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EP 026: Striving for perfection is insanity with Steve Burge

Human Design Delight Podcast

Beliefs - Today's conversation is with my dear friend, Steve Burge. He opens and shares his transition from an organized religion to a personal connection with God. Steve is so open and raw about his journey and truly accepts others for where they are in their personal journey. Steve felt that through his search for perfection and continuously striving to do more more more, he began to feel depressed. Rather than allowing himself grace, he strived to once again do more until the more was simply too much. When he stepped into a place of being rather than doing, his life transformed. Steve shares his passion of meditation and daily connection within and it is through sharing his transitional journey, he hopes others can see that they are not alone in their own struggles. Steve reminds us that we all learn through our experiences and we can choose based on my own beliefs and intuition. Steve stated, "I don't want to arrive because I am always learning and growing."The transitional journey out of religion is not always smooth, but for Steve, it was time for his own evolution. It was through his own questioning and reflection that he made the choice to leave. It is my hope that his message inspires you to take daily moments of going within and reflecting on who you are. Stop doing and striving for perfection. Connect within and live from that inspired space. 

1hr 9mins

16 May 2020

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Steve Burge (Publish Press)

Tools are tools

Our first episode is with Steve Burge of Publish Press.


8 Apr 2020

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JoomCast 015 - Chat With Steve Burge from OSTraining


Hello Joomla Fan,  Today we have a special guest on JoomCast.  So let's welcome Mr. Steve Burg. He is well known for his training platform OSTraining and Joomla Extension and template designing platform JoomlaShack.   In this episode, we talked about his,  Journey toward Joomla Acquisitions for Joomla extensions and others Future of Joomla And a quick rapid fire. Tune in to JoomCast to listen to his Joomla love story.  If you are listening to this podcast on the Anchor.fm app (IOS | Android), you can leave a voice message for JoomCast by tapping the "message" button (1-minute max.) We might even use it in a future episode so don't forget to tell us who you are! Other ways you can reach out to us are: JoomCast on Twitter @joomcast Official website:  https://www.joomdev.com/joomcast Chetan: @chetanmadaan | chetan@joomdev.com Tim: @basicjoomla | tim@basicjoomla.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/joomcast/message


25 Feb 2020

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Ep99 - Steve Burge from OSTraining Shares Membership Website Secrets

Joomla Beat Podcast | Web design, development, online marketing, social media & website management

Steve Burge, the create and owner of OSTraining shares his secrets in creating the largest provider of open source content management system training in the world.Steve shares how he started the business, how he controls and manages his website, his secret in what runs his membership site and lastly, some insights into how he optimises memberships to build a valuable membership and keeps his members on.


15 Oct 2015

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Steve Burge

A Bit Of A Chat With Ken Plume - FRED Entertainment

Ken Plume has a chat with writer/actor Steve Burge about river rafting, belt buddies, table climbing, Mortimer-grooming, terror pigeons, and Herzog-captioning.

2hr 37mins

27 Jan 2012