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Ep 61: Are we on the brink of revival? (Feat. Robby Gallaty)

Think Eternity with Matt Brown

So many things are going wrong in our world, but are we on the brink of revival? My dear friend Robby Gallaty, pastor of Longhollow Baptist Church shares about a huge revival that has been taking place at their church near Nashville, TN where more than a thousand people have been spontaneously baptized over the past few months. You will be stirred to wait on God, and pursue His presence and power in your life like never before. Pick up Robby's book "Replicate” here: amazon.com/Replicate-Create-Culture-Disciple-Making-Right-ebook/dp/B07YTM9L23/. Pick up Matt's book "Truth Plus Love” here: amazon.com/Truth-Plus-Love-Jesus-Influence/dp/0310355249/. For more from Matt Brown, and to receive our free e-book “5 Spiritual Keys to Find Fulfillment in God” go to: Thinke.org


16 Jul 2021

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#6 The Person God Uses / Robby Gallaty

The OneCry Podcast

Guest host Byron Paulus continues his interview with Robby Gallaty from Long Hollow Baptist Church about how God has been working in Robby's life and in his church. Watch the YouTube video podcast here  ->  OneCryVideos Find out more about OneCry and start your own personal revival journey today at www.onecry.com


6 Jul 2021

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#2 What is Revival? Part 2 / Robby Gallaty

The OneCry Podcast

Byron Paulus interviews Robby Gallaty - the Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church, about the amazing things that God is doing both in Robby's life and at his church Subscribe to the YouTube video podcast at OneCryVideos so you don't miss an episode! Find out more about OneCry and start your own personal revival journey today at www.onecry.com


8 Jun 2021

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5LQ Episode 459: Robby Gallaty

5 Leadership Questions Podcast on Church Leadership with Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy

In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy are joined by Robby Gallaty, senior pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church and author of Firmly Planted and Foundations. They discuss how is church is experiencing revival through spontaneous baptism and avoiding burnout in ministry.BEST QUOTES"God began to show us that the medium of the screen doesn't minimize the ministry of the Holy Spirit.""Here's how you know you are burning out in ministry: the Bible for you becomes a tool to use and not a treasure to behold.""It's very easy for us to fall in love with the ministry of Jesus and out of love with the Jesus of our ministry.""The Holy Spirit is a great leader, and He is honest. If you ask Him to put His finger on the pulse of the problem of your life, He is great at it.""Every great movement of God begins by not moving.""So many people want to go out in pastoral ministry and they don't want to wait on the Lord.""I went to seminary and traded an anointing for intellect. And I traded the power of God for ingenuity and my own ability.""The more I sat with the Lord the more I realized the human language is insufficient in the presence of an infinite, eternal God.""We have to, through silence and solitude, sit long enough for the voices, noises, and volume in our life to slow down enough that we can hear that small voice.""Burnout, in your life and my life, comes when we do the thing we are made to do and we do all the other things that other people can do at the same time.""If you pray for the hands of God and not His face, you may get neither. But if you pray and seek the face of God, you get both."RECOMMENDED RESOURCESLifeway Leadership Podcast NetworkLifeway.com/CoronaVirusThe Disciple's Study Bible by Robby GallatyFirmly Planted by Robby GallatyFoundations by Robby GallatyThey Found the Secret by V. Raymond EdmanThis Episode's Sponser:No matter how many people you have on staff at your church, there’s only so much you can accomplish in a day, right? Your church exists to serve your community, so the mission of your church and its staff is to reach as many people as you can.So BELAY, the innovative staffing solution with over 10 years of experience serving churches with virtual assistants, bookkeepers and social media strategists, is offering a free download of their resource, ‘Church Leaders: Essential Strategies to Unleash Productivity.’ Let BELAY help your church live its mission in your community by helping you juggle less and accomplish more. Visit belaysolutions.com/lifeway for your free download.


1 Apr 2021

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S7 Ep. 66 Overcoming Obstacles to Sustain a Disciple Making Movement (feat. Robby Gallaty)

The Disciple Maker‘s Podcast

This episode is from Replicate, recorded at the National Disciple Making Forum. Download the recommended resource with this episode, “Disciple-Culture Visual Introduction,” by going to discipleship.org/ebooks.


7 Jan 2021

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Robby Gallaty: Next Gen and Discipleship

Next Gen on Mission

Often, the topic of discipleship gets lost in the conversations about evangelism—that initial sharing of the gospel with someone who doesn’t know Jesus. Robby Gallaty, Senior Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, joins Shane to make sure churches and next gen pastors and leaders aren’t missing out on the importance of discipling students, too.


28 Sep 2020

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Ep 48 | From Addict to Pastor | Robby Gallaty

Rick & Bubba University Podcast

Robby Gallaty is an author and pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church. Robby wasn’t always a pastor, though. For three years, Robby battled a drug addiction that ravaged his life. A $180-a-day heroin and cocaine addiction drove him to steal $15,000 from his parents. After living without gas, electricity, and water for months, losing eight of his friends to drug-related deaths, watching six friends get arrested, and completing two rehab treatments, Robby remembered the gospel that was shared with him by a friend in college and was radically saved. Today, Robby’s gospel conviction and evangelistic zeal drive him to passionately “make disciples who make disciples.”Sponsor:Gabi takes the pain out of shopping for insurance by giving you an apples-to-apples comparison of your current coverage with 40 of the top insurance providers like: Progressive, Nationwide and Travelers. · Just link your current insurance account and in about two minutes you’ll be able to see quotes for the exact same coverage you currently have. Gabi customers save eight hundred twenty-five dollars per year on average. It’s totally free to check your rate and there’s no obligation. Take two minutes to see how much you can save on your car and homeowners insurance. Go to http://gabi.com/bubba Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


19 Sep 2020

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Pastor Robby Gallaty - From the Depths of Addiction to Total Redemption

The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

For three years, Robby Gallaty battled a drug addiction that ravaged his life.  A $180 a day heroin and cocaine addiction forced him to steal $15,000 from his parents.  After living without gas, electricity and water for months, losing 8 of his friends to drug related deaths, watching 6 friends arrested, and completing two rehab treatments, Robby remembered the gospel that was shared with him by a friend in college and was radically saved on November 12, 2002.  Robby has served as Long Hollow's Senior Pastor since 2015.  In addition to his leadership at Long Hollow, Robby is also the founder of Replicate Ministries and the author of several books, including Growing Up; Firmly Planted; and Rediscovering Discipleship.


6 Aug 2020

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Radical Salvation & Ministry of Discipleship with Robby Gallaty

Pastor Well with Hershael York

Hosted by pastor-scholar Hershael York, the Pastor Well Podcast offers a wellspring of wisdom from pastors, teachers, and ministry leaders about the insights learned from a life of faithful ministry.In the season 3 premiere of Pastor Well, Dr. York sits down with Robby Gallaty (senior pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN) to discuss his radical salvation and ministry of discipleship.


3 Jun 2020

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Robby Gallaty

The Pastors Collective

On this episode, Pastor Darrin Patrick sits down with Pastor Robby Gallaty, exploring his story. Pastor Robby grew up in a Catholic home, but never really had any faith. Beginning with a terrible car accident, Robby became addicted to drugs. First with prescription drugs, and later with street drugs. He spiraled out of control, and when he hit the bottom, he found Jesus, and that changed everything. You can learn more about Robby's new book on addiction, recovery, and faith, here. Produced by Narrativo Executive Produced by Greg Surratt and Darrin Patrick Edited and Mixed by Mike Cosper Music by Dan Phelps


15 Jan 2020