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Ritch Shydner

The Payoff with Pete

Ritch Shydner rode the comedy boom in the 1980s to stardom, thanks to his dysfunctional childhood and quick wit. He became a regular on The Tonight Show when seven million people a night used to watch. Ritch also appeared in hit TV shows and movies.But his biggest role came when he beat addiction in 1985 and got sober.http://www.ritchshydner.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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17 Feb 2022

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Day 87 - Ritch Shydner

Dystopia Tonight With John Poveromo

Ritch Shydner is the absolute best of the best. Incredibly funny, giving, and a wealth of wisdom and stories from a lifetime on the road and in show business as an actor and writer. His documentary “I Am Comic” is one of the best documentaries on comedy I’ve ever seen and his book “I Killed” will actually put you in the time and place of the worlds best comics as they talk about their stories from the road. We cover a lot in an hour but we’ll def have him back for more. Enjoy!


4 Nov 2021

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Ritch Shydner on 'A History of Stand Up Comedy From The Civil War to Today'

Hail Satire! with Vic Shuttee

Conversation #186, recorded on October 18, 2021. Ritch Shydner has a long history in the stand-up comedy game, appearing on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and the early days of David Letterman. He's gone on to be a prolific comedy writer, working with Jeff Foxworthy, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, Roseanne and even Norm MacDonald. His return to stand-up was charted in the 2010 documentary I AM COMIC, and he helped compile great stories of the road in the essential comedy text I KILLED. Now he's putting his mind for comedy history to good use with his new one-man show A HISTORY OF STAND-UP COMEDY FROM THE CIVIL WAR TO TODAY: 160 Years of Standup in 90 Minutes. This one-of-a-kind crash course in comedy is a link to the past of the an art form that has never been popular and somehow not often understood. He's got shows at Yard Theatre on Melrose in LA on Oct 21 and 22, and will be booking more events across the country in late 2021.  Hail Satire! is hosted and produced by Vic Shuttee. Further credits at hailsatire.com - Big thanks to Robert Price for our original theme music, Pin Lim for photography and Brendon Duran for the Hail Satire! logo design.


22 Oct 2021

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Part 2: Ritch Shydner talks Cancel Culture and The History of Stand-up Comedy (ACS Oct 15)

Adam Carolla Show

Comedian Ritch Shydner is in studio for an extended one-on-one interview. Adam begins by asking him about his earliest experiences doing comedy, and which comics were his earliest influences. From there, they discuss memorable experiences performing comedy on late night comedy shows, and share thoughts on cancel culture. Later the guys talk about the history of stand-up comedy, going all the way back to the Civil War era. In the last part of the show, they talk further about today’s comedians not speaking up for fear of being cancelled. Please support today’s sponsors:SimpliSafe.com/ADAM CalderaLab.com/ADAM or enter ADAMKeeps.com/ADAM Lifelock.com enter ADAMGeico.com BlockTraffik.OrgCheck Out The Jordan Harbinger Show Podcast

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15 Oct 2021

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Road Stories with Ritch Shydner

