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Taryn Brumfitt


A few short years ago, 43 year-old Taryn Brumfitt’s life changed monumentally when she decided to stop hating her body. A simple ‘before and after’ picture Taryn posted online resulted in 8000 women reaching out to share their own tales of body dissatisfaction, and that’s when her body image revelation - and revolution - started. Now a best-selling author and director of the social-change documentary, Embrace, Taryn’s won a stack of global awards and accolades and celebrities’ support...but that’s not why she continues to push for self-love and acceptance. It’s moments like meeting a woman in her seventies who broke down crying after seeing unedited vulvas in Embrace...and feeling ‘normal’ for the first time in her life. Many thought-provoking and freeing conversations ahead in this episode, and Taryn also opens up about finding herself suddenly single at 40+ following the end of her marriage, how she coped with being alone during 2020, and the trepidation and excitement of finding a new love. So, what happens when you let go of past versions of yourself? We find out in FORTY. CREDITS: Hosts: Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills Guest: Taryn Brumfitt https://tarynbrumfitt.com/ Instagram: @bodyimagemovement For more 'Body Image Movement' resources:https://bodyimagemovement.com/ For Taryn's latest project 'Embrace x Radical Vibrancy:https://gemandtaz.com/ To watch Taryn's groundbreaking documentary 'Embrace' on Netflix:https://www.netflix.com/title/80162341?s=i&trkid=13747225 Producer: Jason Strozkiy (@strozkiy_jase) CONTACT: Email: hello@thosetwogirls.com.au Instagram: @liseandsarah Facebook: Those Two Girls See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


14 Mar 2021

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Taryn Brumfitt // Un-hate your body and Embrace your dreams

Seize the Yay

Re-releasing this beauty to celebrate the launch of Embrace on Netflix on March 5th!!! Three women who represent IWD to me had to postpone their recordings, but Taryn also inspires me everyday to embrace my womanhood so if you missed this back in 2019, what a perfect week to catch upToday’s guest is one of the people I admire most in this world who is the fiercely passionate thought leader behind The Body Image Movement and whose first film, the documentary Embrace, has reached over 100 million people with her message about learning to love your body. Taryn Brumfitt broke the internet in 2013 with an unconventional before and after photo where the after shot was heavier and HAPPIER than the leaner before shot taken during a body building competition when she was more restrictive, less balanced and less happy.After going viral all over the world and receiving over 7000 messages from women struggling with body confidence, she wrote a book and crowdfunded an incredible documentary, Embrace, that is set to become Australia’s highest grossing documentary ever. She is now in the process of raising money for the second film, Embrace Kids, and I couldn’t be more excited for the positive impact and contribution it will make to a comparative, competitive and sometimes overwhelming world that our children will grow up in. Not only is she making serious waves in the world, she also loves to play and doesn’t take life too seriously which I LOVE about her and the cackles are next level – hope you smile as much as I did during our chat!!!+ Full show notes here+ Announcements on Insta at @spoonful_of_sarah+ Subscribe to not miss out on the next instalment of YAY!

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11 Mar 2021

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Taryn Brumfitt on boosting body confidence


Taryn Brumfitt has made a career out of spreading the body positivity message around the world, and she’s pretty damn convincing. The filmmaker and speaker is fronting Cupid’s Undie Run, urging all Australians to, yes, run around their neighbourhoods in their finest undies. Don’t think you can? Well, listen to this and you may be convinced. The Adelaide-based author talks about her relationship with her own body image, and how you can learn to appreciate the skin you’re in by focusing on what your body can actually do for you, not what it looks like. You can find out more about Cupid’s Undie Run here and catch Taryn Brumfitt on Instagram.  You can join the conversation, or drop us a question, via the Healthy-ish Australia Facebook page, here.If you’re up for funny memes and health inspo follow Body+Soul on Instagram at @bodyandsoul_auOr, head to bodyandsoul.com.au for your daily digital dose of health and wellness.Each Sunday, you can pick up the latest copy of the Body+Soul/Stellar flipbook inside The Sunday Telegraph (NSW), the Sunday Herald Sun (Victoria), The Sunday Mail (Queensland), Sunday Mail (SA) and Sunday Tasmanian (Tasmania).  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Feb 2021

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Taryn Brumfitt's advice for changing your mindset on those 'meh' days

