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75: Creativity Mini-Series with Stefanie Posavec

Data Viz Today

Today, I’m launching a mini-series all about creativity in information design. If you’re like me and came from a data background, communicating information in creative ways can feel a bit like a magical process, so over this series, I’ll invite creative information designers and dive into their process: What are their routines, what kills their creativity, how do they present creative ideas to others…and more! Let’s hear how Stefanie Posavec approaches creativity in information design… Show notes: https://dataviztoday.com/shownotes/75 Stefanie Posavec's work Sign up to be a Beta reader for my new book on creativity in information communication!


26 Jul 2022

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Expression & Happiness: Visualising Happiness with Designer Stefanie Posavec

& Happiness

If your happiness was a shape, what would it be? If it was a colour, what would it be?Stefanie Posavec, designer, artist and author, created an emotional check-in device called “Updating Happiness” that gives us an opportunity to think about and reflect upon our own perceptions of happiness. In this episode, I discuss with Sefanie the results of this visualising happiness project, and what it can teach us about our own everyday happiness. Tune in to discover how we can measure our happiness, and how to express it with shapes and colours. Ways to learn more:Sign-up for monthly Podletterhttps://www.andhappiness.co.uk/newsletterRead a summary blog:https://www.andhappiness.co.uk/blog/how-to-visualise-your-happinessShare your feedback, ask questions and say hello:hello@andhappiness.co.ukConnect with the guest:http://www.stefanieposavec.com/Support the show (http://www.andhappiness.co.uk)


8 Mar 2022

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The art of data visualization | Stefanie Posavec and Miriam Quick

Research Comms

This week’s guests are data designer, Stefanie Posavec, and data journalist, Miriam Quick. We talk about their new book, about how constraints can encourage creativity, and they give their tips on how researchers and communicators can improve their own data visualizations. ------------ Presented by Peter Barker Produced by Orinoco Communications www.orinococomms.com ------------- LINKS To buy the book ‘I am a book, I am a portal to the universe’ Stefanie Posavec TEDx Talk Stefanie Posavec Website Miriam Quick website Dear Data Air Transformed necklace project People Like You Visualising Data Our World in Data


7 Apr 2021

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58: How to Turn Data Into an Experience — Featuring Miriam Quick & Stefanie Posavec

Data Viz Today

Have you ever felt frustrated when you're trying to express important data to someone? Do the bars and pies just seem to fall flat? Try turning the data into an experience! In this episode, I try to bottle up Miriam Quick and Stefanie Posavec’s creative genius that they poured into their new book so that we can create data experiences in our work, too. Show notes: https://dataviztoday.com/shownotes/58


13 Oct 2020

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Episode 13: Conversation with Stefanie Posavec and Miriam Quick

Data Journalism Conversations

In this week's Conversations with Data podcast, data designer Stefanie Posavec and data journalist Miriam Quick talk to us about the concept and creative process for their latest collaboration, "I Am a Book. I Am a Portal to the Universe." Dubbed "a love letter to book design", it unlocks an understanding of the world around us through fascinating data measurements.


30 Sep 2020

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64 | "Dear Data" with Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec

Data Stories

Hey folks, It’s time for another project-centric episode, and we finally talk about one of our favorite projects of the year — “Dear Data”  by the most fabulous tag team of data illustrators around: Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec. Their year-long project is about how “two women who switched continents get to know each other through the data they draw and send across the pond” and consists of 104 hand–drawn postcards all of which document one week of their lives. How much they cursed, laughed, read, smiled at strangers, … — all of this is documented in inventive, charming and very analogue ways. Learn all about the project — how they started it, what they learned, and how it will live on — in the episode. Links mentioned: Yay for slow data! Reporter app: http://www.reporter-app.com/ Notebook app: http://www.notebooksapp.com/ And read the episode transcript here! Data Stories is brought to you by Qlik, who allow you to explore the hidden relationships within your data that lead to meaningful insights. Check out this fun experiment on the qlik blog: “What Chart are You?”. And, make sure to try out Qlik Sense, which you can download for free at www.qlik.de/datastories.


