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Pod Squad Presented by Kia - Mike Miller - 4-22-21

Orlando Magic Audio Network

Former Magic man and 2-time NBA Champ Mike Miller joins Dante and George to discuss rookie RJ Hampton and Mike's work with him before the draft, the greats Mike played with during his career and how good his Magic teams could've been if Grant Hill had stayed healthy, his work as a coach after playing and of course, his spider monkey.


22 Apr 2021

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Pod Squad presented by Kia - Mike Miller - 4-22-21

Orlando Magic Pod Squad

Former Magic man and 2-time NBA Champ Mike Miller joins Dante and George to discuss rookie RJ Hampton and Mike's work with him before the draft, the greats Mike played with during his career and how good his Magic teams could've been if Grant Hill had stayed healthy, his work as a coach after his playing days and of course, his spider monkey.


22 Apr 2021

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Ep. 06: Mike Miller's Chiefs of Staff

Maryland Chatters

The late Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D) was one of the most consequential figures in Maryland political history. Love him or hate him, his record-breaking tenure as a presiding officer in the General Assembly — a stunning 33 years — means he was central player in every significant political fight and policy debate over the past several decades. His knowledge of history and his political skills were unparalleled. He had strong personal beliefs, but he also had an innate sense of where his caucus, and the Senate, and the entire state were moving — and adjusted accordingly.He was of course a powerhouse in Annapolis, but he also had enormous influence in Prince George's County (where he grew up and came of age politically), throughout all of Southern Maryland, and in the judiciary and criminal justice system. Governors came and went, but Mike Miller was always there. He served with eight governors, beginning with Marvin Mandel.The tributes to Miller really began in January of 2019, when he first revealed that he had stage 4 prostate cancer. They continued that fall, when he gave up the gavel as Senate president, and continued into 2020 when the Senate hung his portrait in the chamber, and at the end of the year, when he resigned his Senate seat. And of course, his death this January at the age of 78 was a sad and seminal moment.There was a lot of talk about how Mike Miller loved the state of Maryland, loved the state Senate, loved the University of Maryland (his alma mater), and loved his big and formidable family. But he also had a second family that he also loved and admired and was forever loyal to — his staff.On the latest episode of Maryland Chatters, our occasional podcasting series, we to talk to three of his former chiefs of staff:Joe Bryce, who held the job for three years in the mid and late 1990's and is now a lobbyist with the firm Manis Canning and Associates; Vicki Gruber, who served in the job from 2006 to 2017 and today is the executive director of the Department of Legislative Services in Annapolis; and Jake Weissmann, who was Miller's last chief of staff and holds that role now for Senate President Bill Ferguson.


29 Mar 2021

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159. Specialty Welding w/ Mike Miller President of Arc Services

Arc Junkies

In todays episode I am chatting with Mike Miller President of Arc Services in Pasadena Texas. Mike and his team work on some really cool projects, and provide services to include specialty welding, field machining, custom product design and fabrication, heat treating, heavy lifting, nondestructive examination (NDE), and complex rigging solutions. They service a wide variety of industries from power generation to LNG, oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace, food and the pharmaceutical industries. Join us today as we discuss Mikes Welding Journey and some of the challenges he faced along the way. Follow Arc Services on Instagram: @arcservices247 Arc Junkies Website: www.arcjunkies.com Arc junkies Merch: https://shop.threadmob.com/arcjunkie/shop/home Friends of the Show: Everlast Welders Instagram: @everlastwelders  YouTube: Everlast Welders         Online: https://bit.ly/37xJstI Use Codeword ARCJUNKIES at checkout to get upgraded to a free Nova Foot Pedal and TIG Torch with the purchase of any machine that comes with a stock foot pedal and TIG Torch.  Rockmount Research and Alloys, Inc. Rockmountwelding.com Instagram: @Rockmountwelding Up In Smoke Welding Apparel https://upinsmokewelding.com Instagram: @upinsmokeweldingapparel Strong Hand Tools Stronghandtool.com/arcjunkies Instagram @Strong_hand_tools AHP Welders Ahpwelders.com ISOTUNES: Instagram: @isotunesaudio Online: https://bit.ly/36s7aFj Use ARCJUNKIES10 at checkout and save $10 on your purchase SUM DUM Welders: Instagram: @sumdumwelderapparel  Online: www.sumdumwelder.com Use ARCJUNKIES at checkout and save 15% off your entire order. Outlaw Leather Instagram: @outlawleatherusa Online: www.outlawleatherusa.com Use Codeword ARCJUNKIES at checkout and save 15% on your entire order. Arc Junkies Podcast: Instagram: @Arcjunkiespodcast TIKTOK: @Arcjunkiespod Email: Show@arcjunkies.com


