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The establishment strikes back, with Dave Wasserman & Melanie Mason

The Chuck ToddCast: Meet the Press

Tuesday's elections in California and across the country saw the prevailing of more moderate politicians over their farther-left and farther-right opponents. Dave Wasserman, House editor of the Cook Political Report, and Melanie Mason, national political correspondent for the LA Times, join Chuck to break down the establishment candidates' cruise to victory.


8 Jun 2022

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California Scheming (with Dave Wasserman)

Hacks On Tap

Dave Wasserman, US House editor of the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, joins Axe and Gibbs to discuss the plethora of primaries happening around the country, what the results from recent races tell us about the national political environment, whether any voters will be swayed by the January 6th committee hearings, and how the politics of gun control will play out in suburban areas this fall.


8 Jun 2022

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Dave Wasserman on All Things Elections Analysis & Redistricting

Pro Politics with Zac McCrary

Dave Wasserman, a Senior Editor at the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, is universally regarded as one of the foremost election analysts on the planet - especially when it comes to US House races. In this conversation, Dave talks his early obession with all things politics, how he turned that into a job at the Cook Report, his approach to political analysis, the story behind his twitter catchphrase "I've seen enough", and his take on both the 2022 redistricting developments & overall House playing field. IN THIS EPISODE…Dave’s early love of maps…How a cable system glitch leads Dave to find politics…Dave’s unusual gift request for his 13th Birthday…The one race that drew Dave into congressional politics…The story behind a teenage Dave’s appearance as a pundit on a local public affairs show…Dave talks his important intersection with UVA Professor Larry Sabato…The $10 bet Dave won from Larry Sabato…The college analysis Dave wrote that led to his role with the Cook Report…Dave talks the approach he brings to elections analysis…What goes into creating Dave’s election night models…Dave on the races he’s proud he got right, plus some that surprised him…Dave talks trends he’s observed in House races during his time as a race-rater…Dave takes us behind the scenes of the NBC Election Night Decision Desk…The origin of Dave’s catchphrase to call elections…Dave breaks down the average work week for a race-rating analyst…Dave talks his longtime fascination with the redistricting process…Dave gives his thoughts on the 2022 redistricting process…Dave provides an update on recent legal ground that’s been broken around redistricting…Dave’s overall read on the '22 House playing field…Dave talks signs the Trump hold on the House GOP caucus may be weakening…Dave’s advice to the next generation of race-raters…AND 2,568 districts, George Allen, Mrs. Barkley, Ben Bernanke, Mary Bono Mack, Lauren Boebert, Bridgegate, Scott Brown, bruised egos, C-Span, Eric Cantor, Joe Cao, Don Cazayoux, Julia Carson, James Carville, Travis Childers, Emanuel Cleaver, Martha Coakley, Miles Coleman, compulsive list making, Jim Cooper, cranberry bread, creative ethics, Joe Crowley, Ted Cruz, Henry Cuellar, Rodney Davis, Pete Dawkins, Peter DeFazio, dummymanders, Election Twitter, Marc Elias, false suspense, food science, Louie Gohmert, Governing Magazine, Josh Harder, Andy Harris, Rush Holt, Bill Jefferson, John Katko, Dan Kildee, Steve Kornacki, Frank Lautenberg, Elaine Luria, Morgan Lutrell, Sean Patrick Maloney, map recipients, Terry McAuliffe, Kevin McCarthy, Bob McDonnell, David McKinley, Peter Meijer, Mary Miller, minimum split districting, Alex Mooney, Nathaniel Moran, Joe Morelle, oddly engrossing debates, Mike Pappas, Nancy Pelosi, PoliticsNJ.com, Premier League Soccer, QVC, Raul Ruiz, Stu Rothenberg, Rutgers, Bernard Shaw, Chris Shays, Siskel & Ebert, Elissa Slotkin, Abigail Spanberger, the Squad, Starbucks, Kenneth Starr, useful stereotypes, Paul Tonko, Lauren Underwood, the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, Fred Upton, violin lessons, Wal Mart, Amy Walter, Jim Webb, West River South Dakota, David Wildstein, Judy Woodruff, John Yarmuth, Glen Youngkin, …& more!


29 Mar 2022

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Off To The Races (with Dave Wasserman)

Hacks On Tap

Dave Wasserman, US House editor of the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, joins Axe and Murphy to discuss the final stretch of the Virginia governor’s race, the impact of Democrats’ actions—or lack thereof—in Congress on the upcoming election, and the latest redistricting developments and projections for the midterms. Plus, Wasserman reveals how he came up with his iconic phrase, “I’ve seen enough.”

1hr 2mins

27 Oct 2021

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What does the census data tell us about redistricting? (feat. Dave Wasserman)

CNalysis Podcast

Chaz talks with Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, @Redistrict on Twitter, to discuss the census data and what it means for redistricting as states prepare to draw lines in the coming weeks.


