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Dizziness with Dr. Evie Marcolini

Med Inspired

In this episode of the Med Inspired podcast I sit down with Dr. Evie Marcolini and disuss all things dizziness. Dr. Marcolini practices emergency medicine and neurocritical care at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Hanover, New Hampshire. She is a national and international speaker and faculty advisor to wilderness medicine interest groups at the University of Maryland and Yale. We discuss all things dizziness. From distinguishing central vs peripheral causes to the red flags of posterior stroke to the HINTS exam. WE also delve into some tips and tricks on how to perform a better neurological exam to asssesing the posterior circulation, and a common sense approach to risk stratifying dizziness.


6 Mar 2022

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Episode #97 The Dizzy Patient with Dr. Evie Marcolini

EMS Nation Podcast

Evie Marcolini, MD is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Neurocritical Care.  She has clinical appointments in the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Neurology; and is core faculty in the Emergency Department as well as the Division of Neurocritical Care and Emergency Neurology at Yale. She has board certifications in Emergency Medicine and Neurocritical Care, and is fellowship-trained in Surgical Critical Care from the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, Maryland.   Evie is Medical Director for the SkyHealth Critical Care helicopter transport service that is shared between Yale-New Haven Health System and Northwell Health. She is a Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine, American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) and American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), and is a member of the Board of Directors for AAEM. She is the past Chair of the Critical Care Section of ACEP, and active in all three societies, with a goal of bringing emergency physicians to the forefront of critical care in all realms. Evie is an active educator and speaker, with an interest in neurocritical care topics as they relate to emergency medicine and bioethics as it relates to emergency medicine and critical care patients. She has, and continues to lecture nationally and internationally, and has won the ACEP Junior Faculty Teaching Award. Evie is very active in bioethics, as a member of the Yale-New Haven Health Ethics Committee and the Society for Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) Ethics committee, and teaches ethics seminars in the ethics of neuroscience and of emergency medicine annually for the Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics at Yale. She has been awarded the Grenvik Family Ethics Award from SCCM. Evie is a co-editor of the textbook: Emergency Department Resuscitation of the Critically Ill, which is now in its second edition, is a co-author of an upcoming book on mechanical ventilation in emergency medicine. She has been active as faculty for Wilderness Medical Associates International since 1992, and teaches wilderness medical courses to medical students, residents, faculty and allied health professionals nationally and internationally, as well as having served as Faculty Advisor to wilderness medicine interest groups at the University of Maryland and Yale. When not involved in academic pursuits, Evie loves to spend her time running and skijoring with her two Siberian Huskies. Please leave us your thoughts and comments, we'd love to dig further into this topic.  Make sure to leave @EMS_Nation a 5 star review wherever you listen to podcasts and to share the episode with friends and colleagues to pass along this #FOAMed resource. Checkout the blog at EMSNation.org and say hello to Dr. Faizan H. Arshad on Twitter and Instagram @emscritcare. Wishing everyone a safe tour!


9 Feb 2021

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Episode #96 Emergency Medicine Grand Grounds with Dr. Evie Marcolini: An Evidence-Based Approach to Traumatic Brain Injury

EMS Nation Podcast

1hr 1min

29 Jan 2021

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Blood Pressure Pearls for Neuro Emergencies with Evie Marcolini

The DownEast Emergency Medicine Podcast

We have a lot of numbers to remember when it comes to the care of the brain injured patient. From subarachnoid hemorrhage to traumatic brain injury, it can be hard to keep all the numbers straight. We sat down with neuro-intensivist Dr. Evie Marcolini to discuss blood pressure targets for these different disease processes. Check out our post on the Down East EM blog for more SUMMARY OF RECOMMENDATIONS AND ASSOCIATED LITERATURE Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH) Systolic blood pressure (SBP) to


9 Jan 2020

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Bioethics with Evie Marcolini and Lori Bruce

Yale Emergency Medicine Podcasts

This podcast explores ethical dilemmas within clinical medicine: how do we proceed when there seems to be no perfect answer?Guests Evie Marcolini, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, FCCM and Lori Bruce (Director of the Summer Institute in Bioethics at Yale’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics) discuss frameworks and approaches for difficult situations in the ER setting. Bioethics lectures & programs at Yale are also highlighted; find more about them here:bioethics.yale.edu/programs and biomedicalethics.yale.edu and medicine.yale.edu/education/ethics…ts/upcoming.aspx and bioethics.yale.edu/programs


15 Oct 2018