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WS742: Investing in Second Mortgage Syndications with Sherman Arnowitz

The Real Estate Syndication Show

It’s not something everybody likes talking about, but sometimes we need to have a conversation about mortgages. For Sherman Arnowitz, this simply isn’t the case. Instead, he sees distressed mortgages as an opportunity to make a great income and to actually keep people in their homes instead of kicking them out. As our guest today, Sherman has more than 25 years of experience to his name and has been buying, selling, and managing distressed mortgages under his company Keyhole Financial Services. In this episode, you’ll hear about Sherman’s peculiar entry into distressed mortgage investment, having received loan returns from an estranged friend some 15 years later.Our gracious sponsor:Lionshare Bookkeeping believes the key to generating wealth is understanding where it comes from, and where it needs to go. They provide bookkeeping and financial coaching exclusively to Real Estate Investors - focusing on cash flow, strategy, and action. Go to http://bit.ly/LionshareBookkeeping to connect with them now.


1 Nov 2020

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The NoteWorthy USA Podcast Episode 008 - Investing in Distressed 2nds With Sherman Arnowitz

NoteWorthy USA Podcast

Please hit that subscribe button & share the show! Are you subscribed to the NoteWorthy Newsletter?  You can subscribe at www.notetools.com/newsletter Welcome back to The NoteWorthy USA Podcast.  In this episode we're joined by Sherman Arnowitz from Keyhole Financial Services.  Sherman brings a lot of knowledge with his more than 2 decades of experience in investing in distressed 2nd mortgages.  We'll also discuss the importance of learning how to juggle having a good mentor, finding deals and raising capital.  All 3 are critical components to your success as an investor.  Success will not happen overnight and you're going to have to put in the work. To learn more about Sherman and how he helps others to learn investing in debt, visit www.notetools.com/distressed2nds To download Sherman's book, visit:  https://courses.keyholeacademy.com/courses/the-art-of-investing-in-distressed-second-mortgages and enter the promo code "noteworthy" Connect with us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/noteworthysummit

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23 Jul 2020

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Investing In Second Position Notes With Sherman Arnowitz

Real Estate Without Renters with Kevin Shortle

What are second position notes, and how can we juice income out of them? Today, Kevin Shortle interviews Sherman Arnowitz, the Founder and Preside of Keyhole Financial Services, about investing in second position notes. Sherman shares what opportunities you can get from working on first and second notes, and talks about the positive components of working on the latter. Influenced by a college roommate about investing in seconds, Sherman passes on his knowledge through Keyhole Academy and Keyhole Financial Services. Listen to Sherman as he dishes out his insights on second notes and understanding possible risks that may arise.


20 Feb 2020

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Seconds with Sherman Arnowitz

The Note Investor Podcast

Talking about second mortgages with Sherman Arnowitz from Keyhole Financial You can get in relatively inexpensive to start up a second Seconds are a little more of a numbers game More strategies with seconds like being flexible to negotiate with the homeowner Take both property and owner into consideration Evaluenote helps with data with first and second mortgages Putting in the parameters and having spit out the rankings Online education program to learn how to start investing Seconds are difficult to find but they are out, you just have to be in it, be active participant Learn something new, meet someone different everyday with seconds A new program called Note Emporium, a loan management program


29 Oct 2019

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SHERMAN ARNOWITZ INTERVIEW – Paying Cents on the Dollar to Invest in Distressed Second Mortgages

The Next-Level Income Show

The Art of Investing in Distressed Second Mortgages: It's Not Rocket Science!Sherman Arnowitz, president of Keyhole Financial Services buys, sells, and services distressed second mortgages. Since inception in 2001, Keyhole Financial Services has continually outperformed the S&P 500. Sherman has created and managed funds with thousands of distressed second mortgage notes.In 2013, Sherman and his team created Keyhole Academy; an online education program designed to educate students interested in learning how to invest in the distressed second mortgage market. Keyhole Academy offers their students private, joint-venture mentoring.FREE Next-Level Income Resources — Take Advantage Of These TodayYou can access a free digital copy of our book here: Next-Level Income: Moving From High Income to High Net Worth Using the ‘Holy Grail of Real Estate’ to Achieve Financial Independence.Sherman’s ResourcesSherman’s book – The Art of Investing in Distressed Second Mortgages: It's Not Rocket Science!Keyholefinancial.comKeyholeacademy.comNotethinktank.com/


6 Sep 2019

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Episode 7: Sherman Arnowitz

A Passion For Real Estate Investments

We chat with Sherman Arnowitz; Founder and President of Keyhole Financial, where he shares his experience on how real estate has given him the freedom to do what he loves, having strategic partners, and his online platform Keyhole Academy. 


6 Mar 2019