8 Feb 2021

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#43: Mike Miller a.k.a. Endless Mike

And Sometimes ... Why? with Rob Szabo

Mike Miller is the songwriter and leader of Endless Mike & The Beagle Club. He’s a social worker, husband & father of 2 boys. We discuss his outlook on American politics at this pivotal time in history. Mike explains how he doesn’t see his music as activism(even though Rob kinda does) and he laments the increased political polarization in America. Mike & Rob also deconstruct Rob’s song “The Johnstown Kids” 15 years after the fact and Mike fondly remember the heyday of the Johnstown, PA D.I.Y. music scene of the early 2000s.“The Johnstown scene was just kids man. There were no grown ups … at all. We didn’t play at bars. We just rented out fire-halls and community buildings. And we’d rent one until, y’know, a couple times in a row somebody kicking holes in the wall or breaking the sink in the bathroom or whatever. We’d get kicked out or they would up the price. ‘Cause like 300-400 kids would come to these shows. It was so awesome. So it was like “Ok, alright, it’s just money.” The promoters never kept money. They never pocketed the money, ever … a penny of it. And if you found out that they were, you’d never go to one of their shows again. They’d get dragged for it man. ‘Cause it was just like militantly ethics when it came to that D.I.Y. punk rock thing. There weren’t that many straight down the middle punk rock bands. All the bands sounded a little different. But there was like a feel and a sound that everybody kinda sounded like, or at least the same kinda feeling and all the bands were like best friends and knew the words to all of each other’s songs.”--- SUPPORT THIS PODCAST: https://bit.ly/aswKO-FI--- MIKE MILLER A.K.A. ENDLESS MIKE WEB: https://endlessmikeandthebeagleclub.bandcamp.com/music FLOW: https://www.flowcode.com/page/endlessmike--- AND SOMETIMES ... WHY?: WEB https://www.andsometimeswhy.com EMAIL mailto:andsometimeswhypod@gmail.com INSTA https://www.instagram.com/andsometimeswhypod FB https://www.facebook.com/andsometimeswhypod TWEET https://twitter.com/sometimeswhypod

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20 Jan 2021

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Jan 3 2021 – Nothing at Noon - Mike Miller

Nova Church Halifax Podcast

Jan 3 2021 – Nothing at Noon - Mike Miller by Nova Church Halifax


10 Jan 2021

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Jan 3 2021 – I Just Ate - Mike Miller

Nova Church Halifax Podcast

Jan 3 2021 – I Just Ate - Mike Miller by Nova Church Halifax


3 Jan 2021

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Nov 1 2020 – What I Know - Mike Miller

Nova Church Halifax Podcast

Nov 1 2020 – What I Know - Mike Miller by Nova Church Halifax


1 Nov 2020

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Managing Customer Expectations Like a Pro | Mike Miller and Vikas Bhambri

Customer Service Secrets by Kustomer

Today we talk to Mike Miller, the Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Convey, and Vikas Bhambri, the SVP of Sales and CX at Kustomer. We discuss issues and trends we are seeing in the customer service business, such as a spike in e-commerce and an increase in customer inquiries. Other things like an increase in online orders has put a strain on deliveries and being able to get deliveries out on time. Don’t assume that you’re over-communicating with the customer, but instead always be proactive in communicating with them and wait for them to let you know you’re reaching out too much. We talk a little bit about AI and the effects it’s having on customer service, and then we need to be thinking about how we can be strategic in these times and take advantage of the shift in the market. Trends and challenges customer services organizations are facing 1:46What companies are doing well to combat this 7:40An example of the problem we face now 12:00Artificial intelligence 14:51“We hear pretty consistently that customers at least are looking for 3 things, and the first is setting an expectation around when something that is going to arrive. That is harder to do today than it has been historically, but that is absolutely the expectation. They want frequent updates as early as possible as to when that’s going to change, if it is going to change. And then lastly they’re looking for flexibility about delivery options.” 7:48


22 Oct 2020

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Mike Miller on Creating Culture, Building Teams & Planting a Church in Atlantic Canada

Canadian Church Leaders Podcast

For the past 20 years Pastor Mike has been passionately serving the local church in Europe, Africa and here in North America through pastoring, itinerant preaching and missions. In 2017 alongside his wife Nancy they planted and currently lead Nova Church in Halifax, Canada. www.ccln.ca/season2/episode31 www.ccln.ca/compassion


19 Oct 2020