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“Wild Money!” with LUNA JAFFE

Smart Women Talk Radio

We are thrilled to welcome CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, financial therapist, and author, LUNA JAFFE, this month on Smart Women Talk Radio.Luna and Katana will discuss :Why you are not broken when it comes to money. How to become masterful with money.Strategies for how you can change your world.Luna Jaffe never bought the common notion that one must sacrifice passion or forfeit creativity to get serious about money. As a Certified Financial Planner and psychotherapist, Luna strongly believes that true wealth embraces your values, not just the numbers on your ledger. Entrepreneurial from a young age, Luna was the president of her own wearable art company, LunaSilks, at 23. She owns Lunaria Financial in Portland, Oregon, and is the award-winning author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom. She is also the CEO and co-owner of Sacred Money Studios, a retail location dedicated to financial education, community and empowerment. Luna offers security and advisory services through KMS Financial Services, Inc. To learn more about Luna, go to www.lunajaffe.com.


28 Jan 2020

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Finding your client's deep relationship with money, with Luna Jaffe

Goals Based Advice Podcast

In this episode, we chat with US Adviser Luna Jaffe. Luna is not your normal financial planner, she combines her background in art and physiotherapy to uncover her client's emotional side of money. You can hear our conversation with Luna (see links below) and while you’re at it, why not subscribe to hear our future conversations as soon as they’re released. Connect with Luna: linkedin.com/in/lunariafinancial If you have more questions, don't forget to reach out to me on LinkedIn and to send an email at jacqui@adviceintelligence.com


10 Jan 2020

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Ep 151: Expanding Your Advisory Firm's Reach With A Retail Prosperity Pie Shoppe with Luna Jaffe

Financial Advisor Success

Luna Jaffe is the founder of Lunaria Financial, an advisory firm that oversees nearly $55 million in assets under management for 100 client households. In an effort to make financial knowledge affordable, Luna launched the Sacred Money Studios and Prosperity Pie Shoppe, a literal pie shop across the street from her advisory firm office that offers low-cost financial education programs on budgeting.  In this episode, we discuss the budgeting philosophy her business teaches, as well as the real-world challenges that come with opening up a retail store with employees. Listen in to hear what Luna has learned while trying to expand the reach of financial education through a retail store, how she helps clients implement necessary changes, and more. For show notes and more visit: https://www.kitces.com/151  

1hr 46mins

19 Nov 2019

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The Mindful Wealth Conference with Luna Jaffe and Lea Schodel

Money-Wise Women

Imagine that your financial world is only black and white, that only numbers define your relationship with money…until, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you open the door to a vivid, vibrant, colorful reality. Suddenly, you see money in rainbow colors. Each exchange comes alive with meaning and is aligned with your purpose. Your […] The post The Mindful Wealth Conference with Luna Jaffe and Lea Schodel appeared first on Money Morphosis.


27 Jun 2018

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Wild Money for Creative Entrepreneurs with Luna Jaffe

Money-Wise Women

Creative entrepreneurs often seek me for money advice. They think finances are boring and they have to be a math whiz to manage money. They are pleasantly surprised to find there are integrated approaches that align their values with their resources. Psychological, emotional, and mental approaches can be combined for financial success. Yet it is […] The post Wild Money for Creative Entrepreneurs with Luna Jaffe appeared first on Money Morphosis.