The Juggling Act

Today’s guest is one of our absolute favs. She oozes body confidence and positivity, but it wasn’t always that way… Taryn Brumfitt was on the cusp of getting plastic surgery after her third child when she realised the example she was setting for her daughter. So instead, she posted a nude picture on social media showing how much her body has changed between her bodybuilding days and now. It quickly went viral with more than 3.6 million people viewing and sharing it - including Ashton Kutcher! She then founded The Body Image movement and released a fantastic film called Embrace. Now she’s getting behind the Cupid’s Undie Run which raises funds and awareness for The Children’s Tumour Foundation and Neuroblastoma, and is encouraging everyone to embrace their body, strip down to the knickers and help raise money for this brilliant cause.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Feb 2021

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Ep 233: Don’t Waste Your Life Worrying About Cellulite with Taryn Brumfitt

Unconventional Life with Jules Schroeder

Taryn Brumfitt started her public career by doing things unconventionally. In 2012 she casually posted a photograph of what her body looked like years after competing in swimsuit competitions. With pure embrace, love and fearlessness she posted a nude photo that showed skin folds, cellulite and the realness of a woman’s body without the spray tan and photoshop. The act was almost as beautiful as she is. And it went viral. 100 million people kind of viral. Since that day, Taryn has dedicated her life to sharing a simple message: get your relationship right with your body. She’s an internationally recognized keynote speaker, founder of The Body Image Movement, a best-selling author, creator of a documentary called Embrace, 2019 Australian of the year and a mother of three. 


10 Aug 2020

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"Your Body IS NOT An Ornament" With Taryn Brumfitt

The Frae

Episode 94 Is a conversation with an incredible woman who is truly on a mission to change the way women see themselves and live their lives. Taryn Brumfitt is an internationally recognised keynote speaker and the fiercely passionate thought leader behind the Body Image Movement. Founded by Taryn Brumfitt in 2012, the Body Image Movement is on a mission to end the global body-hating epidemic by inspiring people to embrace their bodies through documentaries, books, online programs, speaking and educational resources. Our strength is taking evidence-based data from health professionals and turning it into content that is educational, inspirational, engaging and fun!Taryn’s determination to shift the way the world thinks about themselves and their bodies has the support of many high profile personalities including Olivia Newton-John, Rosie O’Donnell, and Ashton Kutcher, who famously praised her activism as being “good for the world”.Taryn is dedicated to making a real difference with a mission statement that includes:Educating our global community and providing tools to promote positive body imageCelebrate body diversity in shape, size, ethnicity and abilityPromote positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healthCombat toxic media messaging in advertisingNamed alongside Beyoncé and Emma Watson in Germany’s Brigitte magazine’s ‘Woman of The Year’, Taryn’s positively infectious voice and powerful message has reached over 100 million people!“Your body is not an ornament, it’s the vehicle to your dreams” To stay connected and hear more from Tarryn you can find her here :) Website: https://bodyimagemovement.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/bodyimagemovementInstagram: @bodyimagemovement Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/embraceyouTwitter: @bodyimagemvmt See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


24 Jun 2020

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Self Love Queen Taryn Brumfitt On How To Accept Your Body

Carly & Seamus - hit Far North Queensland

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22 Jun 2020

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#41: Taryn Brumfitt – Body Positivity, Self-Love & Embracing Joy in the Everyday – Your Dream Life Podcast

