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Ben Miller chats The Night We Got Stuck in a Story

Fun Kids Meets

Awesome author and Bex's BFF Ben Miller popped by the Fun Kids studio to chat about his wicked new book, The Night We Got Stuck in a Story.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


31 Jan 2023

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REI160: The Fundrise Approach w/ Ben Miller

Millennial Investing - The Investor’s Podcast Network

Patrick Donley talks with Ben Miller about how his company, Fundrise, is using technology to build a better financial system for the individual investor. Ben Miller is Co-Founder and CEO of Fundrise. Since launching America’s first online real estate investment platform in 2012, Fundrise has now become the largest direct-to-investor alternatives investment manager with more than 385,000 active investors, more than $3.3 billion worth of equity under management, and $7 billion worth of real estate transacted.  IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: 00:00 - Intro 02:14 - What Ben’s early years were like growing up in a real estate family. 05:41 - Why his mentor wished upon him a great failure for his first start-up. 07:11 - How the idea for Fundrise developed. 11:28 - How he handled the 2008 Great Financial Crisis. 24:57 - What the regulatory hurdles were like starting the company. 35:04 - Why Fundrise is more of a technology company that a real estate firm. 48:23 - How inflation and rising interest rates have affected the market. 01:07:46 - What trends are most exciting to him at the moment. And much, much more! *Disclaimer: Slight timestamp discrepancies may occur due to podcast platform differences. BOOKS AND RESOURCES Robert’s book The Everything Guide to House Hacking.Onward, a Fundrise podcast.Related Episode: Listen to REI010: Commercial Real Estate Investing w/ Ian Formigle, or watch the video. NEW TO THE SHOW? Check out our Real Estate 101 Starter Packs.Browse through all our episodes (complete with transcripts) here.Try our tool for picking stock winners and managing our portfolios: TIP Finance Tool.Enjoy exclusive perks from our favorite Apps and Services.Stay up-to-date on financial markets and investing strategies through our daily newsletter, We Study Markets.Keep up with the latest news and strategies on real estate investing with the best real estate podcasts. P.S The Investor’s Podcast Network is excited to launch a subreddit devoted to our fans in discussing financial markets, stock picks, questions for our hosts, and much more! Join our subreddit r/TheInvestorsPodcast today! SPONSORS Get a FREE audiobook from Audible.Get personalized, expert advice that helps you see things clearly with ATB.Take stock of your finances and investing strategy with Betterment.Let an expert do your taxes from start to finish so you can relax with TurboTax.Talk to your clients about Desjardins Responsible Investment today and support what’s right for society and what’s good for business.If your business has five or more employees and managed to survive Covid you could be eligible to receive a payroll tax rebate of up to twenty-six thousand dollars per employee. Find out if your business qualifies with Innovation Refunds.Find the perfect piece of jewelry for life’s special moments with Blue Nile. Save up to 50% off today!Support our free podcast by supporting our sponsors. Connect with Patrick (@jpatrickdonley): Twitter Connect with Ben: Website | Instagram |Twitter See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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30 Jan 2023

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CFC 196 Fluke Human vs Ben Miller

Comedy Fight Club

UNDERCARD BATTLES:  Gabby Jordan Brown vs Espi Rivadeneira Malia Simon vs Kyle Lewis Stephen Bolles vs Sachin Srinivasan Gene Meyer vs Chris Lamadieu MAIN EVENT:  Fluke Human vs Ben Miller  JUDGES:  Joel Walkowski Lindsey Jennings Robbie Goodwin Onika McLean OFFICIALS: Mark Henely, Patrick Haggerty, Lawrence Reese, Niko Pav, Sean McCracken DJ: Derick Gonzalez HOST: Matt Maran  Comedy Fight Club is recorded LIVE every Sunday in NYC. Not in the NYC area? You can still watch Comedy Fight Club on youtube and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @comedyfightnyc If you want access to old episodes and bonus content subscribe to our Patreon page! https://www.patreon.com/comedyfightclub

1hr 17mins

19 Nov 2022

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Night Owl Radio #368 ft. Sultan + Shepard and Ben Miller

Night Owl Radio

Direct from the Insomniac HQ in Los Angeles, Night Owl Radio is a weekly show presented by the Night Owl himself aka Pasquale Rotella. With special guest mixes, exclusive info on Insomniac Events and lots of interaction with you, the Headliners. Get involved on Twitter @PasqualeRotella and use the hashtag #NightOwlRadio. This week, Sultan + Shepard select their Up All Night tracks & Ben Miller delivers the exclusive Guest Mix.

2hr 1min

3 Sep 2022

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Ep. 159 – The Pro, The Protege & The Hack – The Episode You've Waited 316 Days For! (Or Not?). With Dave Padden (Akasha) & Ben Miller (From Ben).

The Beer Healer Interviews

Ladies and Gents, we’re back in the studio for another episode of the Pro, The Protege & The Hack. The last time the 3 of us got together to talk about beer, was back in October 2021. So yeah, we have been kind of shit at keeping up a regular recording schedule. To be honest, Ben and I kinda blame Dave for that, he nearly died last year, but that’s a poor excuse.And that text above is pretty much the exact description I used on that episode back in October...we have been slack!!!Enough bullshit, let’s get into this.💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥Want to help spread the craft beer gospel?Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTubeRate, Review and Subscribe on Apple Podcasts…click the link on your phone and scroll to the bottomOr Follow/Subscribe on your favourite podcast player


30 Aug 2022

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Against Everyone with Conner Habib

I talk about all things gay and queer with the hosts of the Bad Gays podcast and author of Bad Gays: A Homosexual History, Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller!

