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Advertising and scaling in a post iOS 14 world, with Alex Fedotoff

The Deal Closers Podcast

When you're relying on apps or websites that you don't own to sell your products, it can be pretty scary. Sometimes, when we think we have things figured out, the goalposts really start moving on us. You have Facebook nailed down, the revenue is rolling in and then, something changes and things just drop off a cliff. In a post iOS 14 world, this happens all too often - but Alex Fedotoff is here to tell you how to protect your eCommerce business.Alex Fedotoff started his eCommerce journey as a cookie salesman, making $100 a month from his parent's apartment in Ukraine in 2014. Now, he’s the founder of eCommerce Scaling Secrets and the founder of several seven and eight-figure eCommerce brands. In this episode, he shares some of his secrets to eCommerce success even as things change.Deal Closers is hosted by Izach Porter and is produced by Earfluence. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


1 Feb 2022

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How to Scale Your Business with Facebook Ads in 2021 – In Just 7 Minutes with Alex Fedotoff

Marketing The Invisible

Discover why many entrepreneurs face a hard time in scaling their business especially when they don’t understand Facebook advertising that much Understand how crucial it is for you and your business to stop depending on that one thing alone that you’re holding on to Find out how you can scale your business with Facebook ads nowadays Resources/Links:Wanting to scale your business but have no idea how to? Visit https://www.ecommercescalingsecrets.com/fire/ and get Alex’s Ultimate Guide To Scaling Hyper-Profital eCom Brands today! SummaryAre you an e-commerce entrepreneur who has been wanting to scale your business but all the trial and error processes you’ve done so far have resulted to nothing? Are you the type who hasn’t tried having multiple business managers, multiple ad accounts, and multiple business pages because you think that one is already good enough for everything? Do you want to try doing Facebook advertising but you have no spot on understanding how it works yet? Alex Fedotoff is the Founder of Brand Hyper-Growth community on Facebook. He scaled multiple e-commerce businesses with Facebook ads to 8 figure level with successful exits.In this episode, Alex talks about how you can scale your business with Facebook ads now that we’re in a year where modern technology plays a huge role in everything that we do. Here, he discusses the importance of having multiple business managers, ad accounts, and business pages, and shares tips and resources for you to be successful in scaling!Check out these episode highlights:01:09 – Alex’s ideal client: “We help e-commerce entrepreneurs that are already six, seven figure level, have the foundation in their business and have great products that they're selling to become more efficient and more profitable with Facebook advertising.” 01:38 – Problem Alex helps solve: “A lot of entrepreneurs don't understand Facebook advertising. They don't know how to advertise profitably and how to scale their ads, so they might be spending quite a few hundred dollars a day profitably or a few thousand dollars a day, but they don't know how to spend 10, 20, $50,000 today on advertising profitably.” 02:47 – Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Alex: “Sometimes, they would have inconsistency with their advertising. Let’s say you’re advertising in Facebook and today's really good. You’re spending $1,000 in ads and you're getting $3,000 back. But then tomorrow, for some reason, you’re spending the same $1,000 back and you only gained like $1,200 back.” 03:51 – Common mistakes that people make before they find Alex’s solution: “The biggest mistake is they do not try to have multiple business managers, multiple ad accounts, multiple business pages; so they’re just relying on one.” 05:42 – Alex’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): “Start setting up and getting some extra backups for their business, for their business managers, for their ad accounts, and just stop relying on that like one ad account, or one business, or one page, because that is putting their business in a very vulnerable situation.” 06:21 – Alex’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Visit https://www.ecommercescalingsecrets.com/fire/ and get free access to Alex’s Ultimate Guide To Scaling Hyper-Profitable eCom Brands! 07:09 – Q: What makes you happy? A: My family. Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:“Entrepreneurs should stop relying on one ad account, or one business manager, or one page, because that is putting their business in a very vulnerable situation.” -Alex FedotoffClick To TweetTranscript (Note, this was transcribed using a transcription software and may not reflect the exact words used in the podcast)Tom Poland 00:10 Greetings everyone! A very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing The Invisible.

