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3 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Danny Wabbit. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Danny Wabbit, often where they are interviewed.

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3 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Danny Wabbit. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Danny Wabbit, often where they are interviewed.

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One Hour With Chris Gekä #224 - Guest DANNY WABBIT

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01. Modeā : Silence (Original Mix)
02. Fulvio Ferretta : Revolver (Ruben Zurita & Chris Geka Remix)
03. Simina Grigoriu : Contraband (Original Mix)
04. Julian Jeweil & Popof : Dance Escape (Original Mix)
05. Rudosa : Primo (Original Mix)
06. Danny Wabbit : Anubis (Original Mix)
07. Blenk : Vibration (Original Mix)
08. Blenk : Frames (Original Mix)
09. Danny Wabbit : Prophecy (Original Mix)
10. Danny Wabbit : Spirit of the Damned (Original Mix)
11. Danny Wabbit : Pulse (Original Mix)
Oct 01 2020 · 1hr
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Voyager 24 Guest Mix By Danny Wabbit

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On Voyager Mix Sessions this week, we head to Turkey and join the immensely talented DJ/producer, Danny Wabbit. During the next 60 minutes, he treats us to an exclusive set filled with dark basslines, modular synths and hard-hitting percussive techno with hypnotic vibes throughout.

➤ Soundcloud : @thedjwabbit
➤ Instagram : instagram.com/dannywabbit
➤ Facebook : facebook.com/dannythewabbit
➤ Twitter : twitter.com/DannyWabbit
➤ Beatport : beatport.com/artist/danny-wabbit/669311
➤ Spotify : open.spotify.com/artist/57vSMXKEfRZ02gI0D0frvP

Currently based in Istanbul, Danny’s musical journey began at the age of 8 after receiving his first guitar. By the age of 15, he had fallen in love with electronic music and began developing his DJ skills. After his first DJ performance, he felt the urge to explore music production and hasn’t looked back since. Danny’s productions balance simplicity and minimalism with powerful and sometimes aggressive rhythms – all of which focus on vibrant and dark atmospheric tones.

With an abundance of successful releases on over 40 labels including Ballroom Records, Fierce Animal Recordings, Reload Black Label and Say What?, Danny has gained support from several superstar DJs. He recently launched his own imprint called ONI Recordings and has a new EP out this week on Trau-ma as well as a forthcoming release on Phobiq. Feel free to check out his back catalogue on Beatport and Spotify.

01. Danny Wabbit - Control | Unreleased
🎹 Promo

02. Coyu - Time To Wake Up | Suara
🛒 beatport.com/track/time-to-wake-up-original-mix/13085330

03. Cari Lekebusch, Orion - Miner | Absence Of Facts
🛒 beatport.com/track/miner-original-mix/12086264

04. Danny Wabbit - Dark Room | Unreleased
🎹 Promo

05. Danny Wabbit - Insidious | Unreleased
🎹 Promo

06. Marcal - Sergeant M | Say What?
🛒 beatport.com/track/seargent-m-original-mix/13004366

07. Coyu - Flangerism | Suara
🛒 beatport.com/track/flangerism-original-mix/13181710

08. Marcal - Zero Point | Liberta Records
🛒 beatport.com/track/zero-point-original-mix/13303549

09. Flug, Miki Craven - Signals | Nonlinear Systems
🛒 beatport.com/track/signals-original-mix/8101592

10. Esteban Miranda - Seoul | Airsound Records
🛒 beatport.com/track/seol-original-mix/12446977

11. Juan Sanchez - Shape 2 | Unknown Territory
🛒 beatport.com/track/shape-2-original-mix/6197244

12. Danny Wabbit - Obsessed | Unreleased
🎹 Promo

Please support the artists featured in this mix by following the links to beatport above or check them out on Spotify.
Jun 23 2020 · 1hr 3mins

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Ballroom Records Radioshow 252 | Kaiser Souzai & Danny Wabbit

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Ballroom Records Radioshow #252

Welcome everyone to the next episode of our Ballroom Records Radioshow!

This week it’s Kaiser Souzai’s turn who is currently spending the final hours of his Australia tour before heading back to Berlin.

He recorded some of the sets on the tour and we decided to play his gig from the 1st of December in Byron Bay.

He mainly played tracks from his latest Album ‘Fifteen Bullets’ which is out now on Beatport and Spotify and contains 13 of his best tracks in 2019 plus two new originals.

Beatport: http://bit.ly/BLACK009
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2RzoJgV

Takeover in the second hour comes from new Ballroom Family member Danny Wabbit who collaborated with Karim Alkhayat for the ‘Testosterone EP’ which will be out on December 16th and is available already for pre-order.

Beatport: http://bit.ly/BLRM063

Enjoy the show!

For more information regarding the show, visit www.Ballroom.cc you’ll find all the links to the streaming platforms as well as all the radiostations where we’re aired week-in and week-out.

You can also subscribe to our podcast on Spotify and never miss an episode: http://bit.ly/BallroomRadioShow
Tracklist 1st hour (Kaiser Souzai): not available

Tracklist 2nd hour (Danny Wabbit):

1. BOHO, Vazik - Human
2. Danny Wabbit , Monococ - The shark
3. BOHO, Heerhorst - Pinkfinger
4. Carbon - Softly Twisted (Original Mix)
5. Vinicius Honorio - The Last Dark Cloud
6. Vinicius Honorio - Don't Look Back
7. Drunken Kong, Teenage Mutants - Tokyo (Original Mix)
8. Danny Wabbit , Karim AlKhayat - Unconscious
9. Tom Hutt - Shinigami
10. Charles D (USA) - Addicted (Danny Wabbit Remix)
11. Danny Wabbit , Monococ - Everything Counts
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Dec 10 2019 · 2hr