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Piercy, FunnySophie et Zachary Elwood

Club Poker Radio

On reste en famille ce jeudi avec nos invités : Piercy aka Dicomaniaque ⭐️ : joueur né, Piercy a commencé sa carrière en organisant des tournois de Magic The Gathering, puis a été notre rédacteur en chef il y a une dizaine d'années avant d'être animateur-vendeur pour la Fédération française de Scrabble. Il développe depuis quelques années sa chaîne Twitch (10k followers et une quotidienne non stop depuis plus de 300 jours) avec des streams dédiés aux Echecs. Que dire d'autre ? Il a appris 1650 décimales de Pi ? Il nous défonce à tous les jeux TV et en orthographe ? Il s'est fait Raid par Samuel Etienne ? Il streame chaque lundi soir sur la chaîne ClubPokerTV ! Funny Sophie aka NETFLIP  ⭐️ :  parisienne, dealer poker en évènementiel (Namur, Dublin...). Sophie est cavalière de dressage confirmée et a découvert le poker petit à petit après une carrière de photographe équestre. En 2011, elle télécharge Zynga pour apprendre les règles et tombe fan de ce jeu, de son univers, des commentaires d'Alexis Laipsker et Marion Nedellec sur les EPT, ou de ceux de Benny et Yu sur la Maison du Bluff. Elle garde un super souvenir de sa participation à LMDB. Elle joue surtout en MTT online et progresse petit à petit grâce à son coach Fowan. Et hors poker : elle aime les chevaux et sa chienne staffy ! Elle tient très bien les cartes et enchaîne depuis quelques semaines de beaux ITM sur les MTT online de Buy-in moyens (10 à 30€), elle streame chaque dimanche soir sur la chaîne ClubPokerTV dont elle a remporté le tout premier tournoi privé organisé le 4 avril 2020. Ne lui donnez pas 15 blinds, elle tient une semaine avec ça ! Zachary Elwood 🔥: très connu aux US, il a conseillé des finalistes du Main Event et a écrit sur les tells au poker. Son ebook dédié aux tells a été traduit (et relu) par Salette et Tapis_Volant. Voici son site avec des séries de vidéos dédiées aux tells. Staff CP Radio Présentation : Comanche et ShiShi Interview : Gaëlle Musique : G-Process

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28 May 2021

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#140 Zachary Elwood: The Live Poker Tells Master

Chasing Poker Greatness

Today’s guest on the show is the always contemplative and thoughtful “Master of Live Poker Tells” Zach Elwood.Zach is a former professional poker player, podcaster, and author, who has also doubled as a Poker Tells consultant for two WSOP Main Event final table players.His books, “Reading Poker Tells ”, “Verbal Poker Tells”, and “Exploiting Poker Tells” have been called “invaluable”, “transformational”, and “required reading for live poker”.In the same social psychology vein as his poker books, Zach has also recently been investigating the impact of social media in amplifying our divides and increasing polarization which you’re about to learn all about.Spoiler alert: It’s not your imagination, 50% of time Poker Twitter sucks everytime.In today’s conversation with Zach Elwood, you’re going to learn:How to honestly appraise your skills and abilities.Why being a Jack (or Jane) of all trades can only help you out in your poker journey. What you ought to do when you inevitably make a blunder on the green felt.And much, MUCH more!So without any further ado, I bring to you the always brilliant and insightful longtime poker pro and influential poker author, Zach Elwood.New CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: https://bit.ly/Preflop-BootcampFish in a Barrel: http://bit.ly/fish-in-a-barrelNeutralize Flop Leads: https://bit.ly/2OkN8Yt

