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5LQ Episode 474: How to Structure Staff with Daniel Im

5 Leadership Questions Podcast on Church Leadership with Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy

In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy are joined by Daniel Im. Im is the former co-host of 5LQ and the current lead pastor at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta. They discuss the following questions: What does Beulah’s staff structure currently look like? How should a small church learn from a large church perspective? When is the right time to make a position paid versus volunteer? When is the right time to restructure the staff? How often should that happen? Are there benefits to a siloed organization or a flat organization, or is it dependent on the circumstances? BEST QUOTES “There are structures and systems in absolutely everything. You are either intentional about it or you just let it happen.” “Our role as kingdom workers is to see God’s kingdom advance which requires scaling and church’s multiplying and growing.” “The structure has to be fluid around who you have on the bus.” “When it comes to staff structure, you need to start with yourself and discern how God has gifted you, what He is calling you to, what are the things that only you can do, and what are the things that as the lead you need to do.” “Overstructuring can actually harm you.” “Learn from the communicators of 1,000+, but don’t learn from their structure because their structure will choke your growth and prevent you from growing.” “Don’t hire three or four ten-hour positions, hire one person who is a master recruiter.” “Re-orging is not a silver bullet.” “If we are re-orging just because we are not happy with the results of our church, that is the wrong time to re-org.” “So many churches turn to re-organizations as a bandage.” “Don’t do it to often, but you have to re-org when there are major changes like succession.” “We too quickly go to other people’s experience and wisdom and we don’t often just sit at the feet of Jesus, pray, wait, listen, and study your own context.” “We have to study our own context and wait on Jesus for the answer.” RECOMMENDED RESOURCES Lifeway Leadership Podcast Network No Silver Bullets by Daniel Im Jesus on Leadership by C. Gene Wilkes “Leadership and Size Dynamics” by Tim Keller Staff Your Church for Growth by Gary McIntosh Designed to Lead by Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck This Episode’s Sponsor:


7 Sep 2021

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Daniel Im on Work, Burnout, and the Lies of Hustle Culture

Filter: Biblical Clarity in a Confusing World

Over the last several years we have seen the rise in the gig economy and hustle culture. More and more people are attempting to achieve greater freedom and higher income through gigging, side hustles, or simply working more. Yet, few people are drawing attention to the lies of hustle culture and the risk of burnout. In this episode, author Daniel Im joined me to talk about these issues and the lies that we believe about work and life.   Daniel is the lead pastor of Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta and the author of several books including his latest You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies About Work, Life, and Love. He co-hosts two podcasts the New Churches Q&A Podcast and the IMbetween Podcast. Daniel has an M. A. in Global Leadership and has served in churches in Canada, Korea, and the United States.   Check out the full show notes for highlights and resources from this episode: https://tinyurl.com/danielsangiim SUPPORT THIS PODCAST:   PayPal: https://paypal.me/AaronShamp?locale.x=en_US Venmo: @AaronShamp  Cash App: $AaronShamp     –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Track: Perseverance — Land of Fire [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: https://youtu.be/Ue48lJLVA30​Free Download / Stream: https://alplus.io/perseverance​–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


12 Jul 2021

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Finding Hope in Transition and Embrace Being over Doing | Interview with Pastor Daniel Im

30 Days of Hope

Daniel Im is the Senior Associate Pastor of Beulah Alliance Church, a multiplying multisite church focused on reaching 1% of Edmonton for Christ. His latest book is You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies about Work, Life, and Love. He is also the author of No Silver Bullets: Five Small Shifts that will Transform Your Ministry, and co-author of Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply (2nd ed) with Ed Stetzer.   Daniel is a speaker and leader who has traveled to cities like New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Seoul to teach, consult, and coach. He co-hosts the New Churches Q&A Podcast as well as the IMbetween Podcast, and his podcasts have been downloaded over 3 million times. He has pastored in five major cities around the world in churches ranging from 100 people to 50,000 people.   Daniel has an M.A. in Global Leadership and is a Gallup Strengths Performance Coach. He has led over 500 people through the StrengthsFinder assessment in multiple countries. He is a Maximizer, Learner, Intellection, Developer, and Strategic.  Because of their love for the local church, after pioneering and leading the church multiplication initiative for LifeWay, Daniel and his wife, Christina, moved back to Canada with their three children.   Personal Website: https://www.danielim.com/ Book Website: https://danielim.com/youare/ @DanielSangi


17 May 2021

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Dark Room Sessions 005 - Daniel Im

Naeem Fazal Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, Naeem sits down with Daniel Im for episode 5 of our new series called "Dark Room Sessions"


27 Apr 2021

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Daniel Im: Why Won’t My Job Make Me Happy?

