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Podcast No. 112 - Joe Lewis's Last Knockout and other Detroit Stories

The Black Pants Legion Podcast

We're in detroit for the moment.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/blackpantslegion/message

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2 Sep 2022

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021 - Vent Management: Optimizing Flow w/ Joe Lewis, The Respiratory Coach

FlightCrit Podcast

In this episode of the podcast Hunter and I sit down with Joe again to discuss the role of optimizing Flow in our mechanically ventilated patients, and how to manipulate this on our vents.We also discuss some of the risks associated with certain vent modes for patients who Flow Hunger and one strategy for correcting ventilator asynchrony.We highly recommend you check out the video that accompanies this podcast over in the FlightCrit Academy.Support the showMedic and RN CE's available over at academy.flightcrit.com


28 Jul 2022

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S2E4 - Tale of Two Election Jurisdictions, Part 1: East St. Louis Board of Elections with Kandrise Mosby and Joe Lewis

High Turnout Wide Margins

In the first of a two-part exploration, hosts Brianna Lennon and Eric Fey take a look at resource allocation and how that differs between cities of different sizes. In this episode, they speak with Kandrise Mosby and Joe Lewis with the East St. Louis Board of Elections about funding and how elections that feel like family reunions can overcome challenges and obstacles.


1 Jun 2022

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OTA's with Joe Lewis from 79th & Halas

The Bear Down Chicago Podcast

The Bear Down Chicago Podcast crew got to sit down with Joe Lewis from the 79th & Halas Podcast to get an inside look into OTAs and what is was like to get Halas Hall access as diehard Bears fans. Check us out on Twitter/IG @BearDownChiPod


23 May 2022

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Episode #79: Joe Lewis

Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Joe Lewis is an internationally renowned scientist recognized for his work in entomology and agricultural studies. His discoveries in the behavioral and chemical interactions of parasitoids, insect herbivores, and plants have played a critical role in our understanding of ecological growing. He is also the author of A New Farm Language: How a Sharecropper's Son Discovered a World of Talking Plants, Smart Insects, and Natural Solutions. Listen as Joe and John discuss: Joe’s introduction to agriculture growing up on a Mississippi cotton farm The discovery of plants utilizing chemical compounds to alert parasitic wasps to the presence of caterpillars.  The first demonstration of associative learning in parasitic wasps. Sensitivity of signals between plants and parasitic wasps, including how they differentiate from food and host. Environmental impacts that have led to unbalanced increases in insect pressures. The value of cover cropping to provide a nectar source for insects during production season. Changing the paradigm from “how to kill this pest” to “why is this pest a pest?” A New Farm Language by Joe Lewis: https://bookstore.acresusa.com/products/a-new-farm-language

1hr 33mins

24 Feb 2022

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Citrica Radio Podcast

Valu Tealdo regreso a las pistas con su #AbroDebate y analizó los sucesos en el sur de nuestro país desde la óptica de la territorialidad y la colonialidad.


11 Feb 2022

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¿Quién es Joe Lewis?

Patas en la brea

Hablamos con Alejandro Olmos Gaona, para entender quién es Joe Lewis y el poder que tiene a nivel judicial y político en Río Negro.


10 Feb 2022

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Seguridad privada de Joe Lewis retiene a manifestantes en Lago Escondido | #Segurola

Segurola y Habana

Entrevista a Julio Cesar Urien, organizador de la Marcha por la Soberanía de Lago Escondido en #Segurola.


8 Feb 2022

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Joe Lewis on Patience and following the Keepers Path

Football, Mindset & Leadership Podcast

Today on the podcast, I’m joined by Aberdeen F.C. goalkeeper Joe Lewis. Joe had always loved being a goalkeeper since finding his passion for football at a young age, humorously adding that “every goalkeeper you speak to will always fancy themselves as a striker or an outfield player.” Among his role models were his own father and brother who were keen athletes in their own right, as well as fellow goalkeeper Robert Green. He speaks about the discipline that was quickly instilled within him once he began his career in football, starting with Norwich City as a substitute goalkeeper before officially turning professional in October 2004. He recalls that “you get verbally - battered if your boots weren’t clean.” Joe loved every minute of it, saying that his strict, routine-heavy days made him truly feel “involved” with the rest of the team. Joe signed for Peterborough United on 8 January 2008 and stayed on with them for the next four years before agreeing to a three-year deal at Welsh club Cardiff City on 25 May 2012. Finally, he joined Aberdeen on 15 June 2016. Joe discusses where he stands as a goalkeeper relative to the rest of the players, not to mention his coach and manager. He cites patience as one quality that successful goalkeepers uniquely must possess by nature of their role on the pitch. Just as important is making the effort to build rapport with team members in order to nurture that symbiotic relationship that is invaluable at game time. To young players who haven’t quite gotten their big break yet, Joe encourages them to nurture the drive that motivated them to pursue a football career in the first place. Maintaining that drive is difficult as a 16 or 17 year old when they are forced to contend with the aforementioned day-to-day realities of being a professional footballer. That is where the virtue of patience once again becomes a useful skill to cultivate. In Joe’s words: “Just have the mentality that, ‘Even if I’m not getting that opportunity, how can I get better?’ What’s stopping you from getting to where you want to go, and what can you do to get there?” TIMESTAMP: [00:37] Navigating the current break [04:45] Becoming a goalkeeper [08:59] Lessons in discipline as a professional footballer [13:58] The importance of having family support in your first year as a professional footballer [17:01] Making his debut at Norwich [19:45] Why patience and relationship-buildingare vital as a goalkeeper [27:19] How the goalkeeper can work successfully with the defensive unit [29:09] Joe’s journey from Norwich to Aberdeen [38:45] Choosing which club was right for him [42:35] Joe’s advice to young players who haven’t had their big break yet Learn more about Joe Lewis: · WIKIPEDIA Connect with Don MacNaughton: · WEBSITE · PODCAST · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · LINKEDIN


30 Jan 2022

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Torquay United Yellow Army Podcast: Bold Joe Lewis and the Glimpses of Sunshine

The Torquay United Yellow Army Podcast

It has been quite a week for Torquay United fans, from the euphoria in the rain on Saturday to the disappointment of Tuesday night, but it all gives the Podcast much to discuss. Gary Johnson joins us to talk about consistency, new signings and the contribution of the travelling Yellow Army on a night like Tuesday


7 Oct 2021