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Welcome to Episode 2 'Culture of Repair' Series with Dr. Clinton Schultz a Gamilaroi man, descending from the people of Gunnedah/Manilla NSW

PilialohaNow I Building Sustainability

Ready to be inspired by Dr. Clinton Schultz a Gamilaroi man. Passionate about the spiritual and story based process, and the basic principles behind the law (not the law itself, or the laws that have been taken away), but looking at the underlying values. Helping youth understand these values.Aboriginal nations are the oldest ongoing human societies and cultures on the planet.  The longest standing continuous knowledge, thousand plus generations old of the human spirit.


3 Jun 2021

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Dr Clinton Schultz | Sobah

Regionally Speaking

Dr Clinton Schultz owns Sobah Beverages, an Indigenous-owned non-alcoholic beer brand he runs from Burleigh Heads. In this episode, Clinton talks about his background as first a chef and then as a registered psychologist, and how his connection to country and culture influenced his decision to start Sobah Beverages. We talk about moving from a food truck to being stocked at Dan Murphy’s, as well as wellbeing both as a psychologist and as an entrepreneur, and how and why to support Indigenous businesses. For the show notes, please go to www.usq.edu.au/entrepreneurship


2 Jun 2021

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Quitting For The Kids with Clinton Schultz

Sober Curious

Clinton Schultz, is an aboriginal psychologist and founder of the aboriginal-run alcohol-free brand, Sobah Beer. Clinton’s work sits at the intersection of sobriety, social justice, and psychology, and he and his wife Lozen created Sobah in part to raise cultural awareness and promote the Aboriginal arts, language and history. As well as his own journey to sobriety – which was sparked by his young son asking him if he would please stop drinking “silly drink” – we discuss why binge drinking and alcoholism are so prevalent in nations with a colonialist past, and how booze is often used to medicate unhealed intergenerational trauma.Other topics include: -Drinking to medicate unhealed wounds of his traumatic upbringing.-Alcohol being a way to conceal a lack of belonging that has pervaded Western society. -Why binge drinking and alcoholism are so prevalent in nations with a colonialist past—such as the UK, North America, Australia, and South Africa.-The pain of living with pent-up inter-generational trauma.-The problem with labels and how you can be a problem drinker without using the term “alcoholic.”-The need for more access to alternative healing modalities.-The aboriginal view of holistic wellbeing, and how mindfulness and meditation have their roots within indigenous cultures.-The difference between aboriginal psychology and Western psychology. -Quitting drinking as a healing path in and of itself.-The fact that life will always be stressful—the key is to find ways to manage it that work for us.-The reasons younger generations are choosing not to drink.-Clinton’s six “Principals of Law” for healing as individuals and as a society.Discover more about Clinton and his work HERE and follow @sobahbeverages on Instagram.Thanks to series sponsors Lyres. Visit lyres.com/sobercurious to get your 15% discount code and follow along @lyresspiritco for recipes and more.And Grüvi for supporting this episode. Use the code SOBERCURIOUS at getgruvi.com for a one-time 20% discount good through December 2020.

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20 Aug 2020

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'sode 149: Clinton Schultz of Sobah Beverages

Ale of a Time

This week Dave and Luke are joined by Clinton Schultz from Sobah. We learn all about his brand of non-alcoholic beers, and how it relates to him as a person as well as his cultural identity. 


20 Jul 2020

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AH 47- Clinton Schultz

Awesome Humans

Today's awesome human is Clinton Schultz, a man who continuously strives to better the world one day at a time. Clinton has had a very interesting life. Out of highschool Clinton became a chef, travelling around the world, he is also an aspiring Ninja Warrior staring on the show twice, but unfortunately getting injured during the trials on both occasions! A Jack of all trades, Clinton has also focused his energies toward helping his community.Clinton went on to earn a PHD in Psychology, and today Clinton is currently one of only 20 male practicing Aboriginal psychologists in Australia. In 2010, he opened his own consultancy company, focusing on holistic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander approaches to mental health, focusing on emotional, social, and cultural well-being through therapy. In 2018 he was also named Griffith University's Outstanding First Peoples Alumni Award.Through some personal struggles and wins Clinton, alongside his wife, Lozen, in 2017 founded Sobah, Australia's first non-alcoholic craft beer company. Clinton’s passion for cooking and love of beer led to this venture, and it was through these passions Clinton came to create a non-alcoholic beer for the social drinker. But this non-alcoholic beverage is just one small part of the Sobah company, Sobah is also striving to establish a not-for-profit holistic centre providing holistic care for people struggling with mental illness in the near future.So click on the link below and listen in on Clinton’s experiences as a proud Indigenous man and as a trained psychologist providing holistic, traditional therapy for people in his community.


16 Dec 2019