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Episode 18: Master's Talk with Spencer Graham

Little Man Big Mouth

Little Man is joined by acclaimed junior golf coach Spencer Graham for a 2020 Masters recap. Along the way, Spencer gives golf tips for amateurs, shares his dream of being a Crossfit athlete, and reveals that a few lucky strikes netted him a high bowling score. Also in this episode: Little Man gives his hot takes on the NBA offseason; J and G pick games for NFL week 15; Dabo Swinney earns the rare Double Zero status; the French have a strange approach to tardy students; and top 5 Thanksgiving side dishes.


1 Dec 2020

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What’s up with Blockchain? Web 3.0, DeFi, and scaling trust :: with Spencer Graham and Tony Little


In this episode of Ventures, I discuss with my guests Spencer Graham (https://twitter.com/spengrah) and Tony Little (https://twitter.com/DrTonyLittle) the past, present, and future of blockchain technologies and Web 3.0. Visit https://satchel.works/@wclittle/ventures-episode-18 for detailed notes and links to resources (videos, articles, etc…) mentioned. You can watch this episode via video here. In this episode we cover the following:    1:59 - Tony intro, including his new job at https://www.prescryptive.com/ 2:38 - Spencer intro, Web 3.0 product manager. 3:50 - Tee-up about exploring the narratives of blockchain, starting first with explaining what blockchain is.11:00 - How would Tony talk about the story of blockchain from its origin to today? 17:00 - A quick caveat from Spencer about the problem of narratives. 17:56 - How would Spencer talk about the story of blockchain from its origin to today? 22:17 - What’s up with DeFi (Decentralized Finance? Why has it been all the rage the last couple of years? 25:00 - Blockchain ecosystem today similar to the “primordial soup” in biology that gave birth to life. The “experiments” happening today are like that early environment, and time will tell what comes out of it and evolves.26:36 - Transition from the infrastructure narrative into products. What prevents someone from borrowing money in the DeFi space and running away with it? 29:52 - Why would someone borrow ~$1k by putting up something like $1.5k in collateral? What is the engine that makes DeFi go right now?31:55 - What other products in the DeFi space are catching Spencer’s interest? (discussing risk management products)  34:59 - What’s up with yield farming and COMP’s governance protocol? (see also https://www.coindesk.com/defi-yield-farming-comp-token-explained) 39:44 - Recapping yield farming and the ability to potentially make more money from owning these tokens in the future. 42:06 - How active is yield farming now in DeFi? Is it a zero-sum game? 43:39 - What “net new” types of products can blockchain enable? (discussion around identity, shared governance, company ownership, and the future of work)50:30 - Perhaps blockchains simply enable existing products/protocols to be scaled? (Will’s example of chaining internet through neighbors in mountain/valley environments, and a reminder that technology reduces cost and/or increases convenience)53:50 - Blockchains as “scaling trust”. 55:38 - What is “trustless” then? Do we really mean “scaling trust” ?  An extreme minimization of trust? What are we trusting in with regard to the blockchain tech and ecosystem? 57:33 - What is Web 3.0? (A discussion of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and the sharing of costs, ownership, and outcomes of ventures at the infrastructure and application level in Web 3.0. “Putting communities back in control”) 1:00:51 - Discussion of Filecoin / IPFS - and The Graph - as examples of new Web 3.0 stack components.1:02:55 - Discussion of identity, “directory”, and consent. 1:04:30 - Discussion of Web 1/2/3 transitions as an expansion of protocols and interfaces with those protocols. 1:05:08 - How do Tony and Spencer think about the future of blockchain? What excites them? 

1hr 11mins

10 Nov 2020

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#315 - So You Want to Be a Strongman? Tips for Beginners with Spencer Graham

Barbell Logic

Matt invites former STRONG Gym coach and now owner of GP Athletics in Springfield, MO, Spencer Graham, to the podcast to discuss how lifters can get started training in the sport of strongman. Strongman is probably the most entertaining sport in the world of strength and power. Athletes regularly perform feats of strength with brutally heavy objects, some spectacular (like pulling a fire engine, or a plane) and others mundane (like throwing barrels or flipping tires). Yet it's the juxtaposition of amazing feats of strength with commonplace objects that gives strongman it's fun, wild, and unpredictable spirit. What would you rather see -- 45 lifters all squatting, benching, and deadlifting, one after another, or two enormous men racing with refrigerators strapped to their back? The sport of strongman requires impressive physical attributes as well. Athletes must be very strong, of course, but also athletic. They must be able to balance with awkward implements, move explosively, and posses a high level of conditioning... while being very, very strong of course. That said, it has never been easier to enter and learn the sport, and there are a number of good resources for beginners wishing to transition from barbell lifting into competing at strongman. Spencer Graham's gym, GP Athletics: https://www.gpathletics.net Spencer on Instagram: @gp_spencergraham https://www.instagram.com/gp_spencergraham/ Discounts Never buy toilet paper again! Save 10% off any bidet or bidet accessory from Tushy by going to: https://hellotushy.com/logic Want to try online coaching for FREE? Email experience@barbell-logic.com for a free trial of Barbell Logic Online Coaching. You'll get feedback on your technique and programming from a Barbell Logic coach, and see what the fuss is all about! Connect With Matt Matt on Instagram Barbell Logic Online Coaching — Matt’s website Matt on Facebook Matt on Twitter Connect With Scott Scott on Instagram Silver Strength – Scott’s website Scott on Facebook Scott on Twitter Connect With the Show Barbell Logic on Twitter Barbell Logic on Instagram The Website Barbell Logic on Facebook barbelllogicpodcast@gmail.com

1hr 3mins

18 May 2020

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Everest WK3 - Special guest Spencer Graham

Ignite Church

Everest WK3 - Special guest Spencer Graham by Ignite Church Miami


19 Apr 2020

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Season 8 Episode 4 - Gus Barchers @golfwithgus & Spencer Graham @playerscoach

Grown Man Radio

Gus Barchers is a PGA Professional at Quail Creek CC in Naples, FL. You can follow him @golfwithgus on Instagram or check out his podcast "The Stripe Show" on iTunes. Our surprise guest via the Grown Phone was Spencer Graham III @playerscoach, the teaching professional at Quail Creek CC.https://archive.org/download/grownmanradioepisode4/grown%20man%20radio%20episode%204.mp3

30 Dec 2019

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EP001 with Spencer Graham

Small Business Mountain Movers

On this first episode of Mountain Movers, we learn from Spencer Graham, the owner of GP Athletics in Springfield, Missouri. During our conversation you'll learn valuable tips on how Spencer launched a gym with a minimal budget and how they made it into the premier strength gym in the Southwest Missouri region. 


26 Nov 2019

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PART II: Spencer Graham, Head of Digital Signage Federation, talks the Power of Signage, Facial Recognition & Privacy 🛣✅👀

Simple Tech Talk

In part two of this dynamic discussion, Spencer Graham and Doug Pittman discuss privacy and how compliance to GDPR and CCPA should be of the utmost importance to tech companies and brand apps.  In addition, we give a sneak peek into a fantastic gathering taking place in the Big Apple in October.  Listen in, then head to www.BoardActive.com.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


19 Sep 2019

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Spencer Graham, Head of Digital Signage Federation, talks the Power of Signage 🛣🤳🏼👀

Simple Tech Talk

Join us as Spencer Graham, Head of Digital Signage Federation and Doug Pittman, Founder and CEO, BoardActive discuss the power of Signage for Brand Apps across the globe.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


17 Sep 2019