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Dmitriy Kozlov on Putting Your True Essence Forward

The Nicole Holland Show


20 Sep 2021

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The Difference Between 6, 7 & 8 Figure Businesses With Dmitriy Kozlov

The Best Business Podcast With Daryl Urbanski

For aspiring young entrepreneurs, it can be challenging to figure out where they should start. It can also be intimidating to catch up with the big names who have already found success in the industry. How can you grow to be like other 6, 7 & 8 figure businesses? And what exactly makes a successful entrepreneur? In this episode, Dmitriy Kozlov talks about the challenges young entrepreneurs face and how they can overcome it. He also shares his journey in getting into digital marketing and the importance of building the right network of people. He emphasizes the need for a balance between the passion of young entrepreneurs and the wisdom of older entrepreneurs. Make sure that you tune in to the episode to learn more about what a successful entrepreneur should be like! About Dmitriy Dmitriy Kozlov is the co-founder of digital marketing agency Vision Tech Team and is the chief expression officer of Influex. He’s the marketing guru behind big companies’ marketing campaigns. Dmitriy also co-founded the Maverick NEXT Group to help young entrepreneurs 25 years of age or younger. The Difference in 6, 7 & 8 Figure Businesses Dmitriy’s Marketing Journey Dmitriy was born in Russia and moved to the United States when he was 7. At a young age, he was already doing entrepreneurial things like shoveling driveways and reselling items from yard sales. His first tech startup work when he was 16 did not work out well, and that turned him off of business and entrepreneurship for a while. He started studying marketing when he got into direct sales and network marketing in college. Dmitriy built a blog to generate leads for his shoveling business, which turned into other people asking him to create blogs and lead gen resources for small businesses. He started with elementary technical and design skills in WordPress. Before graduating from college, he already started his agency. Building Networks for Building Networks for 6, 7 & 8 Figure Businesses  When he built his agency, he worked with internet marketers. He went to Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar 8 and met people whom he could contribute his skill sets and resources to. The biggest lesson is to put a massive amount of effort and commitment to your work and not let your ego get in the way. For him, working with higher-level business and gurus in the industry translated into referrals, and he figured out how to deal with operational challenges. Cornerstones of Marketing Campaigns There’s usually a standard launch formula that people follow. Dmitriy’s team maximizes conversions outside what a company is already doing with its product offers. You have to work both from a technology and a design standpoSupport the show


23 Jan 2021

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Surfs Up Podcast #10 | How to Balance Life & Entrepreneurship with Dmitriy Kozlov | Influex.com

Surfs Up Podcast

In today's episode of Surfs Up Podcast, my guest is one of the most interesting, and influential people I've recently met. Hailing from Russia to the state's at a very young age this man is no stranger to adversity. Something buried deep in his being withstood the tests of a troubled youth, and he began to rise like a Phoenix. Beginning his entrepreneurial career in college he has transformed over the years in to a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and his current title is the CEO, the Chief Expression Officer, of his company Influex, where they help a multitude of coaches and other entrepreneurs, structure and market their brands with authenticity.

1hr 14mins

2 Sep 2020

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15. Dmitriy Kozlov | The Master of Expression: Integrity, Influence, & Art

FLOW with Arman Assadi

Show Notes:Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Dmitriy, Influex, and some context on today’s episode. [00:16]The pragmatic value of integrity. [6:16]Identifying Truth in the moment. [10:57]Factoring in consequences and the ripple effect of honoring your truth. [16:09]Dmitry shares how he first ventured down the rabbit hole of personal development.  [18:43]Arman and Dmitry talk about artistic self-expression. [21:24]Your greatest influence and impact comes from your fullest expression. [25:08]How expressing who you are can accelerate business growth. [28:47]Art is one form of activating the flow state. [35:25]Crushing it during the pandemic. [42:54]Leading with your voice especially during these challenging times. [48:08]Your personal brand and website is your new resume. [49:57]Telling your story and the importance of ranking on Google. [51:06]Relationship building. [57:27]The story of how Dmitry met Yanik Silver and the doors that opened up. [58:16]Getting mentored by people you want to get connected with. [59:41]Meeting Richard Branson in Necker Island and what that taught Dmitry. [01:03:20]Leading with genuine curiosity helps you beat Imposter’s Syndrome. [01:07:38]Arman meeting Chris Guillebeau. [01:11:11]Rituals and not being scared of a deep journaling process. [01:13:40]Exploring self-honesty. [01:17:28]Why am I here? [01:22:22]Dmitry surprises and wraps up with a beautiful spoken-word piece. [01:26:50]Resources:Learn more about Dmitriy KozlovCheck out Arman’s new personal brand site custom built by InfluexDmitriy’s company InfluexProject EVOTim Ferriss - The 4 Hour WorkweekChris Guillebeau - The Art Of NonconformityChris Guillebeau - The $100 StartupDale Carnegie - How To Win Friends & Influence PeopleSave Darfur MovementIs Art the antidote to death?Lewis Howes - School of GreatnessYanik SilverText Arman at 619.825.2595 to share your favorite part of the episode! Text #influex to the same number to get a special link for working with Influex You can also text #superphone to receive a special link to access SuperPhone (the texting service Arman uses) and #BTA to uncover your brain type.***If you enjoy the show please subscribe and leave a short 17-second review on Apple Podcasts here. It means a lot to me and really supports the podcast.  Text me directly at: 619-825-2595Follow and&

1hr 37mins

2 Jul 2020

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Building Your Personal Brand Website...With Dmitriy Kozlov

