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Paul Harvey Warned Us Years Ago | AM Show Hr 2

The Michael Berry Show


23 Sep 2022

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Paul Harvey And The Declaration Of Independence | AM Show Hr 2

The Michael Berry Show


9 Sep 2022

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Paul Harvey On Global Warming | AM Show Hr 1

The Michael Berry Show


21 Aug 2022

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Episode 14: S8E14: IneviTatyble (feat. Paul Harvey)

Blue Balls NYCFC

Buongiorno Blue Ballerinos, and thanks for joining us for another rowdy rambling of all things NYCFC. Jake couldn't make it this week (which is why this episode description is trash!), but there was too much to get to to not have a new pod for you folks so this time we brought out the big guns of first time long time Paul Harvey of The Outfield. First, we dug our spurs into Dallas, the 3-4-3, and what did and didn't catch fire in the Texas heat. Then a brief recap of a huge derby win against NJ, immediately overshadowed by Taty-ness. What is the impact of Taty meaning, and how the heck will we manage all this angst against Inter Miami? (We Will). All this and more (and Jake will be back soon we promise) so strap in with two fruit sno-cones - you've got Blue Balls.


21 Jul 2022

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92. Paul Harvey Fail



6 Jun 2022

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On the road again, with Reddfoxx

In this episode, I read the famous Paul Harvey essay regarding the downfall of a nation. I begin to talk about the way in which this country is being run, and how we are turning away from God at nearly every step of the way. But this isn't just a downer. It is an opportunity for us to refocus, to become revitalized, and to renew our efforts to bring about positive change in this world. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/kevin-blaney/message


13 May 2022

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Detangling plastics with Paul Harvey

In This Climate

Host Gabe Filippelli talks with Paul Harvey about his book and project Plasticology, microplastics in the environment, and how we can deal with our legacy of plastics pollution—which, like most things, is a climate problem.


6 Apr 2022

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Is it Time for Sellers to Double Down on TikTok Influencers w/ Paul Harvey - Ep. 268 - Lunch With Norm

Lunch With Norm - The Amazon FBA & eCommerce Podcast

On today’s Lunch With Norm, we look at if it’s time for sellers to double down on TikTok influencers with Paul Harvey. In this episode, find out why sellers should start focusing on TikTok and how you can  contact TikTok influencers and content creators. Also learn what criteria you need when contacting these influencers. Paul Harvey is a long time Amazon seller and Amazon software developer. He also runs 2 Amazon agencies and coaches sellers and aggregators.This episode is brought to you by Startup Club Startup Club is the largest club on Clubhouse supporting the Startup ecosystem. Startup Club offers an exciting sense of belonging to established and aspiring entrepreneurs, startup businesses, and companies wanting to Learn, Connect, and Grow. Join us for conversations with founders, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, subject matter experts, and more.For More information visit https://Startup.club This episode is also brought to you by Sellerise. Take a deep dive into your business processes to make data-driven decisions and outperform the competition in an innovative way. Sellerise is a comprehensive solution for your everyday business needs with innovative tools like the PPC Dashboard, Smart Alerts, Review Requester, and Keyword Tracker. Everything you need to grow and scale your business is just one click away. Stand out from the crowd and conduct business whenever, wherever. Innovate your effort and work smarter, not harder. The difference is amazing. Sellerise is for professionals at every level of the business journey. Simply select the capabilities that best fit your needs. Visit https://www.sellerise.com This episode is brought to you by Zee Are you a private label seller looking to expand into larger markets internationally or need an experienced  import partner to keep growing? Zee makes selling your Amazon products abroad easy with excellent import knowledge, door-to-door solutions, customer service and scalability. Streamline your import process with Zee today to increase profit margins and continue to scale. Ready to expand your eComm empire and take your Amazon FBA Business global? Visit https://zee.co to learn more! In this episode, Founder of Rankster.co, Paul Harvey, is here to debate if it’s time for sellers to double down on TikTok influencers. Find out why sellers should start focusing on TikTok advertising and how you can contact TikTok influencers and content creators yourself! This episode is brought to you by Startup Club, Sellerise and Zee 


28 Mar 2022

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Episode 7: Interview with Paul Harvey, Founder and CEO of Adiona

American Digital Banking Podcast

Today we're joined by Paul Harvey, founder and CEO of Adiona. Adiona is a revolutionary new motor insurance brand that’s fair, transparent and customer-centric. A proud British startup, Adiona aims to take the global lead by delivering simplicity, savings and great customer experience through AI and real-time data. They’re taking traditional liability models and adding mobile data on top of driving data to deliver a truly personal policy to every driver.


7 Jan 2022

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#173 - Paul Harvey - What is Success and How Do You Get It?

The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Paul Harvey is an Ex Digital marketer and the full-time host of the Life Passion and Business Podcast. Paul is passionate about life, fascinated with technology and curious about people. He has always been intrigued by how things work, both on a mundane level like fixing the washing machine, and on the global level, ecological resources and fixing the planet. That curiosity has brought a lot of variety into life and work. For the majority of his career, it has meant product marketing or people development. He is a skilled coach, speaker and facilitator, always committed to bringing out the best in the people around him.  For more from Paul: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulharveylifepassionandbusiness/ https://twitter.com/LifePassionbiz https://www.instagram.com/lifepassionandbiz/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/219641559300743 For The Conscious Builder Academy:  www.consciousbuilderacademy.com Conversation Highlights: 0:40 Life passion and business 3:15 The five questions 7:00 Making the cashiers day better  8:10 Don’t set massive goals  9:30 Destructive to do lists  10:00 Set intentions -  time blocking 11:20 Quote - signpost along a journey onto something else  12:15 Comparing yourself to others 13:15 Avoiding the distractions, doing the work 17:50 200 reasons why & the story 19:45 Storytelling 20:22 The success trap  23:20 What I didn't like about marketing 26:00 Serve your body    28:20 What is success?


3 Jan 2022