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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John Krasinski. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John Krasinski, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John Krasinski. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John Krasinski, often where they are interviewed.

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John Krasinski slammed as 'sellout'

The World Famous Frank Show
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(0:00) Show Open

Back from a 4 day weekend, and if you think people in Marana don’t care to wear masks, People in Phoenix seem to give less than zero F’s about it :/ Frank gets called ugly while wearing a mask. How did she know!?

Crowds wait in long lines to get into Lake Pleasant for Memorial Day

(13:20) Entertainment News

(27:40) Scientists Identified the 47 Traits That Make You Good at Flirting

Remember flirting?  Well, we might be off our game once life gets back to normal.  But this could help:  A new study in Greece identified 47 different traits that make you an effective flirter.  500 people were asked to name different tactics that have worked on them in the past.  Here are the ten most common answers . . .

  1. Humor.
  2. Intelligence.
  3. Good looks.  Men ranked that one higher than women did.
  4. Politeness.
  5. Honesty.
  6. The level of interest you show in them.
  7. Being good with words.
  8. Being persistent.
  9. Being respectful.  Women ranked that one higher than men.
  10. Showing that you have good character.

Here are a few that ranked lower, but were still seen as effective:  Confidence . . . having common interests . . . being spontaneous . . . being mysterious . . . giving them a compliment . . . being romantic . . . being bold . . . and smelling good. 

(Science Direct)

(34:40) The Newest Way to Get Revenge on an Ex Is . . . Hiring a Porn Star to Yell at Them

(46:05)  Dumbass of the Day

  • Four older men got into a paint fight at a Home Depot in Florida and most of it was caught on camera.

(55:10) "Good News" Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

  1. A 101-year-old World War Two vet and his 73-year-old daughter BOTH live at the same nursing home in Maryland.  And they got to celebrate Memorial Day together after they each beat COVID-19.
  2. There's a 17-year-old kid in Orlando who started his own radio station when he was 11, and he's still at it.  And he's been raising money for frontline workers by charging $5 for song requests.  In less than a month, he's raised over 30 GRAND.
  3. Here's one nice side effect of the crisis:  Robocalls from scammers are way down, because the call centers that run them have fewer workers right now.  Back in February, there were 166 million robocalls a day in the U.S.  By April, it dropped to 97 million. 
  4. Pizza Hut is giving away half-a-million pizzas to graduating seniors, and their families.

5.  A Chick-fil-A in San Antonio rolled out a red carpet, and threw a commencement ceremony for five employees who are graduating this year.

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May 26 2020

1hr 7mins


EPISODE 34: Our Take on Smoothies, Q&A Wine Nights & John Krasinski

Her Take
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Happy Tuesday! Hope you're all staying healthy & safe at home.

This week we decided to do something a little different - we recorded our virtual happy hour and answered some questions from our instagram page! It was super fun and we'll hopefully do it again soon so be sure to follow us on instagram @hertakepodcast and twitter @hertakepod!

In this episode, we also chat:
- Preferred smoothie thicknesses
- Planes vs. UFOs
- The John Krasinksi x Hamilton Mashup we all really needed
- Bad pickup lines
- Our Hogwarts houses
- HRH Taraji P. Henson

Another wild episode we hope provides some relief from whatever you're dealing with right now! Thanks for taking the time to listen and for real be sure to follow us on our social medias so they stop shaming us.... xoxo

Apr 14 2020

1hr 22mins


John Krasinski and Olivia Wilde - A Quiet Place and Booksmart

A Podcast Directed By
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Ok, we made it to the end! Here are our two last movies that were directed by actors!

First, we take on A QUIET PLACE.  Originally, this was going to time out for when the sequel came out, but yknow, the world is on fire, so STAY HOME! Andrew and I have a disagreement, one of us hates pregnancy and the other one has empathy.  Who knew?

Then we move on to the critical darling BOOKSMART. If you are online at all, you have been likely told to watch it already.  And we join that chorus, even if it is a female SUPERBAD ;)

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Mar 25 2020



Ep 2. John Krasinski

Off Camera with Sam Jones
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As Jim Halpert, John Krasinski embodies The Office’s most beloved Everyguy, but his middle-achiever alter ego belies the actor’s impressive and accomplished resume. At just 33, he has written, directed and produced both television and feature films with some of the industry’s most talented heavy-hitters.

Krasinski shares his own version of the waiter-to A-list story and talks about staying true to his artistic path despite periods of self-doubt. An avid and humble student of experience, he discusses what he’s learned from his work with industry veterans such as Sam Mendes, Gus Van Sant and George Clooney. Krasinski talks to Off Camera about wrapping the final season of The Office, the value of supportive parents, and about his newest film, Promised Land, which he co-wrote, and co-stars with Matt Damon.