1hr 47mins

30 Aug 2022

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An Interview with Ben Miller. Searching: The Wanderlust of a 60-Year Old Gay Man from Pender to Pittsburgh, From Lincoln to LA, and Many Points in Between.

Becoming Wilkinson

An Interview with Ben Miller. Searching: The Wanderlust of a 60-Year Old Gay Man from Pender to Pittsburgh, From Lincoln to LA, and Many Points in Between.Ben Miller and I discuss his interesting sixty year journey to where he is today.  He shares some of his spiritual practices which he uses to find peace and ground himself.  And he discusses a long term struggle with addiction and how he has managed to stay on the upper road in his journey for many, many years.I was introduced to Ben by our mutual friend Larendee Roos.  She talks about Ben in a transcript that she wrote many years ago, detailing her amazing story.  She wrote: "... My lifelong soul mate and friend, Ben flew in from LA to stay with my children and me. I will always think of him when I smell bacon. He loved my children and held me in his arms as I slowly unraveled and pulled myself back together again. To this day, he always knows just when I need him. Within a few hours he is on the phone calling or in my city to hold me..."After spending just a few hours with Ben, I get why she feels this way about him.  His gentle spirit and his heart are obvious in this short interview....Ben Miller has been an actor, director, writer, Alexander technique teacher and college professor.  Right now he's working on a screenplay that has been gurgling in his brain for years.  He strives to be kind. He's opinionated.  Contact Ben at: benjaminmillerla001@gmail.com. (323) 385-9537Photo: Copyright Wilkinson/2022Opening and closing music courtesy the very talented Zakhar Valaha via Pixabay.To contact Wilkinson- email him at BecomingWilkinson@gmail.com


4 Jul 2022

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31 - Bad Gays w/ Ben Miller


Pride Month in North America may have just ended, but here in Germany the local Pride festivals — or "Christopher Street Days" — are just beginning. To talk about the complicated history of Germany's queer movements, we're joined on this episode by writer and historian Ben Miller, co-host of the podcast Bad Gays and co-author of the book Bad Gays: A Homosexual History, which just came out last month.  To learn more about Ben's podcast and book, check out www.badgayspod.com. If you’re in Berlin, you can join Ben and Bad Gays co-author Huw Lemmey at Prinz Eisenherz on Tuesday, July 5th at 8:30 p.m.! For more from Ben, check out his Twitter: @benwritesthings. You can also learn more about the Schwules Museum, the Gay Museum in Berlin where Ben is on the board, at www.schwulesmuseum.de. Co-hosted by Ted (@ted_knudsen) and Michelle (@shhellgames). Produced by Isaac (@wuermann). -- Thank so much to everyone who has already started supporting us on Patreon! We'll still be publishing full-length episodes twice monthly available on our main podcast feed, but Patreon supporters will also get access to a couple bonus episodes per month. It's a tough time out there so we totally understand if you don't have the capacity to support right now, but if you're able we'd really appreciate you becoming a subscriber. All the details here: www.patreon.com/spassbremse Follow Spaßbremse on Twitter (@spassbremse_pod). Music by Lee Rosevere. Art by Franziska Schneider.

1hr 12mins

3 Jul 2022

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S7 E16 - March to Matchday - Ben Miller of the Mane Land

Cincinnati Soccer Talk

On this week's March to Matchday, Geoff spoke to Ben Miller of the Mane Land to preview Friday's matchup between FC Cincinnati and Orlando City. Support CST! Want to help support Cincinnati Soccer Talk? Want to become an episode captain? Become a supporter today! Talking Tactics with Coach Brad Gough Did you know that our own Brad Gough has launched his own podcast called "Talking Tactics with Coach Gough"? It's a great show that takes a deep dive into the tactical and coaching side of soccer. You can find Talking Tactics in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn or wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe to Cincinnati Soccer Talk Don't forget you can now download and subscribe to Cincinnati Soccer Talk on iTunes today! The podcast can also be found on Stitcher Smart Radio now. We're also available in the Google Play Store and NOW ON SPOTIFY! As always we'd love your feedback about our podcast! You can email the show at feedback@cincinnatisoccertalk.com. We'd love for you to join us on our Facebook page as well! Like us at Facebook.com/CincinnatiSoccerTalk. The show's RSS feed is https://cincinnatisoccertalk/rss


24 Jun 2022

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#1002 Ben Miller On How To Invest In Real Estate During The Bear Market

The Pomp Podcast

Benjamin Miller Is The Co-Founder & CEO of Fundrise. In this conversation, we discuss the macro environment, The Fed, looming recession, stagflation, investing in real estate in this environment, and how Fundrise helps customers invest in real estate. ======================= Brave Wallet is the first secure crypto wallet built natively in a web3 crypto browser. No extension required. Store, manage, and grow your portfolio, get NFT & multi-chain support, and more.    Download the Brave privacy browser at brave.com/Pomp, and click the wallet icon to get started. ======================= Today’s episode is sponsored by Abra. Based in California and backed by top VC firms, Abra is an all-in-one simple, secure app that allows you to trade over 110 cryptocurrencies, get 0% interest loans using your crypto as collateral and earn interest with up to 14% APY on stablecoins and 8.15% APY on Bitcoin.  Join nearly 2 million users by downloading Abra from the Google Play or Apple App store. If you download the app today, you will get $15 in free crypto once you fund your account.  You came, you invested — now conquer. =======================


13 Jun 2022