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#004 Draw the Line Radio Show 04/06/2018 (guest mix Ly Sas, featured EPs Nur Jaber, ANNA, Camea)

Jacki-E and Draw The Line Radio Show

Draw the Line Radio Show is presented by jacki-e and features the best music from female DJs and producers.The first hour consists of a mix of tracks written and produced by women. This week it features the LP 'If Only - A State of Peace' by Nur Jaber, and the EPs 'Razor' by ANNA and 'NAF 97' by Camea.Helping me Draw the Line with the guest mix in the second hour is Ly Sas who comes from Prague, Czech Republic. She used to be a guitarist and songwriter for various rock and metal bands. Influenced by electronic music records coming from Detroit and Berlin she started to make and perform her own beats. Her music draws upon underground and industrial techno but also pulls ambient and dark textures into its orbit. Her debut EP, a collaboration with Nick Elia, is to be released on Variance later this summer and she’s currently spending lots of time in the studio developing her craft and preparing new tracks.Her links:-https://soundcloud.com/search?q=ly%20sas https://www.facebook.com/LySas106/ https://www.instagram.com/lysas106/It's time to say NO to gender imbalance in dance music. It's time to Draw the Line!!Track list first hour:-1. Dasha Rush - Dances With Edgar Alan Poe (original mix) Raster Noton.2. Nur Jaber - The Spirit Molecule (original mix) OSF.3. Nur Jaber - When The Sun Sets (The End Is Near) (original mix) OSF.4. Nur Jaber - The End is Near (original mix) OSF.5. BLOND:ISH - Inner Jungle (original mix) Kompakt.6. Giorgia Angiuli - No Body, No Pain (original mix) Stil Vor Talent.7. Nur Jaber - Let Me Go (original mix) OSF.8. Nur Jaber - Late At Night (original mix) OSF.9. Maxine - Puff (original mix) T.E.N.S.10. Nicole Moudaber - Someone Like You ft Skin (original mix) Mood.11. Maxine - Blue Room (original mix) T.E.N.S.12. Camea - Jack U (original mix) Neverwhere.13. Camea - NAF 97(original mix) Neverwhere.14. ANNA - Dreamweaver (original mix) NovaMute15. ANNA - Escapism (original mix) NovaMute16. Nur Jaber - Mr. X (original mix) OSF.17. ANNA - Razor (original mix) NovaMuteTrack list 2nd hourLy Sas - An Exclusive Guest Mix for Draw The Line Radio Show.


4 Jun 2018

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#170 A Darker Wave 19-05-2018 (guest mix Matt Holt, featured EPs Pig & Dan, Nur Jaber)

A Darker Wave

A Darker Wave, the best in underground techno, tech house and deep house, presented by jacki-e.The guest mix this week is from Matt Holt who comes from Wolverhampton in the UK. This is his second mix for us and it's in the second hour of the show. To learn more about Matt and his music check out his Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Facebook pages:-https://soundcloud.com/mattholt1983 https://www.mixcloud.com/matt-holt7/ https://www.facebook.com/matt.holt.9085In our mix in the first hour we feature Pig & Dan's EP 'Modular Baptism Remixed' and Nur Jaber's new LP 'If Only – A State of Peace.' We also play tracks by Thomas Schumacher, Rafael Cerato, Pan Pot and lots more.If you like the tracks we play, please support the artists by buying their music.Track list:-00:00:00 to 01:04:39A Darker Wave in the mix.1. Alec Soren – In the Air (original mix) Darkest Before Dawn.2. Terri Anne – Forever (original mix) Darkest Before Dawn.3. Maxine – Puff (original mix) T.E.N.S promo to be released 25th May 2018.4. Group A – T.O.P (original mix) Mannequin Records.5. Rafael Cerato, Lunar Plane – Darkclaw (original mix) Still vor Talent.6. Pig & Dan – Now or Never (Etai Tarazi remix) Elevate.7. Joe Burns – Pariah (original mix) Deepwibe Underground8. TechSpace – Dark Shadows (original mix) Free Download https://soundcloud.com/techspace/techspace-dark-shadows-full-preview9. Pan Pot – Solace (Phoenix Movement & Bultech remix)Free Download https://soundcloud.com/phoenix-movement/pan-pot-solace-remix10. Astronomy Domine – Lammas (original mix) MM Audio promo to be released 29th May 201811. Pig & Dan – On the Way to Holland (Uakoz remix) Elevate.12. Nur Jaber – Late At Night (original mix) OSF.13. Nur Jaber – A World Where Nothing Else Matters (original mix) OSF.14. Thomas Schumacher – Stella (original mix) Noir Music.15. Dusty Kid – Sysma (original mix) Suara Free Download https://soundcloud.com/technoisastory/dusty-kid-sysma-original-mix-suara-full16. Pig & Dan – Modular Baptism (MITA remix) Elevate.17. Saffaboy - Choose Life (original mix) Unreleased.01:04:40 to 02:00:29Matt Holt – An Exclusive Guest Mix for A Darker Wave1. Andre Crom - Mind Control (original mix) Sleaze Records.2. Hyperloop & Green Velvet – S-Sound (original mix) Drumcode. 3. Oliver Maes - Rayless (original mix) Suara. 4. The Southern – 4C1D (original mix) Odd Recordings.5. Liss C. - Wet (original mix) LC Series. 6. Wisna - Static 909 (original mix) Planet Rhythm. 7. DJ Deep - La Grande Brasserie (original mix) Rekids. 8. Phunk Investigation & Jean Aito - So Get Up (original mix) BluFin. 9. Dave Sinner - Human Nature (original mix) Unrilis. 10. Felix Krocher & Moonwalk- Morning Glory (original mix) Suara. 11. David Christopher- Shout (original mix) BleFin. 12. Luke Brancaccio & Tim Healey - I Hear Voices (original mix) Selador Recordings.A Darker Wave is produced for radio by Sergio Erridge.All music posted on our channels is for promotional purposes only. Contact us in case of copyright issues.

