tool & vehicle for building legacy wealth.  Edwin also share's his Triple-D, three-step process: DECIDE that you want one and set it up properly, DEPOSIT the money you'll need to work with, and DIRECT that money into the investment vehicle of your choice. Edwin does a great job of simplifying the process in a way that might finally get you to take action.  He also shares stories of his clients who have used SDIRA's to eliminate their credit card debt, shield their wholesaling income from earned income tax, and created thousands of dollars in monthly retirement income off of an initial $4,000 investment. We also bring the conversation to a higher level when Edwin answers my questions about investing in syndications through SDIRA's and the consequences of UBIT and UDFI taxation on leveraged investments. I know you'll get a lot of great, action-able information from this conversation.  Edwin will also be a featured speaker at the RPOA's Annual Real Estate Investors FREE Conference and Expo, which is taking place February 22 - 24, 2018 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can go to rpoaonline.org to register for FREE!


25 Dec 2017