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John Bell and Scott Mann

Rooftop Leadership Podcast

Polarization, division, and low-trust have created a very difficult environment for us to lead in. People are walking around in fear and anger - induced states. Understanding our own human nature and the context we’re living in is noticeably absent in leadership today. My guest John Bell is an unconventional conflict resolution expert and pioneer in helping leaders recognize the invisible truths of their own nature to lead through high - conflict, low - trust situations. Your going to learn a ton in this episode!I’ll see you on the Rooftop,ScottLeading Teams in Crisis Virtual Coursehttps://rooftopleadership.mykajabi.com/leading-teams-in-crisisJoin Our Rooftop Tribe! Website: http://www.rooftopleadership.com/blogFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/RooftopLeadershipInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/rooftop_leadershipLinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/company/rooftop-leadershipTwitter: https://twitter.com/RooftopLeaderYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYOQ7CDJ6uSaGvmfxYC_skQ

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2 Apr 2021

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Episode #245 with LTC (r) Scott Mann

Stew and the Nunn

1hr 30mins

2 Apr 2021

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Mac's Man Cave Chats EP 7 W LTC(R) Scott Mann and CSM(R) Brian Knight

Mac’s Man Cave Chats

Mac's Man Cave Chats EP 7 W LTC(R) Scott Mann and CSM(R) Brian Knight

1hr 34mins

28 Feb 2021

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Interview with Lt. Col. (ret) Scott Mann


I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing my friend, a former Green Beret and retired Lt. Col., Scott Mann. Today we spoke about Trust and his program of Rooftop Leadership. How do you lead during times of low trust? People don’t trust political leaders, but worse, people don’t even seem to trust each other. Defend RIGHT, even when no one follows Make a true Human Connection Leadership is based on relationships (You’ve heard that from corporate leaders I’ve interviewed here at One Sharp Sword) Human connection is the primary commodity Primal fears lead to insular grouping We can build a deep bonding trust which only serves an immediate group OR we can BUILD WHAT’S CALLED BRIDGING TRUST, which serves to create greater unity.  Each individual can be both an individual and a part of a greater community and it’s up to each one of us to stand up and do the right thing, bridging beyond the comfort of our own group.  That’s Leadership. Scott Mann, his books, and trainings can be found at RooftopLeadership.com Thank you for listening to One Sharp Sword!  Be sure to also check out Wednesdays With Wayne for quick, fun, and inspirational mid-week reading.  www.WaynePernell.com/blog 


9 Feb 2021

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Scott Mann, Director of Education and Training of VentureLab

Innovation World Podcast Series

Scott Mann, Director of Education and Training of VentureLab shares with Innovation World. Venture Lab focuses Entrepreneurial Education for Kids. https://venturelab.org/ Join Innovation World in Inspiring Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in K-12 and Beyond. www.innovationworld.org 


7 Jan 2021

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Episode 16 - "Making Waves with Scott Mann"

Yale Brothers Podcast

A conversation with our friend and honorary Yale Brother, Scott Mann. Scott's an on-air personality and program director at classic rock station WAVE 104.1 in Myrtle Beach. He's also co-founder of Get Right Promotions, which organized a socially-distanced drive-in concert featuring festival stalwarts Big Something, coming up on November 7 at Thompson Farm at Brickyard Plantation in Conway, SC. Show Notes: 0:00 - "Go" by Chris Yale 3:24 - Meet Scott Mann 5:30 - "The Triplet" 5:44 - Scott's been in Myrtle Beach since 1999. 6:24 - Roger's first encounters with Scott, and the subsequent Story of the Year in Weekly Surge. Founding editor Kent Kimes, artist Dan McCosbe  and JerryFest. 8:16 - Scott's job at WAVE 104.1 and why he got into radio 13:00 - "The Last DJ" 14:00 - COVID-19 and the radio industry 16:40 - Save Our Stages 19:27 - About the now sold out Big Something show / Artist Leslie Caneda / Artist Stephen Rullo / Over the Moon Productions / The Gnosh Pit / Chambers Law Firm / New South Brewing / HTC / WKZQ / Waccamaw Getaway Festival 31:05 - Two grumpy guys? 32:04 - Marathon for Meals