Classic Conversations

Ritch Shydner is one of the most well-respected funny people in the world. Ritch is not only a hilarious stand-up comic but a comedian historian as well. Get ready to hear some amazing stories about your favorite comedians.Ritch's book Kicking Through the Ashes: My Life As A Stand-Up In the 1980s Comedy Boom is considered a classic alongside I Killed which chronicles true stories from America's top comics. Rich also produced the movie I Am Comic which explores the world of stand-up comedy. Ritch shares a ton of amazing stories with me. Including his times on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, working with Jackie Martling, working with Steve Martin, Bill Hicks, Eddie Murphy, Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Jeff Foxworthy, and Sam Kinnison. I also get Ritch to share some of his acting adventures with me that include a season of Married with Children, Roxanne with Steve Martin, Beverly Hills Cop II with Eddie Murphy and so much more. This is a must for all lovers of stand-up comedy!Our Guest, Ritch Shydner http://www.ritchshydner.com/ https://www.facebook.com/shydnercomedy https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0796121/ Kicking Through the Ashes and I Killed (Ritch's books): https://www.amazon.com/Ritch-Shydner/e/B01LYU98OX?ref_=dbs_p_pbk_r00_abau_000000 I Am Comic (movie): https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B00UE91GQ4/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r In Memory of Ed AsnerEd Asner Family Center: http://teafc.org Award-winning podcast! Live From Detroit: The Jeff Dwoskin Show: WINNER TOP 25 INDIE PODCASTS 2020 from Indie Pods United! Live From Detroit: The Jeff Dwoskin Show: 1st Annual Snobby Awards: WINNER: Best Comedy Podcast, Best Interview Podcast, and Podcaster of the year! JOIN OUR MAILING LIST! https://jeffisfunny.com/mailing-list/Buy me a coffee!https://www.buymeacoffee.com/JeffDwoskinShowJeff Dwoskin Presents: Crossing the Steams: Every Wednesday at 9:30 PM ET we are LIVE discussing the best TV shows to binge-watch. I'm joined by a panel of TV-watching experts. You don't want to miss the fun! (Watch past episodes)Watch Crossing the Steams LIVE: @bigmacher on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigmacher The Jeff Dwoskin Show on YouTube Subscribe to YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/CTSYouTubeSubscribe Hashtag Fun: Jeff dives into recent trends and reads some of his favorite tweets from trending hashtags. The hashtag featured in this episode is #ComedyCerealsSocial Media: Jeff discusses the importance of engagement and making sure you focus on the social part of social media.Featured on the show:Hashtag Game:#ComedyCerealsHosted by: https://twitter.com/sneakyvarmint Follow Hashtag Roundup to tweet along with fun hashtags daily!https://twitter.com/HashtagRoundupDownload the Hashtag Roundup app at https://app.hashtagroundup.com/Follow Jeff Dwoskin: Jeff on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigmacher The Jeff Dwoskin Show: https://twitter.com/JeffDwoskinShow Podcast website: https://jeffisfunny.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/JeffDwoskinShow The Jeff Dwoskin Show is available on Castbox, Podchaser, Humbly, Goodpods, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


6 Sep 2021

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Part 2: Ritch Shydner and Jordan Brady + Rotten Tomatoes

Carolla Classics

1. Ritch Shydner and Jordan Brady (2010)2. Rob Schneider Rotten Tomatoes Game (2017)Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni GiorgioSupport the show:Visit Apartments.comVisit TommyJohn.com/ClassicsVisit Geico.comVisit Lifelock.com and use promo code AdamBlindsGalore.com and tell them we sent youRequest clips:Classics@adamcarolla.comTWITTER:https://twitter.com/chrislaxamanaINSTAGRAM:http://instagram.com/chrislaxamana1 https://instagram.com/giovannigiorgioWebsite: https://www.podcastone.com/carolla-classicsApple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/carolla-classics/id1454001697?mt=2

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1 Aug 2021

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Chatting With Ritch Shydner

The Chatting Comedian

Hello everybody my name is Dustin Pueschel and in today’s episode of “The Chatting Comedian” I chat with the amazing Ritch Shydner! Ritch is a stand up comedian, writer, author and actor. Ritch has appeared in the television shows such as The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Late Night With David Letterman, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Married With Children, Roseanne, Designing Women and many other hit TV shows. Ritch has also appeared in the movies Beverly Hills Cop two, Roxanne, There Goes the Neighborhood and many other fantastic movies. Ritch also has a HBO stand up comedy special called “One Night Stand”. In this episode Ritch and I chat about the time he got in a fist fight on stage, Ritch’s book “Kicking a through The Ashes: My Life As a Stand-Up in the 1980’s Comedy Explosion among many other things!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


