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43 of The Best Podcast Episodes for James Carbary. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about James Carbary, often where they are interviewed.

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43 of The Best Podcast Episodes for James Carbary. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about James Carbary, often where they are interviewed.

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#Sales 5: Your LinkedIn Posts Aren’t Funny Enough w/ James Carbary

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LinkedIn content still sucks. 

That’s a good thing. You can use that — the bar is still low and the noise isn’t yet deafening.

And the best way to take advantage of this? 

Be funny.

In this episode, Co-Host Patrick Downs interviews James Carbary, Founder of Sweet Fish Media and Author of Content-Based Networking to find out why LinkedIn has a giant content-shaped hole…

And you can fill that hole with comedy. 

(Note: This also works for parental-affection-shaped holes, but that’s beyond the scope of this episode.)

James covered:

  • Why LinkedIn’s dearth of content is good news for you
  • Why those who can’t teach need to be funny
  • Why brands need to stop chasing influencers and create their own content-following

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Jun 23 2020 · 28mins
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#033: How Podcasting Can Build Your Business 🧱 - James Carbary

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James is the founder of Sweet Fish Media, he shares how he built up a highly successful business from running podcast interviews with his ideal clients.

Co-Host of the top 100 podcast, B2B Growth, James' podcast has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times! He's also a contributor for Business Insider, Entrepreneur.com, & the Huffington Post. He has a Best-selling book - 'Content-Based Networking'

James has much to pass on and inform your digital marketing strategies, helping you to skyrocket YOUR sales and business!
Jun 04 2020 · 40mins

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#CX 52: Building Relationships by Creating Content w/ James Carbary

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In this episode of the #CX series, Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, talks with James Carbary, author of Content-Based Networking, about instantly connecting with anyone you want to know through content collaboration.

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May 14 2020 · 48mins
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How To Book Top Podcast Guests With Email – Outreach Done Right With James Carbary

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Would you love to know the perfect email campaign to book the very best top podcast guests to appear on your podcast?

Even if you don’t have a podcast, it can sometimes be tough knowing how to do cold email outreach to an expert in your field.

There’s a careful balance you need to find between bombarding people with email after email and annoying them, and just not sending enough of the right emails to get on their radar. You need to work out how to send the best emails that will grab people’s attention enough to make them want to work with you.

Well, we’ve made it nice and easy for you in this episode where we’re chatting with James Carbary of Sweet Fish Media and finding out how he manages to book top guests for podcasts time and time again.

James shares the exact emails he sends, his strategy for finding the decision makers, and his best performing subject line.

Episode Content

  • (1:35) Funny fact with James Carbary.
  • (4:11) Why is it so damn hard to get good guests on your podcast?
  • (5:02) Stop chasing influencers!
  • (5:58) Use this trick to find the contact details of your future guests (no stalking allowed 😂).
  • (7:26) Feels a bit too pitchy? Try this.
  • (8:50 )The best kind of rejection.
  • (10:45) The exact email that James sends to book the best podcast guests.
  • (12:35) When should you just give up? And does no really mean no?
  • (16:50) A face will get you further than your name.
  • (20:10) Subject line of the week with James Carbary.

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Apr 22 2020 · 22mins

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135 - James Carbary - How to Find Your Perfect Client Through Podcasting

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James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media, a podcast agency for B2B brands, and he hosts his own podcast called B2B Growth—a show dedicated to helping B2B executives achieve explosive growth. He has been a contributor for the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider, and is the author of Content-Based Networking: How to Instantly Connect With Anyone You Want to Know.

In this episode of Stay Paid, James explains the basics of starting your own podcast, and how content collaboration can bring immense benefits to any sales-based business.

Apr 20 2020 · 44mins
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Ep 135 Why Everyone Should Start a Podcast with James Carbary

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Show Notes 

In this episode of the podcast I talk to one of my good friends, James Carbary. James is the CEO and Founder of Sweetfish Media and the Author of Content-Based Networking.  

James and I were scheduled to talk to a class of marketing seniors at the University of Central Florida about the power of podcasts. With everything that’s currently going on, we took our conversation online to do what we know how to do best… Make it into a podcast. 

James and I talk about why everyone should start a podcast. Podcasting is one of the best ways to expand your network and it even opens doors to opportunities that you may not have known existed.  

We dive into what it takes to start a podcast, what tools you need, and we explain why you don’t need to be an expert on the subject to interview experts. 

James also shares his secrets to success. One of them being that you don’t need to be the hero of the story. Instead, you should be the one that shines the spotlight on your guest. 

