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#15: Allison Fallon—How and Why Should You Write Your Story?

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

You know you have a story to tell but struggle how to even begin telling it. Where should you start? Is it captivating? Who really wants to hear your story? It's overwhelming. That's why we’re answering the question, “How and why should you write your story?” We're joined by special guest Allison Fallon, author of "The Power of Writing It Down", who’s helped hundreds of people find their voice, tell their stories, and share them with the world. In this episode she’ll walk you step-by-step on how to start writing your story and the best way to tell it. -- Let Allison help you start writing your story at WriteYourStory.com If you want to become a Business Made Simple professional, sign up for pro access at BusinessMadeSimple.com and get all our online courses plus access to live coaching sessions with Donald Miller every month. Go pro at BusinessMadeSimple.com


12 Apr 2021

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#163 - Expressive Writing As a Self-Care Tool with Allison Fallon

allmomdoes Podcast with Julie Lyles Carr

Writing has always been a part of life for Allison Fallon, but when she hit some obstacles in her personal life, she really found that writing was a tool for self-help and self-care. Expressive writing looks different for different people and we can all use it to bring positive changes to our life.  Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3qgHLaH


16 Feb 2021

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The Power of Writing it Down: 6 Ways to Get Unstuck & Unlock Your Brain with Allison Fallon

The Mary Marantz Show

Have you ever felt that you have a story to tell, been interested in writing, but don’t feel as though you have a gift of words? Perhaps writing is not your passion, but you are looking for a way to combat anxiety and cultivate contentment in your life. No matter which category you find yourself, this episode is here to help you get unstuck from the patterns that hold you back! Today, Mary is joined by author, speaker, coach, podcast host, and founder of Find Your Voice -a community that supports anyone who wants to write anything- Allison Fallon. Allison is also the author of the brand new book, The Power of Writing it Down: A Simple Habit to Unlock Your Brain and Reimagine your Life. In this book, Ally argues that everyone has the ability to process change in their life simply by writing things down. And, that there's something really powerful that happens when we're able to step outside ourselves and understand why we do the things we do through the written word. On today’s episode, Mary and Ally walk through: Exactly how anyone can have access to the power of their thoughts, words, and voice; Reveal practical tips for how to live a more interesting life; and, Discuss the cost of holding back what can only be expressed through you. After listening, you will: Understand how to identify and address the ‘ruts’ in your life to create new neurological grooves toward better habits, Be equipped to embrace and utilize words as the most powerful tool you have to create the life you long for, and Be inspired to use pen and paper to unlock the real reward: new depths of self-discovery, creativity, and intentionality for living. If you are ready to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health using tools already available to you, then you will not want to miss today’s episode! Snag Allison's book here! https://thepowerofwritingitdown.com


2 Feb 2021

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How “Writing It Down” Will Unlock Your Internal Answers With Allison Fallon

The Blossoming Moms Show

In this episode, Allison and I talk about, -The power that writing has on your brain and therefore your life -The impact writing has on problem-solving in your life -The difference between “writer's block” and “life block” -How to change your life by unlocking your internal answers Show References: Connect with Allison Fallon Stress-Free Schedules Web Class Text "Blossom" to 208-273-1767 Blossoming Moms Programs + Services Use code PODCAST for 10% any program + membership! Connect With Us On Social! Share the LOVE Did you enjoy today’s episode? Let us know by leaving us a rating and review on iTunes and be entered to win a program or membership! Have a question you’d like to hear answered? Send us an email at info@blossomingmoms.co or connect with us over on Facebook or Instagram @Blossomingmoms_co. 


1 Feb 2021

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Allison Fallon on the Power of Writing for Clarity, Confidence and Purpose

Beyond the To-Do List

Allison Fallon is an award winning author, sought after public speaker, and nationally recognized writing coach. She has coached hundreds of thousands of writers - from NYT Bestselling authors to total beginners to help them finally get their books written and on shelves. Grab the first chapter free here. Her most recent book The Power of Writing Things Down walks anyone - even those who swear they aren't "real" writers - through a simple daily practice they can use to reduce anxiety, curb depression, improve their confidence and gain clarity in their life. This episode is brought to you by: The Great Courses - Get one month Unlimited FREE


26 Jan 2021

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Season 1, Episode 20: The Power of Writing It Down with Allison Fallon

Live Well Anyway

On this week’s episode of Live Well Anyway the Podcast, your host MacKenzie Koppa chats with author, speaker and creative coach Allison Fallon. Ally’s new book, The Power of Writing It Down, is the main topic of their conversation today. They talk about how Allison recommends getting your words and your story on the page and getting past the things that block you from doing that. Allison shares why the practice of writing works to shift our perspective and change the way we think and act. They get pretty deep into what to do when you have experienced trauma and how journalling can help move the healing process along. There is so much practical goodness in this conversation, that we think you will want to listen to this episode more than once, and get your hands on Allison’s book! LINKS MENTIONED Find Allison at AllisonFallon.com Follow Allison on Instagram @allyfallon Sign up for MacKenzie’s newsletter “Well, anyway…” Follow MacKenzie on Instagram @mackenziekoppa Check out MacKenzie’s YouTube channel Live Well Anyway Facebook Group WHERE TO FIND THE SHOW Apple Podcasts Google Play Music Spotify Player FM JOIN US ON PATREON Live Well Together! Patreon Community VISIT OUR SPONSORS Magic Spoon- MagicSpoon.com/livewell to order a variety pack, and use code LIVEWELL for $5 off your order Acorn TV- try Acorn FREE for 30 days when you go to Acorn.tv and use promo code LIVEWELL Simply Earth- Subscribe and get a FREE 80ml diffuser at simplyearth.com/livewell SHOP WITH US THROUGH AMAZON Thank you for using our Amazon affiliate links to support the show! The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

