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Joseph Trapanese (Spiderhead)

Right on Cue

Welcome to Right on Cue, the podcast where we interview film, TV, and video game composers about the origins and nuances of their latest works and select commentaries from some of the score's most important tracks.   Today, we're talking about Spiderhead, the Netflix Original Movie that premiered last month, starring Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller, directed by Joseph Kosinski (who's already flying high this year with the whirlwind success of Top Gun: Maverick). But where Maverick is all massive, big-screen spectacle and Tom Cruise at the literal height -- or, rather, altitude -- of his powers, Spiderhead feels more akin to the kinds of thinky, patient sci-fi spectacle Kosinski is known for.   It's an eerie, unsettling film, with a suitably quirky score to match, courtesy of Kosinski stalwart Joseph Trapanese. The composer is no stranger to this show, having discussed his score for Netflix's fantasy series Shadow and Bone with us, and he's been busy since, taking over for season 2 of Netflix's The Witcher, Prisoners of the Ghostland, Project Power, and more. Now he's returned to the show to discuss the delicate balance of haunting vocals and electronic elements that make up his minimalist score for Spiderhead and how they weave throughout the film's yacht-rock-heavy soundtrack.   After the interview, Joe talks us through some track commentaries from the score.   You can find Joseph Trapanese at his official website here.   Spiderhead is currently streaming on Netflix, and you can listen to the score on your preferred music streaming service courtesy of Maisie Music Publishing.


29 Jul 2022

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Headliner USA E97: Joseph Trapanese | Scoring The Witcher

Headliner Radio

Joseph Trapanese (The Greatest Showman, Tron: Legacy, Oblivion) talks about composing the score for The Witcher, his mission to get a real orchestra involved despite covid restrictions, and why he relies on JBL studio monitors every step of the way.

1hr 1min

29 Jun 2022

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FFM the Soundtrack Podcast with George Strezov and Joseph Trapanese, Ep.5

Four For Music the Soundtrack Podcast

Four for Music the Soundtrack Podcast is a series of podcasts for film and game scores that George Strezov from Four for Music is hosting.This episode is with Joseph Trapanese - a composer of film and TV music.First minutes of the podcast are about Joe’s work on Tron - Legacy and his collaboration with Daft Punk on the project. The combination of electronics and orchestral music and their organic blend is one of themes that take place. What are the challenges and the differences when it comes to composing today in comparison to what was the creative process several decades ago - Joe is sharing some thoughts and experience.Then George brings up the question for The Echo Society. Joe tells about his point of view about that group of composers - that they were united by the idea to take more ownership of their art. And adds that he looks at that formation as a positive thing not only individually, but also collectively - as a playground to explore and develop ideas that later might even be applied to a film and as composers in a community that can help each other in various ways.What was it like to compose for the Witcher (season 2) when a specific musical heritage and style should be considered. How does Joe approach his compositions - hear what he has to say also in the first half of the conversation.How do you create art when the clock is ticking, you have to communicate with producers, directors and a bunch of other people, who are not musicians, but are also making decisions - that is the topic that is discussed in the middle part of the audio. Joe is talking about the important role of the limitations and the quality of the sound and also what helps him to describe and contribute to one’s film character.In the second part of the podcast George and Joe are developing further the theme about the process of creating music and what could be the challenges connected with dealing with the directors. They mention some projects that they’ve been working on and also share experience and observations connected to the working process.The end minutes of the conversation are mainly about orchestration. Some of the specifics as it concerns orchestrating for brass are on focus. George shares an advice from a teacher of his about distributing chords vertically in the brass section - that one should always have trumpets on top, then one trombone, then french horns and then the rest trombones and tuba.Find out why in the audio, where Joe shares some more tips. Also in the final minutes you can hear what would Joe say to a younger version of himself, so stay tuned!We hope that you’ll enjoy this episode of the “Four for Music the Soundtrack Podcast” and you’ll listen to the next and final podcast of S1 when we’ll meet with David Buckley!

1hr 11mins

23 May 2022

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More Score #31 | Joseph Trapanese (The Witcher)

Score: The Podcast

Composer Joe Trapanese talks about how long he can experiment to find a unique sound, why he doesn't mind long delays for his movies to come out, and his decision to take fewer scoring jobs, to ensure each one is something he can find fulfillment in. Plus, working for years on his upcoming thriller Spiderhead directed by Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy, Oblivion, Top Gun: Maverick)


1 Mar 2022

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Headliner USA E53: Joseph Trapanese | Scoring Shadow And Bone

Headliner Radio

Netflix’s brand new, highly anticipated fantasy series, Shadow and Bone has already secured a 92% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Composer Joseph Trapanese (Tron: Legacy, The Greatest Showman), explains how fairytales, Russian stories, magic and fantasy inspired the soundtrack, and how he composed different sonic themes for each character in order to build a musical world to compliment this extraordinary and grand adventure.


