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How A Strategic Narrative Can Fuel Sales Growth with Andy Raskin

Revenue Harvest

This episode of the Revenue Harvest Podcast with Nigel Green features Andy Raskin who helps CEOs align their teams around a strategic narrative. This strategic narrative shows how there used to be an old game of how to win in the world, but now there's a new game and look how all the winners are starting to play it already. Andy shares how he helps CEOs form leadership groups that can shape the strategic narrative of the company. It is important to show the winners and the losers of this new game and how CEOs can become winners too. He uses the example of ownership versus subscription and how the unicorns have all shifted to providing services instead of selling products. Andy also advises companies to ask their customers what can change their life and how you can align yourself to that. You can connect with Andy in the links below: LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/andyraskin/ Website - https://www.andyraskin.com/ To hear more episodes of The Revenue Harvest Podcast, you can visit http://www.therevenueharvest.com/ or listen to major podcasting platforms such as Apple, Google, Spotify, etc. You can also connect with Nigel by visiting the following links: Website (Revenue Harvest) - http://www.therevenueharvest.com/ Website (Nigel Green) - https://nigelgreen.co/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/revenueharvest/ HIGHLIGHTS 04:39 Creating a strategic narrative with a CEO 11:27 Strategic narrative disrupts changing the game for everybody 12:53 Create a strategic narrative: Form a leadership group and implement in sales 19:45 How companies can use strategic narrative 27:23 Show the stakes that make it about life and death 32:29 Talk to customers to know how you can change their life 36:00 Use slides with takeaways only 39:34 Covid was an accelerant that reshaped strategic narrative QUOTES 03:02 "What is the asset that we should use to define the story that everyone's telling? I came to the sales deck, that the sales deck, the sales pitch is really the core narrative of the company." 08:38 "Look at the great strategic narratives, they all have this structure which is there was an old game that used to be a great game that was the way to win in the world, and now there's a new game and look all the winners are starting to play this new game." 28:35 "Look at all the companies that are thriving. In terms of the incumbents, if they haven't shifted from selling stuff to selling services, they're dead. Like the IBMs of the world and the HPs." 42:59 "Opinions to reality was a shift they were talking about before Covid and part of this is because hey now you have the sales calls recorded. You have them as data that you can mine with artificial intelligence or whatever."


1 Oct 2021

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Daniel Barber, CEO at DataGrail, and Andy Raskin, Strategic Narrative Consultant

B2B Category Creators with Gil Allouche

In our 16th episode, Gil talks about category creation with two B2B leaders who have shaped the data privacy management and strategic narrative categories. Panelists for this episode include Daniel Barber, CEO & Co-founder at DataGrail and one of the influencers behind the integrated privacy solution category, and Andy Raskin, Strategic Narrative Consultant to CEOs. You'll walk away from this episode with a greater understanding of storytelling, market research, and product development. BONUS! Andy shares a strategy you can use to transform complicated product messaging into simple stories.


29 Jul 2021

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Story is Strategy: Strategic Narrative as your Company's North Star with Andy Raskin

The Jam Sessions

Every brand has a story and Andy Raskin has helped dozens of successful businesses tell theirs. His clients include teams backed by Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, GV, and other top venture firms. Andy has also led strategic narrative training at Salesforce, Square, Dropbox, IBM, Uber, VMware, and General Assembly.


29 Jun 2021

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Ep 2 | Story Is Strategy (featuring Andy Raskin)

The Business Storyteller Podcast

In this episode from our Business Storyteller Summit 2020, we speak with Andy Raskin about the importance of CEOs involvement in developing the story, how strategic narrative can positively impact not only sales and marketing but also product, and how a sales deck can become the go-to resource for any company communication. Andy is a Strategic Narrative Expert and he helps CEOs align their teams around a strategic narrative. His clients include leadership teams at Salesforce, Square, Dropbox, IBM, Uber, and Yelp, as well as dozens of venture-backed technology companies. His 2016 post, The Greatest Sales Deck I've Ever Seen which got over 2.5 million+ views has been embraced worldwide as a new framework for company positioning and category definition. Andy's inspiring stories have also appeared on NPR's This American Life and All Things Considered, as well as in The New York Times, Wired, and Gourmet. Stay connected with Andy on Twitter and LinkedIn, or check out his website to learn more about Andy. 


