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Paying Off Debt Quickly – We Interview the Experts – Katie Welsh And Denis O’Brien

Money Tree Investing

Did you end up spending way more during the holidays than you expected? Did you max out your credit cards? Did you know that debt is probably causing you much more stress that you realize? This week we discuss paying off debt with 2 experts who were able to quickly pay down a large amount of debt and go back to enjoying life without stress. For more information, visit the show notes at https://moneytreepodcast.com/276

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27 Dec 2019

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20. The Inspiring Debt Payoff Story of Denis O’Brien and Katie Welsh

Sheepdog Financial

People talk about paying off their debt, but many people are stuck and have that sinking feeling that it will never get paid off. Today's inspiring story features Denis O'Brien and Katie Welsh who paid off over $200,000 in debt. Katie knew that she was in trouble with all of her debt, she just didn’t know how much until Denis compiled a spreadsheet of all of her debt. She had a cry and then made an action plan.   Her plan included selling things, going back to work, and having a side hustle. We also talk about tackling student loans. She was able to get $5,000 of her debt forgiven. Katie also paid $3,000 a month on her student loans when her teacher salary was less than that. That's the power of having a side hustle. Denis and Katie recently got married. They share how they made a plan to have a debt free start and how paying off debt can actually become addictive.  Highlights from Episode 18 [01:15] Katie and Denis got married in July. Katie had a ton of debt, and it had never occurred to her to take a good hard look at it.  [02:04] Katie moved from Florida to be with Denis, but all of her bills from Florida followed her.  [02:44] Katie was a teacher and when she moved in with Denis, she didn't have a job. As the bills were coming in, he started asking her questions that she didn't have an answer to.  [02:58] Denis decided to help Katie and used a spreadsheet to add up her bills which totaled $200,000. [03:28] Half of her debt was her house in Florida. She had a car payment and a student loan.  [04:14] Denis had created a step-by-step plan where she could be debt free in three years.  [04:40] She was able to sell the house. The car had negative equity. She was able to put the money from the house towards the car.  [05:34] She was paying almost $700 a month for a Honda.  [06:24] She originally had $30,000 in student loans that had become $42,000. With deferment and minimum payments, it wouldn't be paid off until she was 60 years old. She had another $40,000 in interest to pay with her current plan. [07:02] Denis said he would cover living expenses and her job was to get out of debt. [07:22] She was for teacher loan forgiveness. She taught for five years in a low income school and $5,000 of her debt was forgiven.  [09:06] You have to follow the rules perfectly with these programs. One mistake and you're hitting reset.  [09:58] They looked for low hanging fruit to knock down the debt as quickly as possible.  [10:24] Selling the house and making the biggest payments where it would make sense. Any spare money left over goes towards debt. They also saved up to pay for their wedding in cash.  [12:02] The more Katie paid, the more motivated she became.  [13:30] Katie started looking for ways to make an extra $1,000 a month. When you work all the time, you're too busy to spend money. [17:17] Realizing the value and future value is critically important.  [18:13] Katie was a waitress during the day. They also rented a room in their home through Airbnb.  [22:56] Katie is also a VA for an author. She tutors twice a week. She used to get paid to charge Bird scooters.  [24:18] Scott makes extra money being a soccer referee, and he and his wife used to mystery shop movies.  [25:35] Side hustles help them bring in an extra 20% of savings.  [28:29] Denis received a bonus that helped them make their goal early. [30:13] They would do some things for themselves when they would reach a goal.  [31:33] It's a challenge deciding what to do with your money. It helps to figure out what is important to you and when you want to reach your goals.  [33:40] Having a significant down payment eliminates PMI. Having a paid off home allows you to put more towards retirement. Everything is related. Strategize about what's important to you. [35:13] Denis did a lot of number crunching with Excel. He's an Excel ninja and an accountant.  [36:57] They are huge fans of setting goals, writing goals down, and accomplishing goals. [39:09] Katie's mom sent her care packages to help Katie not be tempted to spend. She was super supportive. [40:02] Having their podcast and being open about their goals was another way to stay accountable.  [43:41] Taking on more debt is a big decision, but there are times when it is necessary.  [45:13] When spending, you have to weigh your values and find what is important to you. [47:13] Common pitfalls happen. Life doesn't stop. Things happen. Have an emergency fund for costs that aren't foreseen.  [48:35] Watch out for extra interest with deferred payments.  [50:44] To get out of debt, get started. The first step is the hardest.  Links and Resources Chain of Wealth Chain of Wealth Podcast Chain of Wealth on Facebook Chain of Wealth on Twitter Chain of Wealth on Instagram info@ChainofWealth.com Airbnb Bird Robinhood Mint Tiller 


13 Nov 2019

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How To Pay Off Your Loans Without Having A Full Time Job | Cashflow Hacking Ep #19 Katie Welsh

How To Trade It

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10 Jul 2018

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E181: Inspiring Debt Story In Progress And Ending Fast With Katie Welsh