Your Dream Life with Kristina Karlsson, kikki.K

This episode Kristina chats to Taryn Brumfitt, an incredible woman who, after paving her own journey to self-love, is now spreading her message of body positivity, at a time when the world needs it the most. An internationally-recognised speaker, best-selling author, director and passionate crusader behind The Body Image Movement, Taryn encourages us all to love the skin we’re in! Listen as her and Kristina discuss all things health, self-love and so much more. The Body Image Movement believes that everyone has the right to love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability. What a wonderful message! Author and director of the social-change documentary, Embrace, Taryn’s global crusade to end body dissatisfaction has seen her recognised by the United Nations Women, as well as being named alongside Beyoncé and Emma Watson in Brigitte Magazine’s ‘Woman of The Year’! And with International Women’s Day (8 March) fresh in our minds, we couldn’t imagine a better time to bring you this episode, with a truly inspiring woman who is using her voice to empower others and encourage everyone to love the skin they’re in. In this wonderful episode, you will learn: About Taryn’s own personal experience of learning to love her body How to find the magic in parts of your body that you may not currently love The important difference between moving your body and intense exercise That embracing your body does not mean being unhealthy, it’s about loving your body and doing the right things for you and your health That you don’t always have to stick to rigid rules to be healthy The importance of looking after yourself first, so you can be of better service to others as well The importance of checking in regularly with your goals and dreams That we should all embrace more ‘Sparkle Activities’ that bring us joy and make us feel alive The power of pausing to appreciate all the wonderful things in your life, and being grateful for what you have How to change how we see our bodies – they are not just to be looked at, they are designed to feel, and do, and enjoy And so much more! If you love this episode, don’t forget to subscribe for plenty more inspiration! And please tell us what you thought by leaving us a review!  And please help up spread this inspiring message to even more people by sharing our podcast on social media with the hashtag #101milliondreamers “Self-love and self-care are so important, and yet it’s often something we forgot about as our schedules become more and more full. I just love Taryn’s advice that self-care should be simple and that we should enjoy ourselves when getting active and fuelling our body.” Kristina Karlsson “I love how Taryn encourages us to remember that our body is not an ornament; it is the vehicle to our dreams.What a wonderful way to think of our incredible bodies!” Kristina Karlsson RESOURCES Taryn Brumfitt: https://tarynbrumfitt.com/ The Body Image Movement: https://bodyimagemovement.com/ Embrace Documentary: https://bodyimagemovement.com/embrace/ Embrace Yourself, Taryn Brumfitt: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40797547-embrace-yourself Winging It, Emma Isaacs: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/40102458-winging-it Work Strife Balance, Mia Freedman: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/34309539-work-strife-balance Becoming, Michelle Obama: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38746485-becoming Your Dream Life Starts Here, Kristina Karlsson: https://www.kikki-k.com/au/shop-by/collection/dream-life/ Dream Life Journal: https://www.kikki-k.com/au/shop-by/collection/dream-life/ 101 Dreams Audio Guide: https://www.kikki-k.com/au/dreamlife.html Our dream is to inspire and empower 101 million people around the world, just like you, to write down three dreams, and go chase them! Don’t forget to help up spread this inspiring message to even more people by sharing our podcast on social media with the hashtag #101milliondreamers https://www.instagram.com/kikki.k/ https://www.instagram.com/kristinakikkik https://www.facebook.com/kikki.K.Swedish.Stationery https://twitter.com/kikkik https://www.pinterest.com.au/kikkik/


8 Mar 2020

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Change the relationship with your body & Embrace You with Taryn Brumfitt

The Confidence Chronicles

HOLA!!!Do you know how excited I am? We have a special guest today. Mrs. Taryn Brumfittt of the Body Image Movement and Embrace documentary. If you have not watched this film yet, what are you doing? Go and catch up on all things Body Image Movement, but listen to this podcast episode first pretty please. Taryn’s global crusade to end the body dissatisfaction epidemic has seen her recognised by the United Nations Women, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and the Geena Davis Institute. She is truly a trailblazer.Taryn had the most successful crowdfunding campaign in Australia which led to having one of the most successful documentaries in Australia. This woman is making a global impact on all things body image and I am in love with her message and her vision. Taryn is now working on the creation of her next documentary, Embrace Kids, which you can donate to here, to help push this baby out into the world.  Embrace Kids will explore the relationship children have with their bodies, why so many boys and girls hate their bodies and what we can do about it. This is going to be so powerful, and so important for all the kids of the world to see.Her message and her vision has been seen by millions of people around the globe. She is a boss mama, Director, filmmaker, thought leader and mother of three. She is fierce and fully represents the #FWOT message. Taryn is standing and owning her message and not letting anything stop her. Her grit, her ability to be fierce, her ability to be seen and show women everywhere how to love your body as it is, is a true inspiration. Head over to Insta and follow the journey, show your support and get behind this Embrace Kids Documentary and lastly if you want to learn how to Embrace then please head over to the site and get yourself enrolled in the Embrace YOU online program. Taryn’s vision inspires me so much and I cannot wait for you to hear this episode. I see you.  X E


7 Oct 2019

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Ep. 163 - How to embrace our bodies with Taryn Brumfitt

Hot & Healthy in Business

It’s time for us all to change our mindset around the way we see our bodies and learn to love the body we are in and this week’s special guest shares how embracing her body led to a global movement. Taryn Brumfitt is a best selling author and director of the social change documentary Embrace. Her global crusade to end body dissatisfaction has seen her recognised by the United Nations Women, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and the Geena Davis Institute. The Hot & Healthy in Business Podcast brings the secrets to success for women in small business. To find out more visit www.hotandhealthyglobal.com This podcast is brought to you by Ethical Change Agency - www.ethicalchangeagency.com


5 Oct 2019