4 Oct 2021

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Alex Fedotoff - Acquisitions, Exits and Scaling

Debutify Podcast

Alex Fedotoff has the distinction of being the first person I saw through a YouTube paid ad before coming on the show. It's a small example of my unique experience being on both ends. In our discussion we dig in to some key lessons important to learn if you plan on scaling into the 7-8 figure range, he puts it best but I'll say it here; your product is your brand. ⭐️SCALE YOUR ECOMMERCE BRAND WITH FUNNELS AND PAID TRAFFIC SYSTEMS!👉ALEX FEDOTOFFStruggling with conversions, or building a new store? Explode your sales tonight, with Debutify — the highest-converting FREE theme.✅ Blazing fast       ✅ Sales add-ons  ✅ 24/7 Support✅ Start Free 14-day Trial 👉 https://bit.ly/2Rcz0hF✅ Subscribe to Debutify on YouTube 👉 https://bit.ly/2DO7YKI✅ Listen to Debutify Podcast on Youtube 👉https://bit.ly/3CPVew2💸 FREE MENTORING GROUPGet answers to all your e-commerce questions from Ricky Hayes, 8-figure entrepreneur!✅ Join Ecom Dropshipping Masterminds here 👉 https://bit.ly/32dHCLC📩 FOLLOW DEBUTIFY ON SOCIAL MEDIA🔶 Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Zn9WJn🔶 Pinterest: https://bit.ly/32cLso4🔶 Facebook: https://bit.ly/3jT4dmy🔶 LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/3m0Vfpj🔶 TikTok: https://bit.ly/2R6Edb1🔶 YouTube: https://bit.ly/2DO7YKI💹 FREE CONTENT: GROW YOUR SALES⭐ Free 14-day Trial: https://bit.ly/3bNgru3⭐ Read the Debutify blog: https://bit.ly/2FgGRIC🗣SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK👉 https://feedback.debutify.com/🤝 JOIN THE DEBUTIFY TEAM👉 https://debutify.com/career▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬🎙️ Want To Be A Guest On Debutify Youtube Channel Or Podcast?If you wish to be part of our channel, we are looking for influencers, known figures, to interview. If this is you, please apply here 👉 https://go.oncehub.com/DebutifyPodcast▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬DISCLAIMER: Any advice I give is solely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links provided there may be affiliate links. Thanks for supporting the Debutify channel and company, DEBUTIFY CORP.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Tags: #Debutify #alexfedotoff #facebookads #funnels


23 Sep 2021

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Episode 42- From being a FB Ads Newbie in 2015 to a 9 Figure E-com Business in 2021 | Interview with Alex Fedotoff, The King of Scaling Facebook Ads

The Nishkarsh Sharma Show - eCommerce, Print on Demand and Life

In this episode, we interviewed Alex Fedotoff who is known as the King of Scaling Facebook Ads. Alex has been one of our mentors and has helped us scale our eCommerce business. In this interview, we spoke about how he started his e-commerce journey with no knowledge of online advertising or even working knowledge of the English language to building a $100mn business.In this interview, Alex shares:-• How he started his journey in the e-com space 6 years ago.• How has the e-com space changed since he achieved his first 6 figures back in 2017-18.• An example of a high ticket dropshipping product and his approach towards the market research of such a product. • How to find such high ticket products online. How does he do it?• How to approach online marketing, particularly with Facebook’s stricter policies and account bans? His take on IOS14.• Any dip in his sales due to Facebook stricter policies. How to overcome this?• Change in mindset from 6 figures to 9 figures in revenue.• How to deal with haters?• One message for the people listening to this podcast.References:https://au.mihigh.com/https://www.carbon38.com/product/infared-sauna-blanket-v3https://higherdose.com/products/infrared-sauna-blanket-v3https://pmdbeauty.com/shopWant to get started with your eCommerce business?Join the 5-Day eCom freedom challenge: http://joinefc.inAnd for those of you looking to get started with your eCommerce Store, I highly use and recommend Shopify. You can go to https://nishkarshsharma.com/shopify and get started with your 14-day trial. By the way, this link above is an affiliate link, which means that I earn a commission if you do end up signing up for Shopify and upgrading to a paid plan. It’s at no extra cost to you, and please if you have any questions related to Shopify, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer them for you.Alex’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexfedotofff/Nishkarsh’s Social Media Profiles:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nishkarshsharmaa/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nishkarsh.sharma/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DigitalDukaandaar/videosIf you like the episode, do share it with someone you feel really needs to hear it. And tag me in your Instagram Stories <3Loads of love & care


12 Jul 2021

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How to Generates $16 Million a Year with FB Ads with Alex Fedotoff

Entrepreneurs on Fire

 Alex has scaled multiple eCommerce businesses to 7-8 figures with dropshipping, no inventory model. He's using Facebook ads to scale products from the testing phase to $100,000 a day in sales. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. You can be successful in any environment; be surrounded by sharp people to succeed. 2. Focus on fundamentals, be creative, and be unique. 3. Build a business instead of just a hobby. Build it, and make it sustainable to truly scale. Schedule Your Free eCommerce Scaling Strategy Session - Ecommerce Scaling Secrets Sponsors: HubSpot: Listen, learn, and grow with the HubSpot Podcast Network at HubSpot.com/podcastnetwork! LaunchMyBiz: With complete end- to- end training & support LaunchMyBiz guarantees your success and revenue! Apply today at LaunchMyBiz.com!