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20 Jan 2021

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How to Become the Hero in Your Own Story with Allison Fallon

You Need Therapy

This week we (@kat.defatta) invite Allison Fallon (@allyfallon) on to the show to talk about the power writing can have in your life. This is one of those conversations that just became exactly what it needed to be. We started talking about the professional writing process and then found our way talking about how transformative writing can be in anyone’s life. Ally tells us how writing helped her take power in the story of her own life and gives us tips on how to start our own healing journey through writing. Check out Ally’s new book, The Power of Writing it Down!Learn more about YNT at Youneedtherapypodcast.com & @youneedtherapypodcast Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


11 Jan 2021

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#204 - Creating a Successful Writing Routine with Allison Fallon

Kobo Writing Life Podcast

Bestselling author and writing coach Allison Fallon is on the podcast this week. As the published author of thirteen books and the founder of the writing community Find Your Voice, Alison brings her depth of knowledge to our conversation as she shares some tips and best practices for navigating the publishing industry, writing honest nonfiction, and utilizing science to successfully make writing a part of your routine. 


14 Jul 2020

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Finding Your Voice with Allison Fallon

The Coaches Corner

Here are a few massive breakthroughs you’ll get from this episode…Tame your inner critic and all of the limiting beliefs you have about writing your own book so you can overcome your fear and find your voice!Establish a regular practice of writing in your life so you can create positive changes in your own life like better working memory, stronger relationships, and make more money!Overcome writer's block whenever it gets in your way with a few simple strategies that you can use to get the creative juices flowing which means you won't be haunted by that blinking cursor on your screen!Enjoy The Podcast, Coach!Lucas Rubix EPISODE BREAKDOWN: FINDING YOUR VOICE WITH ALLISON FALLON0:09 An intro not only to Allison Fallon but the powerful work that she does3:22 In a world full of video and different ways to consume content, what has this done to written content (especially books)?6:00 Whether you have never written a book before or a best-selling author, your inner critic is stealing the spotlight9:05 “I am not a real writer”10:20 What if my idea is not good enough?11:41 What if I don’t have time to write a book?14:12 What if no one reads your book?14:48 Build your audience before you write your own book is a tragic piece of advice that can derail your progress18:29 The guilt that comes from wanting to take time away from your business, family, or other responsibilities to write your book23:09 How Allison Fallon has helped hundreds of thousands of authors simplify the process to outline, write, edit and publish their own books28:01 How to overcome writer’s block after you have your book outline in front of you33:00 Why writing in the morning helps you find the right words38:05 A few ways you can stimulate your creativity with a routine40:14 It’s tempting to just ask someone else to write my book for me, can I do that?42:27 The power of writing to create positive change in your personal life is staggering Thanks For Listening!You’ll want to stick around each week when we drop two value-packed episodes that will teach you everything you need to build a wildly successful money-making impact-creating freedom-filled online coaching business! Plus, you’ve got a chance to win $500 each month when you subscribe and leave a review (full details HERE)!Winners will be announced at the beginning of each month inside the free community. Join the Online Coaching Community and join over 6,000 committed coaches to build their perfect, passionate, and profitable online coaching business, one client at a time!Lucas Rubix is the intense-looking bearded dude (don’t worry… he’s actually harmless) behind the Coaches Corner, a corner of the internet completely committed to helping passionate coaches like YOU build, launch and grow a passion-fuelled, freedom-filled, money-making online coaching businesses (as long as you’re not afraid of some work).Having built multiple coaching businesses (both offline and online) in a wide variety of niches, his primary focus these days (when he’s not interviewing top coaches, influencers, and celebrities on the Coaches Corner Podcast) is helping coaches create a business that predictably generates leads, attracts new clients and, most importantly, creates true freedom (for both COACH and CLIENT)Visit www.LucasRubix.com and get full access into the 6 Figure Coach Academy, listen to a few episodes of the Coaches corner podcast while you’re at it and feel free to connect with him on Instagram @LucasRubixAnd if you’re a passionate coach who’s looking for a helping hand in building, launching and growing your coaching business (and attracting all the perfect clients you’ve ever imagined) learn about the three ways you can work together HERE and see how Lucas can help you build the coaching business of your dreams!PS — Other recommended podcasts (from some powerhouse women) to help move your online coaching business forward are NATALIE JILL ON KEEPING A HEALTHY MIND, BODY, AND BUSINESS, BUILDING YOUR EMPIRE WITH ELENA CARDONE, and USING YOUTUBE TO GROW YOUR COACHING BUSINESS WITH JESSICA STANSBERRY


5 Jun 2020

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Allison Fallon: On How to Write a Book

Real Good Company

Our co-host Caitlin released her very own book just last week (congrats!), so who better to have on the podcast to celebrate than bestselling author and writing coach extraordinaire, Allison Fallon? Ally (or as hosts Allison and Caitlin call her, the “midwife for books”) knows what it takes to turn thoughts and experiences into a book, having coached hundreds of authors writing their own books. She’s also the founder of her very own real good company, Find Your Voice, an online education platform for writers. In today's episode, Caitlin shares what it was like to write a book during one of the most hectic times of her life and how Ally helped her to organize her ideas through the “Book in a Day” process. Ally breaks down how she went from being a writing coach to leading her own company of writing coaches and online programs.Get to know our hosts on Instagram @CaitlinCrosby and @AllieBridge. Please be sure to rate, review, and subscribe so that we can stay in Real Good Company! Find out more about Ally Fallon’s company Find Your Voice at findyourvoice.com and tune in to her podcast. Don't forget to order your copy of You Are the Key: Turning Imperfections into Purpose!


19 May 2020