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My Korea Part II | Hooni Kim

Cookery by the Book

6 Sep 2020

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Meet Hooni Kim

Inside Julia's Kitchen

This week on Inside Julia’s Kitchen, host Todd Schulkin talks to Hooni Kim, chef of NYC’s Danji and Hanjan, and author of the new cookbook, My Korea. Todd and Hooni discuss making authentic Korean food in America and the impact of Covid-19 on his restaurants. Plus, Hooni shares his Julia Moment.Image courtesy of Kristin Teig.In March, HRN began producing all of our 35 weekly shows from our homes all around the country. It was hard work stepping away from our little recording studio, but we know that you rely on HRN to share resources and important stories from the world of food each week. It’s been a tough year for all of us, but right now HRN is asking for your help. Every dollar that listeners give to HRN provides essential support to keep our mics on. We've got some fresh new thank you gifts available, like our limited edition bandanas.Keep Inside Julia's Kitchen on the air: become an HRN Member today! Go to heritageradionetwork.org/donate. Inside Julia's Kitchen is powered by Simplecast.


2 Jul 2020

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Chef Hooni Kim with Andrew Friedman

The Korea Society

April 30, 2020 - A chef known for defining Korean food in America brings a powerful culinary legacy into your kitchen. Hooni Kim, chef/owner of Danji and Hanjan, will discuss his eagerly-anticipated cookbook, My Korea: Traditional Flavors, Modern Recipes, his insight and deep knowledge on Korean cuisine, and the challenges he faces as a restaurateur in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moderated by Andrew Friedman. For more information, please visit the link below: https://www.koreasociety.org/arts-culture/item/1377-chef-hooni-kim-with-andrew-friedman


1 May 2020

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My Korea by Hooni Kim

Eat Your Words

Cathy dials up Hooni Kim, chef-owner of Danji, a Korean tapas restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, to talk about his new cookbook, My Korea: Traditional Flavors, Modern Recipes. Hooni shares the state of business right now due to COVID-19 and discusses the possible future of the restaurant industry, as well as his own unique perspective on Korean cooking.Eat Your Words is powered by Simplecast.


26 Apr 2020

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My Korea | Hooni Kim

Cookery by the Book

20 Apr 2020

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1118 Issue Maker with Chef Hooni Kim (#masterchef #요리천사 #foodasmedicine #kimchi #danji #hanjan..)

tbs eFM The Scoop

1118 Issue Maker with Chef Hooni Kim (#masterchef #요리천사 #foodasmedicine #kimchi #danji #hanjan #koreanfoodinnyc)Chef Hooni joins us to tell us about his culinary journey.


18 Nov 2019

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How to Have the Courage to Pursue Your Dream— Hooni Kim’s Journey from a Medical Student to Becoming a Michelin Star Chef

Live Your Dream with Celina Lee

Hooni Kim is a chef and owner at restaurant Danji and Hanjan in NYC. We talk about how once an aspiring doctor became a chef and why he still pursued his dream even when so many people around him were against it. He was only one semester away from finishing medical school, and as you can imagine, it was not an easy decision. His mom didn’t talk to him for a year when Hooni decided to not become a doctor. Many people told him, “What are you doing? You are crazy!” But instead of listening to others, he looked within and listened to his own soul about which path to choose. Hooni's first restaurant, Danji, received a star rating from the Michelin Guide in 2011, making it the first Korean restaurant in America to receive the prestigious distinction. (Original broadcast date: July 3, 2018) Other episodes I have mentioned. 3 Steps to Career Happiness How to Gain Self-Awareness (https://celinalee.co/episode20) Overcome Internal Obstacles (https://celinalee.co/episode22) Take Action (https://celinalee.co/episode23/) How to Pursue Your Dreams Even When Your Loved Ones Don’t Believe in Them (https://celinalee.co/episode15/) Today’s show notes: www.celinalee.co/episode25

1hr 8mins

26 Apr 2019

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How to Have the Courage to Pursue Your Dream - Hooni Kim

Live Your Dream with Celina Lee

Hooni Kim is a chef and owner at restaurant Danji and Hanjan in NYC. We talk about how once an aspiring doctor became a chef, and his experience of working at Daniel and Masa, and why he decided to open a Korean restaurant after working at a French and Japanese restaurant. In 2011, Danji received a star rating from the Michelin Guide, making it the first Korean restaurant in America to receive the prestigious distinction.

1hr 3mins

3 Jul 2018

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Episode 17: Hooni Kim

Andrew Talks to Chefs

If there's such a thing as an epic podcast interview, this is it: Chef Hooni Kim's story spans three continents ... before the age of ten. From there, it's a long journey to the professional kitchen, and then to discovering who he was on the plate, which he sprung on the New York City dining public, first at Danji and then at Hanjan, where he offers his own personal take on Korean cuisine. Along the way, he did time at medical school (including a harrowing ER story), in the demanding ktichens of Daniel and Masa, and along the way became an accidental television star in his native Korea. This is a long one, but we thought it was worth every minute. Just settle in and enjoy. Here's a thought: If you like what you hear, please tell your chef-fascinated friends, subscribe to Andrew Talks to Chefs (it's free) on iTunes or Stitcher, follow us on your favorite social media platforms @ChefPodcast, and/or rate or review us on Apple's podcast store. Thanks for listening! Andrew Talks to Chefs is powered by Simplecast

1hr 51mins

24 Jan 2018

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Episode 80: Hooni Kim

Chef's Story

Korean food is incredible – full of fermented goodness and culinary tradition, but it’s often overlooked. Find out how Hooni Kim is changing people’s perceptions of Korean Food and elevating the cuisine on a brand new episode of Chef’s Story. Chef Kim is the chef/owner of Hanjan and Danji, two restaurants that re-imagine Korean food in imaginative and inventive ways. Host Dorothy Cann Hamilton chats with chef Kim about his background in medicine, his transition to the kitchen and his passion for the food of Korea. Find out why you should trust your taste buds – not your nose – when it comes to Korean food and hear why Hooni’s ultimate dream is just to make people happy. Today’s show was brought to you by Whole Foods Market. “Being a foodie was a hobby. Asian kids didn’t grow up to be chefs. If you weren’t smart – you ended up in the kitchen. I never thought about cooking as a profession.” [17:00] “It’s good to have rules, but ultimately I think a chef’s job isn’t about the food – it’s about people coming in to the restaurant to have a good time. It’s our job to facilitate that and it’s not always about the food.” [29:00] “My friends should be able to come into the restaurant and before even tasting the food and say ‘This reminds me of Hooni’ ” [39:00] “Cheese tastes amazing – but if you just smell it, you’ll never taste it. That’s the same with Korean fermented food.” [48:00] –Hooni Kim on Chef’s Story


23 Jul 2014