19 Jun 2021

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Scaling Your Brand With Funnels and Paid Traffic Systems With the Ecommerce King, Alex Fedotoff (E-Comm Mini Series (2/3) | TNE 069

The Nomadic Executive | Discussions With Digital Nomads and Online Entrepreneurs

Are you satisfied with where you’re at in life or are you dreaming of doing and getting more out of life? If you identify with the latter, you’ll definitely appreciate the story of how our guest this week went from rags to riches. This week, we’re joined by Alex Fedotoff, who rose from the bottom to the very top thanks to his passion, hustle, and willingness to never stop learning. Alex went from being a factory worker earning $2 an hour in Poland to generating over $100 million in sales through his own ecommerce empire that he built from the ground up. In this episode, Alex takes us on a walk through memory lane where he recounts the hard life he and his wife went through as immigrant workers. He also talks about his initial fears when he was starting out as a freelancer and how he conquered those insecurities and realized his true potential. Alex also discusses how living a location independent lifestyle can help you grow not just as an individual but also as an entrepreneur.  Most importantly, he shares with us some incredibly valuable lessons about Facebook advertising, funnels, and paid traffic systems that you can surely assimilate into your own business. With an inspiring rags to riches story and enriching ecommerce tips, episode two of our three-part series definitely offers a lot of valuable takeaways for you!Timestamps:[2:22]Alex’s Humble Beginning[7:53]The Importance of Having A Good Partner[11:06]How Alex Got His First Clients[15:02]What Sets Alex Apart From The Rest[24:39]Getting Fired Just Might Be The Best Thing To Happen To You[30:56]Some Tactical Advice From AlexAlex's Links:Instagram: alexfedotofffYouTube: Alex FedotoffLinkedIn: Alex FedotoffOmar's (Host) Social Media:Instagram - @nomadablesTikTok - @nomadablesFacebook Group - NOMADABLES - Accountability & Growth Community for Remote Workers- Perfect to meet fellow online entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads.YouTube - Omar MoLinkedIn - Omar Mo Nomads CastTwitter - @nomadablesPintrest - @nomadablesClubhouse - @podsWEBSITE: https://www.nomadables.com/Support the show (http://www.nomadables.com)


7 Jun 2021

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Alex Fedotoff - How To Scale To $16 Million Using Facebook Ads & Funnels | CSE11

Conversion Shortcuts for Ecommerce

YOU WANNA KNOW HOW TO SCALE YOUR ECOMMERCE BRAND WITH FACEBOOK ADS? ARE YOU LOOKING TO SEE HOW A 7 FIGURE BRAND OPERATES? You want to know what sets them apart from high achievers with just as great a product and system? Alex Fedotoff has the ANSWERS. Alex Fedotoff is the founder of eCommerce Scaling Secrets and the founder of several 7 and 8 figure eCommerce brands. He helps our students in the eCommerce Scaling Secrets program to replicate our results for themselves. Alex Fedotoff and his team have generated over $120 million in sales and spend over $40 Million on Facebook Ads every Year. In this episode of Conversion Shortcuts for Ecommerce, Shanon and Alex talked about everything from how to set up your ads for success to how to prevent your ad account from getting banned... You'll Learn: The exact strategy Alex uses to turn 100K into 500K predictably. What you need to stand out from the competition. Is Dropshipping Dead or still alive? And much more. FAVORITE QUOTE: “I'll figure this shit out." CONNECT WITH ALEX FEDOTOFF: https://www.instagram.com/alexfedotofff/ https://www.alexfedotoff.com/about/ https://www.ecommercescalingsecrets.com/home THANKS FOR LISTENING!

