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Episode 232: Voices Other Than Our Own, Part Six--Rachel Held Evans

Crazy Faith Talk

In this final episode of their series highlighting voices of faith from outside their individual particular faith traditions, pastors Sarah, Erica, and Steve look at the contemporary voice of the late Rachel Held Evans, who made a profound impact on many millennial and Gen-Z Christians even though she only had the chance to write a few books before a reaction to medication took her life.  As a former journalist who grew up in the town famous for the Scopes Monkey Trial, Rachel Held Evans brought a sharp and insightful mind that helped other Christians to look at why they believe what they believe, what things the Bible actually says, and what things people have just been told or assumed the Bible says.  Her approach to faith has made it safe for people to ask questions, to seek to become more loving, to live in the tension of the paradoxes and mystery of faith, and to rediscover what it means to be a "woman of valor" who lifts up others and amplifies the voices of others.  Hers is definitely a voice worth listening to, and if you're not familiar with her, we'd invite you to get an introduction here in this episode of Crazy Faith Talk!


20 Jul 2021

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Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner, What Is God Like?

CBF Conversations

Sponsors: The Center for Congregational Health, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, and McAfee School of Theology's Doctor of Ministry program. Music from HookSounds.com


20 Jun 2021

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Matthew Paul Turner on His New Book with Rachel Held Evans + How to Find a Good Therapist for Kids | Selfie Podcast Episode 174


Matthew Paul Turner joins us to talk about the new book he completed with our late friend Rachel Held Evans, and we chat about our memories of her. BJ gives advice on finding a good therapist for kids. In this episode we also talk about: What Is God Like? by Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner Jordans Skinny Syrups Sugar Free Blueberry Lavender Sencha Green Tea Powder Decaf 30 Single Serving Packets Anastasia Brow Freeze Amazon Essentials Tech Tee 2-Pack

1hr 18mins

2 Jun 2021

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#9 Rachel Held Evans | Op Goed Geloof

Op Goed Geloof

Postraven, troubadours, gefaalde kalkoenen en Jason Mraz…ze komen allemaal langs in deze nieuwe aflevering van Op Goed Geloof. Verder hebben we het met name over Rachel Held Evans. Een schrijver en theoloog uit de Verenigde Staten die je meeneemt in haar zoektocht naar het geloof. Daarin gaat ze vragen en twijfels niet uit de weg, maar gaat schrijvend op zoek naar antwoorden. Rachel Held Evans overleed op 4 Mei 2019, ze werd 37 jaar. Dat ze veel voor mensen betekende bleek wel uit haar begrafenisdienst. Hieronder kun je de link naar deze dienst vinden, met onder andere een prachtige preek van Nadia Bolz-Weber: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=XyoxUwdSnzA Rachel's blog: https://rachelheldevans.com Boeken van Rachel die we noemde in de podcast: Faith Unraveled, Searching for Sundays, Inspired, A Year of Biblical Womanhood. Waar Was Jezus: Ilse noemde een uitnodiging van een st. Paul's West Hackney: https://twitter.com/stpaulswesthack/status/1083450122195922944/photo/1 Heime noemde een liedje van Jason Mraz, Have it All:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFkTu8Y1KLs 

1hr 9mins

12 May 2021

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In Honor of Rachel Held Evans - Episode #129

The Winter Faith Podcast

In this episode of the Winter Faith Podcast,  Andy and his good friend and co-worker Kara talk about the influence author Rachel Held Evans had on their faith. Rachel Held Evans died tragically at age 37. She is survived by her parents, sister, husband, and two children. #prayforRHEThis is a bonus episode because it was previous recorded on the "Texting in Church" Podcast with Kara and Andy. Rachel Held Evans Books:Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again Searching for Sunday: Loving, Loving, and Find the the Church A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How A Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, Calling her Husband "Master"The Winter Faith Podcast is focused on creating conversations to promote emotional and spiritual growth through tough conversations about faith, apathy, and everything in between.Follow Andy on Twitter, Instagram, and join the Winter Faith Podcast on Facebook.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/winterfaithpod/message


5 May 2021

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Central's Influences: Rachel Held Evans (Audio)

The CentralCast - Central Avenue Church, Glendale CA

2 May 2021

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Her Story (Series) Part 2, Rachel Held Evans

Emmaus Road Sermons

Sermon Scripture: Genesis 32:22-32 (NRSV) The namesake of God’s covenant people is that they wrestled with God in the same way their forefather had. To have an “Israelite” faith did not mean to be certain about all your beliefs about God; it meant to wrestle honestly with those beliefs. You see this throughout the biblical narrative, particularly in the Old Testament! In 2007, Rachel Held Evans started a blog where she wrote about her questions, doubts, and changing beliefs. As it turned out, questions and doubts defined much of Rachel’s life. She exemplified an “Israelite” faith, and just like her ancient brothers and sisters, her questions were a sign of faithfulness. They meant she took God seriously. Her doubts meant that she was genuine in her faith, no matter how uncertain. “Whether you are part of a church or not, whether you believe today or your doubt, whether you are a Christian or an atheist or an agnostic…you know this truth deep in your bones: “Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return. Death is a part of life. My prayer for you this season is that you make time to celebrate that reality, and to grieve that reality, and that you will know you are not alone.” -Rachel Held Evans Further Reading: https://rachelheldevans.com


6 Dec 2020

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Evolution, Apocalypse, and Remembering Rachel Held Evans

The Evolving Faith Podcast

In the premiere episode of The Evolving Faith Podcast, we hear a talk given at the Evolving Faith gathering in 2018 by the late Rachel Held Evans, author, speaker, and co-founder of Evolving Faith. She talks about a tough and tender faith and what that calls us to when we encounter the oppressive, dehumanizing and unjust forces working in the world. We also welcome Rachel's husband, Dan Evans, and her sister, Amanda Held Opelt, who share with us about what gives them hope one year after Rachel's death.


24 Jun 2020

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S1E4: Faith, Science, Humility: Rachel Held Evans, Francis Collins, and Ed Larson

Tokens with Lee C. Camp

The supposed conflict between faith and science, as typified in the debate between fundamentalist Christianity and the theory of evolution, turns out to be hiding some skeletons in its closet. This episode explores some crucial unknowns, and breaks down some false dichotomies, in conversations on site of the famed Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee with Pulitzer prize-winning author Ed Larson and celebrated activist and author Rachel Held Evans (who tragically passed away in 2019), as well as an interview at Pepperdine University with Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health.  Find links to videos and photos from our show at the Rhea County Courthouse, along with historical photos and other helpful links on the episode page at www.tokensshow.com/blog/s1e4See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


28 May 2020

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71 - FULLER archives: Rachel Held Evans on Biblical Womanhood

FULLER curated

On her 2012 visit to Fuller, the late Rachel Held Evans, author, speaker, and blogger, spoke about liberation, the biblical womanhood movement, and the year she spent taking a literal approach to biblical instructions for women.


26 May 2020