17 Aug 2021

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Did the Forecasters Get 2020 Right? Dave Wasserman on Polls, Partisans, and Prediction Philosophy

Policy Punchline

Dave Wasserman is the House Editor for The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan polling and elections forecasting group. Before joining The Cook Political Report, Dave worked as the House Editor for another widely respected polling and elections forecasting firm, Sabato’s Crystal Ball. At The Cook Political Report, Wasserman is known as one of the nation’s prominent election forecasters. He successfully forecasted the 2016 and 2018 elections, accurately suggesting that Donald Trump may win the presidency while losing the popular vote. He is actively involved in examining House races, using individual districts to key in on larger electoral trends. He collaborated with FiveThirtyEight to produce the groundbreaking “Atlas of Redistricting,” which models redistricting and gerrymandering scenarios for all fifty states. It’s a rare opportunity to have a preeminent forecaster like Dave on the show to discuss several important topics just as the elections season came to its long-awaited end. To start, we tackled the 2020 Presidential Election, trying to understand why the polls were off yet again. Dave was quite frank with us, stating that he and other elections forecasters relied too heavily on what he calls “spreadsheet crunching.” For reference, The Cook Political Report, as opposed to FiveThirtyEight and The Economist’s elections forecasting team, is a traditional elections forecaster relying on conventional wisdom. With the rise of data-driven forecasting, Dave argues that pollsters lost track of some tried-and-true political knowledge: the strength of incumbents, the ebbs and flows of political trends that caused voters who voted for Congressional Democrats to rebuke Trump in 2018 to split their tickets, and the polling blind spots for the incredible turnout from white, non-college educated voters. That is not to say data doesn’t matter at all. We also discussed the data of key demographic shifts — the Democratic Party’s inroads in key suburban areas and their bleeding from the blue-collar union areas that formed the dominant New Deal coalition for much of the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, Dave argues that because of the growth of data and accessibility to data in politics, the general public has become more attuned to processes like redistricting and voting rights issues, which may buffer the gerrymandering that will happen due to Republican control of state legislatures. However, Dave is quite pessimistic about disinformation, polarization, and their consequences on electoral politics. He’s quite bearish on Democrats’ chances to hold Congress in 2022, even though he feels Georgia and Arizona have shifted favorably for them. He worries about the consequences of the rampant disinformation on the trust in future elections, and while he sees a depolarization across race and geography in the country, he sees disinformation and irresponsible practices from Beltway media as means of worsening the divide between urban and rural America. In our interview, we give an unfiltered look at the state of electoral democracy on both the micro and macro levels with one of the nation’s premier forecasters. For more of our previous discussions on election forecasting, you may be interested in listening to the episode “Is Nate Silver Worse than Crackhead Jim? The Success and Tautology of Election Forecasting” and read our essay on Bayesian forecasting in elections.

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8 Feb 2021

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A White House Held Hostage (with Dave Wasserman)

Hacks On Tap

This week, Axe and Murphy are joined by Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report. It’s been two weeks since Election Day and the Hacks continue their postmortem with a deep dive into what happened in congressional districts across the country. They also look ahead to the Georgia special election and discuss what the 2020 race tells us about the future of both parties. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 5mins

18 Nov 2020

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14th & G: How to Watch Election Night Like a Pro with Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report

14th & G

Welcome to 14th & G. With a week to go Dean is joined by Cook Political Report elections guru, Dave Wasserman, for tips on how the pros follow returns as they come in on Election Night (and beyond). Thanks for listening! The post 14th & G: How to Watch Election Night Like a Pro with Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report appeared first on Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas.


26 Oct 2020

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Dave Wasserman

Battleground with Amanda Litman and Faiz Shakir

Two months before the 2016 election, House Editor of the Cook Political Report and self-described “numbers junkie,” Dave Wasserman penned a prophetic piece for The New York Times titled “How Trump Could Win the White House While Losing the Popular Vote.” Four years later, he’s putting the battleground in Battleground by taking David Plouffe & Steve Schmidt on an in-depth tour of the states, and even counties, that could decide the 2020 election. But first, our hosts talk about the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer, President Trump’s determination to mishandle the Covid crisis in his own White House and across the nation, and whether it’s too late for Senate Republicans to get off the Trump train before it derails. Dave Wasserman’s 2016 National Popular Vote Tracker: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/133Eb4qQmOxNvtesw2hdVns073R68EZx4SfCnP4IGQf8/htmlviewDave Wasserman’s Swingometer: https://cookpolitical.com/swingometer?politicalwire Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


12 Oct 2020

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Dave Wasserman, South Carolina Takeaways and Previewing Super Tuesday

The Electables

Dave Wasserman, House Editor for The Cook Political Report, joins Adrienne and Doug to discuss the South Carolina primary results and where all the campaigns stand heading into Super Tuesday.


2 Mar 2020