1hr 15mins

24 May 2021

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How To Create Widely Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns With Alex Fedotoff | FSS01

Facebook Sales Secrets

Welcome to the first episode of the Facebook Sales Secrets podcast with me, your host, Steven MacDonald, founder and CEO of LeadKlozer. This podcast is dedicated to helping individuals or businesses achieve greater success through the power of Facebook. Listen in as we discuss everything about Facebook marketing, from ad campaigns to lead generation.www.leadklozer.comIn today’s episode, we have invited Alex Fedotoff, founder of E-commerce Scaling Secrets. Alex is an expert in Facebook marketing and has helped a number of businesses reach 7 and 8 figures. We talked all about ad management, and he was able to shed some light on one of the more confusing topics about Facebook marketing. If you are someone who just started using Facebook ads or a business owner looking to scale their business through ad campaigns, this is the perfect episode for you! www.leadklozer.comShow Notes:[8:47] What is the most common mistake people make in creating ad campaigns?[11:26] How do you create a message that will help target your specific market?[20:47] What is the process of converting leads into a profitable market?[28:57] How do you take a cold audience and turn them into sales?[36:27] What is the one thing everyone needs to learn about Facebook advertising?[39:51] How do you hook your customers in using your ads?www.leadklozer.com


18 Apr 2021

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Scaling Your facebook Ads Agency | Alex Fedotoff Interview


In this video I talk to Alex Fedotoff about how he got started as a freelancer and Facebook advertiser.   Alex quickly grew his service business far beyond his own capabilities and had to start hiring.  From that point on his agency business snowballed. Alex grew his business to the point that he was able to hire people and pay for a physical location in Warsaw.  Alex now offers training products as well as full service advertising. If you are interested in learning how to grow your own agency you should definitely watch this video.   If you are interested in learning from Alex or hiring him for ads management, check out his channel linked below.  If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Also feel free to show that like button some love below as well! Stick around for more content! ---------- Check Out More Videos: If You Like This Video You Will Love This ➤ https://bit.ly/32uieii (Alex Berman on X27) Subscribe for more ➤ https://bit.ly/2NlhmFh ---------- 📱Follow Me📱 Instagram: instagram dot com/_opensourced Facebook: facebook dot com/opensourced Quora: quora dot com/profile/Ian-Lenny Twitter: twitter dot com/_Opensourced ----- Thank you for watching!


18 Oct 2019

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44: Do-It-Yourself Facebook Ads with Alex Fedotoff (Part 1)

Business Breakthrough

Alex Fedotoff blew my mind with his knowledge and understanding of Facebook Ads, and you will be blown too. Tune in to hear some of the top secrets on how to set up your Facebook Ads Campaign for best results and lowest cost per click.In this section of the episode, Alex shares his journey from his unfinished Masters in Economics, to world-class Facebook Ads strategist. But before we even get to his story, Alex already shares some incredible pearls of wisdom. If you plan to spend even one dollar on Facebook Ads, you have got to listen to this episode first!Teaser: My Guest: Alex FedotoffAlex Fedotoff is one of the leading Facebook advertising strategists for e-commerce brands. His agency AF MEDIA helps brands to scale massively using results-oriented, direct response advertising. Huffington Post calls him one of the foremost Facebook advertising experts in the world and The Next Web calls him a marketing specialist with one of the highest ROI-producing Facebook formulas amongst advertisers. Pivotal Moments: Grew up in the Ukraine, where he spent five years getting his masters in economy and accounting, but didn’t find much fulfillment from his learning. Realized that he could make more money freelancing for people abroad, but didn’t have the skills or knowledge – and nor did he speak English. Started teaching himself SEO, Google Ads and Social Media management using online tutorials. Created personal profiles on various online freelancing platforms such as Elance (now Upwork) and started getting jobs. Agreed to take on every job that came his way, figuring out how to do the jobs as he went along. Decided that he wanted to focus on one specific area and chose Facebook Ads. Built up a Facebook community (which currently has over 26,000 people) to help people who needed advice, but that community eventually became the medium for the bigger clients to reach him. Slowly picked up momentum, getting bigger and better jobs, until he reached his current stage where he has seven employees and a thriving Facebook Ads business. Resources and Links: Find Alex: alexfedotoff.com Find Alex‘s Facebook group: Facebook Ads Rockstars Facebook Blueprint Courses: Facebook Blueprint Work with Estie: www.strandconsulting.net Join us on the Show: www.estierand.com/breakthrough Part 2 of this episode, where you will learn the most incredible tools for managing Facebook Ads, will be live Thursday 10th January, 2019.  Did you enjoy this episode? Then subscribe to my podcast on iTunes, so you can get automatic updates whenever another episode goes live (and you will be helping me get to #1 on iTunes, making us all cooler in the process!)


8 Jan 2019