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Espresso, Characters & Overcooked Brussel Sprouts with Matthew Giuffrida

Superhero Academy Podcast

Matthew Giuffrida, a growing face in the Montreal content creation scene joins us in the Story Tory to talk about his journey. The stories and characters that he has developed as a solo producer, videographer, writer and editor are truly remarkable.    Being based in comedy and acting, Matthew brings a nice lighter and more jovial atmosphere to the studio as many topics and jokes are tossed around. The ultimate question is eventually asked though..   The content creation game is strong but where can he go from here? That's where Marc drops some wisdom and provides Matthew, as well as all our listeners, some high quality tips ON AIR about how to continue growing. Full Video: https://youtu.be/h522T4K0_Zg

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9 Dec 2020

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Episode 128 - With Matthew Giuffrida

The Fuel Up Podcast

And were BACK! After a little break we come back with a bang! Matthew Giuffrida joins us again on a hilarious episode. We talk about his new car purchase and mods , to where he is at in his career and some every day life topics.Matthew is a comedian/influencer/actor he does it all! Follow Matthew @matthew.giuffrida on all social media platforms. Follow us @thefueluppodcast on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook

1hr 32mins

20 Nov 2020

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Episode 10 - Matthew Giuffrida

Agree to Disagree Show

Special guest Montreal actor and social media star Matthew Giuffrida. We discuss everything from Covid to asking kids permission to tickle them.   #MatthewGiuffrida #agreetodisagreeshow #agreetodisagreeshow #matthewgiuffrida #joeandmarywedding #brudder #martin #sal #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #podcaster #podcastshow #podcasthost #podcastersofinstagram #PodcastSeries #podcastepisode #podcastnews #podcastlistening #podcastinterview #podcastersoninstagram #PodcasterLife #podcastproduction #best podcasts #toppodcasts #popularpodcasts #bestpodcast #bestpoliticalpodcasts #bestnewpodcasts #bestnewspodcasts #newspodcast #toppodcast #topratedpodcasts #politicspodcast #bestpodcaststolistento #podcastnews #dailynewspodcast #politicalpodcast #popculturepodcast #bestpoliticspodcast #bestnewspodcast #bestpoliticalpodcast #goodnewspodcast #podcastpolitical

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10 Oct 2020

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Dudes and Don'ts

In this episode, the D & D girls get to know who Matthew Giuffrida really is. They get balls deep talking about long distance relationships, a career in the spotlight and the process of being a public figure.


11 Aug 2020

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Episode 110 - With Matthew Giuffrida

The Fuel Up Podcast

For our 10th episode, bringing one of our hometowns favorite comedian/social media star, would kind of makes sense. Mass and Gio sit down and shoot the shit with our second guest on the podcast Matthew Giuffrida. An Episode with Lots of laughs , insane stories and of course CAR TALK.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @thefueluppodcast Follow Matthew Giuffrida on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @matthewgiuffrida Special Thanks to our sponsor SALUMITASSONI follow them on all platforms @salumitassoni

1hr 13mins

20 Feb 2020

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JOFO Podcast

BIG THANKS TO MATTHEW GIUFFRIDA! & SUBSCRIBE TO HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/matthedon ALSO FOLLOW MATTHEW ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/matthewgiuff INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/matthew.giuffrida/ .Special Thanks To XAVAGE Follow & Checkout his work INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/xavagery/ https://www.instagram.com/xavagecreations/.We Get to know the man Behind many alias Such as SAL - The mob boss Martin - French Canadian that’s always complaining " CHAMPLAIN BRIDGE"  Brudder - Your average young Italian / North American and many more! Sal Tells us if its gravy or sauce & Which is the most Authentic MOB movie. we checkout Brudders New Car Does Martin watch the Super Bowl, NEW SEGMENT - Who is the SALAM of the WEEK? - WATCH - LISTEN - DOWNLOAD - JOFO podcast (JUST OUR F*CKIN OPINION) - -- MONDAY NIGHTS 9PM et on YOUTUBE -- https://linktr.ee/jofopodcast1 JOFO podcast (JUST OUR F*CKIN OPINION) - COVERING A VARIETY OF TOPICS WEEKLY | SOMETIMES OUTRAGEOUS, SOMETIMES CAPTIVATING , ALWAYS ENTERTAINING AND DEFINATLEY FUNNY! GRAB A BEER, GRAB YOUR LIGHTER AND CHILL OUT WITH US..Matthew giuffrida martin, matthew giuffrida champlain bridge, champlain bridge martin, fratelli fourkast , Martin | Bonjour - Hi

1hr 9mins

11 Feb 2020

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Teaser/ Special Guest: Actor and Influencer, Matthew Giuffrida

V Extra

Montreal's very own, Matthew Giuffrida stops by to chat about his acting career, Instafame, dating and much more. Fun fact: Matthew’s McGregor impersonation is as PERFECT as last night’s 40 second TKO. Follow Matthew @matthew.giuffridaFull episode launching on January 23, 2020#InstaFame #Actor #SpecialGuest Support the show (https://www.instagram.com/vextrapodcast/)


19 Jan 2020

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Ep. 47 Getting things DONE and confidence with Matthew Giuffrida

The Humble Lion

What is uppppp my friends! Today we’ve got Matthew Giuffrida with us talking all about getting shit done. When you’re trying to build a business, or sustain an artistic career, life is a constant balancing act between patience and hustle.  What is an open-loop system and how is it hindering your progress? What is the difference between confidence and arrogance? If you are at a roadblock in life right now, listen to this. You’re not alone! Let us know what you think of the podcast, drop some comments. Love you fam. Come join us for the experience and let us know what you think! Listen to the new episode now! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/humble-lion/support

1hr 7mins

31 May 2019

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Ep.1 with Matthew Giuffrida Social Media, Acting, and Building Yourself as a Brand

The Humble Lion

Today we welcome Matthew Giuffrida onto the podcast!  This episode is split into: social media, acting and building yourself as a brand in the internet age. This episode will help you understand whether or not your dream is actually your dream. We talk about social media, influencer marketing and the pros and cons of instagram.  We delve into what building yourself as a brand online looks like. We discuss internet acting versus acting for film and television.  Basically a bunch of everything.  ENJOY! And I'd love it if you left a comment down below! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/humble-lion/support


31 Jan 2019