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91 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nir Eyal. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nir Eyal, often where they are interviewed.

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91 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nir Eyal. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nir Eyal, often where they are interviewed.

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How to be indistractible | Nir Eyal | Unstoppable #106

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With addictive technologies and lowering attention spans, being able to avoid distraction is the skill of the century. Just imagine how much time you would save and how many things you could get done if you were completely 'indistractible'. Behavioural designer Nir Eyal joins us in this week's Unstoppable podcast to teach you how to form good habits and how to break bad ones - so that you can get your time back. Nir has taught as a Lecturer in Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Design and is the author of 'Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products' and 'Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life'

TIME STAMPS 00:00 - The power of habits 05:50 - Why Facebook is so addictive 11:11 - What’s required to form a habit? 13:30 - Why Facebook could disappear 15:38 - The 2 types of manipulation 19:34 - How to become ‘indistractible’ in 4 steps 27:40 - The 3 different types of packs 33:12 - The importance of community in developing a habit and the 3 types of variable rewards 34:50 - Why the skill of the century is to be ‘indistractable’

Aug 16 2020 · 39mins
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#120 How To Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life with Nir Eyal

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We are living through a crisis of distraction. Plans get sidetracked, friends are ignored, work never seems to get done. You sit down at your desk to work on an important project, but a notification on your phone interrupts your morning. Later, as you're about to get back to work, you receive an email that you need to reply to. At home, screens get in the way of quality time with your family. Another day goes by, and once again, your most important personal and professional goals are put on hold. What would be possible if you followed through on your best intentions? What could you accomplish if you could stay focused? What if you had the power to become ‘indistractable?’

My guest on today’s conversation is an international bestselling author, former Stanford lecturer, and behavioral design expert, Nir Eyal. Nir started his career by helping tech-companies develop products that are intentionally habit-forming. Now, Nir has written a new book, Indistractable: How To Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life, which explains how to get the best of technology and reclaim your attention, without letting it get the best of you.

Nir believes that we all have the power to become indistractable and in today’s conversation he reveals how. He explains what really drives human behavior and why ‘time management is pain management’. Nir also shares actionable techniques that will help you design your time, realise your ambitions, and live the life you really want.

I hope you find this conversation empowering.

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Jul 07 2020 · 1hr 20mins

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#089 - Nir Eyal - Conquering Distraction & Taking Action (Building Healthy Habits)

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Nir is an author of 2 best selling books, a lecturer at Stamford and an investor of some of the worlds leading tech companies.

As an investor Nir has supported some of the most successful businesses in tech including eventbrite, which I use for the take flight events, anchor, which again I use as my podcasting host - kahoot who have had huge success globally - and many others.

As a lecturer Nir teaches marketing at the Stamford business school. The same school he graduated with his Masters in Business Administration.

His two bestselling books ‘HOOKED - how to build habit forming products' and ‘INDISTRACTABLE - how to control your attention and choose your life' have had incredible success and you can find them on most bookshelves around the world.

Nir's Newest Book: NirAndFar.com/Indistractable

The schedule maker we discussed: https://nirandfar.com/schedule-maker/

Summary article: https://www.nirandfar.com/skill-of-the-future/

The distraction guide here: https://www.nirandfar.com/distractions/

Habits vs routines article here: https://www.nirandfar.com/habits/

Jun 28 2020 · 59mins
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Becoming Indistractable with Nir Eyal

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Nir Eyal is an author, investor and behavioural scientist. Nir's first book, 'Hooked: how to build habit forming products' was a huge hit in the tech industry. Essentially it was a guide for companies to create emotional triggers around their products so that users would become 'hooked'.

His new book 'Indistractable' is a guide to resist distraction and take some power back over our time that is coveted by companies and advertisers the world over.
Jun 26 2020 · 1hr 4mins

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CNLP 347: Nir Eyal on How to Hook People with Your Message or Product and (Also) How to Become Indistractable

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When bestselling author, Nir Eyal, wrote Hooked a few years ago, it took Silicon Valley by storm. In it, Nir explains the principles that companies and leaders can use to ‘hook’ people on forming...