If you’ve ever wanted to start a podcast, but had thoughts that podcasting was too hard or too complicated, listen to this episode and learn how it’s much easier than you think. 

Tools you need to start your podcast 

The Content-Based Networking Book


Anchor- https://anchor.fm/

Zoom- www.zoom.us

Interest in learning more about job opportunities at Sweetfish Media? 

Contact Ryan at ryan@sweetfishmedia.com

Have questions for James or me? Connect with us on LinkedIn 



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Apr 02 2020 · 29mins
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77: How to Reverse Engineer Strategic Relationships During This Pandemic w/ James Carbary

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Your network is your net worth. It’s a tired saying, but one that holds true for the most part.

What’s changed is how you create that valuable network.

In this episode of The B2B Sales Show, Lori catches up with Executive Producer James Carbary, author of the recently-released Content-Based Networking.

Lori and James discuss:

  • How content-based networking helps sales pros build genuine industry relationships
  • Why we have more agency over the people we meet than we think
  • Why meeting real practitioners in the field is more impactful than meeting big-time influencers
  • How to generate evergreen content

Thanks for listening to this episode of The B2B Sales Show, co-hosted by Lori Richardson, President of Women Sales Pros. Find Lori on LinkedIn and tell her you listened to the podcast! 

You can find this interview and many more by subscribing to The B2B Sales Show on Apple Podcasts.

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Mar 30 2020 · 24mins
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EP 233: How to grow your agency using creative collaboration with James Carbary

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Today’s episode is a twofer – and both topics are going to benefit your shop. The first is the idea of collaborating with your prospects to create content that is valuable for both of you. From there you can leverage that shared experience to create new opportunities for your agency. The second is how you can write that book you’ve been thinking about, despite how overloaded your calendar and life can be.

My guest is James Carbary, the owner of Sweet Fish Media, a podcast-first media company. James was with us once before back in Episode #156 where we talked about James’ approach to networking. And in the latest episode of Build a Better Agency, we dive even further into his creative collaboration methodology as we discuss the writing process and major talking points of his new book, Content-Based Networking: How to Instantly Connect with Anyone You Want to Know.

James asserts that when you partner with your prospects to produce content that will serve their organization’s business goals, you can connect and create the foundation of a relationship. That relationship will serve your agency in a variety of ways, ranging from referrals to a new client. On top of that, the content is also useful to your audience, so it’s establishing your position of authority, as Stephen Woessner and I detail in our new book Sell With Authority.

As if that wasn’t already a value-packed episode, I also asked James how he, as a busy agency owner, found the time to write the book. He reveals all of his shortcuts and secrets and you’re going to want to hear them all!

A big thank you to our podcast’s presenting sponsor, White Label IQ. They’re an amazing resource for agencies who want to outsource their design, dev or PPC work at wholesale prices. Check out their special offer (10 free hours!) for podcast listeners here.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:
  • If you decide to go with a different keyword, make sure to have the keyword listed in at least one bullet point
  • The concept of James’ new book, Content-Based Networking: How to Instantly Connect with Anyone You Want to Know
  • How content collaboration serves your agency’s biz dev efforts
  • James’ framework for content-based networking and how to apply it
  • How to write and publish your own book
  • How to use your book as a biz dev too
Subscribe to Build A Better Agency! Ways to contact James Carbary: Tools & Resources:
Mar 23 2020 · 1hr 1min
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1229: How to Instantly Connect with Anyone You Want to Know w/ James Carbary

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In this episode, we hear Douglas Burdett's conversation with our very own James Carbary featured on The Marketing Book Podcast.

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Mar 17 2020 · 55mins
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268 Content-Based Networking by James Carbary

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Content-Based Networking: How to Instantly Connect with Anyone You Want to Know by James Carbary

Click here for the show notes


There’s a reason everyone says “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” If you’re striving to reach ambitious goals, it’s impossible without the right relationships. So how do you reverse-engineer relationships with the exact people you want to know? Through his podcast B2B Growth and his company Sweet Fish Media, James Carbary has pioneered a concept called content-based networking—a new approach to building your professional network. Instead of relying on chance encounters and random in-person events, content-based networking allows you to connect with anyone, at any time, and from anywhere in the world. In Content-Based Networking, you’ll learn a proven three-part framework to consistently connect with potential customers, investors, referral partners, industry influencers, and anyone in between. Using this framework, you’ll develop thought leadership in your industry, while simultaneously creating meaningful relationships with the exact people that can help you reach your goals and dreams.

Feb 28 2020 · 58mins