23 Jun 2021

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Oddcast - America Invented Stand Up Comedy with Ritch Shydner (Airdate 5/14/2021)

The Oddcast Podcast

Today's Oddcast - America Invented Stand Up Comedy with Ritch Shydner (Airdate 5/14/2021)The Bob & Sheri Oddcast: Everything We Don’t, Can’t, Won’t, and Definitely Shouldn’t Do on the Show! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


14 May 2021

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Ritch Shydner On Game Changers With Vicki Abelson

Game Changers With Vicki Abelson

Regardless of the innumerable technical challenges, this was one of my favorite shows in 4 yrs. Comedian, @RitchShydner is affable, warm, hysterically funny, evolved, intelligent & downright entertaining as fuck. #GameChangersWithVickiAbelson Replay:
https://bit.ly/3tIukSiGrateful! Regardless of the innumerable technical challenges with the new Zoom interface, presenting to Only Me on the Facebook, thrice, despite being posted Public, the absence of notifications, the ridiculous beginning when we did finally just go for it anyway, this was one of my favorite shows in 4 yrs. Comedian, Ritch Shydner is affable, warm, hysterically funny, evolved, intelligent, and downright entertaining as (I'll take Seinfeld's advice and not go blue) all get out (ugh). Ritch exceeded all expectations, and, knowing him, mine were high. BAM! He took the stresses of the day and washed them the fuck away. Ooops. We talked love and marriage, third time's the charm, addiction alcoholism, sugar blues, using the funny to cope, sitting down to law school, standing up, for the life he loves. Art Carney, Red Skelton. Robert Klein, George Carlin,.Richard Pryor, Carson, Leno, beforementioned Seinfeld, came up a deserving lot, Larry David Larry Miller. Bill Maher, Carol Liefer, Kathleen Wilhoite, Paul Reiser, Jeff Foxworthy, Roseanne, Don Rickles, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison, Bob Nelson, The Ramones, Married With Children, The Idolmaker, I Killed, Kicking the Ashes (or Holes if you’re a lame host), and Artemus Ward, the first standup comic, and his wife, the first American sex symbol. Fun, all! I can think of no better cure for the pandemic blues… hours later I’m still high, and I’m sober. Ritch is happy sauce, no sugar, no guilt, no booze. All of my thumbs WAY up. Ritch Shydner on Game Changers with Vicki Abelson Wed, 4/21/21, 5 pm PT/8 pm ETStreamed Live on my FacebookReplay here:
https://bit.ly/3tIukSiAll BROADcasts, as podcasts, also available oniTunes apple.co/2dj8ld3 Stitcher bit.ly/2h3R1flatunein bit.ly/2gGeItjThanks to Rick Smolke of Quik Impressions the best printers, printing, the best people people-ing. quikimpressions.comNicole Venables,of Ruby Begonia Hair Studio Beauty and Products, for tresses like the stars she coifs, and regular people, like me. I love my hair, and I love Nicole. http://www.rubybegoniahairstudio.com/Blue Microphones and Kevin Walt

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22 Apr 2021

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Episode 06: Ritch Shydner - Comedian / Comedy Writer / Actor / Author

The Uncommon Comedy Podcast

This episode is MUST listen! Ritch Shydner has done it all in the world of comedy: Stand-Up, TV appearances, Sitcoms, Movies, Books, Comedy Writing. We find out about starting comedy in 1977 before it was a big deal, hear a great story about being the opening act for the punk rock band, "The Ramones" (Hint: it didn't go well). We talk about the history of stand-up comedy and who was the first stand-up comedian - it's probably not who you think! We also discuss about writing for sitcoms. All of that plus so much insight into stand-up you can't miss! We also discuss the Facial Paralysis and Bell's Palsy Foundation. All episodes available to watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQNci-c4SiYHOD5VvDViVzAHosted by comedian Brian Apprille


8 Jun 2020