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7 May 2021

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Zachary Elwood

The Malliard Report

Just for a moment let’s take a step back in time. An election buzz is in the air, the Olympics were being held in their birthplace, Franz Ferdinand dominated the air waves, and you could not turn on ESPN at night without seeing some form of “high stakes/limit” poker game. The year is 2004 and the poker fad is at its peak. Tournaments were being held in every major gambling house and personal homes across the country. Out to be the next sunglassed, stone faced kingpin, people everywhere sought out any information they could get their hands on to give them that advantage over the next player. The featured guest on this week’s episode just so happened to be one of those experts, and literally wrote the book on keying in on other players’ ticks, queues, and give aways. This week on the show Jim welcomes author, poker player, and people reader Zachary Elwood. “Zachary Elwood has been playing poker seriously for more than ten years. For three of those years, he played professionally. He’s long been interested in the psychological aspects of poker (while knowing that poker tells are much less important than poker strategy.) In 2009 he started the ReadingPokerTells blog, on the subject of tells and psychology. The site has gained a decent following over the years. In 2012, he published Reading Poker Tells, a book on general poker behavioral patterns. That book has been called the “best book on poker tells” by many players, both amateur and experienced. In 2014, he published the book Verbal Poker Tells, which has also received high praise. Elwood writes articles for many poker publications. He writes a monthly column for Bluff Magazine, and has written articles for PokerNews, the TwoPlusTwo Magazine, and The Freeroll. He has created poker training videos for the poker training site CardRunners.com.” In this episode Jim and Zachary discuss how poker is more than just playing a game of cards, reading people and their “tells”, how silly you actually look wearing sunglasses, Pete Rose, and the moon landing. You can keep up with Zachary’s latest posts, order his books, or see his video series over on readingpokertells.com For the latest in The Malliard Report, head over to malliard.com for the latest news, podcasts, livestreams, and even merch. Connect with Jim on social media @malliard, and remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app.


23 Feb 2021

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The Chip Race - Season 14 Episode 1 - Olivier Busquet Gillian Epp Padraig O'Neill Zachary Elwood

The Chip Race

Buckle up for our Season 14 curtain raiser as David and Dara are joined by heads-up Adonis Olivier Busquet and Twitch streaming hustler Gillian Epp. There's also a strategy segment from Unibet Open champion Padraig ‘Smidge’ O’Neill, a discussion on reading people with author and podcaster Zachary Elwood and news from Ian Simpson.

1hr 19mins

30 Nov 2020

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#51 Zachary Elwood: The Art of Understanding Poker Tells

Chasing Poker Greatness

To support the show visit https://ChasingPokerGreatness.comToday’s guest is author and teacher Zachary Elwood.If you’ve ever been interested in diving deeper in the art of reading and interpreting physical tells, this is the show for you.Zach is a former professional poker player and the author of the “Reading Poker Tells” trilogy (That has now been translated into 7 languages) as well as the man behind the uber popular and valuable Reading Poker Tells YouTube content.In our conversation today we’re going to dive into Zach’s origin story, what it was like consulting for two WSOP Main Event final table participants, and how Zach has dealt with anxiety and depression while navigating a game well-known for emotional roller-coasters.You’re also going to learn:- Why Zach felt compelled to to expand the information regarding poker tells..- Why Zach believes poker tells got so undervalued in the arsenal of poker players.- How to effectively think about and incorporate poker tells to your thought processes at the table.- And much, MUCH more!So, without any further ado, I bring to you my conversation with the brilliant Zachary Elwood.New CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: https://bit.ly/Preflop-BootcampFish in a Barrel: http://bit.ly/fish-in-a-barrelNeutralize Flop Leads: https://bit.ly/2OkN8Yt


10 Apr 2020

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Telling Tales w/ Special Guest Zachary Elwood - Episode 170

Just Hands Poker

More Great Poker Content!Sign Up for Solve for Why poker training and get 5% off using coupon code: JustJackJust Hands has a new membership program on patreon! Sign up to support the creation of more episodes.https://www.patreon.com/justhandsTo buy Zachary Elwood's books or check out what else he's working on visit his website: https://www.readingpokertells.com/People Who Read People Podcast1/34 limps to hero, Hero (covers) makes it 25 on BU with KcQd, Utg (300) and HJ (500) call.75 Flop Qc45rChecks to hero, Hero bets 25, both call150 Turn 7cChecks to hero, hero bets 75, both call.375 TcUtg leads all-in for 130 more, HJ folds, Hero?