26 Apr 2021

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Joseph Trapanese (Shadow and Bone)

Right on Cue

In the wake of Game of Thrones' ending, virtually every streaming service has tried its hand at vying for prestige-fantasy drama supremacy, adapting book series filled with sprawling worlds and dense mythologies. The latest of these, Shadow and Bone, based on the Grishaverse novels by Leigh Bardugo, is one of the lushest and most intriguing in a good long while -- set in a war-torn steampunk world split by various warring nations. The largest of these, Ravka, is split by a mysterious black fog called the Shadow Fold, which proves dangerous crossing due to all manner of horrifying creatures that lie in the darkness. The only hope of destroying the Fold lies with a young girl named Alina, a cartographer who suddenly discovers mysterious powers that thrust her to the forefront of a battle for the very soul of the planet. Such expansive genre fare requires a deft musical hand to manifest, and Shadow and Bone has that in the form of Joseph Trapanese, who burst onto the scene in 2010 with his collaboration with Daft Punk for the iconic score to Tron Legacy. Since then, he's worked with Legacy director Joseph Kosinski on Oblivion and Only the Brave and scoring other works like Straight Outta Compton, Tron: Uprising, and The Greatest Showman (alongside John Debney). With Shadow and Bone, Trapanese offers up a muscular, global-sounding score that steps up to the mighty challenge of sketching out the varying worlds and colorful characters of the Netflix series. He combines electronic elements with traditional orchestration to sell the fantastical sweep of Alina's journeys, while also incorporating Slavic voice and instruments like gamelans and balalaikas to flesh out the Russia-inspired climes in much of the series' first season is set. I sat down with Trapanese for a lengthy chat about the challenges of scoring an entire series of such grand scope, the creative inspirations he took from the books, and the interconnecting, interweaving musical motifs of the major characters. In a first for the podcast, Trapanese also provides commentaries explaining his process for the cues "Erase the Past" and "Royal Archives Heist." Shadow and Bone is currently streaming on Netflix, and you can stream the entire soundtrack for series 1 courtesy of Maisie Music Publishing.


23 Apr 2021

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Composer Joseph Trapanese Interview ("Lady and the Tramp," "TRON: Legacy")

Notably Disney

In just over the past decade, Joseph Trapanese has made his mark in Hollywood with electric scores, orchestrations, and arrangements for popular films. Very notably, his orchestration for TRON: Legacy, composed by Daft Punk, has been recognized by the film community as one of the best scores in recent years. He is the composer behind Hollywood hits including Oblivion and Only the Brave and co-composed The Great Showman with John Debney, a past Notably Disney guest, among handling other scores. For Disney, he has also composed the score for the television series TRON: Uprising and the 2019 iteration of Lady and the Tramp. His experiences are vast in such a relatively short period of time, and it’s always dynamic to listen to his scores. Joe discusses all of this and more with Brett Nachman on this episode of Notably Disney. Learn more about Joe's music on his website (JoeComposer.com), and follow his work on Facebook (Joe Composer) and Twitter (@JoeComposer). Feel free to follow Brett on Twitter (@bnachmanreports), subscribe to the podcast, and send your feedback to notablydisney@gmail.com New episodes of the podcast debut on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

1hr 13mins

16 Feb 2021

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Episode #108: Composer Joseph Trapanese

From & Inspired BY

Despite hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey, and only being 35 years old, composer Joseph Trapanese has rapidly ascended to join the ranks of today's most exciting composers. Due in no small part to the composer's work with such musical luminaries as French electronic acts M83 and Daft Punk (the latter of which he helped compose the massively-successful score for Tron: Legacy), along with his work composing scores for films as diverse as the live-action Disney remake of The Lady & the Tramp or musical The Greatest Showman, Trapanese seemingly defies categorization. It's a fascinatingly broad selection of work in a very short time, and so we were very excited to get the chance to speak with Trapanese about his career up to now.


7 Aug 2020

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Episode 19: Joseph Trapanese

Composer Talks with White Bear PR

Composer Talks with White Bear PR - Episode 19, featuring Joseph Trapanese (Lady and the Tramp)Check out the Lady and the Tramp soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...


23 Jun 2020

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Joseph Trapanese

Disney For Scores

In this episode, Host Jon Burlingame sits down with composer Joseph Trapanese to talk about his work on the live-action Lady and the Tramp, first Disney project Tron Legacy and his collaborations with Daft Punk, Dr. Dre and M83.


25 Mar 2020