27 May 2021

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Andy Raskin: podcast intros, miso soup, finding his own career narrative

On Path

 Here are some relevant links from the conversation:  Andy Raskin on LinkedIn Andy Raskin on Medium (lots of great articles here, including the one linked below) The Greatest Sales Deck I've Ever Seen by Andy Raskin The Bigger Narrative (Andy's podcast on strategic narrative) Chill Beefs (Andy's podcast celebrating pet peeves) Victoria Zenoff (Andy's career coach)  Show notes:  2:02 Chill Beefs - Andy's new podcast 3:39 The many roles Andy has had 4:13 Getting interested in Japan 6:06 Working for Apple in Tokyo in the 90s 9:36 Miso soup 10:50 Lucky socks, lucky underwear 11:43 Becoming a writer 13:20 Interviewing Marc Benioff 16:10 Product Manager at Skype 19:51 Moving into product marketing 23:43 Free agent 28:02 Feeling nervous before a new engagement 30:32 Productizing your offering as a consultant 32:42 The sales deck is the story 34:38 The Bigger Narrative podcast 37:47 How Andy came up with the intro sequence 41:03 The next season (coming out soon) 42:17 Why Andy invests in a career coach 44:13 20 years with his career coach


2 May 2021

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122 - Using Your Strategic Narrative to Your Advantage | Andy Raskin

State of Demand Gen

Andy Raskin joined us on State of Demand Gen to break down what he means when he talks about Strategic Narrative. He shares that the companies that are winning now are powered by a strategic narrative, which is more than just marketing and sales. It’s a story that guides actions at a company across all departments. Andy and Chris also talk about what you can learn from a movie that can be applied to your company’s pitch, the role customers play in the strategic narrative process, and how refining your company's narrative can make a positive difference in recruiting. Register for our live event on April 1st with Dave Gerhardt (CMO at Privy) here. 


26 Mar 2021

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Andy Raskin on Strategic Narrative and Positioning

The Great Indian Marketing Show

Andy Raskin helps CEOs align their teams around a strategic narrative. His clients include CEOs at dozens of companies backed by top venture firms including Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital and GV. Andy's 2016 post titled The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen has nearly 3 million views and has been embraced worldwide as a foundational framework for company and product positioning.


5 Jan 2021

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Andy Raskin talks Strategic Narrative for CEOs | Episode 22 | Podium Stories w/ Marti Sanchez

Podium Stories with Marti Sanchez

Andy Raskin helps CEOs align their teams around a strategic narrative — to power success in sales, marketing, fundraising, product and recruiting.  Clients include venture-backed companies funded by Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, GV and other top investors. He's also led strategic narrative training at Salesforce, Uber, Square, Yelp, VMware, Intel and General Assembly. To learn more and get in touch, visit http://andyraskin.com. Also, you can connect with Andy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andyraskin/ --- Marti Sanchez is a world-citizen entrepreneur who loves to write about himself in third person. Listen as I invite world-leading CEOs, business leaders, and special guests to get brutally honest about everything from current events to untold, raw stories. This unfiltered, hilarious, and surprising podcast is like Forbes but with cuss words. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marti_sanchez_ig/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/itsmarticanchez/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/itsmartisanchez/ Newsletter: https://influencepodium.com/shaken-not-stirred-newsletter/


3 Oct 2020

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#36 Storytelling for success with Andy Raskin

Sales & Marketing Talk Show

Andy is expert of story telling & strategic narrative and helped companies like Salesforce, Uber, Intel & many more!  In this episode of Sales & Marketing Talk Show we discuss with Andy about: ✔️ Successful sales decks follow the same narrative structure as epic films and fairy tales. Why is that? ✔️ Why you should’t talk directly about customers problem? ✔️ 5 steps of perfect sales deck


16 Sep 2020

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The New Game All the Winners are Playing, with Andy Raskin

Content Heroes

#49: Andy Raskin is an expert in messaging and positioning, and has helped some of the fastest growing companies in the world align their team around a strategic narrative.In this episode, we cover the biggest mistake most businesses make when telling their story, and how to tell a strategic narrative that will instantly establish trust with your audience and turn them into customers.If you've been looking for a better way to tell your own story, you'll definitely want to listen to this episode.Show notes and episode transcript at contentheroes.com/49Get the Content Heroes Book ☝️ Get a FREE copy of THE Content Marketing Book of the Year!Join Content Heroes Podcast Community ☝️Join our community for more resources, behind-the-scenes, and connect with other Content Creators.


15 Sep 2020