25 Nov 2015

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Side Project Success - Data Designer Stefanie Posavec

Being Freelance

Stefanie has exhibited at top galleries, spoken at conferences around the world and designed book covers for her heroes, but it's her passion projects that she does on the side that really make a difference to her success. Don't forget to subscribe via iTunes and the Podcast app for iPhone etc and also via Stitcher who have an Android app, or scroll down and download from here - If you like the podcast, please do leave a review if you get a chance. Here’s some of the key takeaway points: Do something you love and it shines through to people When doing a side project, set yourself a deadline. Collaborating with someone else on a side project can be inspiring and also makes you more accountable. Speak at conferences, give interviews, appear on podcasts, give workshops, make friends at events - all of this gets your work known. Being in a specialised niche can allow you to charge a higher day rate Don’t feel like you have to hire a desk somewhere ‘cool’ - how about setting up your own space with other freelancers near where you live? Don't be afraid when going freelance Value yourself. You’re probably worth double. More from Stefanie Stefanie on Twitter Stefanie's site Stefanie and Giorgia Lupi's Dear Data project Who the hell is Steve Folland? You know how everyone bangs on about how powerful video and audio content can be? Yeah, well Steve helps businesses make it and make the most of it. Find out more at www.stevefolland.com Track him down on Twitter @sfolland


22 Jun 2015

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010  |  Hand crafted data (with Stefanie Posavec)

Data Stories

Hi Everyone, It’s been a long time since our last episode. Sorry, sorry, sorry! Moritz was/is busy with Emoto and the London Olympics, Enrico is moving (with the whole family) to New York City. In this episode we have the honor to talk with “data illustrator” Stefanie Posavec. Stefanie makes fascinating hand-crafted visualization like Literary Organism and (En)tangled Word Bank. Most of her work is done by hand, like the highlighted text of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, and this is so intriguing that we wanted to know more about this process. You can also see her recent Eyeo Festival 2012 talk to know more about how she works. There’s a lot of food for thoughts in this episode and, sure enough, lots of fun! Here is the breakdown: 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:53 Olympic Effects – the emoto project (http://emoto2012.org) 00:04:42 Enrico will move to NYC! 00:07:08 Special guest today: Stefanie Posavec 00:09:05 Literary Organism 00:11:25 Hand-made! (art/design/craft?) 00:14:36 Data Illustration 00:19:12 Critique of data visualization, and the right framing of your work 00:26:43 Tips for novices 00:32:08 Manual effort creates “weight”? 00:35:35 Work process – Measuring Kraftwerk and other projects 00:45:27 Data analysis aspects 00:47:50 Code vs manual layout – should Stef learn to code? 00:55:40 More hand made data illustration projects 00:58:10 Data cuisine workshop 00:59:01 Skype problems 01:00:13 Prints! Have fun! Enrico & Mo. Related episodes FT Data Crunch with Federica Cocco and John Burn-Murdoch

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13 Aug 2012

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Episode 60: Christmas Special – Stefanie Posavec, Sound Diaries, Jon Ronson, Joel Ronson and Lee Maguire

Shift Run Stop

Yes, we are back! Well, for a one-off Christmas special at least. As it's been so long, and you've been waiting so patiently, we've tried to make sure this episode is bursting at the seams. Put your feet up (yes, even if you're driving, it's Christmas!) and join us as we chat to journalist and psychopath-spotter Jon Ronson, his son comics expert Joel Ronson, the ingenious data artist Stefanie Posavec, the audio archivers of everyday life Felicity Ford and Paul Whitty of Sound Diaries and our snack hacker Lee Maguire. In the in-between bits, Roo tests Leila on her Mastermind subject – Red Dwarf 1989-1995; Leila has a present for Roo, we get a Christmas card from a listener, and we speculate extensively about the logistics of a famous space weapon. No wonder it's almost two hours long. Those links again: Stefanie Posavec (website) | Stefanie Posavec (Twitter) | Jon Ronson (website) | Jon Ronson (Twitter) | Jon Ronson (IMDB) | Jon Ronson (Amazon UK) | Joel's column on Bleeding Cool | Sound Diaries (website) | Sound Diaries (Twitter) | Felicity Ford (Twitter) | Lee's website | See in the New Year on the SRS forum | Buy a tape of any episode, in our shop! Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, so you don't miss any future ones we might make.

22 Dec 2011