1hr 1min

11 Feb 2020

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084 - Zachary Elwood on The Mindset of Poker Tells

The Mindset Advantage Poker Podcast

In this episode, Zach Elwood, author, former professional poker player, and poker behavior consultant, reveals the most consistent tells that he’s studied over years of playing and analysis. Elliot and Zach discuss why the studying of tells will be more important in the 2018 World Series than in previous years. Listen in to hear one of the few experts on tells in the game share some invaluable tips and tricks that’ll give you an extra advantage at the table. Visit The Mindset Advantage Podcast or find us on iTunes to subscribe, visit previous episodes, and learn more about your host, Elliot Roe.  Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:50 – Introducing Zach Elwood, author of 3 books on poker tells, who has helped main event final table players prepare through studying and tips 01:20 – Zach has been working on the poker tells video series and has been trying to watch the World Series 01:30 – When he watches the World Series he’s always looking for tells; the earlier in the main, the easier it is to see behaviors 02:20 – The differences between Zach’s 3 books 02:30 – His first book in 2012, “Reading Poker Tells,” goes into things that hadn’t been talked about in terms of physical, verbal and the thinking behind poker tells 02:53 – “Verbal Poker Tells” of 2014 was longer and more in-depth; he’s most proud of this one 03:11 – “Exploiting Poker Tells” came out last year and explored more physical tells, concrete analysis, and fundamental strategy 04:10 – There isn’t a lot of good content about poker strategy; Zach had to do a lot of research and analysis to write his books 04:50 – He created a spreadsheet to create codes and organize patterns he saw on TV and while playing 06:05 – Some poker tell hints and tips 06:15 – Example: The famous hand between Esfandiari and Negreanu when Negreanu raises it on the flop and goes all in, and says “Thank God you didn’t snap call” 06:30 – The expressing of relief after someone doesn’t call immediately will almost always be a pretty honest reaction and can help you narrow down someone’s hand 07:15 – “We can” statements and how he categorized hand statements; bluffers usually don’t want to weaken the perceived range of their hand 08:00 – Indirect weak-hand statements, the consistency of the weak-hand patterns, and understanding underlying intentions 09:33 – A deeper explanation of the book “Exploiting Poker Tells” 09:38 – He revisited ideas that were firmer in his mind after having wrote about them 5 years’ prior 10:00 – It goes into how to determine behaviors as meaningful or not meaningful 10:45 – The things he’s done from outside: the video series and he worked with 2 main event final table WSOP players, Amir Levahot and Max Steinberg 11:25 – They watched old video footage of their opponents and video footage during the WSOP 11:30 – A potential game-changing tell 11:35 – The 2011 main event, Pius Heinz was the champion that year, and he was playing Martin Staszko 11:43 – Heinz had a pronounced tell where he looked down during a hand and at the flop; turns out he had pocket aces 12:30 – Zach made a video analyzing his tells and explains how to use those tells to your advantage 13:30 – It will be more interesting this year from a behavioral perspective because the players won’t have a break before playing 14:00 – There will be more in-the-moment tells 14:22 – Amateur or recreational players are going to be exhausted this year while the professionals will be battle-tested 15:13 – How Zach has used what he’s learned through poker in other areas of life 15:20 – He doesn’t pretend to have special knowledge and doesn’t believe in a correlation 15:32 – He did work identifying fake accounts on Facebook and his work was featured in the Washington Post and New York Times 16:06 – He was excited and his parents were proud, especially because he started out studying print journalism 16:40 – He was pissed about certain things happening in the world and was happy to create awareness about something others didn’t know about 17:20 – He had the same sentiment about poker tells 17:35 – The issue with fake Facebook accounts 17:40 – He’s been friended by fake accounts who were accepted by others in his network 18:20 – A lot of it is financial because the fake accounts drive people to websites who pay for the traffic 19:11 – In some cases the fake account’s purpose is unclear; Zach doesn’t think it’s purely financial 20:15 – Facebook doesn’t seem to care 20:40 – Zach’s recommendations and tips for poker players 21:00 – Strategy is more important than tells, but if you’ve got strategy down and want to learn about tells, watch Zach’s free videos on YouTube 21:27 – Read Zach’s articles on Poker News and his first book “Reading Poker Tells” 3 Key Points Bluffers usually don’t want to weaken the perceived range of their hand. Strategy is more important than tells. Identifying tells is useful, but you must know how to interpret them and read a player’s intentions.  Contact/Resources Website – Reading Poker Tells Zach’s books – “Reading Poker Tells” “Verbal Poker Tells” & “Exploiting Poker Tells” Zach’s YouTube video analyzing Pius Heinz Zach’s YouTube channel Zach's Reading Poker Tells Video Series Credits Podcast Production by Podcastily