Breakthrough Success

Katie Welsh has a wild ride when it comes to debt payoff stories. The unique angle with this story is that it’s ongoing and today’s guest is sharing many lessons along the way. She was about $200,000 in debt and managed to pay back most of the debt. In May 2018, the time we are recording this episode, she only has $26,000 of that $200,000 left to pay off. She keeps everyone updated on how her money liberation is going, and you’ll hear about it in this episode. Quotes To Remember: “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” “You have to acknowledge it and you just have to do it because ultimately it is not going away.” “Don’t put off your student loan.” “If you don't have a plan as to where you are going or what you are doing then you are not going and not doing anything.” What You’ll Learn: How to be Financially Confident in Paying Off Debt Tips on Paying Off Debt Advantages of AirBnB Advice for College Students Key Links From The Show: Katie’s Site Chain of Wealth Podcast Recommended Books: Content Marketing Secrets by Marc Guberti Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Your Money or Your Life by Joseph R. Dominguez, Monique Tilford, and Vicki Robin The Millionaire Fastlane by M. J. DeMarco The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley Support Breakthrough Success On Patreon Please consider supporting Breakthrough Success on Patreon. I publish five episodes per week which I carefully prepare for, and I choose to not run ads in my podcast to enhance the listener experience. I offer my patrons various perks, and even a donation as small as $1/mo would make a big difference for growing and maintaining Breakthrough Success. You can support Breakthrough Success by going here.


15 Jun 2018

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Chain of Wealth with Denis O'Brien and Katie Welsh

Chain of Wealth - Debt, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Wealth & More

Hey Chainers! Welcome to the first ever episode of Chain of Wealth! We’re so excited to get going and start sharing awesome free actionable financial advice that is relevant to everyone. One of the topics where there is a massive disconnect in society and definitely something that the average person does not know enough about it (unless you’re a financial professional) is Wealth. Thus - Chain of Wealth was born with the vision and mission to provide daily actionable free financial advice through interviewing people that have excelled and done something extraordinary. This very first episode, or Episode 0, is just Denis & Katie. We’ll chat a bit about ourselves and the plan is just to discuss a bit about the podcast and give information about how best to use the website. Ok so firstly, let’s dive into the Podcast itself, why a Wealth Podcast and what is the Chain of Wealth? Quite simply put, there is a massive amount of information available these days on the internet and there are some really awesome people out there creating content and achieving their financial dreams. The disconnect occurs in that this information is scattered all over the place, and unless you know exactly what you’re looking, it can take you ages to research and find it. At the time we’re recording this, the US national debt is over 20 trillion dollars, and while it isn’t necessarily Joe Average’s debt, it definitely speaks to the economy as a whole. Student debt is also at its highest level ever and people are starting their working careers with a massive debt already owning, pushing out their retirement and making it much harder for people to succeed. In life, some of the most important things you’ll ever do financially you are not adequately prepared for, such as buying a house, car, saving for retirement and many other financial decisions. The podcast and blog is a way to address this issue and help people make a massive difference in their lives. This is one of the major reasons we decided to create the Chain of Wealth Podcast- to provide a free platform to educate people and provide financial advice. So let’s dive into Chain of Wealth itself, what is the Chain of Wealth and who are the Chainers? The Chain of Wealth is the hosts, interviewees and all our listeners. We all link together and leverage off each other to provide a network of knowledge, resources and a community where honest information is provided to help each other. Chainers are our listeners and everyone that is part of our community. Awesome! So we’ve gone through the basics, but now let’s get into introductions! Let’s chat about Denis – Originally from South Africa, CA(SA), 5 years of working experience in Corporate in an extremely wide variety of industries and countries. Let’s chat about Katie- Grew up in Tampa, Florida, 2nd Grade School Teacher, trying to learn more about the financial world and already done some big financial things, got student debt, bought and sold a house and bought a car. We’ve already interviewed some leading inspirational people such as David Weliver from Money Under 30, Jackie Ruka from GetHappyZone, Brandon Krieg from Stash Invest and many, many other leaders in their respective industries! The podcast will run from Monday to Friday and the structure will be an interview based podcast. Episodes will range from 15 to 30 minutes long and so will be perfect for most people who go about their weekly routine. Now let’s talk about the format of the interview – each interview for Chain of Wealth undergoes a rigorous research process and questions asked in the main part of the interview. It is designed to get the most important information out of our guests and answer some questions that we might have. After that we have a short break and then dive right into the value link round. The value link round is a lightning round where we extract even more value bombs from our guests and finally end with some parting advice and how you can get in touch with our guests should you wish to do that. Each and every interview will have a show notes page on our website which is probably where you want to go if you’re looking for a quick recap of the interview as a whole. To access the show notes page, you can either search for the interview or you can browse through the podcast page. We also use timestamps in our show notes which are totally awesome! What it means is that if you click on the green links it’ll jump right into that portion of the audio clip so you can listen to our guests’ responses super quickly and easily. There are also links to all the resources that get discussed in the show which provides an amazing platform and a huge amount of value as you can click directly through to what they are talking about. Definitely check out the website chainofwealth.com there is really some awesome material on there. Check out the podcast page and Katie’s blogs about her journey to getting out of $30,000 in student loan debt from a public Florida university. Speaking about the website, we’ve also going to add really great guides and content. As an example we’ve written a debt guide for you to check out – chainofwealth.com/debt which is completely FREE. Anyway, we’re pumped to get going and super excited for our first two guest, Jackie Ruka and Matt DeCoursey We love comments and questions that you leave, so don’t be shy. We will reply to you- so go visit and subscribe! Catch ya on the flip side! Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/chain-of-wealth-debt-investing-entrepreneurship-wealth-and-more/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


5 Nov 2017