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Jun 16 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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Nir Eyal: Authors in Quarantine Getting Cocktails

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Author Nir Eyal returns to The Marketing Book Podcast for a special episode of "Authors in Quarantine Getting Cocktails."

Previously on The Marketing Book Podcast to discuss his book, Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life, author, lecturer, investor, and behavioral designer Nir Eyal joins the (hopefully) limited time series, Authors in Quarantine Getting Cocktails to talk about why he and his wife and daughter left New York City to "quarantine" in Singapore, why the pandemic seems to be increasing interest in his book about managing distraction, and other explanations for why we behave the way we do. Cheers!

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May 30 2020 · 51mins
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336: Nir Eyal on Becoming Indistractable

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Nir Eyal is an author whose writing on technology, psychology, and business has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic, Psychology Today, and many other renowned publications. Previously, he taught as a Lecturer in Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Design School. In this episode, Nir and Eric discuss his new book, Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

You can find all of the most up to date crisis help & support resources that Eric is making available through The One You Feed by going to www.oneyoufeed.net/help

The wisdom and practice of self-compassion is a foundational principle that Eric teaches and helps his private clients learn to apply through the 1-on-1 Spiritual Habits Program. To learn more about this program, click here.

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But wait – there’s more! The episode is not quite over!! We continue the conversation and you can access this exclusive content right in your podcast player feed. Head over to our Patreon page and pledge to donate just $10 a month. It’s that simple and we’ll give you good stuff as a thank you!

In This Interview, Nir Eyal and I discuss Becoming Indistractable and…

  • His book, Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life
  • How what we pay attention to determines our quality of life
  • The importance of being in control of how you spend your time and attention in life
  • When it comes to being distracted, there are the blamers, the shamers, and the claimers
  • That the root cause of distraction is uncomfortable sensations
  • Time management is pain management
  • How you can’t stop emotions but you can respond to them
  • The 4 key steps of becoming indistractable
  • Traction and Dis-traction
  • How anything can become a distraction
  • That you can’t call something a distraction unless you know what you are distracted from
  • The tyranny of the to-do list
  • Deciding with intent when you’re going to do something
  • Timeboxing
  • Mastering our internal triggers: Learning to work with our uncomfortable emotions
  • The 3 reasons we get distracted
  • The antidote to impulsive behavior
  • Using an identity to help us become indistractable

Nir Eyal Links:

nirandfar.comFREE Schedule Maker




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May 26 2020 · 53mins
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#531 - Are we Addicted to Social Media with Nir Eyal

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Social media usage is at an all time high, and people say its addictive, but is it? Or are we distracted by it for other reasons? And thus, is procrastination a real or imagined problem? As an expert in behavioural psychology and as someone who has helped tech companies develop such ‘addictive’ apps, I speak to Nir Eyal on the fascinating world of technology, a huge part of our modern lives. We discuss life traction vs distraction, procrastination, time blocking, life systems for better control, if a % of the population are pathologically out of control with such devices and technology, and more. I loved this chat, I know you're gonna love it too!!

For advanced reading click here: NirAndFar.com/Indistractable
Here is the schedule maker tool Nir mentioned: https://nirandfar.com/schedule-maker/
A link to a cool distraction guide here: https://www.nirandfar.com/distractions/
And Habits vs routines article here: https://www.nirandfar.com/habits/

Otherwise follow Nir @Neyal99
May 21 2020 · 44mins
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How to be Indistractable, with Nir Eyal

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What could you accomplish if you could stay focused? What if you had the power to become “indistractable?” Today I chat with Nir Eyal, author of the excellent book Indistractable. We cover tips and techniques to avoid distractions and get focused.
Apr 27 2020 · 34mins
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Nir Eyal on Overcoming Internal and External Distractions

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Nir Eyal is the bestselling author of 'Indistractable: 'How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life'.

In this conversation Erik And Nir talk about the secret of finally doing what you say you will do and the hidden psychology driving us to distraction. He describes why solving the problem is not as simple as swearing off our devices.

This show is broight to you by:

Apr 21 2020 · 47mins