15 Jul 2018

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The Chip Race - Season 4 Episode 6 - Phil Hellmuth, Zachary Elwood, Fintan Gavin and Carlos Welsh.

The Chip Race

This week, David and Dara will be bringing you the exciting conclusion to their exclusive Phil Hellmuth interview. They will be talking to poker author and live tells expert Zachary Elwood. Former guest Carlos Welsh joins Dara in strategy corner to discuss an interesting satellite hand. Also on the show is back to back Megastacks champion, Irish poker pro Fintan Gavin and Unibet Ambassador Rauno Tahvonen who subs in for Ian at the news desk.


16 Jan 2018

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(Re-release) William Kassouf podcast featuring Zachary Elwood

The Breakdown Poker Podcast with The Poker Guys

We did this podcast with tells expert Zach Elwood back in November, but it was lost in our old feed. We thought it was cool, so we are re-releasing it. YAY!


17 Feb 2017

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EPISODE 122--Reading Poker Tells by Zachary Elwood -- Current WSOP Player

Gambler's Book Club | Gambling Podcast

Reading Poker Tells is being called the best book about poker tells by many players, both amateur and professional. Besides cataloging the most common poker-related behavioral patterns, the book gives a mental framework for analyzing and remembering poker tells.  From the Author: I have always been primarily interested in the psychological aspects of poker. I like studying people, figuring out their personal strategies and tendencies, and trying to use that knowledge to my advantage. I love calling a big bluff, betting someone off a hand when I sense weakness, and reading the psychological ebb and flow of individual players and the game as a whole. I think poker is a tremendously deep game; the more I have studied it, the more psychological complexity I find. I used to play poker for a living. Now I just use it as a supplemental source of income. Several factors went into my decision to stop playing professionally. The most important one was related to anxiety/stress; I realized that I basically was not mentally cut out for the life I was trying to lead. I’ve come to believe that some people are just better-equipped for the cumulative stresses of professional poker playing. Better-equipped than I am, for sure. Just as I believe that the psychological aspects of the game are under-rated by most players, I also believe that a proper psychological mindset is key to being a high-stakes winner. (I’m still undecided if the proper mindset is always inherent or can be learned.) This blog is focused on poker tells, but don’t take this to mean that I think tells are the most important thing in the game. I don’t. They’re a very small part of the game. But I do believe that the importance of tells is vastly under-rated by even a lot of experienced players. And I think that being good at reading tells is one of those things that can make a very good player a fantastic player. I don’t believe this subject is well-addressed by the mostly-inferior books on poker tells and poker psychology out there. In my opinion, Mike Caro’s book from 30 years ago is still the best book out there on the subject, which is not saying a lot. There have been several other misleading, badly-written, and just plain stupid books put out over the years, mostly by people who are not poker players, or who do not play significant stakes. This is all very strange to me. I know there are plenty of players like myself who use tells on a regular basis to get an edge on the competition. And there are plenty of superior players who know more about this subject than I do. I don’t pretend to be a guru on poker tells. The things I know are common tricks of the trade to many professional poker players. But nobody’s writing about it. I don’t know why; it might really be due to the fact that most good live players are having too much fun taking people’s money to sit down and write about these things. (And if it wasn’t for my complex, love-hate relationship with poker, I’d probably be doing a lot more playing and a lot less writing.)


14 Jun 2013