28 Oct 2020

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Episode 053: Realizing Permacultures Breadth and Depth with Scott Mann

Seeds of Tao: Permaculture Pathways Beyond Sustainability


15 Sep 2020

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#045: What Most People Miss In Creating Trust With Their Tribe With Scott Mann

System & Soul

"Logic makes people think. Emotion makes people act." The problem is, we often miss the right ways to access emotion in our teams and within our business for the sake of getting it all done. This episode will give you the systematic secret sauce. In this episode, we bring back our good friend Scott Mann to tell us how he systematically navigates the "human terrain" to connect with reluctant followers on the defensive.  As a retired Lieutenant Colonel Green Beret and founder of Rooftop Leadership, he knows all about the importance of storytelling in leadership. As the meaning-seeking, emotional, social animals that humans are, a narrative is an important tool when it comes to breaking barriers that inhibit healthy, productive communication with anyone. This episode is sponsored by Keystone Search.  The team at KeyStone Search is expert at helping Visionaries hire their ideal Integrator. KeyStone has conducted successful Integrator searches across the country and they are proud to say when EOS Worldwide needed a new Integrator in 2016, KeyStone was the firm of choice. If hiring a "rock star" Integrator is in your future, go to www.keystonesearch.com Mentioned in this episode: Rooftop Leadership: www.rooftopleadership.com Scott Mann's TED Talk Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam The Book of Beautiful Questions by Warren Berger The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle Tribe by Sebastian Junger


23 Jun 2020

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Master Class: The Green Beret Soldier behind the Afghan SOF Strategy talks Leadership--Scott Mann

The Professionals Playbook

*My editor sent me this after listening to the episode: "I wanted to let you know that this was by far one of my favorite episodes to edit. It provided great insight into leadership skills."*"The Professionals Playbook" t-shirts are now available here.My guest today is Scott Mann who spent 23 years as an Officer in the United States Army, 18 of those as a Green Beret in Army Special Forces, where he specialized in unconventional missions in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan.He is the author of two international best-selling books: Game Changers and Straight Talk About Military Transition.He's also give 3 TED talks. In our conversation we talk about how Green Berets build rapport with local tribes, how he almost took his life after leaving the military, and how leaders can connect with their people.Order of Topics:Using SOF training for COVID-19How Green Berets compare to other SOF unitsHow to go into a village and establish trustInterpersonal techniques Architect of the Afghan SOF programAlmost committing suicideHow to transition from the militaryGreen Beret principalsHow to build relationshipsLeadership training Sign up for my newsletter for a few useful and insightful things that have helped me over the last month. You can sign up here.LinkedIn-- Justin Hasard LeeInstagram-- @justinfighterpilotFacebook--@justinfighterpilotThis episode was edited by Trevor CablerYou can review the show by tapping here and scrolling to the bottom where it says: "Write a Review." Thanks for the support 👊

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26 May 2020

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Replay of my interview with Scott Mann from the Permaculture Podcast

GREEN Organic Garden Podcast

In my most recent interview with Julie Cerny she recommends Scott Mann's Permaculture Podcast so I thought I'd go ahead and post a replay from our conversations back in July 2019.The Permaculture Podcast host Scott Mann shares his amazing journey into permaculture and podcasting in this must listen episode.Learn about The Possibility Handbook: A Toolkit for Transformation  So I ask myself today what lesson can I learn since all the work I did this weekend evaporated when my computer crashed yesterday. I am going to release it so I can listen on my way to work tomorrow and hope for the best. Sorry if there are any mistakes but I think Scott was an amazing guest you will enjoy hearing from unedited!To see my unedited notes click here.But I did put on my rose colored glasses on my way to work and ended up enjoying the sunny skies and beautiful Montana forests! Enjoy Green Future Growers! Here’s to technology challenges and hopefully better solutions! At least I didn’t lose my whole computer as I still have about 6 episodes in the bank to release!Show notes coming someday!I did want to make sure I include some important links Scott mentions. Two books and a website.David Holmgren’s site and info at Permaculture Principles and the Poster Download that lists the principles to follow along as we talk.David Holmgren’s book:Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond SustainabilityandToby Hemenway’sGaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture

1hr 14mins

27 Apr 2020