15 Jan 2018

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071: Managing Your Money is a Creative Process with Luna Jaffe

Productive Flourishing

Most people don’t put managing their money and being creative together. Especially since one seems to be what you have to do, whereas the other seems to be what you get to do. But managing your money is a creative process and whether you like it or not, it’s an emotional process too. Luna Jaffe joins me today to share how she has incorporated her work as an artist into her work as a guide for people to improve their relationship with their money. Ready? Let’s do this! Key Takeaways: [0:53] Struggling to keep up with processing your email? SaneBox may just be the tool you need! [1:30] Go to SaneBbox.com/giant & you’ll get a $25 credit towards subscription on top of the 14 days free trial. [1:55] Charlie tells us a bit about Luna Jaffe and her work! [3:51] What was it like to jump from being a psychotherapist to being a financial planner? [7:53] What were some clear visions Luna had that seemed super crazy? What happened when she pursued them? [9:56] How does Luna maintain momentum & at the same time does quantum shifts? [14:19] What’s been 3 lessons Luna has had to learn all over again? [18:02] Luna’s thoughts on going from being solo-oriented to community-oriented. [22:40] Luna’s suggestions on how to visualize & think about your relationship with money. [26:14] What are some surprising or unexpected things she has seen with people & their money? [30:07] Any good coach is asking good questions & encouraging people to understand things at a deeper level. [33:24] What’s been harder to do with Sacred Money Studios that didn’t turn out to be that hard? [38:28] What’s it like to go through the highs & lows of running her businesses? [44:55] What’s the most unanticipated challenge Luna is facing right now? [48:35] What’s the one thing Luna wants the listeners to take away from this episode? Mentioned in This Episode: Luna Jaffe – Where Creativity & Money Meet Lunaria Financial KMS Financial Services Inc. Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom by Luna Jaffe Wild Money Coloring Book by Luna Jaffe Sacred Money Studios


29 Feb 2016

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Luna Jaffe: the Road to Wild Money

Business the Wise Woman Way

It was a pure pleasure to interview Luna Jaffe this week. I admire Luna for her ability to step into the world of financial advising, when she actually has the true soul of an artist and training as a psychotherapist. Luna shares her own challenge with this part of herself and some really good tools that have helped her to stay focused on what's best for her business, and when something is a good idea or not from a financial and business building point of view. The advice she offers is stellar and you will all benefit. Luna is the author of the award winning book, Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom. This book is beautiful as well as creative and very powerful to help you shift your own money issues.Luna's financial planning practice is a unique alchemy of traditional planning, creativity and financial coaching. She engages her clients in a process that aims to develop financial savvy and confidence while also dealing with cash management, investment allocation, estate and tax planning, business planning and setting/implementing financial goals.To read more about Luna's wisdom tips and how to contact her-go to wisewomanpodcast.comFor more help with your business contact me at awakeningBusiness.com


4 Dec 2014

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#14: Primal Wisdom w/ Luna Jaffe

Primal Wisdom

Amazing conversation with Luna Jaffe, we cover a lot of ground here, spirituality, finances, health, wellness, and much more!www.lunajaffe.com


8 Oct 2014

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Luna Jaffe Financial Advisor for Creatives

Better, Smarter, Richer

Luna Jaffe Financial Advisor for Creatives by BSR Broadcasts with Jackie B. Peterson


8 Apr 2014

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Wild Money Questions with Luna Jaffe | Creative Insurgents Episode #4 LIVE

Creative Insurgents: Living a Creative Life by Your Own Rules

Financial Counselor to the creative class, Luna Jaffe, joins us for our first live episode of Creative Insurgents. Luna talks about money, art, and how to develop a more positive financial relationship.  0:50 - Melissa shares her upcoming course and some of her new art 2:30 - Melissa introduces Luna Jaffe, Certified Financial Planner and author of Wild Money, a money book for creatives 7:00 Luna explains how she accidentally ended up as a silk artist and then as a financial planner 11:30 Luna talks about how she got her silk art and clothing in front of her ideal clients 15:00 Luna talks about how beneficial trade (or barter) can be to artists - she got dental services on barter! 19:00 Where did the Wild Money book come from? How do we develop a better relationship with money 32:00 the importance of getting feedback on how you’re handling your money 38:00 the three most important things to track in order to have more money 43:00 listener questions - some really GREAT questions here 54:00 the difference between a tax preparer, a CPA, and a financial planner

1hr 1min

23 Jan 2014