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24 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Pallavi Gunalan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Pallavi Gunalan, often where they are interviewed.

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24 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Pallavi Gunalan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Pallavi Gunalan, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode #15: 2 v 1 Date - Jessica Svendsgaard & Pallavi Gunalan & Christine Medrano

Falling In Love with Leah Lamarr
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On the “Falling in Love with Leah Lamarr” Podcast, Leah sets up 2 single friends on a date to see if they fall in love in real life. She interviews her guests individually, and then brings them together to explore the "36 Questions That Lead to Love", which is followed by 4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. After gazing into each other's eyes, they go on a date to further investigate their connection. They individually wrap up with Leah to discuss if they'd like to continue dating the other guest. If it's a confirmed "yes" from both parties, Leah brings the couple back onto the podcast to review how the relationship is unfolding. It’s intimate, it's vulnerable and it definitely goes there.

Join Leah each week to learn valuable insight into the dating world and to see who falls in love!

On this episode, they discuss dating as bisexual women, comedy, addiction, having a Savior Complex, giving up a PhD, being a bird owner, polygamy, the difference between dating men and women and much more!



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Apr 30 2020

2hr 7mins


Yo, This is Weird Right?! (w/ Pallavi Gunalan)

Yo, Is This Racist?
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Andrew and Tawny are joined by comedian Pallavi Gunalan (Facial Recognition Comedy) to help listeners get to the bottom of who should get off work for MLK Day, how to deal with ignorant gentrifiers in Colorado and ways to process your complicated feelings about the British royal family. We're always here to help you with your racism questions: 323-389-RACE. 

Mar 11 2020



Episode 20: Pallavi Gunalan - Sleep Apnea

PreExisting Condition with Priyanka Wali and Sammy Obeid

Feb 11 2020



Smelly Foot Hour w/ Stacey Pressman and Pallavi Gunalan

Race Wars
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Sherrod and Keren are joined by Stacey Pressman and Pallavi Gunalan as Stacey talks about the foot fetish parties she used to attend, Pallavi discusses quitting her PhD to pursue comedy and Stacey shares her history with eating disorders.

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Dec 26 2019



Episode 1: Pallavi Gunalan

The Paul Antonio Show
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Paul Antonio brings back his college radio show to the Comedy Pop-Up Podcast Network with a new twist. Every week he will be bringing guests on to talk about their career aspirations, relationship goals, and general life lessons/struggles. Also listen every week to hear another member of his top 101 comedians of all time list and what's going on in his climb in the entertainment world.

This week's guest is Pallavi Gunalan (@PallaviGunalan), a member of the Facial Recognition Comedy group and podcast on this very network! They talk about her balance of comedy, improv and a PHD program, the time her ex-boyfriend didn't want to have FaceTime sex, and her strive to be undeniable.

Best Comedians of All Time No. 101: Joey Diaz (

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Nov 11 2019

1hr 23mins


The Dark Knight with Pallavi Gunalan

The Bechdel Cast
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Why are Caitlin and Jamie so serious? Because they're chatting with special guest Pallavi Gunalan about The Dark Knight. 

(This episode contains spoilers)

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Oct 03 2019

1hr 7mins


Pallavi Gunalan "Tinder Scavenger Hunt" Episode 184

Tinder Tales
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Welcome to Tinder Tales! This is my podcast about the best and worst of Online Dating. Listen to my guest Comedian Pallavi Gunalan! Listen as we talk about having her first experience be an all night date in Iceland, finding out exactly where you land on a guys scale, and how guys can't read body signals!

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I have a new podcast called Talking Chopped! A podcast all about the TV Show Chopped. It’s hilarious I love it

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Sep 05 2019


I Am Pallavi Gunalan

Ethnically Ambiguous
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In this special bonus episode, the girls are joined by comedian and biomedical engineer PhD student Pallavi Gunalan to discuss her upbringing, how her parents met, her studies, why she decided to do stand up, and more! It's a great conversation about believing in religion and spirituality. We highly recommend it! Follow her in Instagram and Twitter at @pallavigunalan. Check out her website as well and her web series Dirty Science

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Sep 04 2019

1hr 5mins


Pallavi Gunalan – Sleep Apnea, Manipulation, and "Me Too"

BLACKSTAGE – A Wisecrack Comedy Podcast
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Funny Comedian, Pallavi Gunalan stopped by the Blackstage studio and we discussed sleep apnea, hustling in comedy, family, kids and her Facial Recognition show. Pallavi and Bradlys also get into it. Good episode! Please follow Pallavi on all social media @pallavigunalan and check out her shows. Follow Us! Pallavi Gunalan @pallavigunalan Greg Edwards Twitter: @gregthegrouch Instagram: @gregcomedy Bradlys Philoctete Facebook: Bradlys Philoctete Instagram: @classicbradlys Twitter: @BradlysComedy

Aug 22 2019



Episode 116 - Pallavi Gunalan!

The Nostalgic Front Podcast
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In this episode Ream and Patrick sit down with comedian PALLAVI GUNALAN (SF Sketchfest)!

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Aug 05 2019

1hr 20mins