The Mike Dillard Show

Hey gang, today I’m going to introduce you to one of my most valuable resources… His name is Dmitriy Koslov. Not only has he been a personal friend of mine for almost 10 years now, but he’s also the Founder of a company called Influex.com So Influex is the best company out there, period, if you want to build a website for you and your personal brand. Now this is a very important subject for two reasons… The first, is that I think it’s critical that we all have a personal website that sells us as individuals. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and yes you will absolutely be judged by the impression that you make. Well if we consider that 99% of the people who find us, will find us online, rather than meet us in person, how important does your website, and the impression it makes, become? It’s unbelievably important. But that brings us to the most important part of this interview… I’d say that 9 out of 10 personal brand websites that I’ve seen, are doing it wrong. People think that a personal brand site is supposed to be all about them… Who they are, what they’ve accomplished, and why they’re so cool. And sure, those elements have a place on your website, but the people who get it, and who do this right… Will realize that this is still, always about the prospect and the customer. Which means that your brand website isn’t about you first and the customer second, it’s about the customer first. The primary focus of the site is all about them, and how you can help them achieve their goals. Second to that, is your story. A story that allows people to get to know you better, and to come to the conclusion that, “yes, this person knows their stuff, and they can help me.” Now if you want to see what this looks like in action, just head to MikeDillard.com because Dmitriy and his team at Influex, just rebuilt the entire site for me, from the ground up. And when you’re there, I want you to really pay attention to the structure and the copy on the home page because it will illustrate the difference between a site built around you, and a site built around your customer. Now with the being said, please help me welcome, Dmitriy Koslov. Resources: Influex.com Contact express@influex.com to work with Dmitriy Music: Music by: Convex (feat. Jex Jordyn) Song: 4 U Licensed under a Creative Commons License


16 May 2019

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S1E2: Experiencing Ayahuasca Taught This Young CEO About his True Purpose

The Entrepreneurs Awakening Podcast

Dmitriy was already aligned with his mission and purpose before experiencing ayahuasca which is why he was surprised and humbled by what ayahuasca taught him about his true mission and purpose. Which has me wonder, does he still want to be a billionaire by age 35? Let’s find out.


1 Dec 2018

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Building A World Class Brand - With Dmitriy Kozlov

The Best Business Podcast With Daryl Urbanski

Today we are joined by my friend, serial entrepreneur and spoken word artist. Dmitriy KozlovDmitriy's purpose is to accelerate the evolution of love through inspiring and empowering influencers. He does it with his latest venture Influex, which builds epic personal brand sites for online influencers. His other primary ventures include Vision Tech Team - the tech team for visionaries and Maverick NEXT, a network for exceptional young entrepreneurs. You may remember our first interview with him on the topic of The Difference Between 6, 7 & 8 Figure Businesses… Well today I’ve asked him to come back and talk about what we can do to have more influence and better brand recognition in our circles.. Enjoy! --- My mission is to create 200 new multi-millionaire business owners. How? You'll do better when you know better. Would it help you to have a mentor who can cut your learning curve by sharing their mistakes with you so you could avoid them? Would it help you to talk to that mentor and learn how they shifted their mindset to allow success to happen in the first place? Would it help you to hear them talk to other high-level entrepreneurs about their journeys, their mistakes and how they overcame their challenges to create the lives and financial success they desire? The Best Business Podcast was created for you to have all this in one place.If you like it, please subscribe, give an honest review and share with a friend you think will benefit so I may serve you both together. "Your success is my success." -- Daryl UrbanskiSupport the show


24 Sep 2018

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How To Create A Personal Brand Website with Dmitriy Kozlov at Joe Polish's Genius Network- Genius Network Episode #99

Genius Network

Feel like the word “branding” is overused? Curious about the real value of an influencer site? The right personal brand website can massively boost your authority and create deeper connections. Dmitriy Kozlov of Influex.com explains all. If you would like access to the complete presentation, the show notes, the links, and the special resources for this episode, please visit GeniusNetwork.com/99. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Dmitriy in this episode: Dmitriy describes the results his company (Influex) delivers and the value of having an influencer site How a personal brand website can position you more effectively and help you more easily sell yourself One of the most important things you can do to increase your speaking engagements, PR and positive media exposure The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when trying to build their reputation (and what to do instead) 3 key questions you should be asking BEFORE you create your personal brand site The Anatomy of A Working Website: What a great result-getting website should look like and do How to use a personal brand website to massively boost your authority and create deeper connections Dmitriy shares his perspective on his passion for fusing art, entrepreneurship, and marketing

1hr 19mins

31 Jul 2018

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E037 - A Rebel's Dance With Dmitriy Kozlov

Flex Your Freedom with Barb Allen

After leaving Soviet Russia and moving to America at just 7 years old, Dmitriy Kozlov was stuck in the middle ground of greatness and self-destruction. His initial wonder at the enormous blessings this country has were turned to massive disappointment as he endured childhood bullying he resolved by joining a gang. When that escape nearly killed him and the rest of the world seemed to have given up on him, Dmitriy Kozlov turned his rebellious nature toward turning his life around and proving everyone who believed he'd fail, wrong. Today, Dmitriy is a successful entrepreneur who is impacting countless others through his mission to enhance the world around him. On today's episode, Dmitriy Kozlov shares his incredible story of struggle, self-discovery, and triumph, and at 29 years old, he's just getting started. Learn more and check out the featured article and video here


29 Mar 2018

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Episode 73. Dmitriy Kozlov On Being The Next Business Maverick

Real Social Dynamics Nick Kho

Episode 73. Dmitriy Kozlov On Being The Next Business Maverick by Nick Kho


16 Aug 2017