2hr 1min

19 May 2018

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#123 A Darker Wave 24-06-2017 (guest mix MonoPhaze, featured EPs Nur Jaber, Darien J)

A Darker Wave

A Darker Wave, the best in underground techno and deep house, presented by jacki-e & p-mac. In our mix in the first hour we feature the EPs 'Mona' by Nur Jaber, released on OSF on 3rd March 2017 and 'Fire' by Darien J, which is to be released on DeepDownDirty on 14th July as a Traxsource exclusive. We also have a great unreleased track from Alastorworld.We also play tracks by Tensal, Vegim, Cruster, Black Girl White Girl, Drunken Kong, Robert S and lots more.In the second hour of the show we welcome back resident DJ MonoPhaze for another great guest mix of dark rhythmic techno. MonoPhaze comes from Florence in Italy. His mixes are brilliantly hypnotic journeys through some of the deepest parts of the techno soundscape. His new E.P. "Dynamex" was released on 29th May on Krafted Records. To learn more about MonoPhaze and his music check out his Soundcloud page:-https://soundcloud.com/sid85If you like the tracks we play, please support the artists by buying their music.Track listing:-00:00:00 to 01:06:04A Darker Wave in the mix.1. Cruster - Numb (original mix) DeepDownDirty.2. Darien J - Passion(Cruster's raw remix) DeepDownDirty promo to be released 14th July 2017 as a Traxsource exclusive.3. Alastorworld - My Easterny Thing (original mix) unreleased promo.4. Darien J - Fire (original mix)DeepDownDirty promo to be released 14th July 2017 as a Traxsource exclusive.5. Fran&Co - Mira Machine (Sasch, BBC & Caspar remix)Blu Fin Records.6. Christian Hornbastel - Geo Vibes (Metodi Hristov remix) Kling Klong,7. Black Girl White Girl - Feelin' (original mix) Lapsus music.8. Drunken Kong - Mission (original mix) Tronic.9. Nur Jaber - Mero Ama (original mix) OSF.10. Nur Jaber - Pray for Me (orginal mix) OSF.11. Tensal - Proton 2 (original mix) Soma.12. Vegim - Transform Reality (original mix) Wunderblock.13. Universal Principles - Flyin' High (Scuba's Illicit Surveillance Mix) Soma.14. Robert S (Pt) - Fake Bark (original mix) Robert Limited.15. Reinier Zonneveld - Sharp Bust 2.2 (original mix) Stil Vor Talent01:06:05 to 02:09:54MonoPhaze - An Exclusive Guest Mix for A Darker Wave.A Darker Wave is produced for radio by Sergio Erridge.All music posted on our channels is for promotional purposes only. Contact us in case of copyright issues.

2hr 10mins

25 Jun 2017

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The Lucid Podcast 082 Nur Jaber

Lucidflow.de - The Lucid Podcast

lucidflow.bandcamp.com Get your Lucid Newsletter Free on iTunes and www.lucidflow-records.com – More podcasts from Robert Babicz, Slam, Nadja Lind, Derrick May, Klartraum, Justin Berkovi, Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Alexander Kowalski and many more… Style:#DJmix #DeepHouse #DeepTechHouse #TechHouse #Techno #Minimal #MinimalTechno #ChillOut #ChillHouse #ChillOutMusic #Downtempo #Electronic Here’s a great podcast treat for you from Nur. Ready to get started? 3, 2, 1… PLAY! Interview: 1. Lucidflow: How does a creative day look/feel like for you? I usually feel the most creative at 6am, when everyone’s still asleep and I’m just waking up. There is a calm energy that gets me going. 2. Lucidflow: How do you hinder yourself / what keeps you from being creative? Partying too much the night before and the internet!! I really feel the need to be at peace with my body and mind to be able to create. 3. Lucidflow: how do you support yourself in being creative? By taking the time to make the right creating space comfortable. I realize that taking walks every now and then and watching other people is a great way to take a break before getting back to making music, it can be an inspiration somehow. 4. Lucidflow: How did you come across Lucidflow? I have been following Klartraum for years now! 5. Lucidflow: Tell us one of your greatest wishes: For the moment, it’s to compose music that people can dance to and pray to. To be able to combine the two and succeed in reaching people’s souls would be an absolute dream! 6. Lucidflow: If you had an infinite amount of time and money what would you do?: I guess I’m happy with the amount of time that has been written for me :) but money mmm well I guess travel the world and drench myself into the different cultures till the end of my time! 7. Who is your personal hero and why? I would say Levon Vincent. He is definitely a personal inspiration to me in so many ways. 8. Lucidflow: Anything else you’d like to spread to the Lucid world? Limitless Love and support! Social network links: 1. facebook.com/Nurjaberme 2. soundcloud.com/nurjaberbeirut 3. residentadvisor.net/dj/nurjaberThe post The Lucid Podcast 082 Nur Jaber first appeared on Lucidflow.


15 Feb 2015

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