Why God Why?

Daniel Im: Why Won’t My Job Make Me Happy? by Browncroft Community Church


15 Apr 2021

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HCP - Ep. 33 "Guest Pastor and Author - Daniel Im"

Healthy Church Podcast

HCP welcomes Pastor and Author Daniel Im. Daniel has written several amazing books on church planting (Planting Missional Churches), ministry (No Silver Bullets), and his latest book on soul health (You Are What You Do - and 6 other Lies). The conversation starts by discussing the succession process Daniel has been walking through for the last couple of years and what that has looked like for his church in transition. We then discuss the mistake many churches make in identity, as we talk about he addresses it in his book No Silver Bullets. The book also talks about a discipleship pathway and leadership pipeline, so Daniel speaks to that as well.The program wraps us talking about 2021 and what we might expect compared to 2020.  Daniel encourages pastors to focus on the bride you've been given and be faithful there where you're planted. This is a wonderful discussion on a lot of topics with one of the leaders in church ministry today - Don't Miss it.For more information on Healthy Church Podcast go to -www.HealthyChurchPodcast.Com  or find us on FaceBook.Click here for Daniel's books on Amazon.


19 Jan 2021

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Impacting our Community while Maintaining Our Identity featuring Daniel Im - Season 4 Episode 8

EquippingU Podcast

Most of us have experienced our world feeling smaller throughout the pandemic.  As a result, it’s easier to underestimate how God can work through us and our church during this time.  Join Terry and Alan for an insightful conversation in the return of our first ever podcast guest, Daniel Im.  Since we last talked with Daniel, he left Nashville, TN to return to ministry at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  They have a vision to reach 1% of the 1.3 million people of Edmonton and the Lord has used the pandemic to strengthen and clarify this vision.  Tune in for this encouraging conversation.


5 Jan 2021

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Daniel Im on Self-Leadership-Exemplifying Evidence of Growth in Leadership Characteristics

The Clarity Podcast

Daniel Im joins us on the podcast today to discuss his book "You are what you do and Six other lies about life, love, and work." Daniel and his wife Christina host a podcast- IMbetween Podcast on Marriage, Parenting, Faith, and Everything in Between. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/imbetween-podcast-on-marriage-parenting-faith-everything/id1342398236, You should check it out.


12 Oct 2020

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Daniel Im on Leadership Succession, Partnering With Other Churches and the Core of Evangelism

Canadian Church Leaders Podcast

Daniel Im is the Senior Associate Pastor at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta. He has served and pastored in church plants and multisite churches in Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Korea, Edmonton, and Nashville. He co-hosts the New Churches Q&A Podcast and a podcast with his wife on marriage and parenting called the IMbetween Podcast. His latest book is called You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies about Work, Life, and Love.  www.ccln.ca/season2/episode14

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29 Jun 2020

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5LQ Episode 433: Best Practices for Navigating COVID-19 with Daniel Im and Kevin Peck

5 Leadership Questions Podcast on Church Leadership with Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy

In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins is joined by Daniel Im, former 5LQ cohost and senior associate pastor at Beulah Alliance Church, and Kevin Peck, lead pastor at Austin Stone. They discuss the following questions:What is your best ministry story so far?What has realigning your staff looked like?What are the best practices that have come out of this situation?What tools and frameworks are you using?How important is it for church leaders to stay emotionally healthy? How are you doing that?BEST QUOTES"We have three times as many people in Alpha as we would normally have at this time of year.""Generosity has not stopped and our people, candidly, are leading us as much as we are leading them.""We want people to help in a new digital world that's not digital by preference, but by necessity.""In order to preserve management structures, we took whole teams and assigned them to one of those tasks.""We've seen a lot of energy coming out of people being assigned to do new work for a while.""We started off with the rallying cry of these two phrases: How are we going to be the church? And how are we going to look to Jesus?""Ask one of the accountants in your church to help do some scenario planning.""Go after the things that you know you can do and that you know people need right now.""Are we pushing people toward being more faithful or toward being more consumeristic?""Based on what we saw in the first month, what kind of goals can we have 90 days out?""If I have no reason to go to the church building, there is not reason not to treat my home as one."RECOMMENDED RESOURCESLifeway Leadership Podcast NetworkLifeway.com/CoronaVirusAlphaMinistry GridSlackAsanaThis episode's sponsor: For more than 25 years, Portable Church® has helped thousands of churches launch strong and thrive in a mobile setting. They design custom solutions that fit each budget, vision, and venue. Everything you need to launch a mobile church — an inviting worship space, kids ministry areas, welcome spaces, storage cases, etc — all in a system refined to make it fast, easy & fun for the weekly volunteer teams.


26 May 2020