At one of the most interesting junctions in his career, an actor who’s arguably done it all looks ahead to what he hopes will be next.

Mar 12 2020

1hr 42mins


Conversations with John Krasinski (2018)

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations
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Career Conversations with John Krasinski. Moderated by Jenelle Riley, Variety.

John Krasinski has established himself as one of the most exciting talents as an actor, writer and director, engaging audiences on the big and small screen. He directed, co-wrote and stars in A Quiet Place. 

On the small screen, Krasinski can be seen as the title character in Amazon’s adaptation, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, inspired by the novelist’s impressive franchise.

Krasinski last directed and starred in The Hollars alongside Anna Kendrick, Richard Jenkins, Margo Martindale and Sharlto Copley, which premiered to great acclaim at Sundance 2016 and was released by Sony Pictures Classics. Krasinski also starred as a Navy SEAL in Michael Bay’s Benghazi thriller 13 Hours.

Through his own Sunday Night banner, Krasinski executive produces Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV alongside Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Merchant, based on the popular segment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon which he created with Merchant and Fallon in 2013. The hit show is in its fourth season. Sunday Night recently made an overall producing deal with Paramount TV. Krasinski notably starred on NBC’s Emmy®-winning smash hit The Office for nine seasons, where he portrayed the charming boy-next-door Jim Halpert. 

His recent film credits include the Gus Van Sant directed Promised Land, which he also wrote with Matt Damon; Disney Pixar’s Monster’s University in which he lent his voice; legendary Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s latest animated film The Wind Rises; and Cameron Crowe’s Aloha. His additional film roles include performances in the uplifting family film Big Miracle; Something Borrowed; Nancy Meyers' It's Complicated; Sam Mendes’ Away We Go; the animated smash hits Monsters vs. Aliens and Shrek the Third; George Clooney's Leatherheads; Ken Kwapis' License to Wed; Christopher Guest's For Your Consideration and Bill Condon's Kinsey. 

Krasinski previously adapted and directed the David Foster Wallace book Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. The independently financed film screened at Sundance in 2009, and was released by IFC later that year. He also co-wrote an untitled action-adventure script with Oren Uziel, which was sold to Warner Bros. in 2013 that he will produce alongside Uziel.

He won a Theatre World Award for his stage debut in DRY POWDER, which he starred in alongside Claire Danes and Hank Azaria at the Public Theater in New York. 

Krasinski graduated from Brown University as an honors playwright and later studied at the National Theater Institute.

Oct 28 2019

1hr 29mins


The DC3cast, Episode 173: Xeen Arrow, John Krasinski, Green Canary, and Rebirth Titles, Round 154

The DC3cast!
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This week, the boys notice an odd cameo in "Batman," praise Starman's plan in "Justice League," and rekindle the Batman collateral death argument.

Jun 12 2019

1hr 6mins


Emily Blunt and John Krasinski - The New Hollywood Power Couple?

Show Your Work
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This week, we unpack the production side of the Golden Globes and how the show fell short. Then we deep dive into the power game of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski - over a decade’s worth of work is now coming to light. The same can be said for Bill Hader and 'Barry' …but his story has an entirely different tone.

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Jan 09 2019

1hr 37mins

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John Krasinski is best known for his Jim Halpert on the award-winning “The Office,” but as this in-depth interview suggests, he’s as much a writer-director-producer as a comedic star. Inspired by his arts education at Brown University and the National Theater Institute, he’s starred in “Leatherheads,” “Away We Go,” “13 Hours,” collaborated on “Promised Land” and “Manchester by the Sea,” and helmed “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men,” “The Hollars,” and now, the Paramount Pictures horror hit “A Quiet Place,” co-starring his wife, Emily Blunt. John also currently produces and leads the Amazon thriller series “Jack Ryan,” which means he is having quite the year. Brought to you by Universal Pictures.

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Dec 04 2018

1hr 12mins


John Krasinski on ‘A Quiet Place’ and the Question of a Sequel | Interview (Ep. 103)

The Big Picture
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Actor, writer, and director John Krasinski joins the show to talk about how he became not just the star, but also the writer-director of the box office smash ‘A Quiet Place,’ how he evolved after ‘The Office,’ and where he’s going next.

Nov 29 2018



JOHN KRASINSKI - MARGO MARTINDALE at The Hollars Press Conference

The Road to Cinema Podcast
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Actor/Director John Krasinski and actress Margo Martindale discuss making their film The Hollars. John Krasinski's new film A Quiet Place is now playing in theatres!

Apr 12 2018